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December 2016   7 y  
Another month for the ’Creme de la Creme’!
The 1st - Added: ”You carry the truth within you” To: ”Got Sparked?” Here: ** Added: a personal account of attitude, perspective, assumptions To: ”How A Single Conversation Can Beat 10 Years of Study!” Here: *** 2nd - Added: ”On the Threshold of a Dream” To: ”The Astrological Perspective” Here: * Added: ”...heaven heard my distress signals and responded by simply pulling the plug!” To: ”Gratitude - Give Thanks ...   read more

November 2016 'Creme de la Creme' Posts by Chef Jemichel   7 y  
Continuing with the best postings from several of the top Blogs and other postings by Chef Jem.
Happy November - the ”11” month of this current ”9” year! The 1st - Added: ”URGENT ACTION ALERT” Re: ”CDC Refuses to Let Vaccine Whistleblower Testify in Autism Court Case” + comments To: ”Weston A. Price Foundation” Blog Here: *** The 2nd - Added: ”Transformations with Omraam & A Course in Miracles” To: ”Transformations With Chef Jemichel” Here: *** the 3rd - Also added: the importance of ”thinking” before acting and expanded the idea presented by Omraam. To: ...   read more

October 2016 - Creme de la Creme   7 y  
Tiny abstracts with links to postings from among the several Blogs (and other sites visited) by Chef Jemichel.
Continuing with the best of the best postings by Chef Jemichel. Sunday the 2nd - Added: ”... the necessity of helping each other, of becoming one family united in love and peace” To: ”Family” Here: *** The 3rd - Added: ”... Life Purpose is designed into our Self Center” and ”Your incarnation cross ... is a cornerstone in your life purpose” To: ”Introductions to Your Human Design ...” Here: * Added: ”Inspired to contribute blogposts at a site dedicated to vaccinations ...   read more

September - 'Creme de la Creme'   7 y  
Another month of the best blogposts from Chef Jemichel/AKA "Son of Truth of Self".
Happy September - the ninth month in this universal nine year! Added: Comments re: Vaccines, correspondence with Standard Process and Omraam the wise; all related! To: ”Protest Mandatory Vaccines - Protest Center for Disease....!” Here: *** Plus - A New BlogPost: ”My Onion” At: ”The Enchanted Garden Onion” Here: *** The 3rd - New BlogPost: ”Anti-Freedom Inc.” Here: *** Added: Link corrections plus an additional l ...   read more

August "Creme de la Creme" Posts   7 y  
Continuation of a monthly "index" to the top postings by Chef Jemichel.
New Post: ”Monsanto (Is a) Text-book Case of Impunity (That) Benefits Transnationals”! Re: ”Monsanto Tribunal” Here: *** The 5th - New Post: ”Ruling - Govt. Agencies & Officials Are “Private Entities”!” Here: Also - added: ”US Senate Committee Chairman: humans aren’t causing climate change, schoolchildren are being ’brainwashed’” To: ”’Climate Change’ Truth” Here: The 7th - A New Post: ”The Air Pollution Connection to ...   read more

July 'Creme de la Creme' Posts   7 y  
The best of "Son of Truth of Self" and other blog posts
Added: Additional clarity re: ”Federal Jurisdiction” To: ”Getting Clear About Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits!” Here: *** July 3rd - Added a new post: ”Your Inner Workers Will Cure Everything!” To: ”Psyche & Health” Here: *** the 5th - Added: ”FBI rebukes Clinton ...” To: ”The Entire U.S. Congress Should Be Deemed Illegitimate” Here: *** 6th - Started a new Blog Post: ”The American State National” A ...   read more

Creme de la Creme - June Posts   7 y  
Continuing to "skim the cream" at the top of the blog posts.
Happy June! The 1st - Added: ”... the successes or the failures – will depend on how things began” Quoting: the ”Thought of the day” From: the Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov community To: ”Feeling Clarity As Part Of One’s Inner Guidance System” At: ”Son of Truth of Self” Here: *** The 5th - Added: ”... reinstating your own inner sun, your spirit,” To: ”A Design For Enjoyment!” Here: *** 6th - Added: ”Current Astro-weather report” To: ”Got Sparked? - The Mythi ...   read more

Page Four - As of May 1st   7 y  
Blog post highlights of the top thirteen blogs by Chef Jemichel
Added ”reconnect to our own Truth” to ”Comet Messenger Service & Reconnecting to Our Own Truth”: *** Added quote regarding the two federal courts to: ”The Methods Used to Deceive The Nations” at: *** Added to: ”Our ’Enemies’ Are Our True Benefactors! - The miracle for the ’Onion’ is to see others in a whole new light!”: *** Added a press release re: the MMR vaccine and autism to: ”Why We Can’t Trust Government With Our Children’ ...   read more

Creme de la Creme Posts - Page 3   7 y  
Continuing with the Creme de la Creme Posts of Chef-Doctor Jemichel.
April 1st, 2016 - Happy All Fools Day! - Added ”These eight hexagram gates and their corresponding Gene Keys all deserve to be familiarized.” to: ”Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef Jemichel” at: *** Added: ”Human Design is a individualized map of the unique energetic mechanics that are operating in every man and as such it serves as a guide to authentic individuality; the blueprint of the psyche.”: ”Psyche & Cosmos - Bridging the ’impossible’ gap between the individual’s psyche and the Cosmos.”: http://www.curezo ...   read more

