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Extreme weather thermal underware   16 y  
some snuggly warm goodies for winter ahead.
http://www.essentialapparel.com/jump.jsp?itemType=CATEGORY&itemID=433 the link above is directly to the place that I get my long under wear from. I live in an extreme weather zone, with no heat. The ARCTEX top (scoop neck ) and ARCTEX leggings are life savers for me. They are soft , super warm , and I have gotten thru many winters in this drafty old 1920 house wearing just them. with socks , a fleece hat, and a light wt long dress over them . I get a size larger for myself , since I do not like tight restrictive clothing. they also sell ladies and mens wear in many other ...   read more

good tips/ knowledge   16 y  
a compilation of links that will help you gain better foundational knowledge of foods we choose to consume. Remember, we are not only what we think, but also what we eat.
http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=533&i=166 read the post, and click on the links to gain knowledge of what is in many foods we eat, so that you can make better and health choices Hope the things on that post help you as you travel further on your journey to full health Also read thru my blog here for extra health tips, such as grinding your own flaxseed , growing your own sprouts, getting natural full spectrum light bulbs at low cost etc. Ami Joi Benton   visit the page

Energy Suckers: Vampires II   16 y  
Symptoms of psychic attack, and traits of energy vampires
Be Wary of Energy suc***s From Phylameana lila Desy, Your Guide to Holistic Healing. FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! Psychic Vampires When an attack takes place, the Psychic Vampire receives an energy surge while the victim experiences fatigue. People who ”suck” the energy of others are called ”psychic vampires.” This ”sucking” takes place when one’s energy is depleted and needs to be replenished so he or she ”sucks” the energy of another person. It is not unusual for a person who is ill or feeling inadequate emotionally to draw upon or deplete energized individuals of their life f ...   read more

Psychic Vampires   16 y  
Are you a psychic vampire? Are you a giver or a taker? Advice on how to restore proper balance whichever you are.
Psychic Vampires From Phylameana lila Desy, Your Guide to Holistic Healing. FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! People Who Take Energy From Others Guest article by Rita Loftsgard The name psychic vampires immediately reveal our attitude toward people who take energy. Not as obvious, it also reveals our attitudes toward the people from whom they take. A vampire is a taker who drains its victims. To help and heal ourselves and each other, we must first recognize the person who is taking energy from another person can only do so if the person they are taking from agrees to it on some l ...   read more

Sprouts: EZ Grow Tips/Seeds/Supplies   16 y  
Growing my own bean sprouts: My learning adventures following tips Owen has given me. For mere pennies we can eat fresh deep green luscious sprouts, not the usual weak ones commercially sold. This is going to save me bundles of food money too !!
ok here i go ...i have been reading Owens tips he sent me, plus read the book: Sprouts, The Miracle Food by Steve Meyerowitz (sproutman) got my trays ready to go, and oodles of seeds: you are welcome to visit my website also at Wrenn’s Web Curezone Team Member I wanted to update this, as my sprouts are doing VERY well ! I think I overcrowded my mung beans , they get pretty large. The broccoli took off like lightning!! the red clover and alfalfa are finally getting up muster. the broccoli is about almost 3 ” high now looks like they will be putting out *true* leaves soon/ abov ...   read more

Full Spectrum Lighting   16 y  
Resource for obtaining full spectrum light bulbs cheaply to save you tons of $, esp since each bulb will give you about 4 years of service ! the benefites of full specturum/ natural lighting are immense.
Continuing on my path of new doors for me in 2005, one of the things I have desired for a long time, is to get full spectrum light bulbs. Having been house- bound for pretty much well over a decade, This issue has become even more important to me. Natural spectrum lighting promotes vitamin D within the body, and helps you fight the blues, reduce fatigue, and feel better anytime of the year. Indoor plants will benefit greatly by this, as well as housebound humans, pets that are mostly indoor pets, and esp a consideration for those elderly folks that do not get out as much as ...   read more

$.55 Lexan fullsz utencils+Prillbeads   16 y  
links to where i get my Prill beads, Jugs , and Lexan FULL size utencils for 55 cents piece, plus the info on benefits and how to use prill beads at link given.
Where do I get my prill beads from? And what do they do? to answer these questions, In reply, I have added the the following links to obtain a one time purchase ( forever) of prill beads click on the link titled Prill beads.) it will take you directly to the product where all info about the benefits and how to use are addressed I ordered 1/2 gallon glass jugs for mine (for easier lifting) from the link provided titled glass jugs. they sell the jugs in 6 per case, but the cost is about 1.88 per jug. they only sell in case to avoid breakage I use the 1/2 gallo ...   read more

Get Buffed w/ Protein Rich SEEDS   16 y  
some often overlooked healthy nontoxic ways to get protein rich diets, are SEEDS! hempseed is included as an excellent protein source as well, and I HAVE to state that even tho the article below makes a reference to a dairy source in one statement, if you do consume dairy , I would greatly urge you to check out notmilk.com to see why dairy is a most toxic food source.
Seeds: not just for the birds by Constance Pittman Lindner Seeds are an often overlooked but excellent source of nutrition. Flaxseed in particular has several health benefits. From small seeds grow large nutrition benefits. Just an ounce of sunflower seeds, for example, contains nearly as much protein as an ounce of meat, between 10% and 20% of the Daily Value for several B vitamins, including niacin, B6, folate, and pantothenic acid, almost 50% of the Daily Value for vitamin E, and 5-10% for the minerals iron and zinc. Throw in a couple of grams of fiber—as much as in a servin ...   read more

