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Why Cancer Is Good For You & How To Get Your Good Out of It!

"Cancer Is Good For You" (book), "Cancer Diet Budwig Version" by Dr. Tom Cowan, the innate biological survival intelligence of cancer and more!

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November 2, 2019 -

"Dr.Hamer proves beyond reasonable doubt that an organism can never die of cancer, in and of itself. A person can die as a result of mechanical complications of a tumor that, for example, occludes a vital organ such as the colon or the bile ducts, but in no way can cancer cells, as such, cause death.

In German New Medicine the distinction between 'malignant' and 'benign' cancers is entirely meaningless. The term 'malignant' is an artificial construct (the same applies to tumor markers) that simply indicates that the activity of cell reproduction has exceeded a certain arbitrary limit. If a person dies during the conflict-active phase, it is usually because of energy loss, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional and mental exhaustion. Often, it is a devastating cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis—'You have six months to live!'—that throws cancer patients (including their loved ones) into a state of despair. With little or no hope, and deprived of their life-force, they waste away and eventually die of cachexia, an agonizing process that conventional cancer treatment will only accelerate. If the patient has not undergone any conventional treatment (especially chemotherapy or radiotherapy), GNM has a success rate of 95 to 98 percent.

Ironically these statistics for Dr. Hamer’s remarkable success rate were delivered by the authorities themselves. When Dr. Hamer was arrested in 1997 for having given three people medical advice without a medical license, the police confiscated his patients’ files and had them analyzed. Subsequently, one public prosecutor was forced to admit during the trial that, after five years, 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly 'terminal' cancer were still alive. With conventional treatment the figures are generally just the reverse. According to epidemiologist and biostatistician Dr. Ulrich Abel (Germany), 'Success of most chemotherapies is appalling…There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer… Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland.'(Lancet 1991)."[14]

September 2, 2019 - Bottom-line truth about the conventional medical approach to cancer treatment -

"Conventional cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) makes ... conditions worse. In fact, it is responsible for almost all the deaths attributed to 'cancer.' That’s right. The 'treatment' causes the deaths — not the cancer.

Why? The conventional cancer treatments are approaching the cancer tumor (or its existence in your blood, lymph system or bone marrow) as if it were the 'enemy.' Kill the cancer cells at all costs! Those costs may be your heart, your liver, your kidneys — or your life.

Why do they do these things? There are literally 400 other effective ways to treat cancer. All of them are non-toxic and harmless to your other organs. Why doesn’t your cancer doctor tell you about these options?

Can you spell M-O-N-E-Y?

The average cancer patient (like you) generates $1.3 million in revenue for the cancer 'industry.' Do you think they want you to be healed by something that costs pennies a day?"[12]

June 23, 2017 -

"... cancer is a survival mechanism"[5]

September 22, 2011 -

"...Understanding the orderly generation of an embryonic organ is the key to understanding the phenomenon commonly known as cancer. Recognizing the similarities between these two processes is the key to realizing why cancer is good for you. The formation of a tumor is accomplished by a transposition of some of the mechanisms of embryology. The transposed mechanisms are provoked to create a new organ when a new (abnormal and probably unhealthy) substrate has had an enduring presence in the blood stream. The formation of the tumor can be perceived as a biological predictable survival response to unhealthy blood chemistry. A successful tumor is potentially the vehicle for restoring health and order to an unhealthy body."

If you have followed my several introductions to German New Medicine (GNM) in my earlier blogs at Curezone then you may immediately recognize the most significant importance of understanding "the mechanisms of embryology" in relation to the formation of tumors. Also GNM would have helped you to understand how and why "the formation of the tumor can be perceived as a biological predictable survival response". The author of the above quote: Amadeus Star Gioeli adds the dimension of biological terrain into the picture (also talked about in my earlier blogs at this location) and as a nutrition therapy teacher I find that dimension (that is referred to as "blood chemistry" by "A Star") to be of vital importance.

May 19, 2019 -

"I worked as a nurse, on and off for 25 years ... ‘on’ when I needed the cash, and ‘off’ when I was bored and frustrated by the unethical nature of it all ... I never saw or knew of anyone - patient, friend, or relative - who died of cancer. They all died of the ‘medical treatment’ for cancer."[10]

September 17, 2019 - Comment Submitted at Dr. Brownstein's Blog -

Thank you, Dr. B!

