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JFK Assassination & The American Psyche

"the most terrible unsolved political murder in this nation in the 20th Century."[8] Research focused on what appears to be a fifty-four year old "hanging conflict" in America's psyche.

Date:   12/7/2014 10:31:38 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 2304 times

November 7, 2019 - The Assassination Records -

"... When Congress passed the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992 agencies throughout the Federal Government transferred assassination-related records to the National Archives which established the JFK Assassination Records Collection. The Collection consists of approximately 5 million pages of records. Approximately 88% of the records in the Collection are open in full. An addition 11% are released in part with sensitive portions removed. Approximately 1% of documents identified as assassination-related remain withheld in full."[11]


"1%" may appear to be a small percentage however that represents 50, 000 actual "pages of records." It could take one individual over a year of reading over 100 pages every day to get through those records. The assassination continues to be an unresolved/"hanging conflict" in the American psyche. If a complete resolution requires awareness of the truth of the matter (followed by the ability to respond to that) then one can only wonder whether the generations of American people who were alive since about 1960 (and able to have some awareness of the assassination) will be able to have sufficient resolution of this traumatic event.

December 7, 2014 -

In my affinity with the new medicine (that I've blogged on here at "Son of Truth") I've thought of researching what has been published regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the impact on the American psyche. About eighteen hours ago I was inspired and noted to search on the responses to the November 22, 1963 event before the Warren Report was released and then identify the Human Design charts of the authors who didn't believe the media's presentation (that started with the virtually immediate focus on Oswald, his quick assassination and the summary conclusion declaring that the case was essentially closed) and compare those with the Human Designs of authors responding with disbelief to the Warren Report". My "theory" is that individuals with prominently Defined Spleen Centers and/or Defined Solar Plexus Centers would predominate among the first wave of "non-believers" and that individuals with Defined Sacral Centers would predominate in the second wave.

I just started a search with these terms: psyche"jfk assassination" and got about 403,000 results.

Unknown date -
"A 2003 Gallup poll reported that 75% of Americans do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President Kennedy. That same year an ABC News poll found that 70% of respondents suspected that the assassination involved more than one person. A 2004 Fox News poll found that 66% of Americans thought there had been a conspiracy while 74% thought there had been a cover-up."[5]

October 6, 2019 - The Council on Foreign Relations -

"The Council on Foreign Relations ... came about as a result of a meeting on May 30 1919, at the Hotel Majestic in Paris. Some of the fifty participants were Edward M. House, Harold Temperley, Lionel Curtis, Lord Eustace Percy, Herbert Hoover, Christian Herter, Paul Warburg, and American historians James Thomson Shotwell of Columbia University, Archibald Coolidge of Harvard and Charles Seymour of Yale.

Formally established in 1921, it is one of the most powerful private organizations with influence on U.S. foreign policy. It has about 4,000 members, including former national security officers, professors, former CIA members, elected politicians, and media figures. The CFR is not a formal institution within U.S. policy making."[10]


Includes a section on "JFK Assassination."

December 11th, 2014 -

A recent comment on this blog contributed greatly to this "project" (that BTW has it roots in a series of brain-storming sessions that began at about the beginning of last year) and here's a link to today's reading:

'... Vietnam's Sept. 2, 1945 Declaration of Independence from the French empire was modeled on the U.S. Declaration. It began with these words:

' "All men are created equal; they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.' This immortal statement was made in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America in 1776...." ' ..."

Dec. 23rd, 2014 -

New search terms: "jfk assassination"+"collective impact" with 351 results. The following quote is right off the top of the heap:

"Dr. Barbie Zelizer, a professor of communications at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of About to Die: How News Images Move the Public and Covering the Body: The Kennedy Assassination, the Media, and the Shaping of Collective Memory.

Quote: In the Oct. 25 edition of The Los Angeles Times, Zelizer said, 'Our fixation with JFK is driven by a desire to achieve closure on an event that defies comprehension. We're not good at stories without ends. Americans like our history neat and tidy, and the Kennedy assassination absolutely messes that up.' ...":

Also at the University of Penn site:

"... Kennedy's assassination marked the ‘coming of age’ of television as the nation's major news source. In the course of four days from the president's death until his funeral, television acted as the both a national unifier and as its cathedral. By one estimate, 91 percent of all homes remained fixated to their (then) black and white screens."

