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"Voting" - a Prime Example of Corporate Conditioning

The statutory "citizen of the United States" only came about after the so called "Civil War" (which I call The Third War Against The States - 1st came the Revolutionary War & 2nd: War of 1812) when Congress offered Federal citizenship to the former slaves.

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January 7, 2021 -

"Americans and elected officials now have proof that the election was indeed stolen."[16]*


How do you feel upon reading the above quote? .........

December 22, 2020 - "Elections are private in-house corporation elections"! -

"Go here to see where Dominion Voting Systems is registered in 'the' United States as a foreign for-profit corporation:

Then, go here to see who owns an interest in the voting machines end of this incorporated entity:

And consider that the whole shooting match was sold to the Chinese just in time for the elections by the Swiss banking and property management giant USB, long a primary service provider for the City of Rome and Municipal Government interests worldwide?

Voila, all the dots are connected, from the schmarmy comptrollers of the Vatican to the Biden family, from the Municipal United States Government to the DNC, from the Swiss bankers and UN CORP to innocent Joe Average American voting in a foreign election taking place on his own soil.

The view is at the very least bizarre.

Millions of Americans are deceived into thinking that the 'elections' they are participating in are their own public elections--- when in fact these elections are private in-house corporation elections---that is, elections intended for employees and shareholders only, pertaining to who runs our governmental services subcontractors. That is strange enough.

Then, there are two offices up for grabs, not one, but practically nobody knows that.

One office is President of the United States [Municipal Corporation] and the second office is President of the United States of America [Territorial Corporation].

Both corporations are bankrupt and one of them no longer exists.

Are your 'Weird Sensors' off the chart about now? We are talking about ghost offices in ghost corporations. And that's the office Joe Biden purportedly won.

The remaining office, President of the United States of America, Inc., dba USA, INC., is still viable, but in Receivership to foreign creditors, including BlackRock, Inc.

All of this is going on while the actual Priority Creditors, Landlords, and Owner/Operators are 'missing, presumed dead'.

Well, folks, are you 'missing' --- as in no longer self-governing and doing your part to control this runaway train?

If you are a typical American, you have been 'presumed' to be an 'infant decedent' since you were a baby, and so, in a political sense 'dead'.

All this legalistic redefinition of you and your political status went on behind your back and happened when you were a baby in your cradle, because your public employees were being misdirected and operating in Breach of Trust and under color of law. ..."[15]

December 5, 2020 - "... Until you realize that the 'Democratic Party' has been used to re-brand something entirely different, you will be confused."[14]

November 20, 2020 - (An Essential) Point of Clarification - By Anna Von Reitz

... it was very strange that Joe Biden didn't really run for President. Even with the excuse of "Covid 19" playing out, it made no sense.

But, yes, it does make sense if you know that the office you are running for is going away, and that it will be gone a couple days after the election. It also makes sense if you know the election will be rigged in your favor.

Given those two factoids, Joe Biden's behavior and lack of a campaign effort makes perfect sense.

Obviously, he knew that there would be no "President of the United States" --- as of November 5th.

Just two days after the election the UNITED STATES, INC. was slated to disappear in a permanent involuntary bankruptcy and, naturally, that would take the office of "President of the United States" with it.

Heck, why bother yourself to win an office that you could only occupy for a couple of days, and even then, it would be in the status of "President-Elect" with no hope of ever being sworn in?

And why worry about it, if all your pals assured you that you were just acting as a place-holder and the election was rigged to make sure you got elected?

After all, didn't Joe Biden brag that he had the biggest voter fraud operation in history backing him?

You see, what didn't make sense, makes sense. Perfect sense.

So what happens next?

Unknown to (almost) all Americans, there was another office on the table -- the Territorial United States Presidency ---- "President of the United States of America" --- and that carries with it the position of "Commander in Chief".
Even though Joe Biden was a Municipal Candidate for a different corporate office in a different and about-to-be-defunct corporation, if elected as "President of the United States", he could hope to finesse a claim to have won "President of the United States of America", too.

Imagine being elected as "President" of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elk Lodge, and finding a way to turn that into being "President" of the Moose Lodge, too.