Coconut + Fruit Milk recipes   16 y  
non dairy, non soy, milk substitute recipes, esp useful for smoothies or any recipe for that matter.
Homemade Coconut Milk Ingredients and Instructions Place 2-1/2 ounces (75 grams) grated creamed coconut or the grated flesh of 1 fresh coconut, in a bowl. Add about 1-3/4 cups (300 ml) hot water. Stir the mixture to blend and allow to cool. Pour the liquid through the cheesecloth and squeeze to extract as much juice as possible. Store in refrigerator. http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blfruit17.htm _________________________________________________________________ Coconut Milk 1 cup water 1/2 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut meat Blend ingredients thoroughly a ...   read more

Let's Get Fruity! Real Facts!   16 y  
fantastic MUST READ article about debunking the fruit theoried and regaining common sense in eating fresh fruit
Is There a Food Better Than Fruit? By Frédéric Patenaud Fruits are such a delight to the senses. Of all the foods available to us, fruits are the most attractive, delicious and enjoyable. Of all natural foods, that is, the foods we can eat in their natural state, fruit is the food we are most attracted to and that first entices our senses. Humans are born with a natural instinct for sweet foods and in nature, that instinct naturally draws us to fruit. When we are hungry - and I mean really hungry - fruit is often the most satisfying food we can eat. Is there anything ...   read more

Hepatitis cure w/ Schizandra   16 y  
Schizandra has been found to cure hepatitis, improve vision and a great many incredible other health related problems.
welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web ___________________________________________________________________________ Schizandra Herb can help reduce elevated SGPT in patients with chronic Hepatitis. Sgpt is an enzyme concentrated in the liver. It is a reliable marker of liver inflamation, often used by doctors, to evaluate liver damage. In a clinical study in China, more than 5000 persons suffering from various types of hepatis were given Schizandra ...   read more

Raw Foods Heal MS!   16 y  
here are a few testimonies about folks that have been healed of MS by changing to Raw food diet lifestyles.
From Matts website: testimonials: Back in 1978, I was known in high school as big Paul Bunyan, the lumber jack. I held the weightlifting record at the local gym. I could out throw anyone when it came to feeding pulp wood into the woodchipper. Three years ago I couldn’t even walk to the front door of a customers house to be paid for a load of firewood. This is how I met Matt. I was delivering a load across the street from his mothers house, and the customer asked what my problem was since I was fine the season before. I went on to explain that I had MS and one of the effec ...   read more

Rice + Oat Milks Recipes   16 y  
below are some very good looking recipes.. that horchata looks great ! (but i would substitute Stevia for sugar)
_________________________________________ Plain Rice Milk A good way to make rice milk is to use fresh cooked rice that is still hot. * 1 cup rice, brown is okay, short grain is best. * 4 cups hot water- cold water and cold rice won’t work. * 1 tsp vanilla Put all in blender, puree for about 5 minutes (until smooth) let sit for 30 minutes or longer, then without shaking pour into container being careful not to let the sediments at the bottom pour into the new container. Alternatively, if you are in a hurry strain through cheesecloth. To complicate things and get a smoother ...   read more

Almond Milk recipes   16 y  
Dairy or soy milk alternatives for healthier ways to prepare foods.
Nut Milks _____________________________________________________ Nut Milk -------- 1 cup Nuts 2 cups Water 1 Banana 1/2 tablespoon raw honey Liquify in blender Adapted from: www.rawtimes.com ____________________________________________________ Almond Milk ----------- 1 Part Almonds 4 Parts water Blend. To activate almonds, soak overnight, pour off water, follow recipe above. For a delicious smoothie add: frozen fruit or pure maple syrup. Courtesy of RAW Restaurant, San Francisco, from www.rawtimes.com _______________________________________________________ ...   read more

Astral Flight?   16 y  
some thoughts from Phylamena Desy
OBE - Out of Body Experiences Your Guide, Phylameana lila Desy: Your Guide to Holistic Healing. Astral Flight Vast numbers of individuals and clustering groups of people are seeking ways to experience out of body, never mind that several of these people seeking to be out of their bodies are actually seldom in their bodies in the first place - more than 50 percent of their energetic fields are hanging out in the ethers.... My personal experience is that for a major part of my life I had been out-of-my-body more than in it. And even now making conscious efforts to be more aw ...   read more

Of Mice and Men   16 y  
experiments done show correlation between diet, sugar addiction, and extremely aggressive behavior
Long ago I conducted an experiment on mice. One group I fed healthily with fresh water they stayed managable and socially interactive... happy and peaceful. Other group I fed high sugar foods, junk foods, and soda for drinks. Within about 1 week they were viscious and mean to each other.. and worse I could barely feed them! They were very aggressive... trying to bite my fingers. Just to get near the cage, they would get hyper, and when I did manage to get food and replace the drink bottles, they would bite at each other even to drawing blood. . to eat as much of the jun ...   read more

Let's go Ocean Liner Cruising   16 y  
Do you wanna take me cruising on an Ocean Liner? to places I long to see? Well, with my champagne taste, and your beer bottle pocket don't forget to write me.. when you get there in your rowboat.. when you peddle 'cross the sea Without Me. song sung by Eartha Kitt remember the first Catwoman of Batman Tv Series? & one of my early singing role models as well.
To see and read the histories of each Ocean Liner... from 1838 to 1969 Go To: OCEAN LINERS BTW, when you go to the site, click on top left corner where it says Ships Histories. It will show dates, and each individual liner from that era, as a separate read for each liner. Just Fantastic info. Enjoy. I love History, and this is a fantastic website.. not just for adults, but kids too. I still want a radio controlled boat *laugh* (someday) ________________________________________________________ Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my webs ...   read more

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