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The Gut-Brain-Mind-Body + Mind-Brain-Body-Gut

"Think Twice: How the Gut's 'Second Brain' Influences Mood and Well-Being" + Magnesium vs Drugs; Fermented Foods & Probiotics.

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August 13, 2020 - The G-B-M-B+M-B-B-G Connection Now Underscored By Uncovering the Non-Viral Cause of "Covid-19" -

"The Contagion Myth -
CHAPTER 11: MIND, BODY, AND THE ROLE OF FEAR The most widespread and pervasive toxin of the modern age; creating our world out of our consciousness; how fear and lies lead to illness."[13]

February 14, 2019 - Where Health Begins and From Where It Can Be Recovered -

"...The healthy ecology begins when the baby passes through the birth canal. During that time, the microbes living in the mother's vagina are swallowed, and these organisms become the foundation for the baby's developing gut flora. A healthy mother, ecologically speaking, gets her new child off to a robust start. In contrast, studies have shown that babies born via C-section have a gut flora that resembles the organisms living in the operating room.

Right after birth, nature does an interesting maneuver, which is to give the newly born infant (of all mammals) a non-nutritive food source called colostrum. Almost all mammals, besides humans, will die if deprived of colostrum; human babies will survive but are compromised. The function of the colostrum is to stimulate growth of the healthy organisms that have been inoculated in the gut lumen. Once this has occurred, the baby is ready to eat mother's milk.

When I see someone with compromised gut flora, one thing I suggest is to "start over." This means introducing colostrum, sometimes even in a two-or-three-day colostrum fast, to jumpstart the re-establishing of a healthy gut ecosystem. I generally use 1 to 2 Tablespoons of colostrum in water two to three times a day during this fast, and then for six to eight weeks following. Often this is enough to support better GI function, bowel movements and digestion, and to decrease the tendency of the gut wall to leak. Interestingly, colostrum also seems to support normal immune function and is often helpful for those who suffer repeated respiratory infections and flu-like symptoms. ..."[11]

January 24, 2018 - Dr. Mark Hyman discovered through his own "broken brain" journey that:

"it wasn’t just one thing that had caused my brain to break, but the accumulation of many things.

The solution involved balancing the seven core systems in my body:

Optimize nutrition,
Balance hormones,
Cool off inflammation,
Fix digestion,
Enhance detoxification,
Boost energy metabolism,
Calm the mind.

These seven imbalances underlie the causes of all illness."[10]

(I think there deserves to be at least one exclamation mark at the end of his last sentence! ; ~ )

"The solution" (presented above) underscores my convictions that America needs Chef-Doctors. Do you think it's within "the realm of possibility" that the American Medical Association (and/or all the institutions, etc. that are the real drivers behind all the medical schools) is really capable to add "chef-doctor" training to the fundamental medical training for medical students? I personally do not think so because (as far as I know) the medical schools are most largely "driven" by and/or with pharmaceutical interests. If this is true then do you think new schools may be needed that are devoted to or at least inclusive of chef-doctor training (geared to both chefs and doctors working together) who together can meet the most every patient's need for "balancing the seven core systems in (the) body" through diet and nutrition therapy?

June 11, 2018 - "Is Your Anxiety (&) Magnesium Deficiency Related?" - Carolyn Dean MD ND (and Ginney) -

Anxiety can cause symptoms that lead to more anxiety. This is one of the main reasons that anxiety and panic attacks are so hard to stop – once you have anxiety, it can often lead to symptoms that cause anxiety to develop further.

What is an anxiety attack? An anxiety attack is an abrupt chemical imbalance in the body that produces intense fear or discomfort. While an anxiety attack can reach its peak within a few minutes, it’s a combination of threatening symptoms and chemical after-burn can leave a person reeling for hours or even days. (and even longer!-cj)

The most common symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks include:
Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate,
Trembling or shaking,
Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering,
Feelings of choking,
Chest pain or discomfort,
Nausea or abdominal distress,
Feeling dizzy, unsteady, light-headed, or faint;
Chills or heat sensations,
Paresthesia (numbness or tingling sensations),
Derealization (feelings of unreality) or depersonalization (being detached from oneself),
Fear of losing control or “going crazy”,
Fear of dying.