Dietary and environmental factors are certainly worthy of consideration however until we accept the psyche/mind-brain-body connection these other factors will not directly address the actual root-cause of cancer as an intelligent, biological survival program that is launched by the brain via the impact of a sudden, unexpected and overwhelming shock conflict. This connection between physical "disease" and the psyche has been very well identified based on the original findings of Dr. Hamer:

The research from Dr. R.G. Hamer shows us that there are two kinds of breast cancer. We have breast gland cancer and we also have milk duct (intra-ductal) cancer. Each of these cancers has its origins in different areas of the brain and they each consist of different embryonic germ layers (histological formations).

Conflict Content -

Breast gland cancer has its relay in the cerebellum and will form compact adenoid tumors that consist of the old mesodermal germ layer. Milk duct cancer has its relay in the cerebral cortex, (the sensory cortex to be more exact) will develop squamous epithelium carcinomas and is derived from the ectodermal germ layer.

These manifestations are in accordance with the rules of laterality. To be more precise, a right handed woman will respond with the left breast if she has a mother-child conflict or a daughter-mother conflict and will respond with the right breast if she has a partner conflict. Her partners include her life’s partner as in husband, a friend, her brother, sister, her father, or even her business partner. The opposite breast will be affected in a left handed woman.

We do not develop either intra-ductal or breast gland cancer without reason. The specific nature or feeling behind the conflict will determine precisely what brain location will receive the impact of the conflict-shock (DHS) and whether it will be the duct or the gland affected.

Breast gland cancer has to do with the woman’s nest in the sense that she has a "worry", "quarrel or argument" going on in her nest. The worry could be over a health concern of a loved one, or even being thrown out of the nest by her mother! The overall issue concerned however is really a separation from a loved one.

Milk duct cancer has quite specifically to do with the conflict of, "my child, mother, or partner has been torn from my breast!" Again it is a separation conflict and the rules of laterality also apply here.

Brain Location -

As previously mentioned, each of these cancers have a different histological formation and have their relays in different brain locations.

Since breast gland cancer has it’s origin in the cerebellum, or old brain, the tissue starts to augment from the time of the onset of the actual conflict, and will stop growing as soon as the conflict has been resolved.

In contrast, intra-ductal cancer has it’s origin in the sensory cortex (cerebrum) or new brain and develops ulcers or cell degeneration in the squamous epithelial tissue of the milk duct during the conflict active phase. As soon as the conflict has been resolved, this tissue goes through the repair phase and begins to augment the squamous epithelial cells that will swell and eventually obstruct the milk duct and form a so called tumor. If the manifestation goes unnoticed, the so called tumor will either degrade or calcify and no longer be a concern.

In some cases the entire sensory cortex may be affected in the patient and she may display some very specific skin problems on the inside of her arm, hand, belly and inside leg, if there is a mother-child separation conflict. If she has a partner separation conflict, she could develop skin problems on the outside of her arm, or leg. The side of her body affected will depend on her laterality (left or right handedness).

The biological sense behind these manifestations has to do with where she may sit a child (on her lap), cradle the child (in her arms) according to her laterality, or where a partner is concerned, which side she may use to defend, slap, or push him or her away.:

Furthermore - we can't expect the medical doctors to adopt a "new medicine" approach (not because of any controversy regarding the singularity nature of mind-body that it has consistently presented over the course of decades) because "medicine" is all about treatments and not really concerned with understanding the root-cause of disease - most certainly not in cases of cancer! Cancer treatment is much too lucrative to risk sacrificing an entire industry for effective non-medical approaches that support resolution!

October 10, 2011 -

Just discovered Dr. Tom Cowan's inclusion of Dr. Budwig's findings in his: "Cancer Diet Budwig Version": "This diet is based on Johanna Budwig’s book, 'The Oil and Protein Diet', for cancer patients with a few alterations. On Budwig’s diet, no animal products or fat are included except cheese. For this version, included are the following animal products only: raw liver juice, bone broth, and gelatin."[2]

"Dr. Cowan belongs to a different breed of physician, one who makes an alternative assumption: that nature is not hostile, dangerous, and imperfect, but is infused with wisdom."[15] - Sally Fallon Morell, President, the Weston A. Price Foundation.

