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Eckhart Tolle Retreat   16 y  
A Review : on the collection of one of Tolle's live taped audience retreats.
Well what can I say? This is THE best collection , what is so great about actually listening to Tolle speak, is hearing his mannerisms and most delightedly his hilarious witty humor, and the wonderful way he giggles! But of course the topic matter is the foundation. This collection I got is the 6 tape series of the Power of NOW (Retreat) and each tape has 2 sides. I have the Book , The Power of Now as well, but the addition of these tapes take it one step higher. These were taped at a Live Audience Retreat, and you get the genuine feeling that you are SHARING the exp ...   read more

Best little Ionizer in Town   16 y  
wonderful product that I am currently using and finding meets exactly what the product is marketed to do +
This fabulous little ionizer is worth every penny ! I got mine at the link to gaiam below I set it up on a side table in my living room and in minutes you could feel the difference in the quailty of air and the *essence of the room* I live in a house built in 1920, my living room is long (35 feet) and about 13 ft wide.next to my living room, is a large opening (about 7 foot wide) connecting my kitchen to my living room. I set this mini powerhouse so it aimed out at both areas.. I am getting really nice fresh air in both rooms! the total cost with shipping is about 100.95 ...   read more

Life in the Fast Lane   16 y  
don't let the name of the link you will click after following this one to the original poster fool you !! It is NOT p 0 r n!! It is a whole mess of fantasically funny short video clips, you will want to come back and view everyone of them in the series, each one is completely different and uniquely funny or interesting, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. to progress forward or backward after each small segment, click on the next or previous button ( or it may be an arrow)
REad the abstract above and have a great day starting out with laughter. ___________________________________________________- http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=164&i=1776 ______________________________________________________ Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web   read more

Big Brother Pizza Delivery   16 y  
A funny as Heck video, of pizza delivery in the very near future.
follow the link click on turn up your speakers and laugh, plus some serious thoughts afterwards should you care to peruse. ___________________________________________________--- http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=164&i=1919 __________________________________________________________ Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web   read more

Pepe's Presidentation   16 y  
please DO watch this incredibly humorous video clip! No matter what side of the presidential opinion you hold, this is HILARIOUS and cute. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I thank Pepe so much for posting it.
follow the link on Pepe’s post and prepare to laugh (have speakers on) __________________________________________________ http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=164&i=1903 _______________________________________________ Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web   read more

A Tricycle Built For Me   16 y  
My adventures as I begin to recapture my independence, and venture forth again into integrating publically in the world after almost 13 years in isolation,being handicapped, and from a still physically weakened body.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web ___________________________________________________ March 14, 2005 my assembly update and tips. well putting this bike together is a challenging thing. As seems the instructions included are really geared for the trike with 2 hand brakes, and gives NO pictures of what nuts and bolts to use .. and where exactly to use them lol !! I think they are more accustom ...   read more

Kinesiology testing tips   16 y  
there are many ways to test using Kinesiology, I particularly like this method since it is easy to do and involves no other person to help.
Another Method of Kinesiology recommended by Machaelle Small Wright There is a method of kinesiology that uses the pointing finger of your test hand and your leg. If you have a physical impairment, this may be easier for you to use. Place the pointing finger of your test hand on top of the center of your thigh. This finger should lay flat on the leg. Your other fingers may be in whatever position is comfortable. Place the pointing finger of the other hand in a face-up position under the first knuckle of the test finger. Make sure you are using the knuckle section, not ...   read more

TURMERIC, Super Healing Spice   16 y  
The incredible benefits of Turmeric, often overlooked by Western Cultures
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web Benefits of Turmeric (curcumin) _________________________________________________________ From: Lapis : Lapis Links Date: 10/4/2003 Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is much more than the familiar spice that gives curry blends their yellow colour and imparts to them a slightly bitter or astringent taste. It is an amazing healing plant that has not only bee ...   read more

Boars Hair: lympth skin brush   16 y  
Wow! A friend bought me a Bass Natural Boars Hair Brush ! Incredible!
A friend bought me a : wet/dry BASS 100 % Wild Boars Hair (Firm) Brush. This brush far exceeds the walmart type natural skin brush, for using as a dry skin brushing technique to help drain lympth glands. My friend just told me the brush was $7.95 at Whole Foods Market hope that helps only 2 $ more than the walmart natural one, but worlds better in effectiveness! ____________________________________________________________ I mean this baby CHOWS down!! Dry skin flakes turn into dust literally in seconds! leaving your skin glowing a beautiful pink. I live ...   read more

The Nose Knows   16 y  
This so obvious way to pop your frontal lobes and click your amygdalas forward,:.. the more you do this everyday, the more of your brain you will be utilising in everything you do, not to count the greater joy you will find in each day as well.
Raising Intelligence and Creativity   visit the page

