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No Ancestral Wisdom Exists That Supports Veganism!

Weston A. Price & the Evident Failure of a Vegan Diet; "Vegans Are Cannibals: The Truth Behind The 'New Vegan High'"; "Vegetarians More Likely to Have Dental Erosion"; & It's not even possible to have a diet that is truly and exclusively vegan!

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October 1, 2018 - Tonight: Guest Speaker Series Continues

"You’ve probably heard that eating more vegetables and less meat is healthy. Maybe you’re even feeling inspired to try eating a vegan diet—which excludes all animal products, including dairy and eggs—to improve your health or lose a little weight, even with the intent of preventing animal exploitation. I’ve talked to many clients and customers who embrace raw foods, green smoothies, vegan diets for cancer, and paleo diets who have obvious magnesium deficiency symptoms – migraines, leg cramps, and heart palpitations. Yet they’ve been told that a particular diet will take care of all their problems. And many have been told that a vegan or vegetarian diet is the healthiest diet of all.

Truth is: we really don’t have a good analysis of who is healthier and who is not – the meat eaters or the vegetarians or the vegans. And even if we did – science and statistics can’t tell you how your individual body will react to foods. Neither can a health enthusiast tell you what to eat (even though they may think they have all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t).

You have to experiment on your own body. What your body does with the food you give it is experiential and individual.

It also depends on your environment. A vegan stranded in the Arctic Circle would be well-advised to start eating raw seal meat – as soon as possible.

Most important is that you…

feel good after eating certain foods,
that are grown and prepared with little or no chemicals;
you chew it thoroughly (see Module 8 of Future Health Now!)
you don’t overeat (see Module 13)
and it’s not refined or denatured.

Also, look at what your ancestors ate. If for thousands of years they ate plenty of meat… avoiding meat can be a hard choice for some people’s DNA. Not impossible.

And I know of no cultures that avoided ALL animal protein. The Chinese, for example, ate little or no dairy – but still ate meat (despite popular belief). Many Hindu sects largely avoided meat – but did eat plenty of dairy.

(Previously) on Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE (Dr. Carolyn Dean was ) joined by guest Shakaya Breeze, health advocate, blogger and [former] vegan enthusiast[14]. We... be talk(ed) about diet, dietary choices, vegan vs. whole foods and gaining insights along the way! (In the replay) You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the 'conflict' in the 'conflict basis' of disease and much more!! sure join us ... for another wonderful, information packed broadcast. If you yourself are unable to make the show, you have the option to email me [Ginney] and have your question or comment included in our MailBag Segment that is featured in Hour Two. Remember, the valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices can always be discussed with your doctor, should you choose to do so.

Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE Radio Broadcast -

Every Monday on 4PM Pacific 7PM Eastern

How to Participate in the Show:

1) If you have a question for Dr. Dean:
email your question prior to the show to

2) If you'd like to speak directly to Dr. Dean during the show:

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About Dr. Carolyn Dean -
Carolyn Dean MD ND has been on for eight years offering practical strategies to improve health, vitality, and well-being the natural way. As a medical doctor, naturopath, certified clinical nutritionist and master of many modalities including acupuncture and homeopathy, Carolyn Dean MD ND authored over 33 books and publications including The Magnesium Miracle, 3rd Edition available exclusively at

In addition to the recognition lavished on her by her many customers, clients, and listeners Dr. Dean has received several prestigious awards including “The Arrhythmia Alliance Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management Services Award 2012” at The Heart Rhythm Congress organized by The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), Sept 23-26, 2012 and the Integrative Medicine Award presented at the Sacred Fire Gala in September 2014.

For a full disclosure of the effects of magnesium and mineral supplementation as well as research and contraindications please visit[13]

October 6, 2018 - Replay of the "Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE" show listed above. -

One of the topics discussed were the following "nutrients you can't get on a vegan diet":

Vit B12

Vit A is not being converted.

