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Headache and the Dorn Method   17 y  
Headache and the Dorn Method some interesting connections revealed!
Headache and the Dorn Method The categorization of headaches, as defined by classical medicine is quite complicated. The most frequent and well-known are migraine, cluster headache, tension headache and the kind of headache which is triggered by a particular organ, as for example the pain caused by a sinusitis. As far as the Dorn Method (SMT, Dr. Michael Graulich) is concerned, this classification is not very helpful. In the Dorn Method (SMT) it is assumed that all headaches which are not caused by an organ in the head have their origin in the spine. Of course, it should be mentioned ...   read more

What if the Pain returns and returns?   17 y  
What if the Pain returns and returns? Possible reasons for that are described.
What if the Pain returns and returns? Most sufferers from Back Pain made the same experiences, their problem (Pain) lessens after a therapy or medication or even surgery and after a (short) while it returns! Why you may ask? Well, from experience with patients we found out the following: Most likely in order of highest to lowest: 1. The patient is not following the required guidelines or advices from the doctor or therapist (unfortunately most practitioners do not even give any and some the wrong advice) For a real healing you need 3 Steps: Step one is avoiding what is done wrong ...   read more

Must try this ESP Test!   17 y  
Must try this ESP Test! It's fun and can make you think.
Our Perception of things is not always what it seems to be: Try this great ESP Test. If you don’t know the answer why it works just send me an e-mail and I will explain. Here it is: Blessings Thomas   read more

Is my Brain Misaligned?   17 y  
Is my Brain 'Misaligned"? Would love to get some feedback on these thoughts please!
Is my Brain Misaligned? Because I am dealing with Spine and Joint Misalignments I use the word ‘Misaligned’ to express that something is not in balance also in other matters. Browsing through the curezone website I find more and more interesting posts and I wonder if I ever can read all I like to? Also I start to receive feedback on my own posts or messages I respond to, some critic as well and I am really thankful for that. Often when I think about whatever I just saw, read or experienced I is not stored permanently in my Brain although at the moment when I was thinking I had the f ...   read more

Scoliosis what is it and how can it be treated?   17 y  
Scoliosis what is it and how can it be treated? The Dorn Method provides the answer.
Scoliosis what is it and how can it be treated? Scoliosis is a very common condition that affects around ten percent of the human population although many are not even aware of it. When we look at the Spinal Column from the side we should see some curvatures that are called lordosis and kyphosis which contributes to the great flexibility and strength of it. When we look at the Spine from the back it should not show any curvature and must be in a straight line. If we develop a side curvature there then this is called scoliosis. Most curvatures form a kind of ‘S’, meaning the Spine curv ...   read more

Are we a coincidence?   17 y  
Are we humans a coincidence of nature or evolution? Some thoughts only!
Are we humans a coincidence of nature or evolution? If you know the answer to that question then don’t read my post any further and share your knowledge with us by writing a comment to this. If you decide to read on then a warning: I may mention thing that you think different about and therefore trigger your prejudice about it. Stay open minded but with caution. Where is the proof that we are not just a coincidence by evolution? Do we really have a soul? Is there a creator or God? New Brain research suggests that what we assume as non physical facts like ‘mind, soul, higher self, t ...   read more

Some ‘Insights’ on Pain and the Dorn Method   17 y  
Some ‘Insights’ on Pain and the Dorn Method, why the Dorn method fullfills all pre-requisites of a Pain Reduction treatment
‘Insights’ on Pain and the Dorn Method All Methods for the treatment of joints have been, so far, also a pulling (traction) and a quite forceful mobilization or adjustment with fast thrusts etc.. Joint treatments following the Dorn Method principles are done by gently (like a loving touch) pushing (guiding) the joints back into their proper position. Pushing instead of pulling – what a development! Joints are complicated structures which have been fine-tuned over millions of years by evolution and not a problem of ‘wear’ and ‘tear’, as modern medicine is seeing it. The joints have, f ...   read more

Connections between Spinal Nerve and Inner Organs   17 y  
Connections between Spinal Nerve and Inner Organs – The cause of many organic disorders.
Connections between Spinal Nerve and Inner Organs – The cause of many organic disorders. The cause of many organic disorders is a disturbance of the spinal nerves, disturbances which are provoked by damaged joints and blockages or scoliosis of the spine. That is the common view of the Dorn Method (SMT, Dr. Michael Graulich), Osteopathy and Chiropractic. The commonly best known and largest branch of a spinal nerve is the Ramus Ventralis, which runs into the body and is responsible for movement and sensory feelings. The Ramus Dorsalis innervates the back muscles. A further branch, wh ...   read more

Your Path in Life   17 y  
Your Path in Life, a 'try' of a poem
Your Path in Life, nobody knows the path, that you have in front of you. Nobody ever went this path, And never anyone else will go this path, Because it is your path. It is so unique, As you are unique. Yes, you are unique, And you have a valuable part To contribute in your life In your special, unique way Your true destiny. So walk your path, Walk it in your unique way, And do not try, To reach the goal the fastest. Because there is no goal. The path is the goal, The goal is only the end of one path And the beginning of a new path. Therefore enjoy your path ...   read more

