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Are You Really a "citizen of the United States"?

Or - would you Really Want to claim that status if you knew that it confers no Rights for you? ......... - Clarifying legal terms as if our freedom depends on it!

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May 7, 2020 - Regarding a United States Citizen -

Political Character -
The key to defining your political character can be found in 28 US Code § 1746. Essentially our choices are 1) without the United States corporation jurisdiction or 2) within the United States corporation jurisdiction, also known as a United States Citizen. 28 US Code § 1746: 1 Wherever, under any law of the United States or under any rule, regulation, order, or requirement made pursuant to law, any matter is required or permitted to be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the sworn declaration, verification, certificate, statement, oath, or affidavit, in writing of the person making the same (other than a deposition, or an oath of office, or an oath required to be taken before a specified official other than a notary public), such matter may, with like force and effect, be supported, evidenced, established, or proved by the unsworn declaration, certificate, verification, or statement, in writing of such person which is subscribed by him, as true under penalty of perjury, and dated, in substantially the following form: (1) If executed without the United States: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Signature)”. (2) If executed within the United States, its territories, possessions, or commonwealths: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Signature)”.[32]*

April 2, 2016 -

"The phrase 'citizen of the United States' means resident of the District of Columbia (see Memorandum of Law, August 10, 2015, p. 15, paragraphs 44–45)."[1][2]

Therefore the phrase 'citizen of the United States' qualifies as "semantic deceit"[3]

March 8, 2019 - Are You Really A "United Sates citizen"? -

... a false record of assumed contract has been created for each and every one of us: the Birth Certificate.

This is the first and primary evidence against us, suggesting that we are from birth "United States Citizens" or rather, that we were "volunteered" into that political status by our unwary Mothers. However, in order to make this legal the perpetrators also had to record the actual event of your birth, so that both your actual birthday and the birthdate of the Legal Person they created in your name appear on the same document, giving evidence of an unconscionable contract.[25]

June 25, 2019 - The So-Called "14th Amendment" citizen - aka "citizen of the United States" -

The adjunct political status "citizen of the United States" was created for Negroes in the wake of the Civil War as a means of seizing upon and enslaving them to pay the debts of the Confederacy. Thus, there came to be two kinds of "Citizen of the United States" --- the original Federal Civil Service Employees and their Dependents, and the new crop of slaves known as "citizens of the United States" --- termed "Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States".

Americans in general were never the object of the Fourteenth Amendment, as the public discussions that took place at the time make very, very clear. The intent of the Congress in passing the measure is also clear --- in their minds, they didn't mean to enslave anyone. They were trying to avoid more bloodshed and controversy.

The freed Negro population needed to have some kind of political status, so the Congress "conferred" US Citizenship on them rather than struggle with the individual States trying to make the States accept them as State Citizens.

The creation of a secondary, even less advantageous version of Municipal Citizenship--- the creation of a new kind of slave status-- was not the intention of the Congress that created the Fourteenth Amendment.

Two generations of bureaucrats and the bankruptcy of the original Scottish Corporation in 1907 would try to change the interpretation of the Act, but the Act still stands for what it is ---- proof that the way to Hell is paved with good intentions --- and the fact that no present-day presumption against us can be maintained on the basis of Fourteenth Amendment "citizenship".

If you aren't black and aren't either working for the Municipal Government and/or receiving unearned welfare checks from the Municipal Government, you couldn't possibly be in the political status of a Fourteenth Amendment citizen in the first place --- by definition.

And, obviously, the policies of a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation merely infringing on our Good Name and pretending to be "The United States of America" have no bearing on our political statuses today.

The actual, factual government occupying the land jurisdiction of this country decries this as nothing but the most venal and disgusting kind of abusive constructive fraud and organized commercial crime, all of it undertaken in Breach of Trust, and we lay the blame for it firmly at the feet of the Pope and the Queen and the members of Congress.[31]

May 3, 2019 - Anna -Reitz -

We can be American State Citizens and live as Minnesotans, Floridians, etc., and support our respective State Governments as Jurors, Justices, Peacekeeping Sheriffs, and so on.

We can be United States Citizens, that is, Administrative and Military Employees or Dependents of the Territorial Government.

We can be Citizens of the United States, that is, the Municipal (Civil) Government of the United States, their employees and dependents, etc.

This is never explained to us directly and forthrightly in schools getting Federal funding, for the obvious reason that if we choose to live on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual States of the Union, it cuts down tax revenues.

What we basically have is a giant racketeering scheme: both the Territorial and the Municipal Government corporations claim that we are citizens belonging to their organizations, so that both can tax us.

If we claim (mistakenly) to be United States Citizens, they prosecute us using the MUNICIPAL COURTS.

If we claim (even more mistakenly) to be UNITED STATES CITIZENS, they prosecute us using the Territorial Courts.

To further confuse the issues, we have Municipal Officers, like WILLIAM P BARR occupying Territorial Offices, like The Office of the United States Attorney General. This allows him or any other "Federal Official" to wear two hats, just like the description of what the "State" Legislatures and "US Congress" are doing.

