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Rethink All Your Relationships With Corporate Agriculture!

How small farms in America come under attack.

Date:   9/27/2012 5:19:59 PM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 6393 times

June 20, 2019 - "The Farm(s Are) Under Attack"! -

Comment in responce to an "Action Alert" from The Weston A. Price Foundation.[2]

I am really sorry to hear this alert and especially so late in the legal process indicated here! However it's not too late for Crystal and Lee to consider the following actions.

One is to Lawfully question the jurisdiction of the "the township." Jurisdiction can always be challenged and when it is the burden of proof is upon the governmental entity to fully justify their claim of jurisdiction. This is very important as it will either stop the action from moving forward or it will show exactly how/why the defendants are legally required to respond. Never make any assumptions about personal liability to a governmental agency and most especially when that agency itself is a legal fiction! [Legal fictions are not sovereign entities!!! Only we the individual people (standing on our soil jurisdiction) and We The (collective) People (on our land jurisdiction) are the true sovereigns in The United States of America.]

However the legal fiction known as "Hidden Creek Farm LLC" has no unalienable Rights as it is completely subject to the source of its existence which is the governmental agency that granted the LLC! The only way to rectify this is for the owners to immediately dissolve the LLC and reclaim their full ownership of their farm by way of their most Rightful status as natural-born Americans (by returning to their soil and land-based jurisdiction).

Status correction requires paper work. The knowledge of why this is required comes first. The best place to begin obtaining this knowledge is here:

I am sorry that real American people (and especially all the farmers and small family farms in America) that have ever experienced any harassment from governmental agencies of any kind do not know the truth about status and how they have essentially volunteered by way of an inferior status into legal agreements that are not in their best interests.

The good news is that these agreements can be terminated! (Ideally they need to be terminated before being presented with a legal charge.)

The corrections that most Americans need to make regarding their status require paperwork that takes some time produce and to record and/or publish.

This is knowledge that needs to be made available to all Americans now.

It's going on two years now since I've become a member of Vernon's food club (and have enjoyed the products with a friend for another year prior). The Grazin' Acres products are the best of their kind that I have found! They are superior to virtually anything that is available commercially. I have nothing but the very highest recommendations for the Grazin' Acres farm products!

In addition to the superior food quality, Vernon is a man of the highest integrity.

By being a member of Vernon's food club I know where my food comes from, how it is raised/grown and I enjoy having a relationship with the farm. There is a sacred trust inherent in having a private contractual relationship as I have in this membership. In addition to supporting the farmer, his family, the farm and the way the foods are raised/grown I am grateful that I am also supporting the contractual means for people to connect to the farm such as this club offers. (We have Aajonus Vonderplanitz to thank for the membership agreement used by this particular food club!) In short - the food is nutrient-dense and most delicious and the membership meets my need to feel connected to the farm!

In addition - I am an advocate for Farm Sovereignty, Food Freedom and People Sovereignty. I have been distressed over the reports of adversarial relationships that have been initiated by local governments against small farms, small organic farms, farms that raise food according to long-standing traditions and against the distribution of these foods. Joining Vernon's food club was one of the most positive acts I could do to support the kind of family farm I believe in. Doing that has helped me invest time, energy, talent and treasure into a most positive direction rather than just be distressed over the injuries that I have become aware of over the years. My only wish is that more people would become aware of some basic truths relevant to this cause.

Firstly - civilization (and therefore our very life) is wholly dependent upon a right-use of agriculture that must be dedicated to the appropriate care of the land including the building-up of the soils and nourishing the animals with their preferred diets (as well as caring for the human community). If we are not actively supporting this kind of conscious care-giving process (by supporting farmers like Vernon who know how to properly care for the entire farm life) then we need to ask ourselves to what extent are we supporting the destruction of all the above through every contribution made to "care-less" agricultural processes. By knowing the farm where your food actually comes from you can then learn about the kind of agriculture being used and then decide whether you want to support that or not.

I believe that small family farms, like Grazin' Acres, need all the help that we can give them right now. Consider that every "dollar" that we can give directly to a small family farmer may be the very best investment in Earth stewardship that we can make at this time. What could possibly be better? Also consider the fact that small family farmers like Vernon Hershberger are devoting their entire lives to their farms (as well as to the health and well-being of all concerned with the farm). In contrast - every "dollar" that goes to a mega food corporation is most likely being firstly managed for the highest possible "profit" that can be generated for the stockholders! Rudolf Steiner and others (who are aware of the implications) have shown that this kind of profit-making system can not apply to agriculture without creating a financial tape-worm that eventually can destroy the farm, one way or another.

We have already lost a guesstimated 90% of American farms because of financial pressures against the farmers. (In addition there are many examples of farmers who have committed suicide who have been financially defeated by corporate control of a food.) It does not matter how pretty or how clever the corporate marketing strategies may be. The truth is: corporations are soul-less fictional entities and absolutely not able to care about anything other than showing a profit. That is why corporations originally came into existence by way of a charter granted by the State for a limited time basis and subject to review as to the purpose being served. Corporations broke this governance and have been making up their own rules ever since to the detriment of society and the Earth.

Only real people have a consciousness-soul that is able to care! Only real people like you and me can care for real people like an independent farmer. Therefore, I believe there is an urgent need to recapture the farms from the corporations and give them to the independent farmers who want nothing more than to grow nutrient-dense foods.

Now, in light of the anti-real food agenda that is propagated under the color-of-law (through legal attacks), we must care and fortunately the members of Vernon's food club demonstrate that they really care! This is community! This is the higher function of a farm's potential. I thank God that I am a member!

-Chef Jem[1]


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