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Very important Christmas warning about AIDS, cancer, bird flu and the coming global genocide

Very important Christmas warning about AIDS, cancer, bird flu and the coming global genocide!

Date:   12/24/2008 7:09:35 AM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 3672 times

Happy Christmas and new year, unless the mind control weapon is unleashed in its full glory. I want to share specific details about this energy transfer weapon based on my personal experience and analysis.

This weapon is already a global and functioning system, but very few ever understand that they are subject to it. This is because it is a sleep programming system, manipulating you and collecting information or making you part of the response/voice system. Only when the system picks up a very strong brain activity, due to fear, aggression or thinking, will it make a voice contact when you are awake. The system will simply try to kill you! It will use your own brain information to figure out what you react to and then use this to kill you by increasing your already high brain activity. The brain activity will bump into nerves that will activate your body muscles at a leverage of 1/10, using up your easily available energy, thus forcing your body to use “difficult” energy. This will increase your system strain, or increase the resistance or decrease the conductivity. I will now tell the biggest contribution to biological “psychology” ever: emotions or feelings do not exist!

The so called emotions you feel are the degree of “electrical” conductivity in your brain and nerves. The higher conductivity the lesser resistance and heat. The degree of relative difference between heat and cold energy will squeeze your nerves, making it feel like a gentle massage or a gruesome beating. And opposed to traditional belief, there is no universal ranking of “emotions”. Happiness, aggression and fear can have both positive and negative values. This is more easily understood if you try to understand my Universe model that explains that “emotions/feelings” must be replaced with a new definition.

Formerly happiness (body external/BODY OUT or body language=social interactions. The same as external nerves in a cell will communicate with other cells) does not need to feel good or aggression (Mind external/MIND OUT equals the brain/nerve message or the talk that BODY OUT will do. Aggression being verbal attacks not physical confrontation, which surprisingly is located in happiness or BODY OUT) fear (body internal/BODY IN and is connected to protecting your body, its energy consumption and waste trail. But this is also connected to enjoying a good meal, which many think is part of happiness.) One “emotion” that Jewish psychology does not even consider an emotion at all is thinking (mind internal/MIND IN, which includes the energy system: nerves and blood system, and the brains energy consumption/transfer. Again some like to think other does not “feel' good doing it.) What I just tried explain is that you must forget the old and useless Jewish psychological model with emotions and feelings.

They do not exist! What you feel is the relative conductivity in your brain, nerve and body system. Just as when you exercise your body, it will rip your muscle fibers apart, destroying the muscle slightly, then a week later it will grow together stronger and more conductive! Next time it will take more energy transfer=activity to strain the muscle. The same happens in your brain! But people are lazy and not everybody wants this unpleasant experience of controlled self destruction, they avoid it and the muscles stay less conductive. These muscle areas of not conductive muscle feels relative unpleasant using, they are explained as weak body muscles or mind emotions like fear or aggression. “Happiness” feels good because it is a long time programming putting everything positive into the same word, but it is many different areas like “fear”=body in which includes eating food, “aggression”=mind out which includes the messages you communicate with other people etc. Instead of saying happy we should use feel good or similar to break the word programming soup. You feel good when you are present, not thinking about future or past.

Thinking about the past is connected to what you or others did to you, creating a wish to project or transfer the feeling back to the originator. Thus creating feelings of aggression, shame or sorrow etc. It is a way of dealing with a already past opportunity, and feels bad, so the brain occupies itself focusing on this negative=non-conductive area, to improve or exercise this area to reduce the negative future feeling. Thinking about the future is trying to predict it and make a plan, but is of course extremely difficult, forcing the brain into all kinds of unpleasant scenarios. Long time future thinking can become a permanent non-conductive=negative feeling condition we describe as depression or worry. This can lead to suicide later. The energy transfer weapon (mind control weapon) uses any abnormal activity in your “emotions” to ease their ability to aim a deadly blow to your system. By locking on to the largest brain activities and radiating an energy or frequency at your id-frequency they activate your brain 24 hours a day, trying to exhaust your body and mind resources.