And we, having been left in the dark our whole lives, never realize that we are not any kind of Federal Citizen, and that there is a Third Option that we are naturally owed and are heir to: American Citizenship, as one of the Citizens of the States of the Union.

Much of my work has been to bring this to everyone's attention and to encourage as many Americans as possible to wake up and reclaim your natural birthright political estate and get organized to operate your actual, factual State of the Union, instead of being dependent on and at the mercy of foreign service providers and their out of control alphabet soup "agencies".

It all hinges on "Who's citizen are you?"

We have to be able to stand there and say with absolute certainty (and the paperwork on record to prove it) --- "Minnesota Citizen" or "Illinois Citizen" or "Montana Citizen".

People who bother to secure their Certified Birth Certificates and their two Witness Testimonies affirming that they are "the" living man or woman whose physical birth details are noted on the Birth Certificate have evidence of non-consensual and unconscionable contracts being presumed against them as mere babies in their cradles. Such contracts are totally illegal, immoral, and unlawful and not due any kind of presumption or enforcement.

People who took the extra step to have a State Certified Birth Certificate "Authenticated" by the United States Secretary of State have proof that they are owed the Geneva Conventions, not the Hague Conventions, under international law.

These two things taken together are absolute proof in any court in America that you have suffered illegal, immoral, and unlawful conscription, and that you are in fact a State National with the option of acting as a State Citizen upon reaching age of majority (for our States, that's 21).

If you additionally completed and recorded the Paperwork we developed and published as part of Article 928 on my website: and which is available on, you have even more evidence as proof that you have been mis-identified and that you have taken steps to correct this, up to and including expatriating from any presumed "US Citizen" status and serving Public Notice of it to the authorities responsible.

And who are the "authorities responsible"? It turns out that it all comes down to the United States District Court and no other. The State of State Courts can't deal with us as Americans at all. That lies outside their scope as local franchises of the Federal Corporations.

We are, in terms of international law, "Foreign Sovereigns" with respect to the Federal Government workers, either Territorial or Municipal, because we occupy a completely different jurisdiction of the law ---- land law. We act as Lawful Persons. They act as Legal Persons.

And here is just more confirmation that all of this is true, factual, reliable, and important for all Americans including Federal Employees and Dependents (IRS OFFICERS, for example) to know:

UNITED STATES v. SLATER, 545 F.Supp. 179 (1982)

Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a citizen of the United States, the IRS possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal tax liability.

Please note that as we have always said, only Federal Citizens are liable to pay Federal Income Taxes and only Federal Citizens can be presumed to have Federal Income.

"What is Federal Income?"

Well, the Supreme Court danced around this question and described it instead of defining it. The learned Justices described such income as "profit separated from capital" --- which it is, but they fell short of stating the obvious -- that a Federal Income Tax is a corporate tax on Federal Income received by Federally chartered corporations, by their Federal Employees and their Federal Dependents.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with us and never did.

So when you see YOUR NAME in all capital letters, you will know that you are looking at a Federal Corporation being operated "in your NAME" and nothing else. This "PERSON" doesn't really exist, but they "presume" that you accepted their offer of a "franchise" and that that obligates you to operate as a "citizen of the United States"..[29]

May 10, 2019 - A Restatement of the Three Kinds of Citizenship -

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three kinds of "citizens" here in America.

There are actual Americans who are citizens of their States --- Virginians, Californians, Dakotans, Kentuckians, New Yorkers, Texans...... These People live in the actual, factual, physically defined States of the Union.

This is the actual Nation-State government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" that occupies the land and soil jurisdiction of every State. The People are owed all the assets of their States, but instead, two branches of the Federal Government that survived the Civil War have been taking it upon themselves to take our assets into custody "for" us, for "safe-keeping".

Thus it is that our Federal Employees have been ruling the roost and cracking the whip over the actual owners of the States, and undermining our rightful government in the process. So, now let's look at them:

There are British Territorial United States Citizens who are citizens of the British Commonwealth. These Persons exist as military or corporate Officers and their Dependents, employed by the Territorial United States of America. [Notice this is not The United States of America, which is an unincorporated Federation of actual States and People. This is a foreign corporation in the business of providing government services called "the" United States of America, Inc.] These people operate within Military and Judicial Districts that overlay the land and soil of our States.

They also operate the Territorial States of States organizations in every State. These States of States organizations are supposed to be serving the British Commonwealth citizens on our soil, but they have usurped upon us and "presumed" that we are all British Commonwealth citizens. They have done this by establishing illegal contracts and falsifying documents.

There are also Municipal Citizens of the United States who are citizens of the Municipality of Washington, DC, that are franchised by the Holy See. These PERSONS exist as Federal Civil Government Employees and their Dependents. These are the Postal Workers, the Agency Workers, the Welfare Recipients, the Political Asylum Seekers, and the US Corporation Franchises. These PERSONS also work within "Federal Districts" that are variously defined: Postal Districts, School Districts, Service Districts. These people operate the STATES OF STATES organizations and businesses like the DMV, FBI, IRS, etc. They also got into the act and established unauthorized STATES OF STATES to, purportedly, serve all their Citizens.

So you can be a Citizen of your State of the Union. You can be a British Citizen of a State of State on our shores. You can be a Municipal Citizen of a Municipal STATE OF STATE on our shores.

