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Creme de la Creme: Dr. Weston A. Price

Price recorded within (the) pages (of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration) nature’s closest approximation to the gold standard of today’s evidence-based medicine, the randomized controlled trial,

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"Weston Price was far more than a dentist. He conducted his pioneering work in nutritional and medical anthropology, which culminated in his epic treatise, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, after twenty-five years of laboratory and clinical research into the causes and consequences of tooth decay had already earned him national recognition as a leading scientist. The work contained therein is far more than an interesting travelogue or a survey of the health of traditional cultures: Price recorded within its pages nature’s closest approximation to the gold standard of today’s evidence-based medicine, the randomized controlled trial."[1]

"In order for medical anthropology to be effective, the investigator must engage in vigorous research in an attempt to understand a world-view that may seem foreign in terms of popular or currently held beliefs. The case of Weston A. Price offers a prime example of this."[2]

"The Dinkas of the Sudan, whom Price claimed were the healthiest of all the African tribes he studied, ate a combination of fermented whole grains with fish, along with smaller amounts of red meat, vegetables, and fruit. The Bantu, on the other hand, the least hardy of the African tribes studied, were primarily agriculturists. Their diet consisted mostly of beans, squash, corn, millet, vegetables, and fruits, with small amounts of milk and meat. Price never found a totally vegetarian culture. Modern anthropological data support this: all cultures and peoples show a preference for animal foods and animal fat"[3]

"... very consistent with what anthropologists and field physicians were saying at the time. Price also published many of his findings in respected peer-reviewed journals like JAMA and JADA during his lifetime. His genius was in consolidating information from many different cultures and examining what they had in common."[4]

"...Dr. Price has accomplished one of those epochal pieces of research which make every other investigator desirous of kicking himself because he never thought of doing the same thing." -
Earnest Albert Hooton
Professor of Anthropology,
Harvard University
November 21, 1938.[5]

"Dr. Weston A. Price discovered High Vitamin Butter Oil in the 1930's. The pinnacle of his X-Factor discovery was the extreme synergistic effect between High Vitamin Butter Oil and traditional cod liver oil. 'One without the other did not do his patients justice, but the two together worked like magic'."[6]

August 5th -

Christopher Cogswell, founder of the "Radiant Life" company:

"There is a fair amount of anth/archaeological literature that documents the superior health and bone structure of hunter-gatherers as compared to agriculturalists.

Then there is Leon Abrams, who did cross-cultural research into vegetarianism in the early 80s. He is on the honorary board of the WAPF I believe.

It's interesting to consider that for the research Price did to occur, it had to happen within a window that lasted only a couple decades. He had to have world travel, photography, and native peoples eating their native diets next to native peoples who had eaten western foods long
enough to show the health effects in themselves and at least one generation of children. So while it's a shame that Price's research hasn't been duplicated by later researchers, one wonders if even as early as the post WWII 40s one could embark on a 10 year research project and find enough qualified subjects!"[7]

October 3rd -

Weston Price (1870-1948) was truly 'the Charles Darwin of nutrition'. He discovered what health is made of, and proved it beyond any doubt. In the early 1930s Price traveled more than 100,000 miles to study the diets and health of isolated primitive peoples all over the world, at a time when such communities still existed -- people 'who were living in accordance with the tradition of their race and as little affected as might be possible by the influence of the white man'. What he found makes fascinating reading, turning many of our modern ideas on their heads -- far from living lives that were 'nasty, brutish and short', these people were healthy, vigorous and happy, with few or none of the modern diseases of degeneration. Then Price compared these communities to other, less isolated groups of the same peoples, exposed to the 'trade foods' produced by industrial society (processed foods grown by synthetic farming methods), in the shape of the 'white man's store'. He found it takes only one generation of eating industrialized food to destroy health and immunity. But he leaves us with the promise of regeneration -- thwarted health can be recaptured. Full text online. See Journey to Forever's review of this extraordinary book, plus links to further reviews and resources.[8]

I was inspired to search: "So we can make perfect babies" as that quote is attributed to the interviews that Weston A. Price conducted with various native peoples in regards to why they ate the foods they eat. Dr. Price wrote:

"The lessons from the primitive races demonstrate certain procedures that should be adopted for checking the progressive degeneration of our modernized cultures. If, as now seems indicated, mal-development with its production of physical, mental and moral cripples is the result of forces that could have been reduced or prevented, by what program shall we proceed to accomplish this reduction or prevention?

I have presumed in this discussion that the primitive races are able to provide us with valuable information. In the first place, the primitive peoples have carried out programs that will produce physically excellent babies. This they have achieved by a system of carefully planned nutritional programs for mothers-to-be. It is important to note that they begin this process of special feeding long before conception takes place, not leaving it, as is so generally done until after the mother-to-be knows she is pregnant. In some instances special foods are given the fathers-to-be, as well as the mothers-to-be. Those groups of primitive racial stocks who live by the sea and have access to animal life from the sea, have depended largely upon certain types of animal life and animal products. Specifically, the Eskimos, the people of the South Sea Islands, the residents of the islands north of Australia, the Gaelics in the Outer Hebrides, and the coastal Peruvian Indians have depended upon these products for their reinforcement. Fish eggs have been used as part of this program in all of these groups. The cattle tribes of Africa, the Swiss in isolated high Alpine valleys, and the tribes living in the higher altitudes of Asia, including northern India, have depended upon a very high quality of dairy products. Among the primitive Masai in certain districts of Africa, the girls were required to wait for marriage until the time of the year when the cows were on the rapidly growing young grass and to use the milk from these cows for a certain number of months before they could be married. In several agricultural tribes in Africa the girls were fed on special foods for six months before marriage. The need for this type of program is abundantly borne out by recent experimental work on animals, such as I have reported in Chapters 17, 18 and 19."[9]






See: "Most Helpful Customer Reviews -
A very important book
By Sasquatch on August 25, 2008"







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