Meridians and Dorn-Therapy   17 y  
Meridians and the Dorn-Therapy. A wonderful connection revealed!
Meridians and Dorn-Therapy A diseased organ can show symptoms along the corresponding meridian. That is a fact that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) knows since thousands of years. These symptoms can be for example: Pain, Disruptions in the Sensitivity, Misinterpretations in the Sensory System, Restrictions in Movements, Energy-Blockages, Cramps, Changes in the Tissues and others. Often the corresponding Vertebrae are misaligned or blocked. From the localization of the complains the Dorn Therapist can get valuable information about the involved Meridians and therefore about the misa ...   read more

World Misalignment?   17 y  
Is our world in a state of misalignment? Recent events may suggest that this is true isn't it?
Because I deal with Spine and Joint misalignments I did like that thought I recently received: The World is Misaligned right know and therefore sees Us (humans) as intruders like a virus. That is why the earth’s own immune system is trying to get rid of this ’intruder’. The tools used: Nature catasthrophies, Suggestions to ’infect’ humans with negative, destructive energies that makes us destroy ourselfs. What do you think about that? My first thought: a virus a also part of this universe therefore has a meaning to be. In the right amount viruses may help our immune system by gi ...   read more

New updated site, please check it out!   17 y  
New additions to my website, please check it out and write me your comments.
Hi everyone reading this, I just updated my website again: I like to change small things here and there because it is more like real life then which is always full of changes right. I added some words to pacify chiropractors who’s been worried a bit that my site leaves a bad impression on their good practice which is certainly not my intention. Also I added a description of the famous Breuss Massage and some testimonials so you can get an impression what the Dorn Method is all about. I would be happy to receive some feedback on this so please don’t be shy w ...   read more

Who’s responsible?   17 y  
Who’s responsible for our health? Easy Answer?
Who’s responsible for our health? Although the answer seems obvious the reality somewhat suggests that it is less easy to answer that question. Certainly the more modern and in a sense ‘rich’ a society is the more possibilities exist to take care of health concerns! But are people in these ‘advanced’ societies really healthier? My answer: NO! So why? Because we loose slowly but surely more and more the responsibility to take our health into our own hands. The system we live in suggests that the answer for all problems lies outside of us and that there is a fast and ‘modern’ solution to ...   read more

The BREUSS Massage a perfect combination to the Dorn Method!   17 y  
The BREUSS Massage a perfect combination to the Dorn Method! Easy to apply, easy to learn but big in its results!
The BREUSS MASSAGE: An Energising Spinal Massage The Breuss Massage is a very gentle Spinal Massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns, energizes and heals our back! It was developed by the late Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss and it is a perfect combination with the Dorn Method. Rudolf Breuss said that there is no such thing as ‘wear’ if the intervertebral disc but the discs are somewhat ‘degenerated’, and he was convinced that regeneration is possible. Certainly the results achieved with the Breuss Massage suggest that this is quite possible! For basic understanding: Our Spine i ...   read more

Don't get angry Chiropractors!   17 y  
Don't get angry Chiropractors! I am looking for cooperation and development not for arguments.
I just got a mail from a chiropractor giving me some constructive critisism that is what i really like and i hope to get more in the future. To clear some things in public: I think Chiropractic and Osteopathy are great Healing Modalities although I prefer the Dorn Method for reasons I keep on writing about in this BLog and the Dorn Method Forum. My intention is not to scare people away from chiropratic but to educate people including chiropractors about this fantastic new form of Manual Therapy the Dorn Method! I will therefore make some small changes in my website asap as too avoid m ...   read more

The Effects of the Dorn Therapy seen on a Computer assisted EEG!   17 y  
The Effects of a successful Dorn Therapy can be seen on a computer assissted EEG and the Alpha level Brain activity.
The Effects of the Dorn Therapy seen on a Computer assisted EEG! How important our Spine actually is can be seen at misaligned vertebrae causing not only Back Pain or Sciatica but also Migraines, Tooth aches and Tinnitus and other inner conditions like allergies, Immune deficiency or Cardio-Vascular problems. With the Help of the computer assisted EEG could be proved that the Dorn Therapy indicated significant changes in the brain waves. The division of the EEG in the classical frequencies 2-4hz (delta waves), 4-7hz (theta waves), 8-13hz (alpha waves = relaxation waves), 14-21hz (bet ...   read more

Can Yoga be Harmful?   17 y  
Can Yoga be Harmful? Of course it can if you do it the wrong way.
Can Yoga be Harmful? Of course it can if you do it the wrong way. Yoga is very popular these days and people believe almost everything that is published in books and articles about yoga and what their teachers tell them. I tried quite a few different styles of Yoga and that with different teachers and even if it supposed to be the same style it was different depending on the teacher and vise versa. I recently had a Yoga teacher attending my class (Dorn Method Course) because despite doing Yoga the Pain in the back did not really disappear. What he learned kind of surprised him but he ...   read more

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