Or, you can choose not to be a "citizen" of anything at all, and simply call yourself a "national" of any of the fifty States, or the [Territorial] United States of America, or the [Municipal] United States.

Always remember that being a "citizen" implies an obligation to serve whichever government you are a citizen of in some capacity. Maybe you agree to serve it as a voter or a juror or a tax withholding agent, maybe you are employed by that government and become a "citizen" of it that way.

The problem is that millions of innocent American State Nationals and American State Citizens have been "mistaken" for either British Territorial Citizens or Municipal Citizens ---- and railroaded accordingly.

It always comes as a shock when we tell people, no, the United States Citizens have never been protected by any American Constitution, and neither have the Citizens of the United States been protected by our Constitutions. Why? Because they are citizens of entirely different governments.

Think about it for five seconds.

The States contracted originally with the Confederation of States (a group of commercial corporations doing business as the States of America with franchises doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia) to provide them with mutual governmental services--- a common defense, a common form of money, a common immigration policy, a common trade policy, etc.

The States of America (Confederation), the Original primary provider of all these services in common was destroyed during the Civil War. This Confederation included both the Northern States of States known as "the Union" and the Southern States of States known as the "Confederate States of America". These were supposed to be "Reconstructed" after the hostilities ended, but they never were.

Our intended Federal Government which is supposed to function with Three Branches --- Federal (States of America), Territorial (British), and Municipal (Rome) was destroyed.

To gloss over the "missing piece" and continue the story line of three branches of government, we were told that the branches of government were "executive, legislative, and judicial"----- which they are, but only within each branch.

In other words, each actual branch of the intended Federal Government structure had its own internal executive, legislative, and judicial functions, but that was not the original meaning of the "three branches of the Federal Government".

Just step back and observe for yourself that there are State of State (Territorial) Courts and STATE OF STATE (Municipal) COURTS, operating at the same time, and that "Congress" wears numerous hats, for example, "The Congress of the United States" and "The United States Congress".

If it were just a simple business of executive, legislative, and judicial, this vast multiplicity of courts and kinds of government organizations would not exist. So you may be sure--- just by using your own eyes and ears--- that there is more to this than you were ever taught in school.

Begin by asking yourself---- am I a citizen? And if so, what kind? American, British or Municipal? Am I one of the People, or am I functioning as a Person or as a PERSON? Who am I? Maybe I am not a citizen at all..... but at least think about it and think deeply.

American State Citizens and American State Nationals are both owed protection and peace---- especially from their own Employees. United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States have no such pleasant guarantees.

So think and think hard. Are you an American, a US Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States? Or are you no kind of "citizen" at all? Whatever shoe fits, its up to you to sort things out and declare your political status. Nobody can make your choices or live your life for you.

As for the Living Law Firm, it is not our part to make choices "for" you, but to present the choices to you, to make you aware of the actual history and condition of your government, and explain how and why you are being denied the protections of the Constitutions: the Constitutions are still there, but because you are being misidentified as a United States Citizen or a Citizen of the United States, those protections are not applicable to you. [30]

In the early 90s this writer expatriated from the United States of America and consistently reserved all his Rights ever since. Later (on two separate occasions) he was forbidden by armed agents from signing legal forms "with all Rights reserved." Later still he learned that the written law has limits as to how long an individual can be held without being brought before a magistrate, however things have changed since September 11, 2001. This writer has concluded that he is "no kind of 'citizen' at all"!

March 7, 2019 - "Ours v. Theirs" - By Anna Von Reitz -

Even today, among sincere patriots, there are many misunderstandings.

I had one such man who has devoted his life to restoring the lawful government owed to the people of this country describe the Federal Constitutions as our "Founding Documents".

They aren't our Founding Documents. They weren't even anticipated when our Founding Documents were forged.

The Federal Constitutions establish the Federal Government and our States are Parties to those agreements, but no, folks, the Federal Constitutions --- all three of them --- were lucky to be included as Organic Law in this country.

The Constitutions govern national trusts and commercial services contracts. They stipulate which organizations are supposed to provide which services. They establish the form and structure of the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Governments as they pertain to us. They limit the Federal Government. They provide guarantees to our States and to us. And that's about it.

As things stand, the trusts have been held in contempt by the British Monarch and the Pope, and the services have been totally ramrodded. The Hired Help has been running the roost, writing up contracts for themselves, charging whatever they wanted against our credit under conditions of fraud and under color of law.

And who are the Hired Help? The "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States".

These are two groups of foreign operatives on our shores, one British (United States Citizens) and one Papist (Citizens of the United States). Their political status is created and defined under Article 1, Section 2 and Article I, Section 3.

They are our employees and we are their employers. Never forget it again.

The Constitutions are their "Founding Documents"---- not ours.

We have every reason and right to form up our actual State Assemblies and hold the Queen and the Pope feet first to the fire for Gross Breach of Trust and for Fraud and many other crimes against the living people of this country.

We, the People, who are the actual population of the geographically defined States, can enforce the Constitutions and we need to do so without any further debate.

