Collective Disease Incorporated
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NGO Traps   17 y  
There are many front organizations to the NWO/Globalist machine that are used to datamine and create disruption under seemingly innocent banners. All of the heavily promoted ones have been infiltrated and are under controlfor use by the globalists. The Redcross is a classic example in how they have helped spread the threat of AIDS as a depolpulization program in Africa and elsewhere while looking like a helpful organisation. Many good people within these organizations are being used as unknowing pawns. Its a web of disinfo for the purposes of creating a front while driving a one world rule (and depopulaization) agenda.
Here is some great advice from another forum by a poster named ”Ormond”.... ”Be aware. G-8 is fronted by thousands of organizations extending down to your community level. It’s useful to be aware of any organizations operating in your local community which are globalist fronts. Don’t contribute to them if they send reps to your home or office. Don’t sign any petitions they circulate....they use that for data collection and intelligence. Most sound and appear innocuous, but they’re satraps. They’re infiltrated. Have nothing to do with them. MEMBERS OF THE CONFERENCE OF NGOs P ...   read more

Bush Spying Gearing Up   17 y  
Bush is taking his spying to a whole new level. Are you accetping this?
Bush sets up domestic spy service US President George W Bush has ordered the creation of a domestic intelligence service within the FBI, as part of a package of 70 new security measures. The White House says it is enacting the measures to fight international terrorist groups and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction. The authorities will also be given the power to seize the property of people deemed to be helping the spread of WMD. An independent commission recommended the measures earlier this year. The new measures form part of Mr Bush’s overhaul of US intelligenc ...   read more

Bank Accounts Monitored   17 y  
Bush has you in his sights under the guise of terrorism. Totalitarionism!
Bank Data Secretly Reviewed by U.S. to Fight Terror WASHINGTON, June 22 - Under a secret Bush administration program initiated weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, counterterrorism officials have gained access to financial records from a vast international database and examined banking transactions involving thousands of Americans and others in the United States, according to government and industry officials. The program is limited, government officials say, to tracing transactions of people suspected of ties to Al Qaeda by reviewing records from the nerve center of the global banking ...   read more

Sai Baba "The Findings"   17 y  
Time again to slay another sacred cow. This cow has been grazing on young boys and men in spiritual pastures of devotion as they have given their power away to this trickster.
This trickster in particular has left a trail far and wide all with similar reports. GAY molestation. There is a famous report circling the world wide web entiled The Findings. Enter the vast information portal here. This is one of many reports of people all saying basically the same thing from all around the world. Daizy has also posted her thoughts on this matter with links to back them up here. This one raises many red flags. In particular his own words which contradict and proclaim egoic lordship over all. View Here The evidence is focused on similar patterns and ...   read more

American Union Reported In Mainstream   17 y  
As confrimation to waht many of us have known all along, the mainstream media is reporting the upcomming union of Mexico, USA, and Canada as one economic whole which is another important step for the New World Order.
Controlled Media Unable to Contain Truth about American Union Superstate Agenda Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | June 21 2006 The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan American Union networked by a NAFTA Super Highway has long been a Globalist brainchild but its very real and prescient implementation on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations has finally been reported on by mainstream news outlets After nearly ten years of reporting by Alex Jones and the rest of the Patriot Movement, the establishment press is finally covering ...   read more

North American Union   17 y  
The plan is definatly underway.
The American Union is Already Here Bush ’super-state’ documents sought, FOIA request filed to expose plans for ’North American union’ AP | June 20 2006 RELATED: Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway North American Union Already Starting to Replace USA New World Order Chieftans Openly Discuss Dismantling US Border and Bringing Us into the Pan-American Union NAFTA Turned U.S., Canada And Mexico Into Single Giant Market Texas: Keystone State of the FTAA Task force urges creation of ’Fortress America’ New PNAC/neocon front group pushing tri-national ID ...   read more

Surveillance State   17 y  
Orwellian is an understatement when it comes to what is going on.
The Surveillance State Unveiled Thomas R. Eddlem / New American | June 20 2006 President Bush and adherents to his viewpoint have defended the idea that the government has a right to wiretap, but their assertions do not stand up to scrutiny. President Bush has inaugurated the largest surveillance state in human history, ordering the NSA to wiretap millions of Americans’ telephone calls and e-mails abroad (according to the New York Times) and collecting the telephone records of as many as 200 million Americans (according to USA Today). Moreover, the FBI acknowledged searching the p ...   read more

Double Speak   17 y  
Here is a fine example of doublespeak as the propoganda of coverup is doled out.
”As we know, there are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” - Donald Rumsfeld, Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense News Briefing   visit the page

Dan Rather Axed   17 y  
As a sign to other media that this will happen if they dig around where they shouldn't. Meanwhile the criminal fascist regime rolls along.
Dan Crashes - Bush Flies High The Power And The Pay-Off By Greg Palast 6-21-6 They finally put Dan Rather out of his misery. Today, CBS finally terminated him and sent him to the electronic glue factory -- all for reporting the truth. But not all of it. Rather’s ”unsubstantiated story of Bush’s military service” (says USA Today) got him canned. Yet, all the poor man did was repeat a story we put on BBC Television a year earlier -- that Poppy Bush put in the fix to get his son out of ’Nam and into the Texas Air Guard, spending his war years guarding Houston from Viet Cong attac ...   read more