Since many of the symptoms of panic disorder mimic those of heart disease, thyroid problems, breathing disorders, and other illnesses, people with panic disorders often make many visits to emergency rooms or doctors’ offices, convinced they have a life-threatening issue. Others are afraid or embarrassed to tell anyone including their doctors or loved ones about what they are experiencing, for fear of being seen as a hypochondriac.

Unfortunately, we are a nation suffering a 32 percent incidence of anxiety, depression, and drug problems. Instead of treating anxiety disorders and stress reactions properly with magnesium and proper nutrition, each year millions of people are introduced to the merry-go-round of psychiatric drugs and psychological counseling for symptoms that may, in fact, be rooted in magnesium deficiency.

If you find yourself or someone you love described in this post, we encourage you to join us tonight (Monday, June 11th) on our weekly LIVE broadcast. Thanks to Dr. Carolyn Dean, you may be able to cut through the confusion and complexity regarding anxiety and follow a treatment plan that is accurate and easy to follow!

Tonight on our internet based radio show, we'll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Magnesium Deficient Anxiety along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the 'conflict' in the 'conflict basis' of disease and much more!! sure join us this evening for another wonderful, information packed broadcast. If you yourself are unable to make the show, you have the option to email me [Ginney] and have your question or comment included in our MailBag Segment that is featured in Hour Two. Remember, the valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices can always be discussed with your doctor, should you choose to do so.

Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE Radio Broadcast
Every Monday on

4PM Pacific 7PM Eastern
Use the following link to calculate the time in your area:

How to Participate in the Show:
1) If you have a question for Dr. Dean:
email your question prior to the show to

2) If you'd like to speak directly to Dr. Dean during the show:
phone 602-666-6027 skype

3) You can listen to the live broadcast on your computer:

If you are unable to attend the live broadcast just our visit the archive.

About Dr. Carolyn Dean -
Carolyn Dean MD ND has been on for eight years offering practical strategies to improve health, vitality, and well-being the natural way. As a medical doctor, naturopath, certified clinical nutritionist and master of many modalities including acupuncture and homeopathy, Carolyn Dean MD ND authored over 33 books and publications including The Magnesium Miracle, 3rd Edition available exclusively at

I was inspired to post the above announcement upon reading: "The most common symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks" as most of these symptoms have been very familiar to me and especially growing up in fear of punishment from my father. Yet even through I left home at age 19 I suffered the symptoms of anxiety for close to another forty years! What impresses me the most now is that I never had a full cognitive realization that I was suffering from anxiety! Therefore I find the above list of the "most common symptoms" important information for anyone suffering these symptoms and who don't realize what they indicate.

January 19, 2018 - Prebiotic Superfoods -

“...'Micro biome Superfoods'. These are foods that contain prebiotic fibers necessary to feed and nourish the healthy strains of intestinal bacteria, giving them the energy to grow, multiply and thrive. Since these fibers are indigestible by us humans, they make it into the intestine intact, where they are fermented and broken down by our tiny friends. In the process, compounds called Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) are released, which have many positive effects on our health. It’s a win/win for everyone! Asparagus, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, Jicama, onion, leek, and radish are all terrific examples of prebiotic foods."

Dr. Raphael Kellman -

Embryologically - The gut and the brain start out at the same point .... and then one goes up and one goes down; but when two cells start from the same place they always retain a memory for each other. The micro biome and the gut (the gastro-intestinal system is the housing for the micro biome, the trillions of friendly bacteria) they have direct communication to the brain - it's a bi-directional highway - they're constantly speaking to each other in so many different ways. They're communicating messages to each other. These messages are part of a communication system that really outshines any type of communication system that we know of today with our modern technology. This communication mostly originates from the micro biome up to the brain. There's four hundred times the amount of messages coming from the micro biome to the brain than from the brain to the body.

We now have that ability to booster, and enhance and improve that flow of communication both improving the gut and the micro biome and most important improving the brain.

Initial post on September 26, 2012 -

This subject matter is of high interest to me. I found this article[1] with search terms: "gut-brain""mind-body". Actually, my original search was: "gut-brain mind-body" however it got no results! I am proposing this term: "gut-brain-mind-body". The term emphasizes the importance of cultivating health starting in the gut as the gut has a most profound and direct influence on brain function which in turn supports clarity of mind which completes the "toroidal loop" back to the body!

