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Lies In Disease Data Reporting - To Deny Individual Rights!

The "falsifying scientific data concerning the MMR vaccine"; "... questions and issues that are being raised threaten the belief system that our conventional health care system is predicated upon." plus "Connecting the Dots: GMOs, Vaccines and Revolving Door Conflicts of Interest" - By Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D. Global Research.

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"Humans suffer from hubris[1] – we think we know better than nature, can fix it, manipulate it, and master it. There are (at least) two major transgressions that follow similar patterns, raise important red flags, and most certainly do not pass the sniff test: GMOs (genetically modified "foods") and vaccination. Here’s what they have in common"[2]

This is the first time I've seen these two issues addressed in a single presentation such as this. The article[2] reveals two tracks with a train that heads straight into hell!

July 21, 2015 -

Dr. Brownstein, author of true health-promoting books including a most excellent one on Iodine, reveals the ugly truth about the Center for Disease Control. His article today is titled: "CDC: A Cesspool of Corruption".[3] (In the process of bookmarking this I reviewed my several other book marks on the subject of vaccines that I intend to list here soon!)

Dr. B reports that although "the original CDC data showed ... the MMR vaccine was associated with autism ... a senior CDC scientist–Dr. William Thompson–admitted that the CDC altered data". Dr. B. goes on to say:

"The reason nothing is happening (in both the government and in the media) is because the (CDC) Powers-That-Be want it that way. Nothing will happen if we don’t make our voices heard."

"Dr. Thompson was a co-author on a crucial 2014 CDC research article that exonerated the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. ... Dr. Thompson—has publicly admitted the data was falsified. ... The only way Dr. Thompson’s story will be heard, under oath, is at a Congressional hearing."

I agree with Dr. B. that we need to have full-disclosure about this link and that we need to make our voices heard now!

"Congressman Jason Chaffetz is going to hold hearings on this matter this fall and invite Dr. Thompson to testify. It is important that we all contact the Congressional Oversight and Reform Office ( and request that he subpoena Dr. Thompson. Dr. Thompson will not be able to speak freely unless it is under subpoena. Why, you may ask does Dr. Thompson need to be subpoenaed? Because the CDC will not let him speak out without a subpoena.

... A subpoena would require an appearance by Thompson and that would preclude his superiors at the CDC from telling him NOT to testify. ....

It is time to clean up the CDC cesspool. Dr. Thompson must speak, under oath. We all need to email The Congressional Oversight and Reform Office today!! You can email them by cutting and pasting this into your email:

To Whom It May Concern,

I request the Congressman Chaffetz call, under subpoena, Dr. William Thompson from the CDC to testify about falsifying scientific data concerning the MMR vaccine.


Just sent my message. It only took a few minutes and in light of the issue this is the least that I can do. Please add your voice!

July 22, 2015 -

Submitted for moderation at Dr. B.'s site:

God Bless You, Dr. B!

Apparently many more Americans need to know the truth on this! I’ve presented in my blog that the "… questions and issues that are being raised threaten the belief system that our conventional health care system is predicated upon." - Consequently there are possibly too many people who simply don’t want to know. That’s their choice – however it won’t stop those of us who have our "eyes" open to the ugly truth of this issue!

I agree with "Vaccine Awareness of North Florida":
that "The fundamental issue in The Vaccine Controversy has to do with the government’s power to deny individual rights". That is worth "fighting" for! I intend to continue blogging about this particular issue here:

In Gratitude for Greater Health!


"Patrick Howley of The Daily Caller has reported that the Obama administration has granted whistleblower immunity to Dr. William Thompson, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC who co-authored and published research on the MMR vaccine for the CDC back in 2004.[4]


"... After several decades of studying the scientific literature regarding vaccines, following the money trails, and interviewing many dozens of toxicologists, immunologists, research physicians, pediatricians, and medical journalists the vaccine paradigm can now be accurately deconstructed with real independent science.

The year, 2014, has been a particularly dismal year for the pro-vaccine movement. We are presenting the science that has unfolded during the past twelve months as indicative of a collapse in the modern vaccine paradigm.

