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The New Medicines - All Well Beyond The Allopathic!

Transformation of consciousness; Significant Biological Special Program Of Nature: Prostate - Article by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer; "The Nature of Personal Reality" and more!

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January 17, 2018 - Back - ("Black"?) Ground to The Discovery of The "New Medicine" -

"...It was much easier to call Dr. Hamer insane, unstable, and some called him a murderer. When in fact, had traditional medicine embraced his discovery millions of lives could have been saved if only the patient understood the five biological laws.

When Dr. Hamer was arrested and prosecuted in Germany for 'practicing medicine without a license', the authorities seized his files going back 10 years. They were looking for a way to disprove his discovery. Instead when they investigated, they found that after 10 years, almost 90% of his cases, 6000 out of 6500, were still living. Half of those patients had traditional treatment. That in itself is astounding because in 1997, surviving a cancer diagnosis with only traditional treatment for 10 years was practically unheard of.

The judge refused to allow that information into evidence to support Dr. Hamer’s defense at the proceedings against him. He also refused to allow 8000 testimonies from patients participating in Dr. Hamer’s research.

None of that information was made public. It took the high court of Europe in The Hague to see that Dr. Hamer was unjustly charged, prosecuted and imprisoned and thankfully released him after serving a difficult 18 months which included solitary confinement.

Dr. Hamer, from the moment of Dirks shooting faced an extraordinary amount of challenges both professionally and personally. Although his research is empirical and not based on theory it was constantly rejected by his Alma Mater the University of Tuebingen even though it was never FORMALLY verified. Instead they chose to verify it behind closed doors and decided keep it from the general public."[3] - by Ilsedora Laker -

(I am virtually speechless in my ability to comment on the above.) This is the first time I am learning of the visitations by Dr. Hamer's son B****** for whom the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) was named. IMO - the whole account of the death of Dirk, the discoveries of Dr. Hamer and his entire ordeal throughout his process of communicating the discoveries to all - deserves a full-blown documentary!

July 14, 2017 -

Dear friends of the "New Medicine",

We lost a great man on July 2nd 2017. Dr. Hamer passed away peacefully at his home in Sandefjord, Norway where he lived in exile. He was an extraordinary man with a brilliant mind. In a short 35 years he managed to understand the cause of all diseases and how we can heal from them. His discovery of "The New Medicine" now the "Germanische Heilkunde" will change the face of medicine as we know it.

Thank you Dr. Hamer for your gift to humanity.

Viva La Medicina Sagrada![1]
4/5/14 -

I don't think that there are words in the English language that are sufficiently adequate for embracing the full extent of gratitude that I now have for the work of Dr. Hamer for his tremendous gift to humanity through which every individual can fully harmonize with their own inherent healing wisdom and thereby completely free themselves from the fear of any and every disease.

A close friend of mine recently shared with me that his father would soon be having a surgical biopsy performed. I asked where the biopsy would be and my friend said the prostrate. Knowing and deeply identifying with the "New Medicine" paradigm (plus the fact that I am somewhat "forgetful" of how the rest of the world is "business as usual" when it comes to automatically ordering an established medical procedure regardless of how invasive these procedures can be) I immediately thought: Why?"! Why would anyone (in their right mind) allow a surgical procedure (to be 'imposed" upon their body) just for testing purposes so that some kind of determination is made as to what further medical procedures could be done - if they only knew that nothing need be done, not even the biopsy? Why look at the "tail end" if the cause is in "the head" (or in this instance in the psyche)?

(October 18th -
"According to Hamer, any disease, most notably cancer, is not dangerous in itself, but merely a symptom of a biological conflict situation. He put forth the idea that a mental shock (In Hamer's case the fatal injury of his only son) affects the psyche and the brain in such a way that the physical organ that is connected to the part of the brain that receives the shock develops a malady that reflects the nature of the original conflict. When the conflict is resolved the illness disappears.":

Why? There's only one reason that I know of. Maybe I can devote a blog just to that "reason" as it will require a significant dedication on my part in order to lay it all out in a most lucid manner.

The following is quoted from an English translation of an article by
Dr. Hamer. :

"The trigger of what we commonly call a disease is always a biological conflict - a highly acute conflict shock – called, in German New Medicine (GNM), a DHS. The very moment the DHS occurs, the shock impacts a specific area in the brain, which, in turn, corresponds to a very specific organ. On a brain CT-scan this impact is visible as a ring-configuration (HH – Hamerscher Herd). The more the HH expands, the larger is the tumor, the necrosis, or the functional changes of organ cells.

The DHS is the corner stone of the Iron Rule of Cancer and indeed of German New Medicine as a whole. Most patients know exactly when their DHS took place as it is invariably a distressing event."