Animal Fats – cholesterol to convert Vit D from sun

Vit D

Vit K2




Heme Iron


Vit B6.[15]

March 8, 2018 - Modern Research Finally Verifies the Findings of Weston A. Price -

In 2004, Iowa State University researchers who compared people eating salads with traditional or fat-free dressings found those shunning fat failed to absorb lycopene and beta-carotene, powerful antioxidants that boost immunity and fight cancer and heart disease. "Fat is necessary for the carotenoids to reach the absorptive intestinal walls," said the lead researcher, Wendy White. Lycopene is found in tomatoes and beta-carotene in orange, yellow, and green vegetables. For vegans, who must rely entirely on vegetables for vitamin A, dressing salad with a traditional fat is even more critical. Recall that true vitamin A is found only in animal foods (especially butter, eggs, fish, and liver). The body can make its own vitamin A from the beta-carotene in carrots, but the conversion is costly (it requires fats and bile salts made from cholesterol) and uncertain. Babies, children, diabetics, and those with thyroid disorders make vitamin A with difficulty. Thus a person eating a strict vegan diet risks vitamin A deficiency. As Hindus and other traditional vegetarian groups know, butter and eggs are vital ingredients in vegetarian cooking. Last but not least, the chemistry of fats can explain the long tradition of serving fish with butter and cream. Saturated fats are required to assimilate omega-3 fats, and they make omega-3 fats go farther in the body. That's the solid nutritional logic behind the delicious combinations of lobster with melted butter and Dover sole with butter sauce.[12]

I found this among my search results for: traditional"nutritional logic" and appreciate this account that: "Hindus and other traditional vegetarian groups know, butter and eggs are vital ingredients in vegetarian cooking".

August 13, 2011 -

"... necessary animal-sourced nutrients like vitamin B12, menaquinone-4 (vitamin K2 MK-4), and DHA are unavailable in the vegan diet, and must be replaced by supplementation in order to avoid physical and mental deterioration. ... Please stop killing yourself. We love you and we want you to come home."[1]

July 4th, 2012 - Weston A. Price and the Evident Failure of a Vegan Diet -

"It is significant," said Price, "that I have as yet found no group that was building and maintaining good bodies exclusively on plant foods. A number of groups are endeavoring to do so with marked evidence of failure."[2]

Also: "Vegetarians More Likely to Have Dental Erosion"[3]

August, 2012 -

If all things are truly considered - then it will be seen that it is not even possible to have a diet that is exclusively vegan. Here is one of many examples of that.:
"... fungi should not be considered a plant, but an animal."[4]

August 9, 2012 -

Vegan Deficiencies -

"While the vegan propaganda mill grinds away, two new studies point out the dangers of a meatless diet. In one, women who were infertile or had a history of miscarriages were treated with vitamin B12, a nutrient found only in animal products. Afterwards, many of the women conceived and carried their babies to term. One woman had suffered seven miscarriages before doctors discovered that she was deficient in vitamin B12. She went on to have three children after supplementation began (Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2001 46:209-212).

B12 deficiency also leads to neurological problems in the elderly. Dr. George Newman, a renowned stroke expert at the medical center in Stoney Brook, Long Island, warns that 'health conscious' individuals who have cut back on red meat because of American Heart Association recommendations are at risk for a 'spinal cord syndrome that causes damage to the middle of the cord and usually is first noticed by difficulty walking; peripheral neuropathy, which causes numbness and tingling in the feet, and also makes walking difficult.' Another side effect of B12 deficiency is dementia. What's truly demented is the whole concept of lowfat and vegetarian diets as healthy when in fact such diets cause suffering in all age groups."[5]

June 5, 2015 -

"As of 2004 no plant sources of vitamin B12 had been found, though many had been tested including various seaweeds, algae and fermented foods. Where claims have been made as to B12 being present in a plant source, it has not been based on the test for MMA levels, and any subsequent tests have found no reduction in MMA, proving the presence only of inactive analogues [6]."