Last year, 2014, may well be the watershed year marking the demise of the vaccine era. Without any recent credible and sound biological science to support their claims for vaccines’ efficacy and safety, the vaccine complex and its federal allies have been forced to rely upon courts of law and the ignorance of an inept mainstream media to further promulgate their flawed mythologies to advance the vaccine agenda. ..."[5]


Kennedy at the Commonwealth Club - "Mercury, Vaccines, and Autism" -

"Kennedy began his talk to a crowded room of about 250 people by thanking the Commonwealth Club for being the first place in the country to allow him to have an open discussion about the question of mercury, vaccines, and autism. He stated that no network or newspaper in this country will allow him to engage in this debate. Kennedy pointed out that there were rare, honest journalists willing to take on this issue, like our own Dan Olmsted, formerly of UPI, Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS, and Alison Camerotta, formerly of Fox News and just hanging on by her fingers at CNN. But they get shut down by their editorial bosses."

Also "Will the Doctor at the VA; that asked me if I had a medical degree - finally get it that a degree is not the end of learning or an indication that you have been taught what is the truth in the real world?"[6]


"Kennedy talked about four scathing reports by federal agencies over the past couple years that paint the CDC and their relationship with vaccines as a 'cesspool of corruption.' There was a three year study by the House Oversight Committee in 2000, a follow-up study which said the conflicts of interest were 'debilitating the agency,' a 2004 study by Senator Tom Coburn, a 2008 study by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services, and a 2014 study by the Office of Research Integrity in which the head of the office, David Wright, resigned because he said the dysfunction at the CDC and FDA were 'intractable.'"[7]


From my previously bookmarked articles on vaccines starting with Dr. Mercola -

Some Parents are Homeschooling Their Kids to Avoid Vaccinations[8]


Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths[9]


Internet Resources Where You Can Learn More[10]

***********^*********** -

"... a wealth of information that you won’t find at your pediatrician’s office. ... unique information and links to articles showing the hazards of vaccines and the options you have for being health and vaccine-free. ... many forms, articles and products that are difficult to find without hours of personal research."[11]

Dr. Horowitz -

"...'inside traitors' initially made millions of dollars from soaring stock prices before Dr. Horowitz and team exposed their foul plot.

... Dr. Horowitz’s SPECIAL REPORT made so much news, and gathered so much grassroots support so quickly, authorities, rather than 'calling the shots' (including vaccinations), needed to dodge the media’s bullets demanding accountability. The CDC and NOVAVAX had been caught, virtually red handed, conspiring to profit from huge risky vaccines and deadly drug stockpiles that could effect massive depopulation"[12]

From a site named "vaccine rights" -

National Vaccine Legislative Crisis plus Vaccine Exemptions and Waivers[13]

The K.N.O.W. Vaccines web site -

"Our mission is to promote public awareness of the fundamental issues concerning the vaccination controversy. These issues concern the ethical[14] as well as the scientific premises upon which mandated vaccine policy is predicated.

The fundamental issue in the vaccine controversy is the right of parents and individuals to informed consent for any medical procedure.

Tabor's Medical dictionary defines Informed Consent as:

'competent and voluntary permission for a medical procedure, test, or medication. The consent is given based on understanding the nature, risks, and alternatives of the procedure or test.'

... In the middle of this schism, a growing number of people are getting wind that a debate about vaccines is brewing. Many of these people would prefer NOT to know there are issues about vaccination, because the questions and issues that are being raised threaten the belief system that our conventional health care system is predicated upon.

Individuals have the right to choose the type of preventive health care they want to use, including choosing whether to use one, ten or no vaccines. ...

What is the justification for mandated mass vaccination?

A common belief that the majority of people have shared since the advent of vaccines is that vaccination improves public health and that mass vaccination protects everyone’s health. The presumed logic is that high vaccination rates are necessary in order to prevent the return of terrible diseases. In order to protect the public, the public must be vaccinated.

It is not clear whether vaccination became mandatory because the public cannot be trusted to always fulfill their obligations to society, so laws were created to enforce compliance, or whether because vaccination is a medical procedure that carries risk of injury or death, it must be mandated. If the rationale that mass vaccination protects everyone’s health was true, rational people would likely be willing to take the risk of injury or death from vaccination, and people everywhere would suppose that forcing this medical procedure upon entire populations is noble, even though not ethical. In fact, this is what we have believed and why we have been so willing to sanction this violation of civil rights.

However, the variables have changed, and so, too, the outcome. We now have a new, more insidious epidemic occurring, the consequences of which are not yet fully understood or realized. The rising epidemic of autoimmune diseases and neurological dysfunction in our children begs, now more than ever, the question 'is vaccination somehow to blame; is vaccination a contributing factor?'