4:47 AM -
“The early nineties displayed many of the patterns of assassination retelling exhibited in earlier years.[1] The public distrust of government grew and, in part due to scandals like Irangate, the October Surprise, and the BCCI affair[2], so did belief in the possibility of conspiracy activities among high government officials. The continuing contest for authority now was complicated by energetic and seemingly credible efforts from retailers in popular culture. This gave rise both to renewed questions about who was authorized to tell the story of Kennedy’s death, and to new questions about the role of popular culture as an appropriate and legitimate domain of telling. Both sets of questions affected the ability of the media to continue asserting their role as preferred spokespeople for the assassination tale.”:

Covering the Body: The Kennedy Assassination, the Media, and the Shaping of Collective Memory” by Barbie Zelizer

Dec. 24th, 2014 -

I found this to be a most amazingly interesting video clip at:

'Preparing the public mind for the Kennedy assassination.
John F. Kennedy’s last public talk the morning he was killed.'

“This is Ed Herbert at Hotel Texas where 2,000 guests are awaiting the arrival of the president. Just about 30 seconds ago the president finished a ten-minute appearance at the parking lot across the street from the hotel and he is on his way up.[3] We expect him to walk through this door at any moment.

We’ve had several … false starts so to speak … that the president is coming and when he does of course there will be a large … round of applause and … … the Eastern Hills High School band 79 members … will breakout with “Hail to The Chief” so you’ll have no doubt when he does arrive.

When the president appeared out in the parking lot he broke one of the cardinal rules of security … and in fact he broke it 2 or 3 times. He went out into the crowd and of course secret service men find this the most nervous time of any presidential appearance. As long as the secret service men can keep the crowd away from the president they have a good chance of protecting him but once … he moves into a crowd … the secret service men are nearly immobilized in protecting him.

Another rule is that anyone who approaches the president should have both hands visible … and empty. And as you can tell in a crowd there’s no way to determine that … so whenever the president does move out into a crowd for hand-shaking and back-slapping and changing-exchanging pleasantries he is always … at the mercy of the crowd and the secret service is at its least effective position.

On September 6th, 1901 those 2 rules … were broken … and … it ended in tragedy. That was the day that president William McKinley was appearing at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York and … at a public reception the crowd moved in around him and the three secret service men who were guarding him had no chance to screen the people who were approaching him. Because it was a hot day … secret service also allowed persons to have handkerchiefs in their hands to wipe their perspiring brows. It just so happened that one of the thousands of handkerchiefs in that large hall covered a revolver in the hand of 28 yr. old Leon Czolgosz [4].

He was an unemployed mill worker. He said he was an anarchist. He was also … was a man with a long history of mental illness. And as in many important occasions of the world no one seemed to sense that anything different was going to happen.

When McKinley reached out to shake Czolgosz’s hand it looked like a familiar scene - the scene of the president of the United States shaking hands with Fred nobody. The assassin shattered that picture quickly. He slapped McKinley’s hand away and fired two shots point blank. In an instant McKinley’s attacker was driven to the floor. As the president was being helped to a chair McKinley murmured don’t let them hurt him. Seven days later McKinley was dead.

Oddly enough the assassination attempt was staged in the Temple of Music, quite an ironical note, and there was quiet Bach sonata being played in the background when the two fatal shots … rang out.

Now here comes vice-president Johnson, Governor Connally, Senator Ralph Yarborough, Congressman Jim Wright, State Senator Don Kennard.

Here comes the president.”

(Look at Johnson’s facial expression.)

"The newscaster (Ed Herbert) spent over two minutes talking about presidential assassination. Why? President Kennedy was dead just hours later."

September 22, 2015 -

From Comments -
Subject: Re: JFK Assassination & The American Psyche
Date: 12/8/2014 8:40:18 PM (9 months ago)
Hits: message viewed 457 times

A friend of mine, "Bob" was searching in the archives of Stanford University and found a telegram by J. Edgar Hoover 3 days after the assassination. In it Hoover gave the order to destroy a certain document that he referenced with a code number.

This caught Bob's attention, he searched further and found the document that Hoover was referring to. Somebody did not follow orders and the original was there in the same archive.

It was a telegram by Lee Harvey Oswald warning J. Edgar Hoover of a live assassination cell in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to assassinate President Kennedy.

Oswald sent this same telegram to every major FBI office. Only one telegram survived.

Bob tried to get this published but no publisher would touch it. It was however published in EIR or Executive Intelligence Review. A publication by Lyndon LaRouche.

Thank you!

I've pursued your mention of EIR and have noted several extraordinary insights that I am sincerely grateful for!