That is what happened in 1937 with The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States. The Municipal Government run by the Pope and the Boyz at the Vatican cut a deal with the King and the Government of Westminster, who were working as the Pope's Commonwealth Overseers anyway, to collude and share offices---hand in glove.

Whoever won "President of the United States" would also win "President of the United States of America".

It was just another little Elk-Moose deal among our Employees that the General Public didn't have to know about.

So now....

The Elks have elected a President for their bankrupt and defunct Municipal corporation and they are trying to make that charade into the basis for claiming the Moose Lodge Presidency.

This is no longer a friendly collusion for mutual benefit. It's a "corporate refugee" take-over. They sank their own boat and are intent on boarding and taking over another, by any means, fair or foul.[13]

November 8, 2020 - "...Our most recent research in September revealed that 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters!"[12]

November 7, 2020 - Bird's Eye View -- A Public Announcement -
By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., was entered into bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, September 24, 2015. It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes, no reorganizations. This corporate bankruptcy ended on November 5th of this year.

Now, everyone knows that you can't elect a new President for a defunct corporation. It would be a pointless and fraudulent exercise. Whoever was elected "President of the United States" on November 3rd, had nothing to preside over as of November 5th.

This means that for either candidate to go forward as the Municipal "President of the United States" a different municipal corporation doing business in some form of "United States" would have to be formed and substituted for the now defunct UNITED STATES, INC.

And the Perpetrators would have to successfully substitute the newly elected President of the now-defunct UNITED STATES, INC., as the President of the other 'United States' corporation left waiting in the wings.

This is a break in the chain of title and representation, with the title in question being "President of the United States". This creates a thorough break in the continuance of the Municipal Government.

As a result, the Principals responsible have been notified within three (3) days that we do not accept their Offer of Succession, and specifically, don't accept Joe Biden and Harris.

The new Municipal corporation they are trying to foist off on us, together with their Chosen Ones, have no contract.

The situation is similar to when a bill collector buys an interest in a bad debt and then attempts to collect it as if it were valid. Often they adopt names similar to an actual former debtor and try to get you to "assume the debt", or, they come in as a loan servicer and try to get you to pay them even though you have no contract with the "servicer".

If you recognize the fraud involved, they are out of luck.
[As a quick aside --brace yourselves for a new round of this kind of fraud. Even though the debts of the old Municipal Corporation and all its franchises have been officially discharged via bankruptcy, they will still be making the rounds and sending bills to "dead" Municipal PERSONS and will try to collect from the presumed-to-exist estate managers of entities such as WATSON, JAMES CLARK and BELL,VIRGINIA ANDREA.]

Suffice it to say that we have recognized the fraud that the Municipal Government Principals are trying to pull off, and have nipped it in the bud.

The following message was sent to all the Principals last night, including the Lord Mayor, and is being reiterated and released for publication worldwide this morning:

"Your timelines are off. November 3 Election. November 5 settlement. End of story. No contract. Three day right of refusal. It is done.

We refuse the Succession Offer.

Joe Biden is a crook and Kamala Harris is worse.

Hope you are all real proud of yourselves putting in all that advertising and effort to steal a non-existent election for the Presidency of a bankrupt corporation."

But what of the remaining Office that was also up for election this past Tuesday? President of the United States of America? That corporation is still viable and in bankruptcy Reorganization, so it makes sense that it can legitimately hold elections.

In the next few days and weeks you will hear a debate about "counting legal votes" versus "counting every vote" --- legal or not.

This is essentially a difference in viewpoint between the Territorial Government which insists on everything being legal, and the Municipal Government which believes that every vote -- even "votes" created by machines and dead people and non-existent persons and illegal aliens should count. Even multiple votes cast by the same person should count.

They sent out ballots to my pen name, even though I long ago cancelled all possible voter registrations in every variation of my names. I wonder how "she" would have voted ----if she had arms, legs, and a brain?

Apparently, none of that is necessary if you are a Democrat.[11]

November 6, 2020 - "Wisconsin Has More Votes Than People Registered To Vote"!:
At: 39'15"

March 14, 2020 - "Representation" -- Creating a Monster -

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since the Stone Age when the first people took a stick of charcoal out of the fire pit and started doodling on the walls the family cave, we Homo sapiens have had a unique ability to "represent" things. We can, for example, represent a running horse on our "cave" wall via a drawing, a painting, or a photograph, or, we can let our imagination run and create Godzilla or Sponge Bob or whatever else we please.

