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America's Founding Documents

Is the "philosophy of the United States" a contravention to the unincorporated "united states of America"?

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November 15, 2018 - The "Service Agreement" ("for certain governmental services") With "Congress" As Per The Constitution of September 17, 1787 -

"Hold the Presses -- This is Incredible 2.0 Recap" - By: Anna Von Reitz -

Yesterday we began discussion of comments attributed to former Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. He served in the U.S. House for ten years and in the Senate for ten more before retiring in 2015.

Bearing in mind that we still don't have confirmation that Harkin actually said all this, if even a small part of this is typical of what members of Congress think and are taught about our history, we are in a heap of trouble and they, like everyone else, need to be brought up to speed.

The first off-the-wall idea was that the Constitutions and the Federal Code went out the window because of the 1933 bankruptcy and going off the gold standard.

Let's try to get this in perspective.

We contract for certain governmental services with the British Territorial United States and its corporations. This would be analogous to contracting with a Property Management Corporation that also has subcontractors that work for it: a carpentry subcontractor, a lawn mowing contractor, a trash removal contractor, a snowplowing contractor.... got the picture? .........

So the trash removal subcontractor went bust in 1933, stopped accepting gold as payment, and started offering I.O.U.'s in lieu of paying for its debts.

That really has nothing much to do with us, does it? And it doesn't change what we are owed in terms of services by the parent Property Management Corporation, either. Our contract with them is still the same and it is their problem how they are going to get the trash removed. Not ours.

It's the same thing with the 1933 bankruptcy. They stopped accepting gold as payment. We paid in silver instead. They started using I.O.U.'s instead of paying for their own debts. That's on them. And on their Parent Corporation. Not us.

We are the Employer in this situation, and what is owed to us is owed to us regardless of how the Parent Corporation or their subcontractors operate or what they do with their money, and if they don't provide the service, we simply take out the trash ourselves or hire someone else.

What we recently discovered was an outrageous and undisclosed ploy by Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposing that we "gift" ourselves and our assets as collateral backing the debts of their failed trash removal company---to underwrite their I.O.U.s. And then we discovered the actual means by which they extorted all these "gifts" under color of law.

So the dirt is all on them and none on us, thanks. This whole debacle is now back on the laps of the Queen and the Pope, who are the Principals responsible.

We are their Priority Creditors by several country miles as a result of all this malfeasance, fraud, extortion, and racketeering under color of law, and their only hope is that we agree to settle this ... .

The Constitution(s) owed to us are not affected by their bankruptcy, and all the debts they piled up "in our names" without our knowledge and free consent are fraudulent, going back to 1860, because, as we have discovered, 1933 was not the first round of this chicanery.

The other idea that the Senator exposed is the idea that the Federal Code somehow went "out the window" because of the bankruptcy and end of the gold standard being used by their corporations.

What happened in fact is that a Municipal Corporation doing business as the "UNITED STATES" came in and took over the trash removal contract by a process of "assumpsit". That is, nobody at the Parent Corporation asked us, they simply moved in a new subcontractor to continue taking out the trash. We have no contract with the "UNITED STATES" but because we received the trash service from them, we assumed the contract and paid them for it.

But assumption of contracts swings both ways.

We assumed and paid the contract under the provisions of the actual Constitutions, and the assumption that they owe us in return is that they are continuing to operate under the Constitutions and according to their published rules, codes, and regulations.

Any deviation from that quid pro quo is not allowed, and in order for it to be allowed, they would have to make a very substantial Public Notice and Public Disclosure regarding the "sun setting" of the Federal Code. They would also have to stop publishing the Federal Code and stop using the Federal Code for administrative purposes and stop referencing it in court cases and stop repealing and amending and adding to it, too.

Anything else would, as I explained, amount to knowing and purposeful constructive fraud by the members of the Congress.
We have seen plenty of evidence of fraud and wrong-doing by the Congress and its members as a whole, but if Senator Harkin didn't understand these facts and circumstances after twenty years in Congress (and Tom Harkin was by far not the dumbest man in Congress) -- the only thing we can conclude is that the men and women in Congress are being misled by their legal advisers and dumbed down so that they make wrong decisions based on wrong information.

It is up to us to inform them and hold them and their Parent Corporation sponsors-- the Queen and the Pope-- feet first to the fire. Get out your pens and paper, Campers, and send this to the appropriate Congressional Delegation that is supposed to be serving your state of the Union.

You might also drop a line to:
Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519 - 2500 CM
The Hague The Netherlands

The "US" is not a party to the Hague Conventions, but they are party to the Geneva Conventions, and any enslavement racket involving securitization and personage of living people under color of law, especially innocent Third Parties who were never involved in their "wars" in the first place, is a major faux pas.