In view of the way we have been dis-served by the Queen and the Popes, we have every right to refuse them any further assumption of contract. Mr. Trump has a 30 day quid pro quo and that's all anyone has at this point.

They want us to respect the Constitutions and pay the bills, but they don't want to live in accord with and respect the Constitutions --- nor do they show the least little bit of concern for their actual employers.

They, the Hired Help, want to lord it over us and pretend that we are employees, just like they are employees---- except that we are considered "volunteers" who don't get paid for our services: slaves and indentured servants.

The tail has been wagging the dog so long that they, the tail, have forgotten that there is a dog, and tragically enough, there are even many Americans who have been asleep and thought so, too.

Well, here's a big ray of sunshine up their skirts. We are back. In force. On the land and soil of the American States. We know who we are. We know who they are. And the whole world knows what they owe us.[24]

Comment: This is the very first time that I am hearing a distinction between "citizen of the United States" and "United States citizen." I am immediately making note of this important distinction here and intend to at five additional blogs that mention this subject matter.

April 12, 2019 - "The US Citizen Blues" - By Anna Von Reitz -

Let's make it clear that while you persist in calling yourself a "US Citizen" and acting "as" a US Citizen, you are laboring under a number of profound disadvantages.

"US Citizens" have no access to the Constitutions nor to their guarantees and never have had. The political status of a "United States Citizen" (Territorial) and also that of "Citizen of the United States" (Municipal) was created by the Constitutions, and therefore, obviously, people adopting either one or both of these political status obligations are NOT Parties to the Constitutions. By definition.

The most "US Citizens" have is a promise of "Equal Civil Rights" which gets suspended during "National Emergencies"--- and so far as the corporations in DC are concerned, they are in a near-constant "state of emergency" as a result of their own mismanagement.

Some specific rights, like the right to Habeas Corpus, have even been suspended by Executive Order of the Commander in Chief since 1863. So there are numerous exceptions where even when there isn't a "national emergency", US Citizens are denied truly Equal Civil Rights.

The point is --- what Congress gives, the Congress --- or the President --- can take away. Why? Because "Civil Rights" are privileges conferred by the "Civil Government" --- that is, the Municipal Government of the United States. They have nothing to do with the "Natural and Unalienable Rights" that Americans are heir to.

US Citizens cannot own land in this country, with the result that they are considered tenants not landlords, and in all cases where US Citizens have homes or land in this country, they have only tenant rights.

If they are Territorial Citizens, the Municipal Government acts as landlord. If they are Municipal Citizens, the Territorial Government acts as landlord. And in no case do the US Citizens actually own anything. They are "presumed" to be "residing" here on a temporary basis, providing governmental services to us, the "missing" Americans. House-sitters, in other words.

United States Citizens are subject to statutory law and function as Legal Fiction Persons. They cannot access the Public Law or even The Law of Peace which the military is obligated to give us (AR 27-161-1).

Municipal Citizens of the United States and their slaves known as "citizens of the United States" are also taxpayers by definition. They, too, are all legal fiction PERSONS.

So there is no advantage to claiming to be a "US Citizen" of either stripe and never has been.

Except for getting a federal paycheck and other payola, there is no reason that any American in their right mind would ever knowingly or willingly choose to be considered a "US Citizen".

Since the US Citizens are all Taxpayers by definition, and Federal Corporations in DC have had a mighty motivation to count everyone in sight as "US Citizens" and to make it difficult for the rest of us who are not employed by the "Federal Government" to (1) claim our birthrights and (2) live in a militaristic society dominated by our employees and all their regimentation.

Nonetheless, unless they wish to be declared in open rebellion and guilty of committing treason and violation of international law and risk having their assumed commercial contracts voided, the corporations in DC are obligated to recognize your claim of either American State National status (no obligation to any government, except to keep the peace and cause no harm) or American State Citizen (involved in staffing the actual State Government you are owed).

The specific Offices responsible for recognizing your correct political status are: The United States Secretary of State, and The United States Attorney General's Office, and right after them, The United States Secretary of the Treasury.

On the local level, the State of State Governors, the State Secretaries of State, the State Attorney Generals, the Commissioners of the Departments of Natural Resources, and the District Attorneys are all obligated to recognize and provide the protections of your American State National and/or American State Citizen political status.

And to a man, they religiously fail to do so and get away with this "neglect" because nobody is claiming their rightful political status as Americans and nobody is holding them accountable.

Now, obviously, most Americans are not aware that they have been "presumed upon" and misidentified as US Citizens. They have gone about their lives thinking, "Well, of course, I am an American! Any fool can see that!" --- but "Misery Loves Company" and the members of Congress are an odd mix of clueless and criminal and they are greedy for tax dollars and power--- with the result that you have been systematically misidentified as a "volunteer" and as a "US Citizen".

What are you going to do about it? Well, first of all, you need to know who and what you are and the fact that your nationality is determined by your place of birth on Earth. You were born within the borders of an American State, on its land and soil, and by definition you are an American, not a "US Citizen".

Your physically defined State is your Nation. You are a Texan, a Wisconsinite, a New Yorker.... that is your nationality, and more generally, you are an American.

