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Got Transformations?

Be Not Conformed To The World (Zeitgeist) But Be Transformed By The Renewal Of Your Mind!

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May 7, 2019 -

According to Jon Rapport -
"The large majority of eight billion souls on planet Earth believe they have two choices. Accept what a religion tells them, or conclude there is nothing spiritual about life; it is merely physical substance. They can’t conceive of other possibilities. This points to an astonishing lack of imagination.

Many scientists believe scientific lies are better than lies based on religious superstition."[5]


This blog-author is thinking of his daughter among the "eight billion souls" referred to in the above quote as well as in regards to "scientific lies".

May 4, 2014 -

"... our teachers cannot do the work of transformation for us."[1]

Even if the teacher is Jesus Christ!

The following is a "conversation" that I very recently had with an man whom (I think it fair to say) is an apologetic defender of a deceased author of a published work on world religions in which the author had declared the Christian religion as the one true religion. What especially got my attention was the author's additional statement that Jesus had founded this religion. I originally wrote this man and said there is nothing in the Gospel accounts that supports this statement.

AD = Apologetic defender
CJ = Chef Jemichel

AD: "While it is true that 'religion' is not the core aspect of the Gospels, ..."

CJ: "Thank you for acknowledging that!"

AD: "... but our depravity and the grace God gives us in salvation via the unblemished lamb provided for us at Golgotha, Jesus understood that any movement had to have structure."

CJ: "'Movement'? How is that different than 'religion'? I think your speaking of a religious movement now, right?"

AD:: "He had a purser, leadership, and structural organization."

CJ: "He had a purser and he had leadership. The idea of a 'structural organization' is a point that needs a "conversation". Thanks for voicing that! However it appears that you are speaking of a religious organization which I am distinguishing from the mission of Jesus the Christ."

AD: "In the earliest history of the church we see 'structure,' organized 'religion' ~"

CJ: "Your 'history' here needs to be referenced."

AD: "Religion broadly defined: the belief in a god or in a group of gods an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group ~ Christianity is all those."

CJ: "And this is my point: Christ is not the religion of Christianity despite every belief to the contrary. Christianity is man's creation filled with man's religion."

AD: "For instance James, Jesus brother, presided over the church in Jerusalem, and we have pottery from the upper room that has religious symbols on them that were used in ceremonial fashion (anointing with oil), they had organised religion from the get-go. One that is living because He lives.

But Christianity IS religion proper -- when you compare and contrast IT to other religions, you see/find that Christianity as a worldview is the only defendable 'religious' construct because it was founded on the Rock (not Peter but Jesus). This brought scholar and philosopher Mortimer J. Adler to say that 'Christianity is the only logical, consistent faith in the world.' And 'faith' isn't blind:

'Certain words can mean very different things to different people. For instance, if I say to an atheist, "I have faith in God," the atheist assumes I mean that my belief in God has nothing to do with evidence. But this isn’t what I mean by faith at all. When I say that I have faith in God, I mean that I place my trust in God based on what I know about him.' William A. Dembski and Michael R. Licona

Our religion is true because of the relationship we have with a living God. All other religions are dead because they are man's effort to reach God... like Cain offering his own gifts (man trying to please God) instead of what God demanded.

I think though, semantics may be involved in your understanding?

Every subject we think about is filtered through our worldview. The picture of reality we hold in our minds is what we use at the most basic level to answer every question in life. This is especially true of big questions, like those pertaining to man’s origin, ethics, life’s meaning and ultimate destiny. This makes faith central to every aspect of our lives and being. The bigger question, of course, is whether or not the picture of reality we have is actually true…. This is a book about worldviews. Everybody has one, but most individuals never really pay much attention to their own personal philosophy of life. This is a tragedy because there is no state of awareness so fundamental to living life.
(Joseph R. Farinaccio, Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True, 9-10)"

CJ: "People certainly have world-views and many have an inherent propensity to being religious as well. That is all natural and culturally imbedded. It is part of the collective psyche and part of what makes the world what it is. It makes for a homogeneous existence that is tolerable for the mass majority of people. It is therefor natural that when people hear about the 'Christian religion' (just as I understand that by your presentation here) they fairly easily assimilate that religious concept into their world. Especially when they live in a society that included 'Christian' founding as is the case in the u. s. of A.

However; the living transformational message (and Spirit) of Christ that: 'I and My Father are One', plus 'No man can come to the Father but by Me' (not by religion), plus 'He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me' - that Living Word (that is capable of penetrating and permeating our whole mind, emotions and will, etc.) and the revelation/s this brings has surpassed every historical paradigm! It accomplished that before any man organized anything! Yet the realization of that may not be fully comprehended within Christianity! Which why the Spirt calls us out of all these man-made institutional organizations by whatever name.

Christ calls for a most radical transformation so that what was human (including what was most religiously human and including 'Christian') becomes truly divine so that we are wholly acceptable to God Himself Living within us and most especially as us!. This transformation is certainly not a movement. If it is I want to know that movement so I can give my life to that!