Yet, even as the credible empirical and scientific data coming in suggests that it could be, our regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical companies that profit from vaccination continue to assure us that injecting a plethora of diseases and toxic chemicals into the bodies of our young children does not adversely affect their immune systems and 'not to worry.' In fact, they implore us to ignore what we see, what we read and hear about, and they remind us of our obligation to society. Because, you see,

The rationale for mandated mass vaccination is based on the notion that the risk of injury or death from vaccine is relative to the risk of injury or death without vaccine.

In other words, the perceived benefit of saving millions of lives from the scourge of epidemics by mass vaccination outweighs the purportedly rare incidence of death by vaccine. Thus, 'the end justifies the means.'

This, as we learn from studying history, is a dangerous precedent for government intrusion and leads to unbridled, unchecked and unlawful power. Yet the majority of people think that mandating this risky medical procedure is appropriate. Why? Because 'vaccination is about the public health', meaning that individual choice is no longer relevant.

If it were true that vaccination protects the public health and improves immunity, one might be willing to play the vaccine game of roulette in order to gain such a benefit. However, the science simply does not support this hypothesis any longer. The truth is that the justification for compulsory injection of toxic chemicals and foreign proteins is based on a flawed but pervasive belief that vaccination safely stimulates an immune response — yet the most advanced science in immunity proves that the human immune system cannot be tricked, suppressed, or controlled into accepting or tolerating any foreign DNA or proteins – whether by infection, injection or transplantation – without immunologic consequences. Vaccine technology is based on a two hundred year old theory and advanced science simply does not support this hypothesis any longer.

With an epidemic of autoimmune diseases literally crippling our next generation of adults, there is no question that vaccination is about public health. Perhaps it is time to expand our myopic view that high vaccination rates and low incidence of infectious disease alone constitutes public health. The fact is, our beliefs about vaccination are founded on precepts that are no longer valid

Once again - "... The FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE in The Vaccine Controversy is not about vaccine safety!
The fundamental issue in The Vaccine Controversy has to do with the government’s power to deny individual rights.[15]

Alternatives to Vaccinations -

I'm now inspired with a new search topic:
"The Biology of Joy"

"... researchers have gained an understanding of the physical characteristics of a happy brain, they have come to see that those traits have a powerful influence on the rest of the body.

People who rate in the upper reaches of happiness on psychological tests develop about 50% more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccines, and that, says Davidson, 'is a very large difference.'"[16]


"Too much research has been devoted to the science of stress, depression and the connection to disease and not enough to the biology of joy. If a greater emphasis was placed on why we don't go to doctors when we are feeling optimistic, happy, and joyful, there would be less value and importance placed on the emotional states that coincidentally generate more money for those manufacturing medication."[17]

October 20, 2015 -

Award Winning Movie:

Oct. 21st -

Just posted at Dr. B's site:

Thanks again Dr. B.

Certainly anyone who is inclined to get vaccinated or (who) allows their children to be vaccinated needs to have full disclosure from government regarding ingredients as well as the risks involved by having these ingredients injected into one’s life-giving blood stream! And hopefully when full disclosure finally comes the fully-informed adult can make an intelligent decision.

On July 21st you wrote: “Congressman Jason Chaffetz is going to hold hearings on this matter this fall and invite Dr. Thompson to testify.” What’s the update on this?

What about encouraging people to better nourish their immune system?[19]

What do you think of the Anthroposophical Medicine perspective on childhood diseases[18] as providing immune-boosting benefits for the child?

Oct. 31st -

Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed[20]

Need a link to the Congressional record regarding Congressman Bill Posey who brought the issue concerning Dr. William Thonmpson to the floor of congress[21]

December 31st -

April 26th, 2016 -

From the Weston A. Price Foundation (with very minor edits)

VACCINES: Are They Safe and Effective?
Fact-Based And Science-Based Video -
Is there another choice for immunization we haven't heard about?

Watch this "Disease Prevention Primer" and learn -- Free thru May 1st!:

With rising interest in vaccination options, HP Worldwide Choice recently produced a "Best of" compilation video, which gives an excellent overview of the topic in less than 45 minutes. Parts 1 and 2 compare the safety and efficacy of vaccines with this "new" method of disease prevention known as HomeoProphylaxis (HP), while Part 3 talks about the immune system in a new light--explaining why it's really our BEST bet for disease prevention and why a Whole Foods diet such as the Weston A. Price Fondation recommends is so necessary!

Click on the link to watch the video at no charge through May 1st.:

Please share. It turns out there are other, better alternatives to conventional immunization that we should be looking at. Know any new or expecting parents? Why not share this fact-based, science based video with them? It could spare them a lot of anguish.