While this gift of imagination and ability to "represent" things -- that is, produce pictures that substitute for or "represent" what is real, as well as pictures of things that are purely imaginary -- is a wonderful potential, it is also the equivalent of a granite cliff.

We can fall off that cliff. We can lose track of what is real. We can get lost in our own illusionary pictures of reality. Dead images can be substituted for living flesh. And vice versa. A doll or an android can be mistaken for a living man. A fictional character in a novel can be mistaken for you.
This becomes a form of insanity and a means for criminality to flourish, too.
If nothing is sacred, even the barrier presented by the cave wall, then everything is allowed. Any kind of craziness or cruelty can be wrecked upon cartoon characters. If your name isn't yours, if your country isn't yours, if your face isn't yours, if your DNA isn't yours, and if your stuff isn't yours, well, who are you?

And this is exactly the game that the "governments" of the world have been playing against the people of the Earth. They've been "representing" us, and using their little pictures of us, or, as the case may be, puppets of us, to do all sorts of dreadful things.

Our actual government doesn't allow for much "representation" and what there is of it, is clearly spelled out in the Constitutions.

The Pope's Municipal Government gets to run the Mint, the Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Offices, the Post Office system, and has a home base provided for it -- the Municipality of Washington, DC, where the Pope has established a National Shrine for the Federal Civil Service and their Dependents, as "citizen of the United States".

Except for excursions related to their duties, that's where these Municipal Employees are supposed to stay, too. They are limited to "one mile square" for a reason. Time has proven that they can be very troublesome if allowed to run rampant. The reason?

They have accepted offices of person-hood as a condition of employment. They have become "persons" ---- pictures of themselves --- no longer people. They have agreed (whether they know it or not) to be "representative" of the Pope's government --- franchisees and subjects of the Municipality of Rome.
And as everyone knows, you can do whatever you want with fictional characters. You can enslave them. You can pillage and plunder and rape them. Just draw whatever you like on the wall.

The same conditions of "person-hood" apply to men and women acting under contract to the British Territorial [Commonwealth] Government as members of "the US" Armed Services. For a period of time known as a "tour of duty" they renounce their identity as people and become persons, instead. If we are old enough to remember World War II, we can attest that this is where the infamous Municipal STRAWMEN first appeared: JOHN W KILROY WAS HERE.

Right along with the fictitious but all-too-effective U.S. ARMY.

The British Monarch gets to "represent" our lawful government on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and can collect taxes and tariffs for these services from regulated activities: the interstate sale, manufacture, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

That's where the rules -- our Constitutions, limit the game, but, over the years, both the Monarchs and Popes have acted in Breach of Trust....

Using the same sleight of hand and false claims of commercial contract, the rats have claimed to have control over you, similar to that claimed by the U.S. ARMY over its "personnel" --- even though you are an actual American, a Third Party with respect to their weird world, and not part of it at all.

Imagine Yosemite Sam wearing judge's robes, popping out of the page of a comic book and addressing you? What would you do? May I suggest, slap the book shut?

Using their "representation" of you, their very own STRAWMEN, they claim to have the right to move you, take your assets, use your assets for their benefit without paying you, conscript you to serve them, tax you, evict you from your own property, misidentify you as a "non-resident alien" in your own country, subject you to foreign statutory laws and codes, and treat you as a Prisoner of War, when there is no actual war, and you are a civilian having no part in the schmarmy consensual "commercial conflict" they are misrepresenting as a "war", while in fact acting in collusion with each other to bilk the American Public.

In the same way, the members of "the U.S. Congress" --- not your Congress of Delegates --- a Commonwealth entity, claim to "represent" you.

Imagine Cruella DeVille, the vampire-like fashionista in 101 Dalmatians, having your "proxy" to vote for you in shareholder "elections" and you will have the flavor of what this kind of "representation" actually means.

It has nothing to do with Public Interest. It has nothing to do with any knowing and conscious participation on your part. It's just theft and treason and crime, all based on "representing" you as a cartoon of yourself, a legal fiction, a corporate franchisee.

Or as Queen Bess famously said, "a disregarded entity".

