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"... 75% of Vegetarians Eventually Return To Eating Meat"

Why should any government be persuaded into legislating "rights" for personal beliefs that are not in the public's best interest?

Date:   6/30/2011 3:46:44 AM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 12494 times

"It appears that for the vast majority of vegetarians, abstaining from meat is only a phase rather than a permanent life choice.

According to Psychology Today, roughly 75% of vegetarians eventually return to eating meat with 9 years being the average length of time of abstinence.

The most common reason former vegetarians cited as the reason they returned to meat was declining health. ..."[1]

January 24th, 2016 -

Got motivated to respond to an article reporting that legislation was passed in Onatrio, Canada essentially granted "rights" to people demanding a vegan dietary option in the public sector. What concerned me was the entrance of veganism into elementary schools.

Adults make their own choices but children generally rely on adults for their proper care and feeding. There is no historical record or "wise tradition" substantiating a successful vegan culture, society, tribe or community. It simply does not exist.[2] Why should any government be persuaded into legislating rights for a personal belief that is not in the people's best interest?

There are beliefs that animal food products are not an efficient use of potential human food that's in the form of the animal feed (like grain) and that it would be better distributed to a billion people who are undernourished.

There are beliefs that farm raised animals are a problem for the environment and that the earth has too many and therefore they should be reduced or altogether eliminated.

Their are additional beliefs about the right diet of humans and that it doesn't include animal foods.

There are still more beliefs about economics, ethics, health, disease, etc. etc. all essentially "incriminating" the inclusion of animal products in the diet.

Some people on first reading (of articles that address these issues) are attracted to the hope of a better world, better environment, better health, economy, ect. Some of these readers then reduce or try to eliminate their animal food consumption. Some become fanatical about no animal products. Apparently some of these try to persuade governments to create legislation (intended to apply to everyone) that codifies their personal belief system into legislative acts.

"Livestock provide the biodiversity that trees on their own cannot provide. They are the best means we have of keeping wide areas clear and open to solar energy and wind energy. They harness biomass that would otherwise be inaccessible, and recycle waste that would otherwise be a disposal problem. And they are the main means we have of ensuring that the phosphate which leaks out from our arable land into the wider environment, and that is crucial for agricultural yields, is brought back into the food chain."[3]

October 6, 2018 - Vegan Myth Busting - on the "Dr. Carolyn Dean Live Radio Show."

Show Summary of Monday October 1, 2018 - with guest Shakaya Breeze, health advocate, blogger and [former] vegan enthusiast.

Here's an outline of the different topics covered and the time stamp for each topic.

Hour 1 –

0:43: Ginney: Intro

2:09: Dr. Carolyn: Intro

2:36: Ginney's Blog: Doctor to Doctor Series: Health Advocate and Blogger: Shakaya Breeze

4:34: Shakaya: Discusses striving for optimal health.

11:55: Shakaya: Talks about the evolution of her family's diet and why she added some animal protein to their nutritional program.

17:44: Shakaya: Then, she radically changed her diet over the last few months because her teeth started deteriorating, to include more real food.

21:33: Shakaya: Someone asked David Wolfe, "Isn't it weird that we are supposed to be eating natural, and we are eating all these powders and things? We aren't eating local."

23:41: Shakaya: What is a natural biologically sound diet for humans and what are some of the myths that people hold?

23:57: Dr. Carolyn: Discusses the beauty and completeness of expression of Shakaya's message. Dr. Carolyn also talks about the blood type diet.

25:43: Ginney: Tell me a little a bit about how you were attacked for blogging your decision to vary your diet with animal protein.

26:09: Shakaya: There's vegans and veganism, and I suggest reading The Vegetarian Myth.

29:00: Shakaya: Talks about the underpinnings of violent vegan reaction to people who eat animal protein.

29:59: Shakaya: Factory farming has some horrendous practices. We need to learn about homesteading, how to support our local farmers, how to grow our own food.

31:13: Bob: You are leaving out the dramatic aspect of insomnia. Can you talk about that?

31:43: Shakaya: Insomnia has been so severe that I was suicidal. The ReMag has kept me calm, when I wanted to jump out the window when I couldn't sleep.

34:09: Bob: When she finally started eating meat 5 months ago, she could sleep, after 20 years of insomnia.

36:56: Dr. Carolyn: The China Study of vegetarians in China and how healthy they are. It's been shot down so much.

38:44: Dr. Carolyn: In menopause, the vegan diet just falls apart.

39:42: Shakaya: It's a concern. Young people are getting swept up in the movement. I believe that everything has changed with media, as Bob says. It's the YouTube.

42:00: Bob: What was Carolyn saying to you through the years?

42:24: Shakaya: I wouldn't have heard it until I got so sick. I said to you once, "Carolyn, why is this happening to me. I've been taking exquisite care of myself and my diet. How can this be that I'm so sick?" You answered, "What I've noticed is a lot of people can do veganism only for so long, and then they hit a wall. It's basically when their stores of what they've eaten in the past run out."

44:20: Dr. Carolyn and Shakaya: Let's list the 8 nutrients you can't get on a vegan diet and then talk about Agenda 21.

Vit B12

Vit A is not being converted.

Animal Fats – cholesterol to convert Vit D from sun

Vit D

Vit K2




Heme Iron


Vit B6

46:44: Dr. Carolyn and Shakaya: Discuss studies using rancid lab grade cholesterol. Malcolm Kendrick's book, The Great Cholesterol Con.

49:06: Shakaya: The lower the cholesterol, the lower longevity in the World Health Organization study.

49:58: Dr. Carolyn and Shakaya: Agenda 21 which I learned about when I worked in the Health Freedom Movement. One of the tenants of Agenda 21 is a movement to decrease the world's population.

51:37: Shakaya: They control us through malnutrition. They contaminate our food supply with chemicals.

53:38: Bob and Dr. Carolyn: Discuss Dr. Dean's comment on promotion of vegetarianism for world domination and control. LaRouche pointed this out 35-40 years ago. He saw the vegetarian movement as the way to undermine the industrial worker.[4]



[2] See "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price published by Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.




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