One thing is that I now have an even higher regard for Jim Garrison. “... he writes in 'On the trail of the Assassins.' (Sheridan Square Press, NY), 'a product of my family, my military experience, and my years in the legal profession. I could not imagine then that the government would ever deceive the citizens of this country.'”

Another note I made from EIR:
“According to the records of the New Orleans Grand Jury, nearly a dozen individuals who had worked with Lee Harvey Oswald during his residence in New Orleans and who represented potential crucial sources of evidence in the probe had been hired by defense contractors immediately following the Kennedy killing, given lucrative positions, and placed under constant screen of DISC1, which maintained security responsibilities for all the facilities and personnel of the nation's defense contractors.”

Plus this October '67 Playboy interview:

Garrison: ... the clincher, as far as Washington's obstruction of our probe goes, is the consistent refusal of the Federal Government to make accessible to us any information about the roles of the CIA, anti-Castro Cuban exiles and the para-military right in the assassination. There is, without doubt, a conspiracy by elements of the Federal Government to keep the facts of this case from ever becoming known --- a conspiracy that is the logical extension of the initial conspiracy by the CIA to conceal vital evidence from the Warren Commission. …

... it may be that none of these CIA files reveals anything sinister about Lee Harvey Oswald or hints in any way that he was employed by our Government. But then, why are the 51 CIA documents classified top secret in the Archives and inaccessible to the public for 75 years? I'm 45, so there's no hope for me, but I'm already training my eight-year-old son to keep himself physically fit so that on one glorious September morn in 2038 he can walk into the National Archives in Washington and find out what the CIA knew about Lee Harvey Oswald. ...

… ((Given) the fact that most of the Commission members had already presumed Oswald's guilt and were merely looking for facts to confirm it --- and in the process tranquilize the American public --- you'll realize why the Commission was such a dismal failure. ...”

Was the American public adequately tranquilized?


By the early fall of 1963, Kennedy's plan for a détente with Cuba was in high gear. Ambassador William Attwood, ... recounts that a thaw in U.S.-Cuban relations was definitely in the works at this time and "the President more than the State Department was interested in exploring the [Cuban] overture." One of the intermediaries between Castro and Kennedy was the late television commentator Lisa Howard, who met secretly with Ernesto Che Guevara to prepare peace terms between the U.S. and Castro. Miss Howard was arranging a conference between Bobby Kennedy and Guevara when the President was shot in Dallas. In a United Nations speech on October 7, 1963, Adlai Stevenson set forth the possibility of a termination of hostilities between the two countries, and on November 19th. Presidential aide McGeorge Bundy, who was acting as an intermediary in the secret discussions, told Ambassador Attwood that the President wanted to discuss his plans for a Cuban-American détente in depth with him right after "a brief trip to Dallas." The rest is history. One of the two heads of state involved in negotiating that detente is now dead, but the survivor, Fidel Castro, said on November 23rd that the assassination was the work of "elements in the U.S. opposed to peace," and the Cuban Foreign Ministry officially charged that "the Kennedy assassination was a provocation against world peace perfectly and minutely prepared by the most reactionary sectors of the United States." Most Americans at the time, myself included, thought this was just Communist propaganda. But Castro knew what he was talking about. A few weeks after the assassination, the Cuban ambassador to the UN, Dr. Carlos Lechuga, was instructed by Castro to begin "formal discussions" in the hope that Kennedy's peace plan would be carried on by his successor. Ambassador Attwood writes that "I informed Bundy and later was told that the Cuban exercise would be put on ice for a while -- which it was and where it has been ever since. ..."

with additional information.

The "second day of Christmas" - 2015 -

Just discovered a superb astrologer who has included medical astrology in her presentation regarding JFK's natal chart along with some progressions.

I've just submitted a request for her consideration.:

December 26, 2015 at 6:45 am

Greetings dear Lynn!

I deeply appreciate your presentation at:

I imagine that you may agree that the events of November 22, 1963 created a shock-trauma/conflict upon our collective psyche and that the post traumatic impact probably has not been fully resolved in the generations of people who can remember this history. You may also agree that it may be possible to gain new perspectives along with deeper insights and understanding that can aid in the healing of this trauma. Of all the astrological assessments of individuals and events that I have ever known I most appreciate your astrological sensibilities that are so well paired with your understanding of the need for soul growth. Is there a possibility that you could assemble a presentation on the events of November 22, 1963 in light of humanity’s evolution?