They don't represent you. They don't have any Public Interest at heart. They conceive of their role as profit making for the Company, and whatever turns a buck, works.

For your information, your Congressmen and Congresswomen, serve as Delegates, not "Representatives". Your United States Senators are subject to recall by your State Assembly. Your Congressional Delegates are subject to recall by the electors.

Still think that THING in Washington, DC, is your government?

And not just a "representation" thereof? Subject to artistic interpretation and corporate Public Policy?

My take-home to you and yours is that you are fools if you allow this to go on and if you participate in it. You are fools if you let such a "government" feed off of you and "mistake" you as its employees or franchisees.

You are fools if you continue to let them "presume" that you are subjects of their Popes and their Queens. You are fools if you let them "presume" that you "voluntarily" occupy any "office of person-hood" related to them and their organizations at all.

It's time to wake up and take stock of the difference between people and Lawful Persons known as People, and the scribbling on the wall.[10]

October 15, 2019 -

"...there are two corporate 'groups' standing under umbrellas as the Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government. They are both ultimately under the control of the Pope, so any idea that they are actually different or truly separate should be disallowed from the get-go.

Now you know why no matter how you vote in their corporate elections, you get the same result. This is why it doesn't matter if you vote for the mainstream Republican Party candidate or the Chosen One of the Democratic Party, either. This is why it is always a choice between raspberry-flavored feces or chocolate-flavored feces.

It's all the same overall course and affect in these corporate elections because both of the governmental services corporations are in the end being operated by the same puppeteers: the Roman Curia and their property managers at the Vatican.

The only difference is that the Territorial United States Government is run on a second-hand basis by the British Monarch for the Pope. So the Pope governs the Territorial United States Government indirectly and the Municpal United States Government directly. "[9]

September 13, 2019 -

"I am a disenfranchised Elector." - Anna Von Reitz[8]

February 15, 2019 - A Missed History Lesson - "The American Civil War" -
By Anna Von Reitz

From our discussions we have now fully realized that the Constitutions and the Federal Government arising from these venerable agreements only affected our country's operations in the municipal jurisdiction's realm of commerce --- that is, business conducted between two fully incorporated, chartered legal fiction entities.

Adoption of the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Constitutions didn't affect our soil jurisdiction estates, doing business as The United States, nor did they impact our land jurisdiction States doing business as The United States of America, but they did change the operations of the States of America, a union of commercial corporations chartered by the States.

The impact of the Constitutions on the States of America and on the member commercial corporations doing business under names styled like this: The State of Pennsylvania --- was dramatic.

The most important immediate change was that control of our fledgling Navy and our Naval operations was ceded to the British King, who was obligated to function as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways, and to protect our private and international and commercial interests in those venues.

Control of our international trade policy was also given away to the King. At least in the realm of commerce, we traded our freedom for safety, though it is doubtful that many Americans realized this at the time.

The overall result of adopting the Constitutions was to split up the functions originally taken care of by the States of America, and assign some of them to foreign governments to take care of "for" us.

This power-sharing concession was pre-destined by the Treaties and earlier agreements that allowed for the end of The Revolutionary War. In other words, these concessions and promises to share power with the British King and the Holy Roman Empire were obligations our Forefathers accepted as part of the Peace Negotiations and the Constitutions that resulted --- Federal, Territorial, and Municipal --- were simply the instruments used to implement the pre-existing deal.

So, the States of America remained the fundamental Federal Service Provider as we came out of the Constitutional Convention, and as of 1787, The Constitution for the united States of America, emerged as "the Federal Constitution". That is, this is the Constitution creating the Federal Branch of the Federal Government.

Though its powers and turf were battered and beaten in this process. the States of America was still a very potent force, with responsibility for the nation's money and many other key services.

The loss of control of the Naval Powers and the loss of control of our international trade policy was grievous, but was deemed necessary at the time: coming out of the Revolution we had a huge commercial fleet, but almost no Navy. We had lots of raw materials to ship to eager markets in Europe and a need to get paid for them, but our unprotected commercial fleet was being decimated by privateers.

Most of the American-based private commercial fleet belonged to two groups -- British American former colonists sailing out of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and Virginia, and Dutch New York and Southern interests derived from the "disappeared" Dutch East India fleet that mysteriously vanished circa 1702 and wound up in New York and the Pacific. They were the primary movers insisting on the surrender of our Naval Powers so that they could continue their commercial shipments unmolested.