Dalai (CIA) Lama   17 y  
" Now the Dalai Lama's own organization has confirmed that in the 1960s he was involved in the covert CIA military operations that were fighting to extend U.S. domination in Asia."
The Dalai C.I.A. Lama Revolutionary Worker #985, December 6, 1998 The organization of the Dalai Lama issued a statement on October 1 admitting that it received millions of dollars from the CIA during the 1960s to send armed squads of Tibetan exiles into Tibet to undermine the Maoist revolution. According to the New York Times (Oct. 1), the Dalai Lama’s organization said they received $1.7 million a year to arm, train and pay their contra forces. This statement also revealed for the first time that the Dalai Lama himself was a paid CIA agent during this period, receiving an annual pay ...   read more

CIA & The Dalai Lama   17 y  
More information on the connection between the CIA and The Dalai Lama.
The Dalai Lama and the CIA Revolutionary Worker #765, July 17, 1994 Shortly after the 1949 victory of Maoist forces against the U.S.-backed dictator Chiang Kai-shek, the revolution came to Tibet. The ruling class of Tibet--a feudal class of aristocrats and monks--alternated wildly between passivity and resistance. Starting in 1957, sections of their class participated in a series of armed anti-communist actions--attempting to stop the deepening revolutionary changes in Tibet. Lamaist propagandists, including the Dalai Lama himself, portray these actions as a noble, home-grown resi ...   read more

Dalai Lama's Hidden Past   17 y  
The incoherency of this mainstream media and global leader propped upo icon is quite revealing. The popular leader of just another beleif system that works to bring about globalism and a Fascist New World Order through subserviance.
The Dalai Lama’s hidden past Comment by Norm Dixon Most solidarity and environmental groups supporting the Tibetan people’s cause have not questioned the Dalai Lama’s role in Tibetan history or addressed what it would mean for the Tibetan people if the Dalai Lama and his coterie returned to power. A 1995 document distributed by the Dalai Lama’s Office of Tibet aggressively states that ``China tries to justify its occupation and repressive rule of Tibet by pretending that it `liberated’ Tibetan society from `medieval feudal serfdom’ and `slavery’. Beijing trots out this myth to cou ...   read more

The Tibet Myth   17 y  
Exploring the Buddhist religion as another order that works to enlsave people (have them give their power away).
Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth by Michael Parenti December 27, 2003 First Published in the Michael Parenti Archive T hroughout the ages there has prevailed a distressing symbiosis between religion and violence. The histories of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam are heavily laced with internecine vendettas, inquisitions, and wars. Again and again, religionists have claimed a divine mandate to terrorize and massacre heretics, infidels, and other sinners. Some people have argued that Buddhism is different, that it stands ...   read more

Buddhist Psy Op   17 y  
Profiling the Buddhist Psy Op (NWO) under the Dalai Lama....
There are many religions propped up that act as systems to create subserviant slaves to the NWO. Here is but one that is being used to lead people astray under the guise of spirituality. The ”Holy” Dalai Lama who has access to most of the NWO world leaders as well as mainstream media and Hollywood was also on the CIA payroll. I beleive he is just another high profile religious leader (mind control icon), among many, who is leading people into a hived mentality. The globalists apply pressure through fear and terrorism and then drive the herd into the various stalls. these stalls are ...   read more

Non-Citizens Be Warned   17 y  
That you may disappear indefinately and be locked away (tortured etc) by The American Government. This is the same risk you take traveling to 3rd world countries with totalitarian regimes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Another notch in the police state.
Friday, June 16th, 2006 Federal Judge Rules U.S. Can Detain Non-Citizens Indefinitely on Basis of Religion, Race or National Origin Listen to Segment || Download Show mp3 Watch 128k stream Watch 256k stream Read Transcript Help Printer-friendly version Email to a friend Purchase Video/CD A federal judge in Brooklyn has ruled the government can legally detain non-citizens on the sole basis of their religion, race or national origin and then detain them indefinitely. We speak with an attorney with the Center for Con ...   read more

Inside Echelon   17 y  
This article explains Echelon's beginnings and known functions. there is likely even more to it than this "leaked" info.
Inside Echelon The history, structure und function of the global surveillance system known as Echelon. 7-27-00 Since 1998, much has been written and spoken about the so-called Echelon system of international communications surveillance. Most of what has been written has been denied or ignored by US and European authorities. But much of what has been written has also been exaggerated or wrong. Amongst a sea of denials, obfuscations and errors, confusion has reigned. This review by Duncan Campbell, author of the European Parlia ...   read more

The Octopus   17 y  
A term used by a report (killed) when explaining the militayr industrial complex/globalist tracking system.
Of Casolaro, Murder, The Octopus, And The Island Of Dominca From Vince Lodato 5-12-00 UPDATE A reporter, Danny Casolaro, when investigating the INSLAW case came up with the term Octopus. An Octopus is a shy creature. If it looses an arm in a fight it can regrow one, so too with this organization. These companies are expendable. An Octopus can change its colors. So too with these companies. They are the pillars of Corporate America. An Octopus can dig a hole in the sand several feet deep. So to with this organization. They have a ”deep cover”. So Danny Casolaro t ...   read more

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