Anyone who says differently is "mis-characterizing" you and is guilty of crime. This is a crime under the Geneva Conventions. Anyone who presumes that you are a "US Citizen" is "impersonating" you, because all "US Citizens" are merely "Legal Persons" --- having no ability to function as recognizable physical entities. Impersonation is a crime, too. So is kidnapping, inland piracy, and conspiracy against the Constitutions.

The people making these false claims against you, to the effect that you are a "US Citizen", can literally hang for it. That's why, when you bring it to their attention, they should all be very cordial and eager to recognize the fact that you are not and, in most cases, never were, any form of "US Citizen".

Unfortunately, some of them are intent upon securing tax revenue and claims of oppressive power over the American People --- like "Draft Boards" --- and they will try to bluff and bully you into "accepting" the status of "US Citizen" even though you are not getting a paycheck from their corporations. They will even try to enforce citizenship obligations upon you as a "contractual obligation".

And this is where you must have your own ducks in order, because they have been plotting against you since your own babyhood and have been collecting "evidence" that you are a "US Citizen", beginning with a Birth Certificate issued by the local British Territorial Government franchise operating as a "State of State".

Ironically, this document, the BC, is also the primary evidence against them.

Once you prove via affirmed Witness Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit (two Witnesses needed) that you are the man or woman whose birth occurred on your birth day and at that place and of that parentage, it is also apparent that you were a baby at the time they snatched you away from your natural and native jurisdiction on the land and human trafficked you into their foreign jurisdiction on the sea.

The Birth Certificate is evidence of crime, the least of which is "unconscionable" contracting practices by the Territorial Government -- which is why when you bring it forward to the District Attorneys and the State Secretary of State and say the Magic Words, the doors welcoming you home should swing open wide and any troubles that you have with THEM should disappear like morning fog.

And if not, you go straight to the US Secretary of State and demand recognition as an American State National and/or American State Citizen.

Be aware, you cannot enjoy your birthright as an American and also claim that you are any kind of "US Citizen". This would allow the employees of foreign corporations to take over our land and soil and destroy our country --- and not just on paper. This is why our States do not allow Dual Citizenship.

So as the saying goes, "Use it or Lose it". Claim it, or color it gone.

Write that letter to the State-of-State Secretary of State and fully inform him or her that you are claiming your birthright political status and that you are acting as a Lawful Person and that you expect to be recognized as an American, not a US Citizen of either kind.

Send a copy to the State-of-State Attorney General, the Governor, the DNR Commissioner, and the US Secretary of State. For good measure, send a copy to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Explain your political status and the dirty trick that has been played on you and millions of other innocent Americans by their own employees. Demand recognition of your true political status and release from all presumptions of "US Citizen" status.

Tell them forthrightly that you are a peaceable Texan (or Minnesotan or....) owed the Law of Peace from the military and the full force of the Constitutions and that you do not "voluntarily" accept any presumptions otherwise.

If you are angry, you have a right to be angry. This entire country and its people have been outrageously imposed upon and abused by both the British Monarchs and the Popes, and all the while they have been prattling on about the importance of "Law" while they have been breaking it. And also seeking to weasel out of their treaties and commercial contracts.

Hold them feet first to the fire by all means making them accountable --- morally, commercially, and internationally for the harm they have done to you and to your country.

But it all begins with realizing that you are NOT a "US Citizen", establishing your claim to your birthright status on the public record, learning to use the evidence effectively against them, and using both lawful and legal process against them should they offer any resistance to your claims.

In short order --- what must you do to establish your identity and enforce your birthrights as an American?

1. Secure multiple certified copies of the Birth Certificate that was issued in your name.

2. Secure at least two competent affirmed Witness Testimonies in the Form of an Affidavit identifying you (your photo) at your current address as "the" man or woman whose birthday, birth place and parentage are recorded on the BC.

3. Do the Paperwork to formally give Notice of the return your Lawful Name to the land and soil of your birth state, etc.

4. Learn the Spiel and learn who to give it to--- the DA's, the State of State Secretaries of State, the US Attorneys, the District Attorneys, and anyone having anything to do with the court system.

5. "There has been a mistake..... "

6. Present the "Mandatory Notice" required by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

7. Present (if the situation warrants it) a Notice of Liability, making it clear that each Office-Holder is personally responsible and accountable.

8. Acknowledgement and Acceptance: "I know you are operating under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act and I accept that you can't speak about it thanks to 18 USC 472 and I duly accept your Oath of Office-- but I can speak about it. I am not any form of US Citizen and not an "Enemy" within the jurisdiction, meaning, or intent of that Act, and I am serving Notice to you in both your official and personal capacity that I am an American and that I claim and hold my birthright political status on the land and soil of this country as a Lawful Person and I have returned from any presumption that I am "over the sea".

9. Action: "I wish for my true political status as an American State National to be recognized now and forever afterward by my loyal employees and I wish you to take whatever action is necessary to sort out the paperwork and spread the news of my return so that: (1) my name is placed on a do not detain list, (2) a proper ID not related to any "Driver License" is issued', (3) any property listed under my NAME is removed from the Tax Rolls, (4) all pending Territorial or Municipal Court actions related to my name are expunged and eliminated; (5) any "federal" liens or garnishments premised on the idea that I ever was a federal employee, volunteer, or citizen issued against my name are removed."