The rest of the people were tired of war and accepted the new inroads against our sovereignty rather than continue to fight and starve.

Still, for many, these losses remained a sore point and the adoption of the Constitutions was by no means unopposed--- nor, were the losses unforgotten.
As the British Parliament began to impose ever-more disadvantageous trade policies on the American Federal States of States -- all commercial corporations with their own axes to grind, tempers flared.

Malfeasance by British Merchant Marine Officers known as Bar Attorneys led to the War of 1812, which was a push-back against unequal trade policies and unfair tariffs and market rigging.

In 1819, the States of America responded by toughening already existing constitutional provisions against conflicts of interest and "buying of loyalty" by foreign powers bestowing foreign "Titles of Nobility" on Americans. This was applied to the practice of bestowing the title "Esquire" on American Bar Attorneys.

Frustrated by our resistance to their interference and manipulation of our commercial interests to our own detriment, the British Monarch and the then-Pope signed a clandestine treaty known as The Secret Treaty of Verona, in 1822, in which they agreed that our American system of government was intrinsically opposed to both feudal monarchies and papal authority.

In gross Breach of Trust they agreed to secretively undermine our government --- a course of action which they have pursued ever since and which has finally led to the present circumstance.

This is the Big Picture, but to further understand, we must necessarily revisit what has euphemistically been called "The American Civil War".

First one must ask --- what is a "Civil" War as opposed to any other kind of war?

Civil = City = Municipal = Global Commercial Jurisdiction = war between Persons, not People = war between commercial corporations.

This "War" called "The American Civil War" was not properly termed a war, but was instead a "Commercial Conflict" like the Vietnam Conflict, fought by foreign mercenaries on our shores, and by employees and volunteers backing the various Federal State of State commercial corporations.

Those Federal States of States that remained loyal to the original Confederation doing business as the States of America represented the North and were called "Union" troops. Many Americans even at the time mistook which "Union" they were fighting for and in what context.

The Federal States of States that broke away from the original Confederation and formed their own version doing business as The Confederate States of America, represented the Southern State's commercial corporations, and their troops were called "Confederates" as a result.

The King of England gleefully funded both sides of the conflict and the separate international City State of Westminster lost no time setting up effective blockades and conscription services and issued privateer licenses against all our shipping North and South.

From the standpoint of the Monarchists and the Holy Roman Empire, the object of the American Civil War was to defeat the South and take Southern Cotton out of the European markets, permanently end the cost saving advantages that slavery provided the Southern Plantations, and to reduce the Northern States of States to a condition of bankruptcy. They succeeded in all respects.

And Americans and America paid for it all.

You must remember what we are talking about --- a commercial "war" for markets and profits, waged by commercial corporations that are essentially no different than any other commercial corporation except that they are chartered directly by actual States instead of being chartered secondhand by States of States.

The British and French-backed Northern States of States resented slavery for profit and market reasons, so they encouraged the Abolitionists. Private slavery was already out of fashion in Europe and of no great economic consequence to their domestic markets--- except that it gave the American Southern States of States a cost advantage in the marketplace, and they competed against British and French cotton plantations established elsewhere in the world.

The British and Holy Roman Empire backed Southern States of States favored slavery for profit and market reasons, so they encouraged the Pro-Slavery Plantation owners --- many of which produced products other than cotton. Remember that the addictive properties of high nicotine tobacco were just beginning to be exploited as a de facto drug trade prior to the Civil War, and the squabble over cotton production interfered with tobacco, sugar, rum, molasses, and many other products.

Last but not least, this commercial "war" was a bonanza for the railroads, the arms manufacturers, and the U.S. Armed Forces, especially the British-controlled Navy, which received privateer kickbacks. There had never been a better opportunity for professional soldiers in this country and men like Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman made the most of it.

So it is not a pretty picture, but it is an accurate one. The members of the original Confederation of Federal States of States doing business as the States of America ---- all of them commercial corporations chartered by their States, all of them assigned service contracts under The Constitution for the united States of America --- took the European bait and went to war with each other.