October 14th 2011 -

More re: German New Medicine: "... In every individual case of disease, we have to conscientiously find the DHS with all its variables. We have to think back to the specific occurrence to understand why someone has become afflicted with this biological conflict problem; the reason why it was so traumatic; why there was nobody to discuss it with and why it was a problem.[3]

A good doctor has to be able to transpose himself into the soul of an infant, an embryo, an old man, a young girl or even an animal. He must transpose himself into the actual time of the DHS. Only then will he be able to discover the biological conflict and distinguish it from hundreds of other problems."[4]

September 28, 2018 - Webinar on Breast Cancer Presenting A New Paradigm Based on Quantum-Neuro-Biology, Lifestyle Medicine and the Art and Science of Self-Healing -

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we'll see pink ribbons all over the place; fundraising marathons, pink parking spots, car wash, talent shows ... and hundreds of millions of dollars being raised to fight this dreaded disease.

In 2007 when we started a PREVENT breast cancer campaign in the US we realized quickly that these funds are NOT going towards prevention or "holistic" type of research or modalities.

The big issue I have with all of this is ... that we don't focus on the solution but the problem. We don't ask how can we establish breast health.

Why? One reason is that we don't even know exactly what's causing these breast symptoms in the first place.
PLEASE READ THIS AND THEN PAUSE !!!, one of the largest medical websites in the world states:
"Although the precise causes of breast cancer are unclear, we know the main risk factors. Still, most women considered at high risk for breast cancer do not get it (cancer), while many with no known risk factors do develop breast cancer. Among the most significant factors are advancing age and a family history of breast cancer."

Really? Does this answer satisfy you? Is this the best we can do? It seems we don't know how and why breast symptoms develop and yet we are still 100% confident about the treatment.

Shouldn't we know the causes FIRST and then suggest or decide on a treatment?

In my upcoming webinar I would like to introduce a completely new perspective about breast cancer (and other symptoms). This new paradigm is very specific, includes our whole beingness and is based on Quantum-Neuro-Biology, Lifestyle Medicine and the Art and Science of Self-Healing

FREE WEBINAR: Breast Cancer. WHY?
Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018 @ 11am PST | 2pm EST | 18 UK | 19 D | 22 Dubai

Register at

In this webinar I'll share my grandmother's story and why I am so passionate about breast health ...

And because we'll broadcast LIVE on Facebook and our website you can ask your personal questions.

Be Well,


July 2, 2018 - Unlocking the Mystery of Spontaneous Remission -

"... an impressive annotated bibliography of 3,500 references from more than 800 journals in 20 different languages, documenting cases of unexplainable spontaneous disease remission. They defined spontaneous remission as 'the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor.'

The bibliography includes some astonishing cases. An HIV-positive patient became HIV-negative. One woman with untreated metastatic breast cancer had breast, lung, and femur tumors that resolved spontaneously.

The plaques blocking a man’s coronary arteries disappeared without treatment. A man’s brain aneurysm disappeared. ... A woman with cardiomyopathy in heart failure got better. A woman with thyroid disease experienced a spontaneous cure.

I also became aware of two similarly titled books written in the 1960s, Boyd’s The Spontaneous Regression of Cancer and Everson and Cole’s Spontaneous Regression of Cancer,[8] which spawned an increase in the number of such case studies reported in the medical literature.

As I read through case study after case study of spontaneous disease remission, I felt my heart race with excitement. For the most part, the case studies didn’t address how the spontaneous remissions happened. The patients weren’t interviewed about whether they believed they would get well or whether they did anything else remarkable to heal themselves.

But they did give me proof that almost no disease can be called “incurable.” Many of the health conditions from which patients spontaneously got well were the kinds of illnesses I was taught were terminal and untreatable. Clearly, I had been taught wrong. ..."[7]

I am so glad this medical doctor was willing to acknowledge the erroneous teachings that she had been indoctrinated with regarding "the kinds of illnesses (she) was taught (that) were 'terminal and untreatable'". I wish her awareness were multiplied by 100,000 or to whatever extent it takes for it to be common knowledge: "that almost no disease can be called 'incurable.'"

October 20, 2015 -

There's a "Truth About Cancer" series in progress now and I was just inspired to submit a comment (following) that I directed to the producer (rather than submit it via "FaceBook").

Greetings Ty and All!

I appreciate the great efforts of video production, the great intent of sharing alternative information and the knowledge that many people can benefit (based on their comments)!

Although I see cancer differently (as a meaningful biological survival program that is guided by the body's innate intelligence) I still am grateful that knowledge of the "alternatives" can help alleviate the fear of cancer and possibly disease in general.