10. Guarantee: "It is my intent to live my life at peace as a Lawful Person, to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law, and I do not propose to judge, blame, or harm anyone. I am here to claim what is mine, no more, no less, and to enforce the treaties, commercial contracts, and guarantees I am owed."

Is this situation clear enough, even for the boneheads among us?

When you actually work for the Federal Government, you are obligated to act as a "US Citizen", when you are an "immigrant" in process of becoming naturalized, when you are a "dependent" of a Federal Employee, when you are claiming political asylum in the United States from another country, when you are knowingly and willingly occupying a federal political office, when you are knowingly and willingly acting as an officer of a federally chartered corporation--- in all those situations, you are obligated to act as a "US Citizen", but otherwise, you are under no such obligation and under no such political status--- unless you continue to claim such political status out of ignorance.

And absent a paycheck, etc., what other reason could there ever be for an American to adopt "US Citizenship"? Why would you give up your Natural and Unalienable Rights for here-again-there-again "Civil Rights"? Why would you agree to tax yourself (voluntarily) for up to 60% of your earnings? Why would you subject yourself to more than 80,000 million statutory laws? Why would you give up your property rights and assets? And live as a "tenant" on your own land? Why would you ever knowingly agree to any of this?

You wouldn't.

This has been a totally unconscionable contracting process imposed upon you from Day One. Now that you are an adult, it's time to wake up and take action in your own behalf and the sooner the better.[28]

March 9, 2019 - Additional Voices Re: US citizenship -

A United States Citizen is a legal fiction and a product of a Couped de facto foreign controlled congress! Its legal status is of a Franchise, decedent of the FOREIGN DC UNITED STATES Corp [cf. Title 28 Section 3002]. Americans birthright status is as a private state national and private American national ... Under such the American people are endowed with unalienable rights per the founding documents of this nation.

The UNITED STATES Citizen status imposed on us when most of us are days old and with out our knowledge (due to our mothers signing a birth certificate) is un-disputably a Subject Slave Status as you will discover when you read further sections of this website.[26] It is akin the Serf status imposed on the people of Europe by the Monarchial powers of the European Old World Order and such status was the very reason people left for America in their millions. To turn their back on the Old World and its draconian papacy slavery system.

The following short video shows illustrates how a SUBJECT / US CITIZEN et al is created![26]

February 9, 2019 - Continuing Re: The "Semantic Deceit" -

The above statements regarding "citizen of the United States" is most especially true when the "phrase" is presented as the sole declaration of one's political status that you legally agree to (in virtually all governmental applications) in order to exercise your Unalienable Rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of (your) Happiness."

Declaring yourself as a US citizen when you were actually born on the land and soil of one of the fifty states of the original Union (under the first two Organic laws) is based on assumption. When it comes to your identity in relation to government - Don’t Make Assumptions!

"When we make assumptions, it is a trap. We tend to believe our assumptions represent the truth. The big false dream is based on people taking things personally and making assumptions. Fear drives us to make assumptions. We don’t want to confirm that we’re stupid and ask a 'dumb' question for clarification. We make an assumption to fill that void and avoid perceived exposure. 'Assumptions set us up for suffering.'

... Dreams are destroyed when they are based on assumptions. When the truth is revealed the dreamer is devastated. Making assumptions about your relationship can strike a fatal blow. The parties each assume what the others think and believe they are in agreement with each..."[21]

"The Tale of Two Governments" - By Anna Von Reitz -

There are two (2) Governments--- the American Government and the Federal Government.

The American Government created the Federal Government.

The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.

A Person (Federal) cannot function as one of the People (American).

Now, most Americans don't realize that they have been signed up as Federal Citizens, and shanghaied and misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal United States Citizens, but that is what registration of all those Birth Certificates accomplished.

You have been secretively signed up as a member of their clubs, held to all their membership obligations, forced to pay all their fees and dues --- and all without your conscious knowledge. You've also been "deemed" to have "voluntarily" given up all your constitutionally protected rights and guarantees and to have given up all your material interests as a "gift" --- a donated
"decedent estate"--- for the benefit of their clubs.

And all this has been done "for" you by your Federal Employees, who then benefit themselves at your expense.

To get back home and be recognized as an American, you have to declare your actual birthright citizenship and claim it --- and that means revoking and expatriating from the foreign Federal citizenship that has been "conferred" upon you and which you have been unknowingly occupying almost all your life, since a few days after your actual birth. ...[20]

March 3, 2019 - "...US Citizens have never had any rights under the Constitution. That includes having no right to assemble."[23]

Comment: Any questions about the above quote? See: the (so-called) "14th Amendment."

February 27, 2019 -

"... if you aren't actually employed as a Federal Civilian or Military Employee or Dependent of a Federal Civilian or Military Employee, and not 'voluntarily' working as an Unpaid Federal Employee --- you are no kind of 'US Citizen' at all and never have been.[22]

June 13, 2018 -

"... If someone starts talking about the 'United States' --- ask which one, and nail them down. The actual United States formed in 1776? The Federal United States formed in 1787? The Territorial United States formed in 1789? The Municipal United States formed in 1790? Or some other god-forsaken version of 'United States' formed how, when, where and in what jurisdiction?"[16]

March 17, 2018 - Ask yourself this all-important question: Am I a citizen?