We would, of course, like full recognition of our claims against them and the deplorable fraud that has been practiced against our States and our People, by treaty partners who owed us far, far better treatment and whose bacon we saved through two World Wars. ...[7]

Comment: I endorse Anna's analogy as an excellent way to illustrate the lawful relationship between the American people (living on the land in the Free & Independent American States under the Confederation - the first "constitution") and the subsequent "Parent Corporation" that was formed and is now known as Congress.

December 5, 2017 -

Just "stumbled" upon this page[1] and naturally it immediately caught my heightened attention when I saw that only two of the four Organic Laws are presented as "America's Founding Documents". I will inquire as to why the second and third Organic Laws were omitted from this page.

I also see: "These three documents, known collectively as the Charters of Freedom, ... are considered instrumental to its founding and philosophy of the United States." I can comment on this after I begin my inquiry (mentioned above).
The question that I submitted to the National Archives:

Your page: "America's Founding Documents" only presents two of the four Organic Laws yet the other two Organic Laws are published in the United States Code. What about including these as well at your page on "America's Founding Documents"?
Just posted the following comment at YouTube:

Came here via 3 pages of search results for "philosophy of the United States" (a phrase I saw at the National Archives re: Founding Documents). This subject matter requires a fully-informed orientation to the four Organic Laws otherwise the conventional "wisdom" (government schooled) can only fuel confusion. I certainly appreciate Randy's reply in this clip. However the idea of "The Original Purpose of the US Constitution" is not actually answered here. What Randy said pertained only to the first Organic Law. If we could preserve that as well as the second Organic Law then we wouldn't need a so called "Constitution" that subsequently was co-opted by private interests that are foreign to and in opposition to the first two Organic Laws.[2]
Just sent a message to Randy:

Greetings Randy!

Thank you for your reply at "The Rubin Report" ([2]) that I just enjoyed moments ago.

I'm very interested in knowing your further thoughts regarding the "Constitution". -
Does the fact that George Washington was duly elected as "President of the United States of America" yet gave an oath of office for "President of the United States" indicate any kind of possible conflict or inconsistency in your thinking?

If not then what may you have to say about the statement made by Hermann Göring when “Stahmer cued Goring to explain where the idea had come from to combine the ceremonial head of state and the head of government in one person, Adolf Hitler. That was simple, Goring explained. They had taken their example from the similar dual roles of the president of the United States.” - Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial Reprint Edition by Joseph E. Persico.([3])

March 9, 2018 - Link to the Organic Laws in United States Code:

December 13, 2017 - Re: "How Did Hitler Become So Evil?" -
The following comment (with minor edits) - was just submitted at the "Conservative Book Club". -

Although we have a virtually undisputed history in the court room referred to below you won't find the inspiration for the making of the German dictator included in the United States history books.

In a suggested letter by my Law professor (Dr. Ed Rivera) to the former presidential candidates Ed quotes from a DVD version of the Nuremberg Trial.

“Stahmer cued Goring to explain where the idea had come from to combine the ceremonial head of state and the head of government in one person, Adolf Hitler. That was simple, Goring explained. They had taken their example from the similar dual roles of the president of the United States.” - Nuremberg : Infamy on Trial Reprint Edition by Joseph E. Persico.

I find this a rather electrifying verification!

In the meanwhile here's another reference to the above:

“Goring even claimed that when Hitler subverted Germany’s republican constitution by amalgamating the offices of chancellor and president, he was merely emulating the powers of the office of President of the United States, which merged the roles of head of government and head of state.”[i]

In other words - George Washington took an oath for office for "President of the United States" after he had already been elected as "President of the United States of America". The former office is the head of government and the later is the head of state. Ever since then the American government has continuously combined these two offices into one person making him the most powerful (in public view). This was the sole source of inspiration behind how "Hitler subverted Germany’s republican constitution".

What American readers most need now is a redirection from "Hitler" (and every other external form of what may be considered as a form of entertainment and/or distraction) and a due-diligent focus toward a deeper understanding of the true nature of the United States government. The one place I know where that can be had is the Organic Laws Institute.[ii]


January 31, 2018 @ 11:11 (Pacific) PM -

Just submitted the following comment at Jon Rappoport's Blog:

February 1, 2018 at 1:56 (Eastern) AM
Thank you Jon!

