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September 2019 - Creme de la Creme   4 y  
A Universal 3 Month (by adding the 9 of September to the 3 of 2019). 3 is the Trinity, Triad, a Child, the Flower, Expression of the Joy of Life!
1st - Added: ”The battle for humanity’s future is not in the political realm – which is mostly just karmic drama – but rather in our minds – the Arts of Culture.” To: ”Making Contact with The Life of Nature.” Here: - ** Added: ”If our true freedom originates within our independent thinking and if thinking allows the light of our awareness to penetrate ideas then we will want to develop our ability ’to confront’ ideas (and thereby experience that) if we wish to be free.” To: ”Got Freedom?” Here: ...   read more

August 2019 - Creme de la Creme   4 y  
August (8) becomes a universal master numer 11 when it is added to 2019 as a 3 year. Have a masterful new month!
1st - Added: ”Don’t Detox Without Magnesium.” To: ”Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef-Doctor Jemichel.” Here: - *** 2nd - Added: ”The Greatest ’Theft by Deception’.” To: ”The Many Methods That Are Used to Deceive The Nations!” Here: - ** Added: ”...’unalienable’ and ’inalienable’ are two different words and consequently they don’t have the exact same meaning.” To: ”How Story-Telling of American History ’Re-Wrote’ The Law!” Here: https://www.curezone.o ...   read more

July 2019 - The Chef-doctor's "Creme de la Creme"   4 y  
Happy July Harvests!
1st - Added: ”the downside of modern medicine” in a nutshell. To: ”The Failures of Modern Medicine.” Here: - *** 2nd - Added: ”...having to explain what Thomas Jefferson deemed ’self-evident’.” To: ”Land-Soil for Organic Ag. Self-Gov & The Basis For All Else!” Here: - ** Added: ”By distinguishing the different meanings between ’inalienable’ and ’unalienable’ and adding our critical thinking with logic we can extend the reasoning for why the word in this instance ca ...   read more

June 2019 - "Creme de la Creme"   4 y  
Continuing with the top "pickings" from the blogs of Chef-doctor Jemichel
1st - Added: ”The Quintessentials of What Weston Price Discovered.” To: ”The Laws of Nourishing Nutrition for Humans.” Here: - *** Added: ”A Book Review on an Encouraging Book for Stopping Autism.” To: ”Hidden Vaccine Truths - Now Revealed!” Here: - ** Added: ”If you have pasture-raised animals, typically, their fat, their products, their butter will be lower in deuterium than animals that are grain raised.” To: ”Dr. Price - Nourishing Traditions - the Foundation & ...   read more

A "Creme de la Creme" - Journal   4 y  
A personal journal (also published for the possible benefit of others).
July 30, 2020 - ”Silence is the language of perfection, ... ... whereas noise is the expression of a defect, an anomaly, or of a life that is still disordered and chaotic and needs to be mastered, developed. ... You will say that old people love silence because they have less strength, and noise tires them. There is some truth to this, but perhaps it is also because something within them has evolved, and it is their spirit that is urging them to enter into silence. ...The search for silence is an inner process that leads human beings to the light and a true understanding of things.”[28] ...   read more

May 2019 - "Creme de la Creme"!   4 y  
Universally - 2019 gives us a "12/3" Year and + May (+5) = an "8" Month. This can be a month to "make it happen, especially in business." In any case do "make it good!
Happy May Day and ”Merry Month of May”! Added: ”Considering the ’Tribal’ element in Cheeta As Well As The Possibility of You Finding Your Tribe!” To: ”Cheeta - Quintessentially.” Here: - *** Added: ”American Heritage.” To: ”How Story-Telling of American History ’Re-Wrote’ The Law!” Here: - *** 2nd - Added: ”...inspired to begin reading this article ... in regards to ’contemplation’ as this is most probably the ’master key’ for what constitutes the ’Golden Path’.” ...   read more

April 2019 - The 'Creme de la Creme'   4 y  
"Headlines" from "Son of Truth of Self", Chef-doctor Jemichel, and a dozen other Cure-Zone Blogs.
1st - Added: ”’Especially For Lawyers --- Public Notice’ By: Anna Von Reitz” - To: ”How Story-Telling of American History ’Re-Wrote’ The Law!” Here: - ** Added: ”An Example For ’People To Reclaim Their Land and Soil-based Jurisdiction’.” To: ”Soil For Organic Ag, Self-Government & The Basis For Health!” Here: - * Added: ”Underscoring ’State National’ and ’State Citizen.’ To: ”Got Freedom From Government?” Here: - ...   read more

March 2019 - Creme de la Creme   4 y  
In order to have "cream" you need to be able to skim "the milk of life." In order to have "the milk of life" you need green pastures as well as the forces of nature working in health ways for all concerned. Concerns have arisen now regarding increased impact on all of life and nature from 5G.
Happy March and for the possibility of ”Marching Forward” as 2019 continues to ”Express” (2019 = 12/3)! - - *** 1st - Added: ”5G – A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life.” To: ”5 G - the ’Stupidest Idea in the History of the World’!” Here: - ** Added: ”High-frequency 5G Interferes with Oxygen Molecules We Breath.” To: Blog: ”Chef Jemichel ~ The Chef-Doctor.” Here: - * Added: ”The Threats, Coercions, Frauds, and Usurpations with 5G.” To: ”The Methods Used ...   read more

February 2019 - Creme de la Creme of Chef-doctor Jemichel   4 y  
Happy New Celtic New Year as of February 2nd with Imbolc (Ewe's milk festival)!
Added: ”’Logic and non-logic in education’ by Jon Rappoport - (The Need to Resurrect the Trivium)” To: ”Critical Thinking.” Here: - *** 3rd - Added: ”Real Organic Agriculture needs direct connection with the soil in two distinct ways.” To: ”Soil: The Essence of Organic Ag & Basis for Self-Government!.” Here: - ** Added: ”Words of truth can only be understood and above all, put into action, if they fall on fertile ground. To better understand this, we must first bear in ...   read more