That is:
(1) Am I federal employee or dependent? If so, I am a citizen.
(2) Am I an African- American? If so, I am a citizen, but have Equal Civil Rights.
(3) Am I listed in Title 42 -- a political asylum seeker, recent immigrant, or welfare seeker? If so, I am a citizen.
(4) Am I consciously, willingly operating "as" a federal corporate franchisee in international commerce? If so, I am a citizen.
(5) Was I born in Guam or Puerto Rico or some other legitimate and recognized territory of the United States?

For 90% of Americans, the honest answer to these questions is --- hell, no, I am not a "citizen" and never have been, except for a brief stint in the US military.

September 4. 2018 - Are You a "United States Citizen"? -

"... Nobody in their right mind would knowingly exchange the wealth and security and guarantees that are owed to Americans for the poverty and deprivation and servile condition of a "United States Citizen".[19]

April 15, 2018 -
"... history is written by winners for losers"![4]

I am quoting Jon Rappoport here because the history of the "United States" is possibly the best example of the truth of what he is saying. I'm in the process now of determining whether a certain American publisher is willing to make a vital correction on their published notion that the "founding fathers" had chosen democracy as the American form of government. There are over 44 quotes of the "Founding Fathers" that say otherwise.[5]

Just submitted the following after Jon's article:

Thank you Dylan, Jon and all!

Re: "... history is written by winners for losers" - History of course includes the "United States". History says Americans owe their freedom to democracy. It is possibly the biggest lie in "The United States of America" as well as the "United States" which are distinguished in the Four Organic Laws! However that is not included in the "history" as written by the so called "winners". When do we ever call liars and especially the fathers of liars winners? Only by deception and in this case it is largely semantic deception where the lies have been told and presented as American history.

Are You Really a "citizen of the United States"? -
Clarifying legal terms as if our freedom depends on it!:

August 1, 2018 - Re: "the American form of government" -

This comment: "Asking what is a better system of government is like asking what is a better form of cancer."[17] got me thinking on account of the latest insights as to the true nature of cancer as an intelligent biological survival program. These insights initially began with Dr. Gerd Hamer who subsequently founded German New Medicine. The findings of Dr. Hamer are now beginning to duplicated and published in medical journals.

"... Paul Davies of the Arizona State University and Charles Lineweaver of the Australian National University, conducted a research study that confirmed Dr. Hamer’s theories regarding the biological origin of cancer. Davies says in a paper published February 7, 2014 in the UK Institute of Physics journal Physical Biology, 'Cancer is not a random bunch of selfish rogue cells behaving badly, but a highly-efficient pre-programmed response to stress, honed by a long period of evolution.'

In plain words, cancer is an ancient survival program that has been stored in our cellular genome since the creation of life on earth and has been passed on from generation to generation to insure the survival of the species. It is suddenly activated when one faces an unexpected and overwhelming stressful situation that is perceived as life-threatening.

'Our new model should give oncologists new hope because cancer is a limited and ultimately predictable atavistic adversary,' says Lineweaver. 'Cancer is not going anywhere evolutionarily; it just starts up in a new patient the way it started up in the previous one.' The same is true for its healing.

Dr. Hamer went deeper in detailing the exact course of evolution of virtually any type of cancer and disease from the moment it flares up to its complete (and often spontaneous) healing. He also established a precise correlation between a specific type of cancer and a specific emotional conflict through an innovative interpretation method.

Through clinical practice with thousands of patients, he proved without a shadow of a doubt that once the person identifies and resolves the emotional conflict that triggered the appearance of cancer in the first place, cancer regresses on its own and the body resumes its normal functioning naturally.

Today, doctors and scientists are daring to openly question the official version and contradict it with the support of scientific proof. ..."[18]

Now back to the opening comment -

I find the idea of considering the form of government as a form of cancer not only most plausible but attractive in light of the New Medicine with an eye toward discovering the original conflict so as to support the resolution. The form of government that is currently being applied in the United States of America is primarily based (or claims to be) on the Constitution of September 17, 1787. This Constitution is regarded as the fourth Organic Law for The United States of America. It is not equal to the other three Organic Laws and most especially it is quite distinct from the first two Organic Laws. It has been said to be a revision of the Third Organic Law that bares the title: "An Ordinance For The Government of The Territory of The United States, North-West of The Ohio River". I'm beginning to see this fourth Organic Law as a form of cancer that like biological cancer has an internal program of survival that serves the main purpose of "buying time" for the process of resolution of the original conflict. Although I have references to support this view I'm waiting upon my current reading that points to the conflict's origin. In order for resolution to be had the original conflict has to be addressed. Identifying the original conflict that resulted in the "cancer" of the current form of government is my priority now.

March 9, 2018 - Link to the Organic Laws in United States Code:

October 25, 2016 -

"No one has ever been a US citizen by law of statute.[6]

Now there is no reason to fight the law or to be an "outlaw" or the like since there is no law that makes you a citizen of the "United States"!

