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Self-Publishing Research - Especially Re: Tax Withholding   8 y  
Got ISBN? If So Then You Are "Not Subject To US Tax Withholding"!
Several days ago I submitted this inquiry to Lulu regarding their tax withholding information. Greetings! I have a question regarding the information here: Re: ”If you own your own ISBN, your earnings are Other Revenue, not Royalties, and are not subject to US tax withholding.” If I own my own ISBN then does the rest of that information not apply to me? Thank You!:   read more

Life Purpose   8 y  
Human Design Shines Light On The Destiny Path.
August 28, 2018 - You Are Your Purpose! - ”... YOU ARE TRUTH ITSELF. You are not separate from it. And just as you are truth, you are purpose itself. You are living your life’s purpose each moment because you ARE your purpose. Trying to find purpose is simply trying to find you. The truth of you. Even if you never knew the Truth of who & what you are in your entire life, you would still have lived your life’s purpose, because you are your purpose. It is, however, a mistake to believe that there’s no point in realizing this truth consciously. Being conscious of who & what you are, ...   read more

The "Nine Eleven Official Conspiracy Theory" Is Undefended!   8 y  
Dr. David Griscom Wins 9/11 Physics Debate. Three "reasons why the official story violates Newton's Laws of Motion".
”If no scientists currently defend the NEOCT, (the Nine Eleven Official Conspiracy Theory) then it cannot be a scientific theory, and we therefore need a new, credible investigation of 9/11 by objective, qualified scientists. ... Dr. David Griscom Wins 9/11 Physics Debate - Not a Single Top Physicist is Willing to Defend the Official Story!”[2] This is a perfectly logical requirement for scientific theories in general and it is a most critical requirement for NEOCT! Now that the Nine Eleven Official Conspiracy Theory is formally undefended it will be possible for the necessary threshol ...   read more

To Bee or Not To Be? - That Is Now Our Collective Question!   8 y  
Is this the truth? - "New Harvard Study Proves Why The Bees Are All Disappearing" or is it more likely that bee keepers are: "Feeding Refined Sugar to Honey Bees"?
“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” - Albert Einstein ”The human race is really starting to feel the consequences of their actions. One area we are waking up to is the massive amount of pesticides we spray (especially in North America) on our food that has not only been linked to human disease, but a massive die off in the global bee population within the past few years. A new study out of Harvard University, published in the June edition of the Bulletin of Insectology puts the nail in the coffin, neonicotinoids are killing ...   read more

"An Ounce of Prevention ..."   8 y  
Do you have all the "ounces" that you need? If not, here's a few more!
At some level in our being we truly know that we can prevent illness and disease without resorting to a power or force outside of us. However, this inner knowing is not generally acknowledged or encouraged in the modern day world. In fact our inner knowingness is typically suppressed and rejected by medical and other professions. This fact is how medical doctors who are eager to write prescriptions are flourishing as well as they are! Yet the ancient adages remain such as: ”An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” What illnesses and diseases can we prevent! The answer ...   read more

Got A Fence?   8 y  
"The Ambulance Down in the Valley" Joseph Malins (1895)
Thanks to Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC ’Twas a dangerous cliff, as they freely confessed, Though to walk near its crest was so pleasant; But over its terrible edge there had slipped A duke and full many a peasant. So the people said something would have to be done, But their projects did not at all tally; Some said, ”Put a fence ’round the edge of the cliff,” Some, ”An ambulance down in the valley.” But the cry for the ambulance carried the day, For it spread through the neighboring city; A fence may be useful or not, it is true, But each heart became full of pity F ...   read more

The Foundation of Secure Attachment & Healthy Sense of Self   8 y  
"Touch and our sense of self" by Thea Blair
Thea Blair offers a truly wholistic perspective on child development in general and especially in regards to the child’s natural learning process. I am continually blessed by the generous sharing of insights Thea has gained through her dedication as a mother, teacher, researcher and eternal student of life. The foundation of Thea’s work is ”the senses of bodily awareness which are themselves the foundation of healthy human development”. Her ”peer massage” advocacy in schools is an organic offshoot of this. The cultivation of these senses are needed ”our whole life through - for health a ...   read more

Kabbalah   8 y  
Down the Kabbalah "rabbit hole"!
The following is the beginning of some ”bread crumbs” I’m dropping on my trail as I pursue this search. My most recent search started with: ”pico della mirandola”kabbalah and proceeded with wikipedia. I’ve read down to Francesco Giorgi here: There are a couple other searches related that I intend to look into including these books at Amazon.: ”The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage”: ...   read more

Got Transformations?   8 y  
Be Not Conformed To The World (Zeitgeist) But Be Transformed By The Renewal Of Your Mind!
May 7, 2019 - According to Jon Rapport - ”The large majority of eight billion souls on planet Earth believe they have two choices. Accept what a religion tells them, or conclude there is nothing spiritual about life; it is merely physical substance. They can’t conceive of other possibilities. This points to an astonishing lack of imagination. Many scientists believe scientific lies are better than lies based on religious superstition.”[5] -- Comment: This blog-author is thinking of his daughter among the ”eight billion souls” referred to in the above quote as well as in r ...   read more