My second revelation for you is about evolution. It is not as Darwin (Jewish) said, “Evolution” does nor really exist! I have replaced “Evolution” with ILUTION=self evolvement, meaning that everything and anything evolves by attracting other things and consuming its energy or self being attracted and your energy consumed. This energy transfer is also part of my coming Curemodel, part of my Universe model. Ilution is about transferring increasingly larger amounts of energy, thus a small insect may have higher conductivity being more evolved than a human, while the human may have larger conductive area making higher energy consumption than the insect. Also a lower conductive animal may use its brain or body energy more effective increasing its future energy attracting capabilities, thus securing a future higher Ilution than something that is more evolved at this moment. That we humans think we are intelligent because of our thinking is stupid if we do not use it to secure a sustainable increase in energy transfer. Reducing the energy transfer is anti Ilution or YOULUTION. It sucks sacrificing yourself for others, and that is why reducing your weight is painful while gaining weight feels good. The energy transfer weapon forces an increase in metabolism or energy consumption, and if you do not keep up they simply waste you. You did not survive their experiment, they love to call an “Evolutionary” program. It is also interesting to know that the master minds behind this diabolic experiment are the Jewish banking elite, that probably would hate if anyone claimed Nazi Germany's concentration camps where exactly as “Evolutionary”. Both AIDS and cancer are products of this energy transfer weapon, both being high metabolism or combustion disorders, not related to virus or the cancer lump. AIDS is a low energy intake/use case, while cancer is a high intake case. But both taking in too little energy compared to metabolism. The reason for this energy intake and metabolism unbalance is also due to this energy transfer weapons sleep programming and manipulation of social activity, income generation, even manipulating the taste and smell and visuals of foods making them unpleasant reducing your intake. Increasing brain activity while reducing your body activity reduces both energy intake, income and social activity people need to be happy. You fight them by eating enough to keep a stable weight with high body fat percentage (25-35%), sleeping enough (partner or pet is good to have), socializing and not worry (do not think about the future if possible), talk to people about your experience and start organizing in local groups.

Ridicule them with humor and ignore every word they say as lies, I have started liking their stupid fear game! The combined effect of this energy transfer weapon or mind control system is that they are killer number 2 in the world just behind natural death itself. You can estimate a nations exposure to this system by comparing 3 factors: suicide and murder percentage (aggression triggered victims, mostly in developed and fat population in the west), AIDS and wasting diseases percentage (fear triggered victims in poor, developing nations with thin population) , cancer percentage (worry and thinking triggered victims in mostly developed nations with high energy intake but thin population). Happy nations will have low suicide, murder, AIDS and cancer percentages. VERY IMPORTANT: This system is increasing your energy transfer or wasting you. Thus the energy intake will increase globally every year from now. Reducing the energy is in essence the same as becoming sick. Sick being a stage towards no energy transfer or death. This system belongs to the richest people on earth, mainly Jewish banking elite, maybe some Japanese elite families. These pretty much has monopoly on global food supply. They are now trying to monopolize 1 year seeds by Monsanto etc, and stopping poor people from having chicken (worlds largest poor protein source) with introducing bird flu (H5N1). When they succeed in getting a high enough world monopoly, they will bankrupt these food companies, crashing the poor people and the thin ones in the West (food becomes difficult to get, even with enough money!) into starvation and at the same time activating the energy transfer weapon. This will kill half the Worlds population within a year or two from the launch!

Stop them by telling everyone about this Humanocide plan (global genocide) and stop using these monopolists products and start using local grown, old species of food (not gen manipulated). Do not be afraid, be angry and fight them by spreading the word, it is your sword! This message is from:”Two fishes swims in the fjord prawn and the one who spins made a knot out of his family”. Do not fear, I don't and I should, he,he,he... Happy Christmas!

My blogs are humanocide at and (they may be hacked or altered).

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