Do you Click your amygdala?   16 y  
This site will show you how to super-activate specific parts of YOUR BRAIN- the amygdala and frontal lobes- with newly discovered methods that turn on incredible CREATIVITY, INTELLIGENCE, PLEASURE, and ESP as easy as clicking on a light switch.
go here for easily done exercises put out by mensa groups, plus a world of intell/ boost helps as well Neil Slade Amygdala clicking _______________________________________-- also welcome to visit my website / click REFRESH when you get there, to ensure you are seeing the updated version. at Wrenn’s Web   visit the page

My Web, Open Update:Visit/Welcome   16 y  
My Personal Curezone Website to help me better serve you.
Hi, thanks for taking an interest in checking out my new website. This is the first one I have ever had, and I am SO excited! If you have previously visited it, (or even not, ), PLEASE click REFRESH when you get there to ensure that you are correctly seeing the updated version. also scroll down to access the links and email etc. all the units at top work except wrenns hens which is under construction. Wrenn’s Web I will be completing the comments link soon, and also my other related links. Until then or for ANY reason, feel free to e-mail me using the email click, ...   read more

Raw Fruit/Juice Smoothies YUM!   16 y  
Smoothy Drinks from raw veggies and fruits, easily made in blender.
Raw Food Recipes: Smoothies Smoothies are rich, thick, sweet, satisfying drinks made out of whole fruits, frozen fruits, fruit juices, and sometimes nuts, seeds, or other ingredients. Smoothies are popular in juice bars around the world. You will find more information about smoothies in the book The Sunfood Cuisine, along with many more vegan recipe. _____________________________________________________ Persimmon Madness 5 persimmons, without skin and seeds 2 cups of orange juice 1 cup of frozen berries Blend all ingredients and serve. _________________________ ...   read more

Sinful Raw Pie Recipes YUM!   16 y  
Raw Recipes for PIES: Apple, Pecan, and Banana, Key Lime
Pecan Pie Ingredients 5 bananas 1 papaya (or mango, or a pint of strawberries, sliced) 1 cup pecans (soaked in water for 1 hour) 1 1/2 cups pecans (don’t soak) 6 oz. filtered water 5-10 dates, soaked 1/2 vanilla bean , cut into tiny pieces 1 heaping tbsp. raw honey (or to taste) dash of Nama Shoyu Soak one cup of pecans in filtered water. Set aside. Fruit crust: In a 9-inch glass pie pan, arrange one layer of sliced bananas (2 1/2 bananas should do it). Lay the banana slices in a spiral pattern with one slice slightly overlapping the other until you have ...   read more

Raw Fun recipes, avoid boredom tips   16 y  
article by Frederic Patenaude on how to avoid boredom, and also nutritional deficiencies, by keeping Raw food Living FUN
Making it Fun ! Avoiding Boredom and Nutritional Deficiencies on a Raw Food Diet By Frédéric Patenaude ________________________________________________________________ The scene looks like this: you’re hungry, you’re alone, and you’re going to eat another meal of romaine lettuce, tomatoes and avocados. And you’re bored. And these avocados are starting to be less interesting than ever. And it’s raining outside, and cold, and damp. And you’re wondering, is the fun of eating raw gone? Will I be able to eat like that forever? Can this really be healthy? ...   read more

Restore Vision w/Schizandra, Lycium + Eyebright   16 y  
It has been found that Schizandra, Lycium, and Eyebright are more potent in aiding Restoration of Vision and rejuvenation of eyes than the more commonly used bilberry. Schizandra has also been found to dramatically help cure Hepatitis
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web _____________________________________________________________ SCHIZANDRA Studies have shown that regular use of Schizandra can improve eyesight, and enlarge the field of vision. Schizandra has also been found to dramatically aid in curing Hepatitis. The Chinese call it wu-wei-zi. This means five taste fruit. Schizandra has a combination of taste: unu ...   read more

Sexy Schizandra herb vigor,hepatitis + eyes cure   16 y  
Benefites of Reishi mushrooms, and Schizandra ,and many other Chinese herbs that i am currently including in my 2005 adds to my daily health plan. schizandra has been found to improve vision and cure hepatitis
thank you for your patience as i add to this a bit at a time. i will post up benefites, and links to what i am currently using, also a *journal* as it were.. of my experiences in usage. in meantime: Click on Schizandra to read all its benefites , including use as a sexua| vigor boost for thousands of years. it also cures hepatitis and improves vision. if you click on the link read all the way to bottom.. it has an amazing range of uses ,a most wonderful herb. Reishi mushrooms see link info below http://www.dragonherbs.com/herbs/herbs.asp?herb_id=12395 Schizandra f ...   read more

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Sharings I have found to cure hepatitis, improve vision, grow my own bean sprouts for my vegetarian needs, including grinding my own flaxseed, using full spectrum lighting and vitamin c crystals, also my experiences in using the insight and focus series as a budgetable alternative to holosync programs. Also a whole series of recipes for vegetarians, raw foodists, anyone! on soups , smoothies, meals etc , understanding the sugar vs candida lie behind eating fresh fruit; breaking the myth.… more...

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