I'm thinking on this subject along with several paradigms including the new medicine (especially "German New Medicine"), Human Design as well as nutritionally. German New Medicine has the biological organism perspective very well presented with psyche-brain-body understood as the integrated wholeness that it truly is!

Human Design shows the "mechanics" of our "second brain" (without using that term). "Following your gut" applies to the "Sacral Center" (and especially if yours is "Defined"). If your Sacral Center is not Defined - then other centers are followed, (depending on one's design). One may follow their intuition (Spleen Center), emotional clarity, (Solar Plexus Center) inner knowing (Self Center), one's heart desire (Heart Center), etc.

Nutritionally we are just beginning to realize the connectivity (some say oneness) between gut-brain and adding that understanding to the brain-mind. Now that German New Medicine has been initially introduced to Weston A. Price Foundation members and friends it hopefully won't be too long before the whole entire circuitry of "gut-brain-mind-body" will be realized and very self-evident.

December 2, 2012 -

Dr. Joseph Mercola writes:
"It's quite clear that eating a diet consisting of high amounts of processed foods will shorten your life, yet 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food is spent on processed food, and the number one source of calories in the US comes from high fructose corn syrup – a staple ingredient in nearly all processed foods, from frozen dinners, to condiments, snacks, and soda. Researchers have even discovered that genetic mutations and malfunctions that cause disease are created in future generations when highly processed and artificial foods are consumed!

Part of the problem is that these processed, sugar-and chemical-laden foods effectively destroy your intestinal microflora. Your gut flora has incredible power over your immune system, which, of course, is your body's natural defense system. Antibiotics, stress, artificial sweeteners, chlorinated water and many other factors can also reduce the amount of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in your gut, which can predispose you to illness and premature aging. Ideally, you'll want to make traditionally cultured and fermented foods a staple in your daily diet."[2]

I highly recommend including live lacto-fermented foods in the daily diet. The most common may be pickles as well as various fermented vegetables (like saurekraut, kim chi) as well as raw cultured dairy products. These foods also include a large variety of lacto-fermented drinks like kombucha, beet kavass, and numerous traditional "soft drink" type beverages that you can make at home. I have found a really easy way to satisfy virtually all of my enjoyment of lacto-fermented foods by making unique mixed lacto-fermented drinks! My current drink is: two parts raw, grass-fed pineapple kefir, one or more parts raw grass-fed creme fraishe, six parts fresh goat whey, five parts homemade all organic kombucha and about 4 parts mountain spring water.

I add:
blue green algae,
bee pollen,
celtic sea salt,
home-made all organic thieves vinegar
and MiVita Minerals.

I let the mixed drinks ripen for 12 to 24 hours. There is a very distinct transformation that takes place over the "ripening stage that raises the aliveness of the drink to a state of "transcendence"! In case you resist that terminology then know that there are changes that take place in the drink that synthesizes the ingredients as well as makes them all the more digestible because a considerable amount of pre-digestion occurs in all of the fermentation processes that these ingredients under go. I have grown to deeply enjoy the drinks! The multi-bacterial-strain drinks have been feeding my gut flora far beyond the capacity of most any commercial yogurt which typically may have just one or two bacterial strains!

(January 18, 2015 - In reviewing the ferment I was drinking two years ago no wonder I often did not have much of a real appetite for additional foods! Over most of 2014 I mixed home-made raw goat milk clabber with home-made kombucha and that made up 90% of my diet.)

March 25, 2013 -

Of sixty neurotransmitters that have been discovered all except acetylcholineare are made up of amino acids. "Acetylcholine is made from pantothenic acid, choline and ATP. ... Amino acids are present in greatest abundance in egg yolk, fresh milk, liver, kidneys and cheese. Also, brewers' yeast, some nuts ... and the germ of cereals contain complete proteins."[3]

I recommend the first five or six items listed above here. Nuts (raw) need to be pre-soaked.

January 18, 2015 -

Hopefully by now you know that "There is a strong connection between the health of the gut and the health of the brain" and in the event you don't realize this then let me know what you need in order to understand the connection. Now underscore this connection as "80 percent of your serotonin is produced in your gut! If you experience bloating, gas, belching, heartburn, constipation, frequent diarrhea, or indigestion, work on healing your gut so you absorb everything you’re eating, reduce inflammation, and ensure you have proper amounts of good bacteria. ..."[4]

February 15, 2015 -

Here's an exceptional interview with Sally Fallon Morell that tells the truth about the vital essential requirement of including the right kind of fats in the diet

"Q: A lot of us think of ourselves as being very health conscious and have been avoiding things like animal fats, butter, red meat, etc. but this turns out to be exactly the wrong thing to do?