Religion does not have this transformation power. No religious symbol, no religious artifact, no religious history, no religious organization no religious movement has the power to transform a human being into a divine man so that 'I and My Father Are One'! If any of what I am presenting here is not true then show me the transformational power that is being demonstrated now in any the things that you have presented now because I want the divine life that any of that would bring me!

However, any direct experience in transformation reveals that it is all an inside job! Anyone can claim anything they want about what they think Jesus did and then "sell" that because there are plenty of people who love to have all the things that they can have just with religion without having to deny themselves anything at all!. They have their reward. It may be religious. It may even be "organized Christian". But is it Christ; and therefore most pleasing to God? Is the fullness of the Godhead expressed? That's the core of what I am inquiring about.

Thank you again for sharing all that you have! I really appreciate the communication!



The above exchange came within a day of another inquiry I made with a online bible search site that had included a commentary on the matter of swearing i.e swearing an oath or swearing that your statement is true and correcting or an other application. Jesus said "swear not". No exceptions. The commentary gave an exception in the case of swearing in a court of law. I said the commentary deserves to be reevaluated in light of the Gospel accounts that Jesus was falsely accused, arrested and brought to court but he refused to swear allegiance to Ceasar. I said the commentary deserves to be removed.

The message of Christ Jesus is most radical and can only be fully heard and responded to by leaving the familiar "world view" and whether that is religious or not makes no difference at all. In other words even "Christians" may need to leave Christianity in order to hear Christ.

One of many reasons to leave Christianity is that Christendom is permeated with division. Division is the manifestation of a particular fear. (See the Shadow of the 6th Gene Key in "Gene Keys" by Richard Rudd.) This Shadow (as well as all the other 63 Shadows) is carried throughout humanity regardless of whether one is religious, spiritual, philosophical or not. It does not discriminate and there are no exceptions. The fear that manifests as division is embedded in the collective psyche. Division is easily seen throughout Christianity and is just one of many characteristics indicating that Christian Institutions are not what Christ founded. The Apostle Paul declared "Is Christ Divided"?

"Be Transformed by the renewal of your mind"!

May 5th, 2014 -

All I want is peace! If my peace is disturbed then that gets my immediate attention and I am compelled to search out the cause for my "loss" of peace.

"The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.": Romans 14:17.

This one verse includes all our relations. Righteousness in relation to God, peace in relation to others and joy in our own heart (which includes our whole mind, our whole emotional body, all our will as well as our conscience). The sequence of "righteousness, peace, joy" is progressive. Righteousness is where this progression begins. From righteousness comes peace. Peace is the source for joy.

First - What is righteousness?

Righteousness includes "correctness of thinking, feeling, and acting".[2]

That's another sequence that begins with "thinking", more specifically "correct thinking". In other words the "kingdom of God" (and all of the peace and joy that includes) requires correct thinking. "Correct thinking" directly relates to the first part of this blog regarding transformation (distinguishing life in Christ from religion).

"... do not be fashioned according to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and well pleasing and perfect."[3]

Thinking requires the mind. Correct thinking is made possible though transformation by the "renewing of the mind". Correct thinking is a "thought reversal" process and thought reversals are what miracles are! (See "A Course In Miracles".) Otherwise the un-renewed mind is simply processing and repeating what it already has by way of conditioning and programing form whatever source in the "world", by way of the world system of this present age. ("The Four Agreements" describes this resulting condition in terms of a "parasite" in the mind.)

Honestly ask your self are you at peace with your world? Do you have joy in your heart? If not why not?

The programs running in the mind may justify your separateness from others for countless reasons. That separateness might appear to be a kind of "peace". However, if joy naturally follows peace and if there is not joy in your heart then why not?

When I can see that I am holding myself back from communication with others that can give me a clue for self-inquiry - providing that I am self-disciplined enough to take up that self-inquiry. Otherwise - the cause of my withdrawal may "back-fire" on me (as I experienced the other day) and then I am compelled to face the consequence of my own "burn", the "burning" within my state of mind that allowed for that experience.

My "state of mind" continually needs my awareness. I have to monitor my thoughts. My Higher Self does not tolerate the "parasite" in my mind! The parasite's poison has to be purged, one way or another. By adopting "The Four Agreements" one can be immediately reminded not to take anything that others say personally and thereby avoid poisoning oneself!

Not everyone is willing to adopt that agreement. Those who don't suffer the "slings and arrows" and worse. However, by not taking what others say personally it is possible to avoid the "slings and arrows". With practice one can catch those in mid-flight! (See "The Matrix" or recall the scene with Neo before the agents who are firing bullets at him and which Neo stops in mid flight!)

May 26, 2107 -

“The tone of a bell that vibrates through the air is but an acoustical replica of the organized qualities of the bell itself. Modify or improve the bell in any way, and the radiating tone becomes a corresponding replica. So it is with a man’s mind. His ‘interpretations’ of universal life are ‘tonal replicas’ of his individual constitution, acting upon, or responding to, his environment. Improve or purify one’s own mind, and all Nature ‘appears’ to improve correspondingly.”[4]





[4] Foundations of Knowledge: by William A. Dunn published in “TheTheosophical Path” page 69


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