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May 2023 - Creme de la Creme!   29 d  
Happy "May Flowers" to You!
30th - “In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well-being of regular people. - And it isn’t any different now.”: - *** 25th - ”It is possible, by means of thought, to get all the elements we need from the universe, and to reach all the beings we wish to contact. Thanks to the law of affinity, our thoughts go directly to the elements and beings we are seeking.”: - *** 22nd - ”Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth”: http ...   read more

April 2023 - Creme de la creme   56 d  
Insights along the way within the Venus Sequence
27th - Light! - ”Fill your thoughts with light....”: - *** 26th - ”...why do some people claim that creation, this magnificent, sublime work of art, has no author? ...”: - *** 13th - ”From Grazin’ Acres April Newsletter: Back to the Trial”: Scrool down to: ”April 13, 2023” - *** 11th - “Every psychological makeup must have complexes that serve as zones of eventual conflict or difficulty ...” Added to: ”The Resolution of Inn ...   read more

March 2023 - Creme de la Creme   3 mon  
Where does all of your food come from? .........
6th - ”Is the entire world controlled by grammar?”: - *** 3rd - Retitled Blog: ”Re: ’The Attack on Food’ - Home Pasture + Good Shepherds!”:   visit the page

February 2023 - Creme de la Creme of Chef-doctor Jem   4 mon  
You Can Increase Your Awareness and It Will Make a Difference!
26th - ”This false appearance of an agreement points to petty psychopathy.”: - *** 25th - ”Government-required Education is the Institution of Learned Ignorance”: - *** 23rd - ”the corner stone for American Law is essentially skipped over!”: -- And - ”... Ever have an eyelid twitch or a severe calf cramp? That’s because you need more electrolytes delivered in a natural way. That means no gatorade or supplements. Just drink your ...   read more

January 2023 - Creme de la Creme   5 mon  
2023 is a Universal "7" Year + January (+1) = a Universal "8" Month. More Power to ya!
30th - Added to: ”The Transformational Path For ’Community’”: - *** 29th - ”The Apollonian (NF) Temperment”: - *** 26th - ”Dignity with Social Security”: -*- and: ”To ’Save Us From Ourselves’”: -- plus: ””Pain and suffering are universal human constants”: - *** 21st - Added to: ”The Transformational Path For ’Community’” ...   read more

December 2022 - Creme de la Creme   6 mon  
Celebrate Life in all the best ways that you know how!
23rd - ”Omraam” - Quintessentially at: Cheeta - Quintessentially: - *** 22nd - “All the world’s a stage” - By William Shakespeare: - *** 14th - Update From Arthur Firstenberg: and added: ”Face and Embrace!”: - *** 11th - Added to: ”The Transformational Path For ’Community’”: -- and: ”Quintessence of Gene Keys”: https:// ...   read more

November 2022 - Creme de la Creme   7 mon  
A time of accelerated personal change
1st - “The asteroid layer in your Human Design is a historical map for stripping away the outgrown limits of patriarchal narratives and uncovering our original selves.”: - *** 17th - ”For the United Nations’ 27th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, held this year at this resort city on the Red Sea, four fake palm trees have been erected on the grounds of the COP in order for the 40,000 conference attendees to all be on their cell phones at the same time, all day long, every day for two weeks. ...”: ...   read more

October 2022 - Creme de la Creme   8 mon  
Contemplations beyond the homogenization of conventional wisdom.
2nd - ”A Constellation Map in ”Our Lady of Guadalupe” Image”: - *** ”The Economic Sphere”: - *** 4th - ”the transformation of the human heart”: - *** 12th - ”Until man duplicates a blade of grass, Nature can laugh at his so-called scientific is obvious that we don’t understand one millionth of one percent about anything.“ – Thomas Alva Edison: - *** 13th - ”T ...   read more

September 2022 - Creme de la Creme   9 mon  
Happy Birthday to all my September-born friends! (Got to celebrate - whenever possible! ; ~ )
15th - ”Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, Says Others Not So Lucky”; - *** 18th - ”Food - ’the specific therapy for malnutrition’”: - *** 21st - Revisiting: ”... most all US written law is constitutional, but most all of that same law is misapplied upon jurisdictions where it has no force and effect of law and the bar association has perfected a system of keeping the people from knowing its true application. ”: - ...   read more

August 2022 - Creme de la Creme   10 mon  
Continuing in the Great Wake-up and toward "The Great Change"!
8th - ”History that we have, conveniently, never been taught”: - *** 10th - ”The Transformational Path For ’Community’”: - *** 19th - ”Cheeta” is now the ”Tao Chee”!: - *** 24th - ”No Record of an Isolated Covid-19 Virus!”:   read more

July 2022 - Creme de la Creme   11 mon  
Continuing toward a greater "harmonic convergence" with all gratitude!
6th - ”Jung and Wholeness”: - *** 10th - ”Good Shepherds Seek Home Pasture”: - *** 17th - ”...Once the Presence is revealed within a person, it becomes difficult for him to maintain his role in the world, since there is no longer anything important outside. Such people no longer fit into society and cannot explain their reality(i) to anyone else.”: - *** 21st - A Six-pointed Cheeta Star: ...   read more

June 2022 - Creme de la Creme!   12 mon  
The art of community
June 2, 2022 - On Composting - “Compost is where and how the art of community begins and ends.: -   visit the page