A: Well, there’s basically two forces at work here: One is industrial agriculture and the other is the food processing industry itself, which wants to keep its ingredients as cheap as possible, and so uses vegetable oils. These two forces together have demonised the animal fats while putting animals in confinement. They have created a system where the vitamins we should be getting from those fats—vitamins A, D and K2– simply aren’t there anymore, and these fats are critical for building a healthy gut and healthy brain."[5]

August 31, 2016 -

More gut-brain connections!

"... the effects of the short fats (or as they are more technically called, short chain fatty acids or SCFAs) are particularly significant, if unrecognized. These little molecular fatty structures play an especially huge role in the health of the intestine. Via this link, they have an effect on the whole body.

SCFAs are made in the large intestine by fiber munching bacteria which secrete the fatty molecules as a byproduct. SCFAs can also be ingested via the diet. From the intestine, these tiny lipids readily enter into blood circulation and travel throughout the body, eventually entering into the brain.[6]

April 19, 2017 -

Dr. Zac Bush has a presentation entitled: "Gut/Brain Injury: How, why, and what you can do about it."

He is a physician @ Revolution Health Center.

He experienced a personal “Big Shift” toward "The Science of Health" - addressing how health "happens".

His topic "Gut/Brain Injury: How it happens, Why it happens and the ability to heal" is of high interest to me just as I had reported here nearly five years ago. Especially now that people like doctor Zac have made this subject matter their top concern as Dr. Bush has in order to find the root cause of all disease.

He says (and many outstanding physicians have agreed) that historically we had a real, direct integration with nature - however in the last 60 years we have been declining from that. I would say that the decline has been going on for well over a hundred years now based on the fact that European farmers raised concerns about the decline or "quality" in their crops in the 1920s and that this decline did not suddenly occur "over night".

Dr. Bush goes on to say that we (USA) currently rank 49th in health outcomes despite the greatest expenditures for health care and that this rate of decline in health is “pathetic”. We mow have “the sickest generation of children that we ever had.”

He says: "We’re at a tipping point now that is not going to be directed by academia." This is a relief for me to hear as the problem with having academia direct our health has been disastrous in demonizing real foods (real dairy products, health traditional animal protein, healthy traditional fats, traditionally prepared grains, etc.). I believe we've had enough of the demonizing!

Dr. Bush asks: "What is the root cause of disease? -
- Something that has gone wrong at the cell level.

There is just "one thing" he has identified and that is: inflammation. He says: “Inflammation is the one root cause of all chronic disorder and disease. - How do I shut down inflammation and how do I recreate a different environment of communication?"

My ears "perk-up" when I hear "how do I recreate a different environment of communication?"

Now he asks: "What is chronic inflammation? - The definition needs to become 'loss of communication down at the cell level'."[7]

December 16, 2019 - Mind-Body Practitioners -

"Lifestyle Prescription" is a health coaching approach that is based on root cause analysis of symptoms - the origin of which can be traced to conflicts in the psyche. They refer to this approach as Quantum-Neuro-Biology (Q-N-B) and define Q-N-B in the following ways:

"Quantum-Neuro-Biology is the science of how information and energy (thought & emotions) affect our Neurology (brain and nerves) and shape our Biology (cells, organ tissues).

The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique teaches you how to instantly reset habitual triggers [neuro], unresolved emotional hurts and limiting beliefs [quantum] and allow your body [biology] to heal and shine naturally."[12]





[4] >

Plus -
Primal-docs recommend neurotransmitter testing with this service:
The "NeuroScreen Essential" tests for: Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Gaba, Glutamate and PEA.



[7] YouTube:


[9] At two minutes, forty seconds into the second episode of the current "Broken Brain" documentary.


[11] "A Healthy Gut Is the Foundation for Health" in "Fourfold Healing Newsletter" By: Dr. Tom Cowan

[12] Reply received by private email from Lifestyle Prescriptions University.



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