Happy 2019! - January "Creme de la Creme"   4 y  
2019 adds up to 12/3. "3" is all about expression, especially with words! This is a great year for writing and speaking in ways that empower you and others. Consider adopting the First Agreement: "Be Impeccable With Your Word. Always direct your words toward truth and love."
2nd - Added: ”an association between increased levels of social support and reduced risk for physical disease, mental illness, and mortality.” To: ”The Most Essential Human Contact.” Here: - *** 5th - Added: ”Healing With Imagination = Psyche & Health!” To: ”What Does ’Healing’ Consist Of? What is the ’New Medicine’?” Here: - ** Added: ”Are You in Any Way, Shape or Form Identifying the Truth of Who You Really Are with A Fictitiuous Substitution of You?” To: ”The ...   read more

December 2018 - 'Creme de a Creme'   5 y  
The cream from the top of an interplay between inspiration and imagination.
Happy Twelfth Month! 2nd - Added: ”More on Imagination”. To: ”Your Imagination and Your Brain”. Here: - ** Added: ”Re: ’village’ (Cheeta eco-village) may be better defined as a hamlet.” To: ”Developing ’The High Ideal’ of Cheeta!” Here: - *** 5th - Added: ”Be A Health Outlaw!” To: ”Fibromyalgia - Causative Factors & Possible Solutions”. At: Blog: ”Son of Truth of Self”. Here: - ** Added: ”Hydrogen”. ...   read more

November 2018 - The Creme de la Creme of Chef Jem   5 y  
"Gems" from the posted research of Chef Jem
The 1st - Added: ”Albert Einstein, Preface to Max Planck’s Where is Science Going?” To: ”The Universe Was Not Born At The Big Bang”. At: Blog: ”The U-n-I-Verse”. Here: - *** 2nd - Added: ”Search For ’The American Republic’ - In Response to: ’$100 Reward - Find the Missing ”Republic”’” To: ”How Story-Telling of American History ’Re-Wrote’ The Law!” Here: - ** Added: ”The Great Depression - Anna’s ’comment’ on an analysis of FDR’s speech of March 4th, 1933”. To: ” ...   read more

October 2018 - Creme de la Creme   5 y  
Continuation of the most important month-to-month postings among the (sweet) 16 CureZone Blogs of Chef-Doctor Jemichel.
Be Well! - May you resolve whatever conflicts may exist within you (rather than to leave things unresolved). Isn’t peace of mind what you really want? ......... - 2nd - Added: ”Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death”. To: ”The Failure of Modern Medicine”. Here: - ** Added: ”the ’Expatriation Statute.’ Though this Statute is no longer included in the United States Code, it has not been repealed and is still in effect”! To: ”Your Unalienable Right To Be A Free Inhabitant!” Here: ...   read more

September's 'Creme de la Creme'   5 y  
Happy September Everyone! - Happy Harvests! - Happy Last Days of Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) and Winter ("Down Under")!
1st - Added: ”The ’Bill’ In Court”. To: ”Maxims of Commerce (+ Biblical References) & Court Systems”. Here: - *** 2nd - Added: ”’diet, nutrients, commonsense, (and) humanity’ - These all are essential needs that a Chef-Doctor can most certainly bring ’into the equation’!” To: ”Modern Medicine’s Failure to Cure and Prevent Modern Disease”. Here: - *** 4th - Added: ”A ’home treatment center’ can be very well complimented with an in-home Chef-Doctor!.” To: ”Moder ...   read more

August 2018 - 'Creme de la Creme'   5 y  
Wishing For a Full Line of All Grass-fed Dairy Products!
1st - Added: ”Asking what is a better system of government is like asking what is a better form of cancer.” To: ”Are You Really a ’citizen of the United States’?” Here: - ** Added: ”Conspiracy in Philadelphia - A Successful 200-Year Deception”. To: ”’Right Knowledge’ for ’American Law’ Part II”. Here: - *** 2nd -” Added: ”... The first installment of the mind-control program is called medical school.” To: ”Iatrogenic Doctor-Origin Shock-Conflict Diseases & Death!” ...   read more

July 2018 - 'Creme de la Creme'   5 y  
Continuing with more of the best posts from the CureZone Blogs of Chef-Doctor Jemichel -
Happy July, Dear Readers! 2nd - Added: ”Cancer Can Heal On Its Own”. To: ”The Resolution of Inner Conflict”. At: Blog: ”Psyche & Health”. Here: - Added: ”Unlocking the Mystery of Spontaneous Remission” - I am so glad this medical doctor was willing to acknowledge the erroneous teachings that she had been indoctrinated with regarding ”the kinds of illnesses (she) was taught (that) were ’terminal and untreatable’”. I wish her awareness were multiplied by 100,000 or to whatever extent it takes for it to be common knowledge: ...   read more

June 2018 - Creme de la Creme   5 y  
A continuation of the very best links to ongoing posts at about 14 CureZone Blogs by Chef-Doctor Jemichel AKA "Son of Truth".
Greetings CureZone Readers and Happy June! The 1st - Added: ”... Every individual is born with a genetic activation for their own unique creative genius.” To: ”The Methods Used to Deceive The Nations”. Here: - ** Added: Comment Re: ”Federation and Confederation”. To: ”Possibly To Research”. Here: - * Added: ” ... questions” regarding: ”the (whey) ’Protein Powder’”. To: ”Have You Got ’The Magnesium Miracle!’?” Here: ...   read more

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