The subject matter is certainly important as individual freedom & ability to think completely through a logical sequence can be critical! However there is a limit to logic. I offer the following from the Gene Keys:

When the energy of doubt is harnessed cleanly it becomes the Gift of Inquiry. Inquiry is about remaining open without finding a definitive answer to life. All pure Inquiry is of great service to humanity. It inevitably unlocks many of nature’s secrets by examining life in minute detail. The real purpose of doubt is to serve the higher good in an impersonal way. If someone has a deep genetic tendency to doubt or ask questions, they can greatly improve the quality of their life and relationships by channelling that doubt away from their personal life and pressing it into service. The 63rd Gift is about progression through levels and stages. This is the way in which logical understanding works. The continual pressure of doubt fuels the spirit of inquiry, which leads to deeper and deeper levels of understanding. However, the more deeply you inquire into anything, the more complex it becomes. You have to take it apart piece by piece, whether it is a scientific theory or an internal combustion engine. What is of prime importance is what you learn through the process.

As you slowly ascend the ladder of frequencies, the nature of your inquiry changes. You may begin by inquiring into some aspect of the world around you. This may be something you really want to understand or it may be something about the world that you want to improve or challenge. There is one golden rule with the 63rd Gift of Inquiry — if you inquire deeply enough into anything, you will arrive at the revelation that you, the observer, are intricately bound with that which you observe. This discovery actually heralds the beginning of the end of the logical approach, since it signifies the end of your ability to assess life objectively. At higher levels of frequency, you begin to enter the holistic domain of synthesis in which all phenomena are increasingly seen to affect each other. This new quantum world thus forces your inquiry into a far more subjective territory — that of your inner self. At a certain stage, the Gift of Inquiry must always lead you back into your self.

The 63rd Gene Key is one of four Gene Keys (the 36, 37, 22 and 63) that make up a genetic grouping in your DNA known as the Ring of Divinity. Because of its connection to the all-important 22nd Gene Key, this codon ring has much to do with the transformation of human awareness through suffering. The 63rd Gene Key plays a central role in this theme because it is your Divine doubt that drives you to follow a spiritual path in the first place. The deep discomfort of not remembering your true nature becomes more and more evident the more profoundly you inquire into your own nature. As you discover the doubt inside you, you become aware of it in all other human beings as well. This brings you to a great truth — all humans are made equal in this suffering (the 37th Gift of Equality). Doubt makes us human (the 36th Gift of Humanity) and leads us to a certain Graciousness (the 22nd Gift) in respect of how we treat others.

When you begin earnestly and honestly to question your own nature and purpose, you enter one of the great spiritual paths of all time, known in the East as the path of yoga. Yoga is essentially a progressive path of refining your physical and spiritual essence to such a height that you arrive at liberation or spiritual realization. It is the system of internalizing your life force so that it reaches higher and higher frequencies. Many different systems of yoga have been developed and adapted by cultures around the world. Some emphasize the physical body, some are meditation or prayer-based and some are rooted in service. What is common to all systems of yoga is the progressive sequential process whereby you raise the frequency of your vibration from a low state to a higher state. It is the Gift of Inquiry that urges you to understand all the states along the way.

To read about the Siddhi and this key more in-depth please read 63rd gene key in Rudd, Richard’s Gene Keys
Excerpts from: Rudd, Richard (2013-05-01). Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA (Kindle Locations 3937-3939). Watkins Publishing LTD. Kindle Edition.[5]

February 15, 2018 - More Commentary Replies to Jon's Articles -

chefjemichel says:
February 15, 2018 at 3:44 pm
Personal freedom for each and every Individual is the true foundation for humanity as a whole. That is pure and simple logic. Rudolf Steiner articulated this with Western logic in his works: “The Philosophy of Freedom” and in “Goethean Science”.

Re: “Freedom, on the other hand, implies self-reliance, self-sufficiency, inviolable private property, and the protections expressed in the Bill of Rights.” – All true – with one caveat regarding the so-called “Bill of Rights” (as the several states required before (apparently) acknowledging the Constitution of September 17, 1787). This Constitution is not the source of Rights for the American people. Instead – “We hold these Truths to be self evident” is the source as declared on or about July 4, 1776. The source is for our “unalienable Rights” and not what actually amounts to as greatly inferior government-granted privileges.

If we want to exercise our freedom we’ll want to take “self-reliance (and) self-sufficiency” to it’s logical complete fulfillment and let go of our indoctrinated beliefs that government is here to protect us, especially after all the many articles posted here unveiling the betrayal of government.[6]




[3] "Re-writting History":


[5] "Logic and the Declaration of Independence":




philosophy of the United States, united states of America, America's Founding Documents, Organic Laws, Charters of Freedom, Hitler, Logic, Declaration of Independence, freedom, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, private property, Bill of Rights, We hold these Truths, unalienable Rights, congress

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