Creme de la Creme Posts (Page 2) as of February 4th, 2016   7 y  
Continuing from the previous blog page.
Added link to comprehensive webpage on progressed moons to ”Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel - Developing a twelve-fold autobiographical vision in light of Human Design, Truth of Self, Life and Others!”: *** Added to ”Signs, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment of Fibromyalgia - Three sources of information regarding chronic fatigue.”: *** Jan. 5th - Added an astrological perspective to ”911 Truth: ...”: *** Added to ”Got Na ...   read more

Posts November 6th 2015 - February 2nd, 2016   8 y  
The 'Creme de la Creme' of Blog posts by Chef Jemichel
At my ”Psyche & Health” Blog - added to ”Psyche & Cosmos - Bridging the ’impossible’ gap between the individual’s psyche and the Cosmos”: --- Nov. 7th - Added to: ”Transformations with Chef Jemichel”!: *** Nov. 9th - Copied my comment to: ”The Flu Vaccination Marketing Paradigm” at ”Son of Truth of Self” that I had just posted at Dr. Brownstein’s Blog: *** Nov. 13th - Added an Omraam quote on the significance of pain t ...   read more

Creme de la Creme: Dr. Weston A. Price   8 y  
Price recorded within (the) pages (of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) nature’s closest approximation to the gold standard of today’s evidence-based medicine, the randomized controlled trial,
”Weston Price was far more than a dentist. He conducted his pioneering work in nutritional and medical anthropology, which culminated in his epic treatise, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, after twenty-five years of laboratory and clinical research into the causes and consequences of tooth decay had already earned him national recognition as a leading scientist. The work contained therein is far more than an interesting travelogue or a survey of the health of traditional cultures: Price recorded within its pages nature’s closest approximation to the gold standard of today’s evidence-ba ...   read more

Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel   8 y  
Developing a twelve-fold autobiographical vision in light of Human Design, Truth of Self, Life and Others!
February 11, 2021 - The following is something that this Blog-writer looks forward to having certain people he knows(i) come to realize: ”Nowadays, human beings are mainly interested in cultivating their intellectual faculties, which is fine. Unfortunately, they do so at the expense of other means of exploration, and as a result, the subtle life of the universe, the soul and the spirit, eludes their investigations. As they descended into matter, they forgot their divine origins; they no longer remember how beautiful, powerful, luminous and noble they once were. ...”[202]* -- Not ...   read more

'Creme de la Creme' Nutrition   8 y  
Some much goes in our food! And so much of that needs to be released during digestion. Enjoy good digestion with food prepared as medicine in a sacred way!
The subject matters of nutrition have been increasing in popularity throughout the American society, however have the American people actually been evolving in the nutritional awareness? If you think about it nutrition is really a very personal matter and yet one thing for certain is that before food can actually be nourishing to individuals it needs to be very well digested. Yet how often is the digestibility of a food considered? There is a lot that can be considered and if you want to get the most value out of eating and possibly increase your powers of digestion then I’ve presen ...   read more

'Creme de la Creme' Chefs   8 y  
The potential that farmers and chefs have to be at the "front-line of well-being" is the living and life-giving foundation of a community vision that I call Cheeta: Culturally Healing ~ Ecologically Enlightening ~ Transformative Arts.
One of the ”definitions” of being Chef Jemichel is that I am an idealist! My acceptance of that characteristic as an integral part of my Human Design ”Definition” has freed me to express my idealism in ways that are also harmonious with my truth. I have envisioned a new training center for future chefs that redefines the chef as the master link in the connections between farmers and health practitioners. My ideal is that these ”links” will be positioned much closer to the farmer than to the practitioner - not because I have anything against health practitioners. We definitely need our h ...   read more

'Creme de la Creme' Bone Broth!   8 y  
Possibly the number one traditional food in most culinary traditions as well as a traditional food as medicine.
Bone stocks are among the most basic preparations found in any professional kitchen. They are referred to in French as fonds de cuisine, the ’foundations of cooking’.[1] ***********^*********** July 28, 2015 - ”... Characteristic for the Renaissance food were also the broths. ’In the time of the great King Francis I.,’ says Noel du Fail, in his ’Contes d’Eutrapel’, ’in many places the saucepan was put on to the table, on which there was only one other large dish, of beef, mutton, veal, and bacon, garnished with a large bunch of cooked herbs, the whole of which mixture composed a p ...   read more

Welcome to 'Creme de la Creme'!   8 y  
Grass-fed, pasture-raised butter is one of the most amazing 'health foods' and real food-as-medicine!
Thank you for coming to visit my Blog!! I’ll be directing all things of a ’Creme de la Creme’ nature regarding real food, nourishing traditions, food-as-medicine and the like to this site from now on. At the top of my offerings here is my endorsement of real butter. Did you know that it is a truly amazing ”health food” as well as food as medicine! ***********^*********** July 10, 2015 - I’m on a mission to identify all the recipes in ”The Epicurean”.[1] has a copy that you can preview. I had to start somewhere i ...   read more

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