However, I can not expect people to avoid cancer (or other "diseases") just because of their knowledge. Until the human race experiences a collective DNA transmutation people will continue to be caught "off guard" in how they experience their most unexpected life events that impact their psyches sufficiently to launch "biological survival programs" (that Western Medicine calls "disease" and that people have been conditioned to fear)!

In light of this - I would so love to see a series produced on the "new medicine" called German New Medicine". Is that a possibility?

In Good Health!

~Chef-Doctor Jemichel
@ San Diego

February 2, 2018 - More form "Cancer Is Good For You" -

"...No one in their right mind would allow anyone to impose the harsh 'treatments' of conventional cancer institutions. The fear of imminent death spins most people out of their right mind and into duress. From that altered state of mind it is a simple matter for the professionals to convince them to allow the harmful, dangerous and expensive 'treatments' to be administered. ..."[1]

"Duress" plus the threat of "imminent death" mentioned above add up to about two fifths of all the reasons that invalidate agreements rendering them not legally binding. The shorthand used above one's signature is: TDCFU that stands for Threat, Duress, Coercion, Fraud and Usurpation. Coercion may also be at play in some doctor offices where the diagnosis and prognosis gets delivered in a one two blow that results in a shock conflict for the patient. Fraud may arguably also be may element possibly based on fraudulent "science" as research funded by special interests tend to impact the conclusions. I may work on the element of usurpation to determine whether that may also be a factor.

In any case just to recognize the duress and that it is enough to "spin most people out of their right mind" is a sufficient reason to invalidate anything authorized by the patient including all prescribed medical treatments. This is why I most highly recommend that an individual take at least one close friend with them into the doctor's office so they can process the impact of what the doctor says immediately after seeing the doctor and thereby release the negative conditioning from the doctor and clear the psyche of fear.

February 11, 2018 - Dr. Holt & German New Medicine -

"...The impression which had been conveyed to me in my tutelage with my German New Medicine (GNM) professor was that advanced cancers normally yield and remit when the triggering experiences are revealed and cancer as a disease process has been successfully recontextualized as a 'meaningful special biological program' of nature in the mind of the patient."[6]

Listened to an interview with Dr. Holt hosted by Dr. Carolyn Dean on her Doctor-to-Doctor radio program and that gave me a positive impression of how the doctor works with people. In fact the program included call-ins presenting the cases with the doctors responding.

August 10, 2018 -

"... Everywhere we read about preconditions that increase the incidences of cancer and none of these preconditions are healthy. For instance, diabetics, heavy drinkers, those exposed to toxins, radiation, heavy metals, strong emotional upset, heart disease and a long list of nutritional deficiencies, ..."[9]

Dr Sircus has an excellent article (from which I've quoted immediately above here) however there is nothing further said in regards to: "strong emotional upset" that he includes as one of the "preconditions that increase the incidences of cancer". That is possibly because Dr. Sircus apparently doesn't realize that the higher innate intelligence of the body works through biological survival programs when the psyche is in a "death freight" or other states of shock conflict. In any case one will need to look elsewhere to understand the order of importance that the so called "strong emotional upsets" have as "preconditions that increase the incidences of cancer". Fortunately one does not have to search too far when reading this Blog!

August 12, 2019 - Continuing with Dr. Sircus -

"...There is no definitive cure for cancer. One reason for that is there is always the human factor (stress, depression, anger, emotional shock, PTSD) that no single or group of medicines can quite compensate for."[11]


Once again - the "emotional shock" is the master key for identifying the root cause of the internalized conflict manifesting in the body as a disease and that points to the psyche for its resolution. The "good doctor" Sircus is certainly correct in saying "no single or group of medicines can quite compensate for this: "human factor."




[3] What Dr. Hamer points out here is the need for communication between the "patient" and another individual who is capable of supporting whatever the patient has to communicate about the DHS. This other individual does not have to be a doctor, health practitioner, healer or even a therapist. They only need to be able to give the patient non-judgmental attentive listening. This is a skill that is learn-able and perfected with practice. The very best way that I know of to practice this skill is through Dyad communication exercises.




[7] "Mind Over Medicine - Scientific Proof That You can Heal Yourself", By: Lissa Rankin, M.D.



[10] PDF By: Mary Elizabeth Croft

[11] In subscription email: "Announcing Online Cancer Support Group."






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