By 1863, the Northern States of States were bankrupt. By 1865, the Southern States were in ruins and the Southern States of States gave up the fight.

Since it was not an actual war according to the definition of "war", there was never any Declaration of War issued by any Congress related to the American Civil War, nor was the surrender of Lee's Army at Appomattox a peace treaty. The corporations and those backing them simply decided to stop fighting and went home, leaving the Federal Government in chaos that has persisted and been capitalized upon until this day.

The Federal States of States are separate entities though they were all chartered by the actual States. The Confederation of States founded in 1781 was in ruins. It would require a concerted effort to "Reconstruct" the Federal States of States and form new commercial corporations to service their obligations under The Constitution for the united States of America.

That job of reconstruction of the Federal States of States has never been accomplished, and it can only be done by the actual States and People.
So the People must assemble and the States must assemble and they have to take care of long-overdue business. As we shall see, certain parties who owed us better service left us unaware of this urgent necessity and deliberately lulled us into the assumption that the Reconstruction Era was long over, and that we had no work to do.

Until this long overdue process of reconstruction is undertaken, the entire Federal Branch of the Federal Government is out of commission, moth-balled, and the assets of the original Federal States of States that came through the ruination and bankruptcies have been rolled into "land trusts" --- meaning that these trusts belong to the land jurisdiction States and People.

The assets of The State of Maryland and The State of Maine and The State of Pennsylvania.... and so on, have been rolled into the Maryland State (land trust), Maine State (land trust), Pennsylvania State (land trust)....

The actual States and People of this country are being summoned to take action in their own behalf and to reconstruct their Federal States of States and to restore the Federal Government they are owed---- all of it, not just the Territorial and Municipal bits.

Please bear in mind and be aware that your actual soil jurisdiction states, dba The United States, and your land jurisdiction States, dba The United States of America, and all their member republics and States, have never been involved in any of this commercial uproar. Our only duty and our only failure thus far is to recognize certain semantic deceits, to organize ourselves into competent State Jural Assemblies, and to re-charter our Federal States of States to provide the services owed to our States under The Constitution for the united States of America.[5]

"... I am sick and tired of arguing with the indoctrination and 'certainty' of people making assumptions based on what they learned in Eighth Grade or High School.

It's time to realize that your teachers and your history books lied to you, told you half-truths, and left you to make wrong assumptions. ..."[6]

"This is all stuff you were never taught in Public School for the simple reason that those printing the textbooks had a different agenda. They meant to enslave you for their benefit--- and they largely succeeded."[7]

Comment: No "history lesson" is complete without including the essential components that operate through the commercial/economic sphere. After all it isn't it "money"/the financial interests that "makes the world go round"? ......... Our "American" government education didn't place this "money" element in the center ring where it deservedly could have our awareness. Instead "those printing the textbooks" packed our history books with the "acts" that were performed on the outer-world stage while keeping every "Secret Treaty", "closed door" agreement and the like behind the curtain - where "the wizard" continues to play, (pulling levers and cords). With these "educational" stage props in place along with drilling "respect for authority" and conditioning our young psyches we did not question his-story. Yet it's not too late to de-condition ourselves and to reclaim all our Unalienable Rights to question "authority".

November 4, 2016 -

The excitement is definitely building in the united states of America regarding the upcoming "election"! It appears to be an unprecedented time of revelations concerning the backside and underbellyy of political battles and such. I'm only saying this as a backdrop to a quote I have that I wish to comment on. Here's the quote:

"... Make sure your friends and loved ones are going to vote next week. The future is in your hands. This is the weekend to volunteer at the phone banks for your political choices. Don’t neglect your responsibility to push us all forward to a better tomorrow."[1]

"Voting" is something that can be compared to "the carrot before the jackass" (or should I say donkey?).

Firstly you have to abandon your natural born status by declaring yourself to be a "U.S. citizen" which designates a federal subject that is inferior to the Organic Lawful status of "free inhabitant". This is because the statutory "citizen of the United States" only came about after the so called "Civil War" (which I call The Third War Against The States - 1st: the Revolutionary War & 2nd: War of 1812) when Congress offered Federal citizenship to the former slaves. The rest of the American people were either free inhabitants or State Citizens.

"The future (that) is in your hands" is the future of your potential destiny and probably not dependent upon "voting".

