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"The Future Consciousness of Humanity"

"The Solar Plexus and the Coming of the Sixth Race"

Date:   7/12/2014 1:43:08 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1184 times

In the midst of my first listening to this free webinar with Gene Keys founder, Richard Rudd.

The following is an attempt to transcribe from two replies that Richard gave during his Q&A session (at about one hour and ten minutes into the recording.:

He said: There are shadows that we have to transmute. There are states that we need to pass through. That's why the 'Golden Path' was created. To take you step by step through the process.

The Siddhi comes about by way of a mutation.[1] This higher activation of the DNA in the body needs a refined version of the physical body. (Also see post on April 26, 2017.) That refinement takes time, committment, discipline and grace. ...

This impulse ... of this higher frequency wants to come down. It needs clear, clean, puified solar plexus centers in order that it can awaken. We have to work on this to bring our awareness there (into the solar plexus center) over and over. It's tough work but it's very rewarding![3]

July 16th, 2014 -

Just read "Preparing For The Sixth Epoch" by Rudolf Steiner" and find that it compliments the above presentation by Richard; especially with the reference that Steiner gives to that which "hovers" above us waiting to incarnate in us.

July 28th, 2014 -

One apparenlty over-arching planetary progression directly relevant to the "great change" (that is spoken of in the Gene Keys) has been refrred to as "Pluto Interregnum".[4]

"Human Experiential Way and Pluto Cycle -
This human experiential way is ruled by Pluto. ... the Pluto cycle (250 years, from 1781 to 2027) is quite a process! ... what Pluto does is bringing something to an end and opening up possibilities for something new to begin. Death and Resurrection."

I have my Personality Pluto activation at Ajna 4. That just happens to be my "Gate theme of the day" and I intend to reread/contemplate the 4th Gene Key tonight!

I am deeply aware of this "process" and had my first initiatory awareness activation as of the Summer of 1970. "Death and Resurrection" has been a reoccuring theme in my life over the past 44 years.

My comment re:
"2012 The end of Mayan calendar".:

"This certainly adds more dimension to the end of the Mayan calendar as well as the old 7-centered world as we knew it!"[5]

“Life at its best is the mundane made beautiful.":
"Nine-Centered Awakening by Ra Uru Hu"

I welcome hearing the truth of this! Most of my life appears to be filled with the mundane! ; ~ )

"... If you’re expecting awakening to be a big Hollywood presentation, you’re barking up the wrong fantasy. It’s not like that. It’s about reaching your signature …"

Finding and reading this now is really remarkable as I just communicated a personal perspective with a friend the other day using this very term: "signature" telling my friend that I was not interested in engaging with others because it did not have my signature on it! What makes this most remarkable is that this term is not one that I have actually used before!

"It’s about your signature becoming your life. … you can only get that through the body, you can’t get there through the mind, only through the body. …”

I KNOW this to be true! All I want is to let "my signature" be my way of life!

Also from Ra -
"The fact of the matter is that the rise of Alzheimer's is that you have nine-centered beings with a nine-centered life package that are living a seven-centered homogenized existence. And there is no way in which that brain system, that homogenized vehicle, is going to be able to maintain quality of life into the extended frame of the Uranian age. It will not."[6]

Which for me only underscores the necessity of casting-off "living a seven-centered homogenized existence" which I have been doing for quite some time! The seed of which was first planted in me by 1970 (if not a little earlier).

I have a Defined Solar Plexus Center which gives me emotional definition and which means I need to wait out my emotional cycles before making important decisions. That's because of the "emotional wave" that takes some time (possible 28 days) for the whole wave cycle to complete itself. One wave that I am very much aware of now is the "Tribal" wave.:

"Tribal - The tribal wave of the 19, 49, 37, and 40, is very reliable in its cyclical nature of moving up and down like a roller coaster. Here the dynamics of hope and pain play out more like 'It's a .....benign....catastrophe!' There’s often the sense that one is, indeed needed and wanted, but it’s followed by the feeling that one is rejected and doesn’t belong."[7]

I have this experience playing out in my life right now. I am in about "day 15" of this current tribal wave. I am resigned to allowing the wave to complete itself and then make my final decision.

Also at
"It may be OK for some authorities to make that snap decision, but it’s not healthy for the emotional authority. If they are closer to the hope end of their cycle the reward is very tempting, and if they’re closer to the pain/despair end of the cycle then the fear of delay can be overwhelming. Making a decision from either end is simply to make an incomplete decision. If the decision looks good from both ends then there is clarity. If it looks bad when they’re up as well as when they’re down then there is clarity. If it looks good and bad, then you just need to wait some more."