This basic overview (of the New Medicine) alone can be priceless information for anyone suffering from the fear of disease for it at least mentions the true cause of "what we commonly call a disease" and thereby begins to reframe the collective "perception" which is typically a mix with belief plus projection and therefore a misperception. Consequently these "misperceptions" are a substantial part of what really needs healing!

Just like "The Who" said in their rock opera Tommy:
"Sickness will surely take the mind
Where minds can't usually go
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know" :

"Amazing Journey" is track #3 on the album Tommy. It was written by Peter Townshend.

April 11, 2014 -

What we think are "perceptions" may actually be a composite of observation/s mixed with unexamined beliefs plus projections of fear-based emotions. The source of the beliefs and the fears are largely drawn from the collective psyche and unconsciously formulated into life stories that contain the meaning that we have give to the events of our life.

All stories are not the same (although they may be "common themes" that are identifiable in the most broad terms such as thesis, antithesis and synthesis). I look at stories in terms of personal identification. How we identify with our story reveals what our "perception" really consists of.

However, our perception is subject to change and more importantly our perception can be totally transformed! We can have experiences of our perception during childhood and later have different kinds of perceptions, not only about life in the new present time but also regarding the past as well!

The collective maya that is perpetuated in virtually all media and commerce is that your happiness depends upon what happens to you. The collective psyche has taken this in as an internal program that is running non-stop 24/7/365 from the time we were born. But this is only a thought program and thoughts can be changed! Especially when one realizes that the "thought" here is not actually a truth but only a seductive message that is being repeated continuously through the "airwaves" as well as in all the other representations of that system. Through repetition the message programs the mind.

But we can be transformed by renewing our minds! I discovered this in 1971. I first realized that the world was operating by way of repetitive thought-implanting programming systems 44 years ago and I stopped watching tv. I eventually stopped following the rest of the illusory messages from the propaganda machine. I found my own happiness within me and especially that happiness is my choice independent of anything else!

I am committed to seeing beyond all of my perceptions. I recommit to this on a daily basis because I am aware that the collective psyche continues to be in a subjective state that is vulnerable to the extraordinary influences of technology, a technology that has magnified the torrent of propaganda. In spite of that I maintain an ongoing practice of speaking truth to myself and to others as best I can! One of the best supports that I have has come to me by way of "The Four Agreements" book and especially by actually making those agreements with my self! The first agreement is: "Be Impeccable With Your Word". If you commit to it, that agreement alone will transform you! I now work with people in their personal transformation journey and that book is the first requirement in my program. If you have not seen this book then I highly recommend it! I have been referring people to it for the last ten years!

Update #2 on October 18th -

"... official investigations concluded that the natural laws of New Medicine were scientifically provable. After two testing conferences at the Oncology Division of the Hospital of the University of Trnava, The Vice-Chairman of the university and the Dean of the Faculty of Treatment Methods and Social Science, along with a total of ten teachers and professors signed their names to a document stating, 'The undersigned therefore conclude from the proof presented in two testing conferences that there is a high probability that the system is well founded. We have the greatest respect for Dr. Hamer's human, ethical, and untiring commitment and his new holistic patient approach. In view of all these factors, we are of the impression that the 'New Medicine' should urgently be followed up and put to use'. (Trnava, September 11, 1998)":

January 7, 2015 -

"The Proof -
When he deposited his thesis, Dr Hamer joined 200 complete files from the 6500 cases of cancer patients he has examined and monitored.

He has no doubt that the scientific community could not do otherwise than to recognize the relevance of his work, since all his files corroborate 100% of the statement of the 4 biological laws.

In response, the University of Tubingen officially refused to read and discuss his work; a rare event in the science.

So far, the University of Tubingen has been convicted three times by civilian courts in 1986, 1992 and 2006. Despite these injunctions and these convictions, it has still not agreed to examine the thesis of Dr Hamer, 25 years later.

Yet, in 1992, at the request of Hamer‘s lawyer, the College of Physicians is forced to check the survival rate of the 6500 patients treated by Hamer with his original method.

As the files were searched, it should be easy to trace all these people. The result is astounding: 92% of patients treated by Hamer were still alive more than 5 years after the diagnosis of cancer. The official rate of the medical school, barely reaches 30% of survival after 5 years.

Since 1981, theories of the New Medicine have been verified 100% by groups of doctors and cancer independent 28 times in several European countries.":

Sunday, April 13th, 2015 -

Although I have yet to read this book I at least like this quote.:

"The private experience that you perceive
forms your world, period.
But which world do you inhabit?
For if you altered your private sensations of reality,
then that world, seemingly the only one, would also change.
You do go through transformations of beliefs all the time,
and your perception of the world is different.
You seem to be, no longer, the person you that you were.
You are quite correct — you are not the person that you were,
and your world has changed, and not just symbolically.”

― Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know"

April 20, 2014 -

Humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary mutation (that has been ongoing over the last few hundred years) from seven-centeredness (represented by the seven-fold chakra system) to nine-centeredness (as represented by the Human Design System). This evolution includes a transformation of consciousness. This transformation involves the current mutation that is located within the Solar Plexus Center, the home of our potential emotional awareness.

"People with autism, people with prostrate cancer and 'Indigo Children' are part of this transformation.":

Tuesday, April 22nd - exactly on The Cardinal Grand Cross! -

Dr. Christopher Lowthert is both a teacher and a devoted practitioner of the New Medicine that discovered by Dr. Hamer. We are in the process of synthesizing the correlations between the special biological programs (SBS) that have been established by Dr. Hamer with the nine Centers that are identified in the Human Design System. According to Lynda Bunnell in "The Definitive Book of Human Design" (2011) and in cooperation with Ra Uru Hu - founder of the Human Design System the prostate gland is included in the biological correlation for the Solar Plexus Center.

Also the following quote regarding the prostate and it's connection with Gate 55 in the Solar Plexus Center is from one Human Design site that lists all the biological correlations.

"... (The) rise in prostate cancer is relatively recent, and in Design terms is an indication of the mutation the that solar plexus is undergoing in the 55th gate via the amino acid Histidine.":

Finally with Solar Plexus Gate 55 now identified in the biological correlation with the prostate we can turn to Gene Key 55 for the specific emotional awareness that is needed in the healing/resolution process.

There are three levels to each of the 64 Gene Keys. The lowest is a Shadow level with an energetic frequency of an unconscious fear. By individually facing and embracing the fear in the Shadows, one Gene Key at a time, we discover and enter into the Gift frequency. The third level is the Siddhi for that Gene Key that comes after the Gift has been fully integrated into our life.

The three 55th Gene Key level from Shadow to Siddhi are Victimization, Freedom and Freedom. It is the only one of the 64 Gene Keys where the both the Gift and the Siddhi have the same name.

The above now outlines a three-fold progression that shifts the focus from a fear-based medical diagnosis to a holistic biological-based correlation and finally to an emotional healing/resolution pathway.

Continued "updates" on October 18th -

Third quote from:


What I have presented to you so far is just the tip of a huge iceberg. Every single disease has a primary emotional disturbance or conflict associated with it. It is beyond the scope of this article to explore the Hamer's Biological Laws in their totality. But you need to know that there are very definite principles and specific conflicts that relate to every illness — and all of them can be healed without the various methods of intervention if the original conflict is cleared.

I leave you with a quote from the man himself:
'Future therapies will entail very little medication but will require the patient's understanding of the root cause of his conflict and disease. Together with his doctor, the patient will find the best resolution to his problem or the best strategy in order to avoid repeating it in the future. The patient is thus able to be the absolute "boss" in the treatment and procedure of his illness, and herein is the special aspect of the NEW MEDICINE. The patient will no longer be "treated", but will "treat himself". The relationship between patient and physician will be completely re-thought and redefined. Today's highly specialized doctor will, in the future, have to be broadly trained, well-educated and a humane "medical detective". These "Priests of Aesclepius" must be kind-hearted, wise, and possess outstanding general knowledge'."

Last Words by Dr Hamer:

"I ended up with an entirely different nosological understanding of the concept of 'disease'. We can no longer really speak of it in its earlier sense, but instead, should call it 'an intentional program of nature'.":


January 14, 2018 - In light of "intuitive medicine" (as follows) it now appears that Dr. Hamer's work and achievement with the "New Medicine" was in the lineage of "hermetic medicine".

"The perception of allopathic medicine is that illness is the result of external influences such as viruses and bacteria affecting the physical body. The perception of hermetic medicine is that illness is the result of an individual's psychological and emotional state affecting the natural balance of the physical and energy bodies. The perception of intuitive medicine is that illness is the soul's way of bringing attention to the obstacles blocking the evolutionary process." - Carol Ritberger, Ph. D.[2]

Anthroposophical Medicine includes a perspective that may be considered from "the perception of intuitive medicine".

In addition to the original "New Medicine" according to Dr. Hamer there are now several "off shoots" that (unfortunately) are not respected - at least by one of the main ("orthodox") German New Medicine teachers.


[1] by Ilsedora Laker


August 30th, 2017 - © 2013 - 2017 GNM Online Seminars.

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