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Posts November 6th 2015 - February 2nd, 2016

The 'Creme de la Creme' of Blog posts by Chef Jemichel

Date:   11/6/2015 11:14:21 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 1415 times

At my "Psyche & Health" Blog - added to "Psyche & Cosmos - Bridging the 'impossible' gap between the individual's psyche and the Cosmos":

Nov. 7th -

Added to: "Transformations with Chef Jemichel"!:

Nov. 9th -

Copied my comment to: "The Flu Vaccination Marketing Paradigm" at "Son of Truth of Self" that I had just posted at Dr. Brownstein's Blog:

Nov. 13th -

Added an Omraam quote on the significance of pain to: "What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?":

(and also thought of Dr. Chris Lowthert (DC) whom I mention three times in that blog).

Added "the Hermetic tradition" to: "Ascending Liberty":

Added reference re: Human Deisgn to:
"Knowing Your Human Design Plus Dyads Supports Truth of Self!" at:

Nov. 14th -

Added link on "Patient Gradualism":

Added Omraam to "Ascending Liberty":

Nov. 15th -

Added Omraam and commentary to: "Psyche & Health Resources and Related Links":

November 23rd -

Posted: "Long Winter Nights' Sleep - Blessings within the dark!" at "Chef Jemichel":

Nov. the 24th -

A new Blog: "The Enchanted Garden Onion":

Thanksgiving Day -

Posted at Cheeta adding to:
"My Music is a Foundation For My 'Transforming Art'":

Early morning after -

"I am living for the distinct possibility of co-creating truly healthy community." Added to Cheeta:

Nov. 29th -

The initial Cheeta vision draft originally published at the "Son of Truth of Self" Blog.:

Nov. 30th -

Added "Continuing with "Gene Keys": The Seven Sacred Seals" under Footnote 12: "Self & Other - Social & Anti-Social Thresholds":

Later -
Added new post to "My Human Design":

December 1st -
Added Footnote Re: Whole Being Listening to:
"Knowing Your Human Design + Dyads Supports Truth of Self!":

Dec. 2nd -

Added "Colostrum" to 'Creme de la Creme' Nutrition:

I have tried colostrum a number of times and I didn't really notice much of anything. Now with their article I believe I realize why. I believe the article underscores what Bernard Jensen has said about goat milk being at its nutritional, nourishing and medicinal best when taken so fresh that it is still warm!

Dec. 3rd -

New Blog post at "Transformations With Chef Jemichel" -
Right Timing:

And - added links to articles re: "Sound Money":

Dec. 4th -

Added: "Pay Attention & Master Your Thoughts and Gestures! -
True economy is being attentive and sensible ..." (Omraam quote) @ Cheeta:

Dec. 7th -
Added to: "Pay Attention & Master Your Thoughts and Gestures!" at:

Dec. 9th -
"The deep biological purpose behind pain ..." posted at: Psyche & Health:

Dec. 11th -

After having close to an eighty-minute conversation with German New Medicine practitioner Christopher Lowthert I
added to my Psyche & Health Blog: The True Nature of Pain ~ Understanding pain from new perspectives that include the psyche.:

plus: added at my Truth Blog on: "Brain Chemistry ...":

Dec. 13th -

Added content re: "Do-It-Yourself Spiritual Psychotherapy" to my "Wish List":

Added content and a link to:
"What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?":

Dec. 20th -

Added "My twelve primary Dyads to date" to:
"The Cyclocosmic Picture of Reality" at:

Tell me who you are.
Tell me what you are.
Tell me what another is.
Tell me what life is.
(These first four are the traditional Enlightenment Intensive Dyads.)

Tell me what communication is.
Tell me what dialogue is.
Tell me what truth is.
Tell me what friendship is.
Tell me what community is.
Tell me what love is.
Tell me what the Earth is.
Tell me what Cosmos is.

Dec. 21st -

Added new blog post at "Transformations With ..." -
"Manifesting Miracles - 101":

Added to: "The Communication Cycle" - "Communication as a 12 part Cycle"!:

Dec. 22nd -

Added new post to "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth":

Dec. 23rd -

Added to: "The Need To Heal '9/11' (as well as November 22. 1963)!":

(Additional search terms: November 22, 1963, JFK, conspiracy, free speech, the President and the Press.)