September 16, 2016 -

At YouTube I found a JFK video that I had not seen before that not only underscored Bush's presence in Dallas on the day of the event but also revealed his attempt to establish an alibi:

I appreciate this presentation for giving voice to the importance of honoring the memory of JFK for avoiding nuclear war the year before.

I wish I had a transcript of this for my deeper contemplation. I experience this kind of disturbing truth as a necessity toward the possibility of resolution of the shock-conflict that was sustained upon the collective psyche on November 22nd, going on 53 years ago however I can't really say that a complete resolution is actually possible for everyone.

We have "veterans of foreign wars". We who were aware on November 22, 1963 are all "veterans" of a domestic war that shot into our psyche as of that day. We have "disabled veterans". IMO we also have "disabled veterans" of this domestic war who are waiting for the right kind of care that can support the deepest healing we have ever known.

Toward "the deepest healing".

September 22, 2017 -

"Police in Miami recorded a conversation on November 9, 1963 between one of their informants and a man who laid out the exact events in Dallas two weeks later.

What did Miami police do with the information?

1. They used it to step up protection for Kennedy

2. They passed it on to the FBI

What did the FBI do with it?

1. They passed it on to offices all over the US

2. …But they excluded Dallas."[6]

The above came to me from one of my network "subscriptions":

"If you're still interested in the assassination of JFK, you may have come across some of the Milteer story already. The Miami prelude to Dallas is opened up and involved much more than one 'informant'. You still might go to the link below because youtube will sidebar some other fascinating videos... interviews with people like E. Howard Hunt, virtually on his deathbed. ..."

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Brasscheck TV"
Subject: Kennedy assassination plan in Miami
Date: 2017 September 19 ...


- Brasscheck TV

September 24, 2017 -

Just listened to the video linked in the post above (22nd"):

"On November 9, 1963, Miami police audio taped a conversation between one of their informants, William Somerset and a wealthy right-wing extremist named Joseph Adams Milteer. In the tape, Milteer reveals his knowledge of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy ( "it's in the working" ) from a "building with a high powered rifle". In this video, lead detective Everett Kay describes setting up the surveillance, discusses the contents of the tape and discloses what security changes for the President's November 18th visit to Miami were made in light of the threat. ..."[7]

Also: "Consider the following facts, which five decades after the JFK assassination are now well-established:

● Weeks before the assassination Milteer confided to an old friend that there was a extant plot to murder President Kennedy by shooting him with a rifle from a tall building; and there are very good reasons for believing Milteer knew what he was talking about.

● The FBI was apprised of the alleged plot and took the matter seriously, but carried out a rushed investigation of Milteer and then closed its files prior to the assassination.

● After the assassination, FBI officials assigned a rookie agent to investigate Milteer and withheld vital pieces of information from that agent. The agent was not even told of Milteer’s conversation with Somersett.

● It was not until five days after the assassination that the agent, after intensive searching, found Milteer.

● During Milteer’s brief interview by the FBI agent on Nov. 27, 1963, the agent, as he had been instructed, put only five questions to Milteer, only one of which related to the assassination, and none of which inquired whether Milteer had known about a plot against JFK. Nor was he asked where he was on Nov. 22, 1963.

● The official report prepared by the agent disappeared down the memory hole and has been replaced or supplemented by other reports that are false or misleading.

● The House Assassinations Committee briefly investigated Milteer. It did not independently investigate whether Milteer had been in Dallas on the day of the assassination. It did ask a panel of experts to examine the Altgens photograph, but the panel’s work product was flawed by its incorrect information about Milteer’s height and head hair.

● Milteer was not in Georgia on the day of the assassination. He was in Dealey Plaza in Dallas watching the presidential motorcade pass by only moments before the gunfire began. Following the assassination Milteer’s whereabouts was unknown until he returned to Georgia five days later.

● By any objective standard, the FBI investigation of Milteer was unprofessional. Atypically for the FBI, especially when the murder of an American president was involved, the investigation was lackadaisical and superficial."[8]

September 26, 2017 - Predictions of Joseph Milteer:

"... cursory interview report in December 1963 and a somewhat more detailed one in July 1964, late in the Commission's term. But even the later report failed to discuss the story finally reached the public in 1967 in a newspaper article."[9]

[1] November 22 1991 marked 28 years since November 22, 1963 and that began the first "Saturn Return" since the assassination. Also that completed four 7-year cycles - both of which can indicate a kind of coming of age for the public who were impacted 28 years earlier by this event.



Then see:









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