American Government(?) Entities Listed at Dunn & Bradstreet   8 y  
"Hard Evidence of Corporate Takeover at All Levels of Government in America, as Well as of the United Nations"
June 28, 2020 - ”Liberty ought to be the direct end of your government.”[3] - *** June 26, 2020 - ”The actual purpose of a government is to protect the people and their assets with the least interference in their affairs.”[1] -- Reviewed the following post from over six years ago, deleted a dead link now adding a live one for UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT[2] - *** April 29, 2014 - The last link (below) provides information that IMO needs to be completely verified. I started a small part of the verification process by entering the first number (from the article) at the Dunn & B ...   read more

Got A Light On Your Fears?   8 y  
A Closer Look at the Human Design Ajna plus support with "Gene Keys".
The Human Design System provides each individual with their own unique navigation system by which they can steer their way clear through all troubled waters!. One most significant arena to be aware of for successful navigation is in regards to your relationship to your perceptions as they appear in your mind. With understanding of Human Design you can: ”Restore your mind to its rightful place of observation and research” rather than as the helmsman of your vessel.:   read more

"We Are An Essential Aspect of The Creation & The Creator"   8 y  
The Sophia Elements Meditations ~ Intro to the Sophia Creation Story
In the early 90’s I participated in an ”Enlightenment Intensive” that was focused on Gaia the Earth and I realized my unlon with Gaia Sophia. I am grateful to see initiatives that are focusing on Gaia Sophia. The following comes form an introduction to a meditation that is being offered though a webinar series.: ”... by finding one’s Self in relation to this Creation Story, one can have a deeper, more soulful understanding of the forces at work in the world. We better know our place and the allies with which we can best work in order to be a vessel of support for Gaia/Sophia Herself, a ...   read more

Federal Income Tax Liability Is Strictly Constitutional!   8 y  
Are you truly required to pay a Federal income tax? ......... Understanding the special legal conditions of the Federal income tax.
March 26, 2022 - ”Only totalitarian governments can claim to have inherent rights to tax persons and their property.” ”There are no fully democratic governments. So-called democratic governments that claim to be founded on the principle of rule by a simple majority of the voters these are not the ultimate rulers. A simple majority of the voters do not have the right to tax the rest of the people. Only totalitarian governments can claim to have inherent rights to tax persons and their property.”[] - *** December 12, 2020 Federal Income Tax Liability is Based Upon A Federal Privilege ...   read more

Learning Law   8 y  
Our common law right to know the Law and an essential prerequisite for freedom.
The Organic Law Institute: is most likely the youngest law institute in America and most certainly the only institute that is wholly dedicated to teaching the Organic Laws of the United States of America. The sole professor of this institute is Dr. Eduardo Rivera: I’ve been a student of professor Rivera’s for over two years. After having previously studied, researched and tested about a dozen other approaches to learning the Law it is the most obvious to me that what Ed has brought to the Organic Law ...   read more

Dispelling Funny Notions Re: Using "Funny Money" AKA FRNs   8 y  
Six Reasons The Hershberger Raw Milk Case Is Central To Struggle For Food RIights, ..."
”Most fortunately - the jurisdiction of the Congress is proprietarily dependent! In other words all of the jurisdiction that has been granted to the Congress is clearly limited by the written Organic Laws and restricted to those territories and other lands that are owned by the United States of America. The commerce powers that were granted to the Congress are limited and most essentially to their proprietary-based jurisdiction.[4] It is unfortunate that the proprietary-based jurisdiction is not abundantly clear to the American people. However, the truth of the matter is no longer the ’ ...   read more

Quadruple New Beginnings After "The Cardinal Grand Cross"   8 y  
April 29th is a day of activation with two 11s giving us multiplied new beginnings plus we have a new moon!
When you add up the numbers in this year: 2014 it equals 7. Then when you add the number for April: 4 you get a total of 11 for this month. The number 1 is new beginnings and the number 11 is double new beginnings! In addition to that - when you take the date of the Tuesday the 29th and add up the 2 + 9 you get another 11! Therefore Tuesday, April 11th, 2014 is a phenomenal day of Quadruple New Beginnings! On top of all of those numbers we also have the New Moon starting a new cycle!: More expensive repo ...   read more

The Price They Paid For Their Common Law Rights of Grazing!!   8 y  
Originally: "Coalition of Western State Legislators, Sheriffs, and Veterans Stand Vigil in Support of Embattled Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy ‘To Prevent Another Ruby Ridge or Waco'” - Now "freed"!
January 26, 2018 - ”Evil men set an ambush for the godly and try to kill them.” Psalm 37[15] - *** July 10, 2018 - Trump Pardons the Hammonds ---- Another Step Forward - By: Anna Von Reitz - ”An elderly man and his son, who should never have been addressed nor arrested by federal ”citizens”, two Americans out of millions who have been railroaded under unconscionable contracts merely ”presumed” to exist, put through courts that are by definition incompetent --- have finally been pardoned by President Donald Trump: ...   read more

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