October 3, 2016 -

Inspired to contribute blogposts at a site dedicated to vaccinations. 1st contacted the Weston A. Price Foundation and learned they "don't someone to write such a blog". Two other sites were suggested with a question mark. I just sent the following inquiry to one of these.

"Would having a blog included in your website be something for you to consider? I'm a long-time member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and although they have a couple blogs at their site they don't have someone to write one regarding vaccinations. I've been blogging about vaccinations at and now am inspired to make contributions to a dedicated vaccination blog if one exists or can be started. Is this of interest to you?"

Oct. 15, 2016 -

A reply to the above letter of inquiry arrived. They are not interested. After that I received additional leads for sites "doing blogs on vaccine injuries"[23] although I hadn't specified "vaccine injuries". Nevertheless the following quote comes from one of these "new" blog sites.

"Vaccination is an artificial invention made by man to alter immune function. The immune system, on the other hand, is a natural function given by God to protect us from disease. Trusting in manmade vaccination is like saying that we think God didn’t make us correctly and that we need artificially ‘boosting’ in order to survive."[22]

I agree! Our bodies have an amazing immune system. Yet like every other system in the body this one needs to be well nourished. However, (at least in the u.s. of A.) a cooperative system of dietary conditioning (with ignorance of nutritional truth) based on modern foods of commerce has systematically undermined the natural immunity over the past nine decades. (These aren't the only factors however they are the most foundational.) In the last couple decades people are realizing that their immunity has been compromised and that is why they are susceptible to propaganda for medical interventions.

January 22, 2017 -

While watching Ilsedora Laker in a German New Medicine Introduction (on Vimeo) a "GNM Online Seminar" she mentioned German biologist Stefan Lanka and a court decision in his favor based on his presentation that viruses do not exist! That got my immediate attention and without hesitation I emailed Sally Fallon saying this adds a new order of light on the issue of vaccinations. A webpage on this subject matter says:

"...Prof. Alfred Fischer writes in his book 'Vorlesungen über Bakterien' ('[academic] lectures on bacteria') from 1897 (!): 'as is true for any infectious disease - the fact that it does not only take the addition of the bacteria but also the unknown something of individual predisposition, goes without saying.'"[24]

How serendipitous for me to find this while listening to the Mew Medicine where all diseases are identifies as biological survival programs launched within seconds of experiencing an unexpected acute shock. The " unknown something of individual predisposition" is now revealed! Disease is a most wholistic phenomena involving psyche, brain and organ of that is simply how we are built!

April 28, 2017 - Food For Thought!

"As long as death by any means equals profit for anyone, we will have motive for crime that results in death---- whether it is poisoning the food or the water, vaccinating us with poisons, polluting our air with chemtrails, or causing senseless wars."[25]

Presently "causing senseless wars" appears to be the most profitable, however if Big Pharma were to have it's way I suspect that "vaccinating us with poisons" would surpass all the profit-making wars. That is because if Big Pharma were to have it's way every human being on Earth would get close to 100 prescheduled vaccinations. And it is close to total profit because there is virtually nothing of real value that goes into the actual vaccine! In fact just the opposite is true - they are worthless cause they are filled with crap!

September 20, 2017 -

Just watched "the #1 Healing Tool" presented by Dr. Kelly Brogan!

I am absolutely for the liberation from all fear-based systems - especially from antidepressants and virtually all of big pharma's product line!

Inspiring, inviting, and encouraging people to choose once again the quality of their life is definitely needed now and having that come from a psychiatrist is the greatest!

I love hearing people say that they are themselves! We need more people who are themselves.

Clearing the mind of "not self" beliefs is a first order of business in my "book".

Thank you very much for being who you are and for expressing that in our world now![26]

Thank You for visiting my "... Truth ..." Blog!

"Son of Truth"















[14] Re: "the ethical ... premises" - A significant part of my motivation for investing five hours this evening (7/21/15) in updating this blog is that the timing on these vaccine issues is probably as good as it gets - partly in light of the current astrological indications including Saturn Retrograde. I'm intending to return with substantial references on this.












Also see: "The Fruits of Endless War --- How Insurance Fraud Funds 'Your' Government(s)":



GMOs, Vaccines, Revolving Door, Conflicts of Interest, Dr. Kelly Brogan M.D., MMR vaccine, center for disease control, Dr. William Thompson, autism, mercury, rights, autoimmune disease, immunologic, biology of joy

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