May 2022 - Creme de la Creme   13 mon  
The quintessentials of this Blog-writers readings & research findings.
1st - Added: ”Creating a Legal Fiction (British) Person via Identity Theft - They impersonate you to gain access to your assets and credit.” To: ”Person = Persona = Mask = Walking Dead!” Here: -- Added: ”Identify with The Truth of Your Wholeness!” To: ”Psyche, Health (& Healing) Links & Resources - Part 2” Here: - *** 8th - ”The Omraam Perspective on Dignity”: - *** 10th - Added: ”Human beings can be compared ...   read more

April 2022 - Creme de la Creme   14 mon  
Got resurrection?
21st - Added: ”The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order” To: ”Astrology & The Enchanted Garden Onion”: - *** 18th - Added: ”Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC Mask Mandate for Planes, Travel” To: ”Dignity” Here: -- Added: ”Please point to ’the consilience of the evidence’ that shows how Koch’s postulates are satisfied.” To: ”Possible Research” Here: - *** 14th - Added ...   read more

March 2022 - Creme de la Creme   15 mon  
Always Do Your Best - and your best will get better!
26th - Added: ”Lesson #11 of the ’Basic Course of Law and Government’ by Dr. Ed Rivera ...” To: ”Right Knowledge” for ”American Law” Part II Here: (See the third entry from the top of the page) - *** 22nd - Added: ”Concepts ~ May Be Fatal To Your Total Well-Being” To: ”The Source of Self-Government In All Matters Great and Small” Here: - *** 18th - Added to: ”Does ’business’ include revitalization, maintenance and the day-to-day house keeping?” Here:   read more

February 2022 - "Creme de la Creme"   16 mon  
Like the fate of: "As The World Turns" (LOL)!
26th - Added: ”Americans have never granted any office of government any say in our health issues, public or private. ...” To: ”The Truth About American Law” Here: - *** 25th - Added: ”Frequently Asked Questions” (regarding wireless technology) To: ”5G - the ’Stupidest Idea in the History of the World’!” Here: - *** 11th - Added: ”What Is Now Known About Batches” To: ”Viral (and Other Microbial) Mania” Here: ...   read more

January 2022 - Creme de la Creme   17 mon  
Questioning "authority" and most especially when the "authority" claims that it knows what is best for our "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"!
January 6, 2022 - Added: ”The criteria to determine what a health emergency is” To: ”Viral (and Other Microbial) Mania” Here: - *** 7th - Added: ”’No Fear’ - By Anna Von Reitz” To: The Success of ”The Real Anthony Fauci” Here: - *** Added: Connecting to the sky is part of our humanity Starlink = more satellites than stars in the sky! To: Blog: Son of Truth of Self Here: - *** 11th - Added: ”Dr. Mercola ...   read more

December 2021 - Creme de la Creme   18 mon  
Speak Truth to Power!
21st - Added: The AP reporters ”refuse to read any of the underlying scientific literature”. To: Blog: Son of Truth of Self Here: - *** 14th - Added: ”Democracy” and ”The Tyranny of the Majority” To: Blog: Son of Truth of Self Here:   visit the page

November 2021 - "Creme de la Creme"   19 mon  
Continuing in "The Great Change"
29th - Added: ”Between 1970 and 2000, the amount of added sugars in the food supply rose 25%. This adds up to about 22 teaspoons of added sugar that the average American consumes daily.” To: ”Renaissance Created w Avg. Intake of 1 t Sugar Per Head/Year” Here: - 23rd - Added: ”Help for making an informed decision regarding children” To: ”Weston A. Price Foundation” Here: - *** 22nd - Added: ”Probably The Biggest Lesson!” To: ”Got Dialogue?” Here: https://w ...   read more

September 2021 - Creme de la Creme   21 mon  
From A Couple Perspectives - I Wish You A Truly New Year!
Added: ”The Core Problem” To: ”The Truth About American Law” Here:   visit the page

August 2021 - Creme de la Creme   22 mon  
In The "11th House of "Choosing Seeds"
27th - Added: ”Clarifying Our Terms” To: Blog: ”My Enchanted Garden Onion” Here:   visit the page

June 2021 Creme de la Creme   24 mon  
"Creme de la creme" returns!
4th - Just a note in case anyone wondered what happened to April and May posts. Computer tech is not my forte and consequently I lost immediate access to CureZone during the past two months. Often had items I wished I could have posted here and at the other dozen or so Blogs I have here however it just was not possible under the circumstances. Then yesterday I came across my password and realized I could use a different browser on the temporary computer I’m accessing (briefly - mainly to keep up with emails). A couple more important articles on the Covid madness inspired me to post a ...   read more

March 2021 Creme de la Creme   27 mon  
Now Is a Very Good Time to Speak Truth to One Another!
2nd - Added: ”Are You Suffering From ’Mass Hysteria’?” To: ”Blog: Psyche & Health” Here: - *** 5th - Added: ”The Source and Foundation of Our Most Lawful American Government” To: ”The Right Knowledge for the Full Foundation of American Law!” Here: - 6th - Re: Mountain Valley Spring Water’s ”Natural Flavors” This writer’s inquiry to Mountain Valley”: What is the source of your ”Natural Flavor Added” to your ”White Peach” as well as to your Berry flavored water? ...   read more

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