I hope you can have a more meaningful time this weekend other than being a "volunteer at the phone banks" and especially if you can realize that voting is not what it appears to be. (Remember the carrot.)

Your responsibility is first to be your authentic self by living your unique design rather than continuing the pattern of conditioning that you were raised under. Voting is a prime example of the conditioning pattern.

January 10, 2017 -

The common American written language as well as the "Style Manual" require the use of both upper and lower case letters. C-Span apparently doesn't know this, knows it and doesn't care or do they think the use of ALL CAPS makes what Congress says more impressive? I don't know! However this is what C-Span has at their page on the Congressional count of the most recent Electoral College votes:


If you read this last sentence take special notice of the part that says "AFTER ASCERTAINING THE CERTIFICATES ARE REGULAR IN FORM". I have a question as to the fact that some states said their electoral college was voting "for the President of the United States and for the Vice President of the United States" and the others said "for President and Vice President of the United States of America". Are both of these designations considered "regular in form"?

September 14, 2018 - Another "Style Manual"[4] Reference -

Nationalities, etc.
5.22. The table on Demonyms in Chapter 17 ``Useful Tables'' shows forms to be used for nouns and adjectives denoting nationality.

5.23. In designating the natives of the States, the following forms will be used.

Alabamian Louisianian Ohioan
Alaskan Mainer Oklahoman
Arizonan Marylander Oregonian
Arkansan Massachusettsan Pennsylvanian
Californian Michiganian Rhode Islander
Coloradan Minnesotan South Carolinian
Connecticuter Mississippian South Dakotan
Delawarean Missourian Tennessean
Floridian Montanan Texan
Georgian Nebraskan Utahn
Hawaiian Nevadan Vermonter
Idahoan New Hampshirite Virginian
Illinoisan New Jerseyan Washingtonian
Indianian New Mexican West Virginian
Iowan New Yorker Wisconsinite
Kansan North Carolinian Wyomingite
Kentuckian North Dakotan
According to this I'm a Michiganian.

11th -

Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A[3] states that the “United States” is a Federal Corporation - not a Government.

Therefore the state "certificates" stating that the state's electoral college voters had cast their votes for a President and VP of "the United States” rather than of “The United States of America” deserve to be much better scrutinized than the job that Congress did when Congress reviewed these declarations some days earlier.

December 19, 2017 - Continuing with some history on "ascertaining the certificates". -

First - a further comment on C-Span's presentation regarding "the Congressional count of the most recent Electoral College votes". Could the use of ALL CAPS be a crafty way for media to "tell the truth" regarding the corporate fiction nature of the entity presenting itself as Lawful government?

Here's "some history":
In 1860 thirty-three states participated in announcing the votes of their respective electoral colleges.
Twenty-six states declared votes for "President of the United States."
One state declared votes for "President of the United States of America.": Maine
Six states declared votes for both "President of the United States of America" and for "President of the United States.": Alabama, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Mississippi. I'd like to contact these states to see their electoral documents. (as of 12-20-17)

There is only one professor (whom I know of) in the United States of America (who is absolutely without the United States) who has the expert and extensive knowledge (plus the wisdom and the love of real freedom) based on the Organic Laws who is thereby fully-qualified to make a truly authoritative comment on the above history and fortunately I have just emailed him with the above count in long form listing all 33 states.

In the meanwhile I can offer my comment.
The Constitution of September 17, 1787 is most certain and explicit in the style of grammar it uses to identify government offices and for the office that is filled by votes from the electoral college/s that office is called "President of the United States of America." Therefore one state out of thirty three named it according to the "Constitution". Apparently six states saw that the Constitution says refers to both a "President of the United States of America" and a "President of the United States" yet for some unknown reason they decided to use both offices for the one that the electoral college was voting for and given that I suspect there possibly was some confusion on the part of those six states. If there was confusion then I can understand that because of the way the Constitution refers to these two offices. Then we have the "twenty-six states (that) declared votes for "President of the United States." Now I want to quote the Constitution. ...



















Originally inspired to search for the Style Manual at:


citizen of the United States, Civil War, Federal citizenship, former slaves, Elector, American Civil War, Constitutions, Federal Government, soil jurisdiction estates

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