March 3, 2017 - Additional Clarification of the Most Essential Legal Terms -

Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed. page 740 -

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The system of government administered in a state formed by the union or confederation of several independent or quasi independent states; also the composite state so formed.

In strict usage, there is a distinction between a confederation and a federal government. The former term denotes a league or permanent alliance between several states,[8] each of which is fully sovereign and independent, and each of which retains its full dignity, organization and sovereignty, though yielding to the central authority a controlling power for a few limited purposes, such as external and diplomatic relations. In this case, the component states are the units, with respect to the confederation, and the central government acts upon them, not upon the individual citizens. In a federal government, on the other hand, the allied states form a union,[9] – not, indeed, to such an extent as to destroy their separate organization or deprive them of quasi sovereignty with respect to the administration of their purely local concerns, but so that the central power is both external and internal,[10] – while the administration of national affairs is directed, and its effects felt, not by the separate states deliberating as units, but by the people of all, in their collective capacity, as citizens of the nation.[11] The distinction is expressed, by the German writers by the use of the two words "Staatenbund" and "Bundestaat," the former denoting a league or confederation of states, and the latter a federal government, or state formed by means of a league or confederation.[7][12]

March 4, 2017 -

"Every president since George Washington has been President of the United States and President of the United States of America, except for Gerald R. Ford, who was never elected POTUSA by the Electoral College."[13]

May 5, 2017 -

"The reason why the U.S. government has jurisdiction over you when you become a United States citizen is because a United States citizen is an employee of the United States, which is actually a corporation. If you want proof of this, look at line 15(A) in title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 and you should see this sentence, 'United States' means— (A) a Federal corporation.”[14]

March 30, 2019 -

Comment at WAPF Re: State of California Bill to Further Deny Vaccination Exemption. -

Unquestionably an important "Alert"! "Take Action" indeed! My question is what action is needed to resolve the core issue here?.........

I really wish that this issue could be resolved just as simply as it is presented here. However: "Four years ago, parents in California lost the right to file a philosophical or religious vaccine exemption for their children to attend school" and that lose of "right" deserves to be understood in as truthful terms as possible. The reason this so called "right" was lost is because it never was truly a right to begin with. The so called rights that come from government are actually (and lawfully) revokable privileges. That is because the "State of California" is essentially a franchise of the "United States" and part of that "franchise" is the adoption of the proprietary jurisdiction of Congress which operates under their corporate version of "The Constitution of ...." under which US citizens do not have any rights. The real solution is for each Individual to recover their original soil and land jurisdiction based as per their natural born birthright that they obtained the moment when they were born in one of the fifty American states (excludes Washington DC and the territories).

There are action steps that every American can take to recover their American State Citizen/Inhabitant status and dis-identify themselves as U.S. citizens - a legalized Federal status originating under the 14th Amendment with privileged-based citizenship created and controlled by Congress. Congress can exclusive legislative power to control what property Congress owns i.e. Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other territories plus federal buildings, military bases and the like. Congress also has jurisdiction over its residents which includes all U.S. citizens regardless of where they reside.

When people identify themselves as US citizens government extends its rule-making accordingly. Petitioning Congress or the States of ______ legislatures will not change the nature of this. People will continue to loose "the right" to this and whatever as long as they act like residents of the corporate entity known as "The State of California" (or whatever "State of") that is extending territorial and /or municipal jurisdiction where they live.[27]



[2] Congress, at one time revered, is now the most despised class in America.
This Memorandum documents and presents evidence of their efforts over the last 150+ years to evade and defeat the jurisdictional restrictions of the Constitution, usurp exercise of jurisdiction in extra-constitutional geographic area, and betray, defraud, and subjugate their creator, the American People, by way of perversion of the ordinary and popular meaning of certain key words in the Constitution—“State” and “United States”—through stealth transmutation of said proper nouns into arcane statutory terms with an unfathomable and constitutionally opposite meaning, reliance on inability of the American People to ascertain the true meaning and legal effect of said terms, and exploitation of their ignorance of the new “law” to deprive them of life, liberty, and property.:






[8] Such as The United States of America

[9] Accomplished via the Constitution of September 17, 1787.

[10] The Federal government is external to the several states but internal to the second union known as the "United States" that includes Federal territories and possessions.

[11] This underscores the necessity for individuals who live on the land throughout the several states to reclaim their "free inhabitant" status as per the Articles of Confederation.

[12] "The United States of America" is the Staatenbund" that was formed as the "confederation of states" most formally via The Articles of Confederation. The "United States" is the "Bundestaat" or "federal government/state formed by ... (the) confederation": "The United States of America". This is how it is possible to have at least two "presidents": a President of "The United States of America" (PoUSA) and a President of the "United States"(PoUS).



[15] Fundamentals 2: Are You a Citizen?:



[18] See: Posting of July 1, 2018 - "Cancer Can Heal On Its Own" - By Marie A. Boularand:














By: June, 2018 - 3rd Edition.


citizen of the united states, legal terms, district of columbia, freedom, semantic deceit, republic, democracy, history, united states of America, American, federal government, federal employee, federal dependent, united states citizen, resident of the District of Columbia, American Government, us citizen, 14th Amendment citizen


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