July 24th (Maybe 2016?)

I had mentioned the above decision-making strategy for an Emotionally Defined Human Design type with a friend.

A Message from Robert Sardello on
"The Pope, Francis, and Emotional Healing" -

" ...
Emotions have a hard time feeling they have a place on the spiritual path. …

… explore the central place of the emotions in spiritual life ....

We are convinced that unless we feel a freedom in our emotional being, it is most, most, most difficult to enter into our spiritual destiny. We explore, directly, the qualities of this freedom, how emotion is inherently the life of ‘giving’ – when the wholeness of any emotion is allowed in – the dark and the light, together, as one.

… Discover how feeling, emotion, desire – lie at the very heart of the spiritual life, not sequestered spiritual life, but open, alive, ‘in-the-world’ spiritual life ...

Spiritual therapeutics ... is a form of individual and group spiritual work that approaches emotion … as the absolutely necessary entry into the unique qualities of spiritual presence. Healing here means entering into the wholeness of who we are as beings of body, soul, and spirit. ...

The prototypal imagination for working spiritually with emotional life is found in the lives of St. Francis and Claire of Assisi. They both knew exactly how to encounter the most difficult of emotions – and in fact, deliberately cultivated such encounters. They also knew and could inwardly track how to be inwardly present, stay with the difficult emotions, and when cultivated in a most careful manner, these emotions would always open to spiritual reality.

… The main impetus ... is developing the capacities needed to be present with strong and sometimes difficult emotions. The work requires being able to differentiate ‘egotized emotions’, which we usually call emotion, but which is actually emotional reaction, from the soul activity of emotion itself.
Our guide through the distractions that would keep us bound to emotional content or creating more emotional content when working in this manner, are the “Admonitions” of St. Francis.

... develop the sense of emotions as movements of soul rather than reactive contents. ... "[8]

December 21st (Probably 2016) -

"... the frequency that you radiate is always related to the level of consciousness you operate from. And whatever the imprint is you see it symbolized in the two dimensional Bodygraph at the bottom of the image whatever the imprint is, it’s there to move through the stages of consciousness, and it’s an open-ended spiral. We don't know where it ends because we haven't been there as a collective."[9]

April 26, 2017 -

"... I suggest we are afraid to admit our bodies are key players in awakening because that suggests we might care for these vessels better."[2]

After posting this entry immediately above here I continued at this blog to upgrade the footnotes and in the process it dawned on me that of the four streams of traditional wisdom we have (I Ching, Kabbalah, Chakra System and Astrology) probably the simplest to begin with is the entry level to the I Ching which as far as I know begins with the quintessential: (Yin/Yang. IMO - Ra is more Yang and Zeno more Yin.) We first need to apply the wisdom system to our own understanding of our individual Human Design. Defined Centers are more yang. Undefined more yin. Undefined and Open are most yin. Those centers will be major teaching centers for individuals especially who have Undefined Heart Centers and /or Undefined Sacral Centers who are conditioned "To Do"! That alone is a major understanding to be had by all!

March 18, 2018 - Why I Don't Use Type In Human Design -

Probably the best article I've read by a Human Design teacher on this particular subject matter; that has been my leaning since my teacher Zeno finalized removing references to "Type" from her course.


(1) I first heard of "mutation" through Frank Zappa in his very early (mid 60s) recordings with "The Mothers of Invention". In his glossary Richard says "Mutation is the mother of difference"! I was most attracted to the idea back in the mid 60s by way of Frank's music and instinctively knew mutations were needed. I was eager to join Frank's idea of "United Mutations".

Several years later (1970) I heard part of a conversation where a man said he would be transforming his body with a total organic diet. That planted a seed in me that soon found fertile ground and fully developed in my life!

Also re: Frank:
December 29th, 2014 -

Happy "Sixth Day of Christmas" with "six geese-a-laying" (I would absolutely love to have "six geese-a-laying" on my third of an acre now! ; ~ )

From my archives - "Zappa: My parents were very devoutly Catholic, and I was until I was about 18. Then, common sense took over ...":
Quoted from a Genesis (Adult Magazine) article with "photo/interview" By Keith Elliot Greenberg

I was an alter boy/acolyte in the Epsicopal Church possibly untill I turned 19.











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