Dec. 24th -

Added quote by Ra Uru Hu regarding consciousness, potential awareness, and potential awakeness to "Our 64 'Gene Keys'" (at "The Whey, The Truth and The Life!" Blog):

Christmas Day -

Added Footnote #32 to "Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel":

Added "taking Dyads ... into higher levels of consciousness" to: "Choose Again To Communicate - Creation and communication are synonymous!":

Added: "Guidelines for Open Dialogue" to:
Blog: "Interpersonal Communication In The Spirit of Dialogue +":

Added more re: "the 'Christian' perspective" to "Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel":

December 27th -

New Post: "New Pain Relief Treatment -
For conditions that involve low endogenous opioid production, like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, LDN may prove to be profoundly beneficial.":

Added to:
"Welcome to 'Transformations with Chef Jemichel'!":

Dec. 30th -
Added "Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits" includes all "Acts of Congress"! to: "Getting Clear About Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits!":

January 1st, 2016 -

New post: "Start Your 2016 in The Best Way Possible!
- The year is a living being! The first seven days of its 'nourishment' are most vital!":

The 2nd -

New Blog post (the 33rd) at Cheeta!: "Melodic Resonance -
Looking forward to 'a fundamental shift in the structure of the collective psyche'!":

Added to previous blog at Son of Truth of Self, now re-titled as: "Languages of Light - In astrology, your Human Design, your Gene Keys and in your cells!":

January 4th -

New Blog post: "Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef Jemichel - The creation of individualized BodyGraphs plus video-taped presentations.":

Jan. 6th -

New Blog post: "Be Aligned With The Music of The Spheres!
- The most fundamental right relationships with our core being, with the U-n-I-verse and in the world.":

Jan. 7th -

Added "Wholeness = Health" to: "Welcome to 'Psyche & Health'! - An introduction to the new medicine paradigm.":

A new Blog post at Cheeta - "Living Your Life as Medicine!":

Added to: "Meditations for Psyche & Health":

Jan. 8th -

Added book section descriptions to: "A 'Trilogy' of Your Life!":

9th -

Added regarding "Our last evolutionary shift" to: "Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef Jemichel":

The 10th -

New Blog Post @ Transformations - "Your Sun-Rise! - Identify the first Siddhi in your Human Design!":

11th -

Added prayer as part of the communication mastery theme in: "Living Your Life as Medicine!":

Added to: "Understanding All About the True Nature of Pain -
Understanding pain from new perspectives that include the psyche." at: "Psyche & Health" -

Added my comment on: "Newly Discovered Eighth Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Dumbed Down America Has Become" to my Blog: "Getting Clear About Federal Proprietary Jurisdiction Limits!" at:

Added Omraam quote to: "Welcome to "Transformations with Chef Jemichel"!:

Added the possibility of a fourth section to "the book" that I've been envisioning, writing about, and writing inspired notes on over the past year or so.:

January 12th -

Added "inner cooking" to "The Power of Your Love":

New blog post: "Inner Order - Why meditation is so essential." at: "The Enchanted Garden Onion":

The 13th - New blog post at Psyche & Health:
"Psyche & Health During Pregnancy - The child’s nature and character are determined before they are born.":

14th - Added Omraam quote to Evolving Nutrition Awareness:

15th - Added Omraam quote to "A "Trilogy" of Your Life!" at Cheeta.:

January 16th -
Added the concept of psychological projections that are made by the people upon the "president" to: Son of Truth of Self" blog post: "To Support This Constitution":

Added to "The Need To Heal '9/11' (as well as November 22. 1963)!":

Jan. 17th -

Added to: the "Primary Obligation of a Citizen is To Question Authority":

Added to: "The Methods Used to Deceive The Nations":

The 18th -

Added a couple items to:

"Start Your 2016 in The Best Way Possible!":

including the "Rave" New Year.

20th -

Added comment I made at "The Bovine" to:
"Creme de la Creme - The potential that farmers and chefs have to be at the 'front line of well-being'" at:
"Raw Milk: The Whole Truth":

Added a new Chris Masterjohn quote Re: Vitamin A to:
"Butter - A Truly Amazing Health Food & Real Food As Medicine"
@ my: "Blog: Chef Jemichel":

Jan. 20th -
Added quote from Omraam's book on Alchemical Nutrition to: "The Continuation of Evolving Nutrition Awareness - Enjoy Good Digestion with food prepared as medicine and eaten in a sacred way.":

23rd -
New Blog post: "Vegan Rights? - The so called 'right' in Ontario, Canada needs to be amended when it comes to children's public schools.":

Jan 27th -
Added Omraam quote on meditation to "Pathways To Truth":

28th -

Added Judge Anna Von Reitz to "Kemper v State + 'The Whiskey Rebellion' - The sovereignty that was essentially transferred from the King of England to the American people at the conclusion of the war for Independence.":

29th -
Started a new blog post at:
"Evolving Nutritional Awareness - By Chef Jemichel" - "Nutrition For Your Higher Nature":

30th -
Added Ed Rivera interviews to: "Time To Truly Think About US Federal Court Jurisdiction - Proof that the federal courts are without judicial power.":

31st -
Added Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov current quote to "From "Quest" to Omraam":

February 1st -

A new Blog post: "Free Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth Summit! - All the information you need to have the healthiest baby possible." at: "Chef Jemiche":

The 2nd -

Added Omraam quote link at my Son of Truth of Self" Blog: "Got Freedom? - The true nature of freedom and the need to clarify our terms." at:

Added to "Weston Price's 'Activator X', Vitamin K2 and Dental Health - Dental caries aka cavities can be healed!":

New Post: "Raw Milk Is a Universal Human Food - Including in Canada! - Video of Mark McAfee Speaking at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium":


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