Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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Art Assemblage:"Bird"   11 y  
New assemblage piece
ASSEMBLAGE: BIRD This piece shows a bird walking across a varied landscape of fabric pieces and textured foil. Scattered egg shell pieces dot the landscape. The box holds the feathers of the bird which sits lovingly on a soft cotton cushion. A hardware piece surrounds a wooden ”egg” on a pedestal. More Assemblage: ”Altered Gift Book”  http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1760831 ”I Love Dolls!” http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1741133 ”AfterLife3” http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1731046 ”AfterLife(1& 2)” http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1717351 ...   read more

Poem: "Choice"   11 y  
Poem:Choose to be different
CHOICE Imprisoned in a cage of thought. Caught in the cesspool of imagined reality. Words sitting there like lead balls in the center of my being. Words rolling across space, slithering, not forming anything of consequence. Whose eyes do you see through? Scatter the green, grow anew on contaminated ground. What matters in the chaos, That many holy feet have walked among us? Sheep follow in endless circles And jump like lemmings Over the cliff. Brave, the one who dares to question And choose a different path. Lonely that path may be, be ...   read more

Poem:Corn Song   11 y  
This poem was written 7-17-1999; it is a companion piece to my story "Spring Song"
  CORN SONG                                So now! The earth is damp And ready to plant, Grab the dig stick, Today’s the day!                                  So now! The seed is dry, And ready to ...   read more

Story:Spring Song   11 y  
This is another story from my childhood when I was with my Grandfather.
Getting Ready to Plant In the spring I would go to visit my Grandfather. By the time I had gotten there he had already begun the process of getting the garden soil ready. Grandfather took me to the garden and showed me the garden space. He had me take off my shoes and socks and we walked around the garden. He would sing a song to the soil. He had me sing my own ”made up” song to the soil. The song said how much we loved the soil and how much we appreciated it. The song said we would do our best to take care of the things planted there. Then we went to ...   read more

Story:Squirrels   11 y  
This is another story from when I was a child with my Grandfather
SQUIRRELS It was getting to be fall and there was already a chill in the air. The farm had a lot of oak trees, so there were a lot of acorns on the ground. My Grandfather and I liked to watch the squirrels run around gathering up the acorns to hide away for the winter. One day, as we were watching the squirrels, my Grandfather asked me if I thought I could get the squirrels to get acorns out of my hands. I was young and didn’t think about it, so I said I thought I could. Then he asked how I would go about that task. He asked me if I had noticed when the squirrels came around to ga ...   read more

ART:Altered Gift Book   11 y  
I belong to an art group that recently had a gift exchange. Had to be hand made. So I made this altered book for that exchange. You can see the front cover has a "zipper" flower in the middle! Thought it was unique!
Gift Book Cover Gift Book Inside Gift Book Page One Gift Book Page Two Gift Book Page Three Gift Book Page Four Gift Book Page Five Gift Book Page Six   See more art and altered books on my website: http://daughterofkali.blogspot.com/   Truly Sustainable Energy! Become a part of The Future of Renewable Energy and the solution to the energy crisis! To read about BioEnergy Domes, go to:  http://www.bioenergydomes.com       read more

Nostalgia   11 y  
Someone sent me this link which reminded me of trips we used to take when I was a kid.
Those long trips were boring and these Burma Shave signs kept me entertained! (People under sixty years old will have no idea what I’m talking about) Http://oldfortyfives.com/DYRT.htm   More Nostalgia: "Winter": Story from my childhood with Grandfather, about how we spent our Winter on the farm  http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1752146 "The Five Stones": Grandfather teaches me about the Five Stones of Living http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1742716 The Give Away http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1707146 ...   read more

Story: Winter   11 y  
Another story from my childhood with Grandfather, about how we spent our Winter on the farm.
” Snow on Tree”                                                               photo by LFIRE December 2010 WINTER Recently we had a rare snow here (a very rare SIX inches). It reminded me of the winter times that I spent with my Grandfather when I was a child. ...   read more