November 4, 2015 -

"Vitamin B12 helps repair the DNA from radiation, so it protects us from cancer. Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to Multiple sclerosis, depression, infertility, heart disease, and even asthma. Research has shown that taking vitamin B12 supplements can actually block vitamin B12 absorption. This means you need your vitamin B12 from food!"[7]

Just found "mygutsy" in my search for: "raw liver"aajonus+parasites after following my inspiration to search "fermented liver" whereupon I found: "fermented raw beef liver patte (Grass-Fed)" at YouTube - that suggested the liver be previously frozen 14 days. Why?; I wondered. That inspired me to check out "Aajonus".

"Mass-produced food full of toxins and chemicals and sugar absolutely is extremely high quality food. Just not for humans. But for parasites."[8]

May 20, 2017 - "Vegan Betrayal" by Mara J. Kahn

Key fact from this book: "veganism leads to nutritional deficiencies of many nutrients. These include vitamins A, D and B12, iodine, iron, zinc, taurine, selenium, protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids (and K2)."[9]

I know of no advantage to a vegan diet now that we have real healthy animal food products that are so readily available. However if one is a full-grown adult without any possibility of having children and if their diet consisted of all processed foods then a vegan diet may be an advantage over the junk "food" diet, for a while. In any case I would never recommend a vegan diet for any children. Firstly new borns need mother's milk, ideally exclusively. That's not vegan. The rest of the child's developmental years (I say through about age 25) must assuredly have complete nutrition and the typical "nutritional deficiencies" listed in the paragraph above are of major concern in this regards. We have identified a few nutrients that are exclusive to animal products and who can say whether there may be more nutritional factors/cofactors that are yet to be identified.

The lack of desire for animal products is a symptom of nutritional deficiencies.

November 3, 2017 -

Just discovered a "Nutritional Heretic" with a straight-shooting blog: "Are Food Cults Getting Out of Hand?"

So one of the reasons I’m called the Nutrition Heretic is because I challenge the cults of different dietary practices that are sweeping the world. To understand a bit of this, check out this series I wrote earlier this year, which talks about the acceptable eating disorders and cults of today. Even though I refer to them as cults, I was not quite aware of how much many of these people actually see themselves as belonging to a religion.

Then today, I attended a Mango Festival where I was a little taken aback to notice a stand called “Vegan Spirituality”. The stand was swarming with potential converts as well as a very corpulent hostess (cupcakes?). The sign draping the back wall of the stand encouraged people to make veganism the center of their spiritual quest. I found this approach to be both sad and misleading. Later in the day, however, I decided to visit their website and what I found was far worse.

Words like ethical, spiritual, compassion and empathy for all living things are just a few of the assumptions this site makes about vegans and their ideal. Do the rest of us not possess these values because we eat animal products? The convoluted language on the site had an eerie similarity to the Republican party’s attempt (in the U.S.) to co-opt family values insinuating that one can’t have family values, if they don’t vote Republican.

For a long time, I avoided Lierre Keith’s book, The Vegetarian Myth,[11] because knowing that we basically supported the same ideas, I thought I should spend my time building my knowledge in other areas of nutrition. However, last year, I found the book recording and listened to it on my long car drives across New Jersey every day. In it she not only explores the cult of vegan, but notes all the inconsistencies of the diet’s doctrine that adherents are unable to accept until they hit rock bottom and are willing to accept a better way to achieve vibrant health and unity with the world around them.[10]

March 4, 2019 - Have you heard that "Beef is the original solar-powered, plant-based protein!"?





Caustic Commentary, Summer 2001 -
Written by Sally Fallon Morell and Mary Enig
June 30 2001

[6] Jack Norris, Vitamin B12: Are You Getting It ?





[11] "The Vegetarian Myth" book review by Dr. Tom Cowan:

[12] Real Food: What to Eat and Why - Nina Planck (2016); Chapter 6. Real Fats.


[14] In visiting her webpage I looked at her recipes and that all appear to be strictly vegan. Inuired with RnA ResT about this and the answer I received was inconclusive for me.

[15] Also blogged here:


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