Story:The Five Stones   12 y  
Grandfather teaches me about the Five Stones of Living
THE FIVE STONES OF LIVING When I was a child I learned a lot from my Grandfather. He used to tell me a lot of stories and teach me many things. Over the years the teachings have stood by me and this teaching is one I have found very valuable. It sounds very simple (as were all of his teachings) but if really thought about it is discovered that they are very deep and useful. One day my Grandfather said that he wanted to tell me a story. He said that I would need to help him. Naturally, I was happy as I always loved his stories. So he took me by the hand and said we wo ...   read more

Art: I Love Dolls!   12 y  
New Assemblage from found objects!
I Love Dolls Box Inside box:  I Love Dolls!   More of my recent art: "AfterLife3" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1731046 "AfterLife(1& 2)" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1717351 "Bluebird of Happiness" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1705387 "Disjointed" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1699409 "Justice" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1675956 "Rust" http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1671144 "Four" http://curezone.c ...   read more

Poem: Who?   12 y  
New Poem about aging
    WHO     Who        Will stoke my hair                                now that it has turned grey? Who        Will gently kiss my cheeks                                 ...   read more

Art:AfterLife3   12 y  
New assemblage art on the theme of death and the AfterLife
"AfterLife 3" I have been in an art challenge called “Afterlife". I had started this piece quite awhile ago but never got around to finishing it. I had posted another piece called "Afterlife" already. So I guess this is "Afterlife 3". The dead person is laying in its coffin, looking at the light that leads it to the next phase. The light has many red bulbs giving the person energy to move forward. The light base has a heart that symbolizes the love that they had while they were alive. The angel hovers near to help be a gu ...   read more

Poem:Who Hears My Song?   12 y  
As an elder I have often thought about how few younger people are interested in the things we have to teach. I have listened to many Native Elders talk about the same thing. Their stories, songs and ceremonies are being lost for lack of interest. It is so sad. There is so much to be taught and shared.
                                                  Who Hears My Song?                         Who hears my song,             my story, my poems? Lonely voice   ...   read more

Poem:Creation Myth   12 y  
New poetry about Origins of the Universe
CREATION   MYTH   Ever beginning, ever in motion, Energy is. Energy exists. Energy is everywhere present. Energy has no name or being. It has no gender. It has no name. When it has a name, its name is Great Mother. Great Mother is Divine. Great Mother is Love. Because Her true nature is Love, She radiates Love everywhere. This Love emanates through out the universes and manifests as solar systems, planets, waters, lands, rocks, flowers, plants, trees, animals and humans. Because al ...   read more

Poem:Beware of Nature!   12 y  
New Poem
   BEWARE  Of  NATURE!   Oh my!                                         Dirt!   Mud on the hands!                               Wash them quickly! Horrors!       &nbs ...   read more

Art: AfterLife   12 y  
New assemblage art representing the cycle of death and rebirth
"Afterlife #2" "Afterlife #1" “Afterlife #2” is the outside of the box. It shows the gold columns and the black lion statue on top that is reminiscent of the Egyptian sarcophagi where the Pharaohs were laid to rest. Open the door and you see “Afterlife #1” which shows a skeleton and doll hanging from the top which revolves around; this symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth.   Enjoy the health benefits of sprouting! Find out about a simple low cost system of growing sprouts without the n ...   read more

Truly Sustainable Energy!   12 y  
BioEnergy Domes harness energy from aquatic plants while simultaneously treating waste water. The by-product can be used for fertilizer or feed for animals. Various sized domes can be used to provide energy for a single family home up to a large community, are inexpensive to build and operate and are truly sustainable.
    AT LAST! A truly sustainable system of energy! NO solar panels           NO windmills NO BATTERIES! NO chopping down trees NO using acres of land or harmful chemicals   You can now have the energy you need to power your TV’s, video games, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, and all other electric appliances; heat or cool your house or run your homestead; and even have an aquaponic, vermiculture or hydroponic component!   BioEnergy Domes are available in th ...   read more

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