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Got "Our New Reality"?

This love embraces all of ourselves, accepts all of ourselves, no exceptions!

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Our New Reality -

December 21, 2016 by soulsoothinsounds

Sometimes we are so physically and emotionally ‘shell-shocked’ from this integration process that we can’t see the beauty of this embodied enlightenment.

How we are literally creating a new reality, right here within an old, dualistic one.  And this new realty never existed before – in which opposites come together.  The human and the eternal self.  We are still surrounded by a very dense, and often harsh 3D reality but we are becoming less and less subject to its influences, even to its physics. Yes, we are beginning to defy physics itself!

We are transforming from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based body. Our DNA is morphing as light is introduced to the cells.[1]  And, while ascension is a natural part of our evolutionary process, embodied enlightenment is new.  A human being can ascend without fully integrating their light body. They can expand their consciousness into higher realms, but it does not necessarily involve the human body or human personality.  Most Ascended Masters of the past left the planet soon after their enlightenment because they had not prepared their physical bodies to embody spirit. In fact they saw their body as a distraction.

But we have chosen to stay here and to embody our eternal self.  We were not willing to spread it out over several lifetimes. We wanted it done in this one lifetime.

So this new reality is not just a nice concept, or the musings of a delusional mind… It’s very real, and yet it is very fluid. It is less dense, more malleable. It combines both the physical and the ethereal attributes.

Our body feels it, as it sometimes experience a buoyancy, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms of moving in and out of different realities. And at times we feel the heaviness, the density here even more profoundly. As if we are treading in pea soup. Vibrationally we are just not compatible any more with the old consciousness and the reality it plays within.

Our light body is adjusting to its new home, here in our body. And since it never experienced this type of integration before, it is highly sensitive to energies. But it does eventually integrate and balance itself and the physical body does the same. As slow as this integration feels to us, there is a benefit to not going too fast, unless we want to burn out our system.


We all know intimately how challenging it is to have to feel on such deep levels, all the fears and other emotions we inherited. To have to endure the physical changes, some of which bring up old, inherited diseases to be transmuted.  But it’s part of the process.

But despite the hardships, it is admittedly an amazing process. Here we are, a small but devoted group from all around the world being the first to go through it. There are a few million awakening at this time, but those who are at the forefront, who are the first to experience it, are small in number.

The outer accomplishments that societies hold in the highest of esteem pale in comparison to what is happening here within each of us. Others don’t have a clue that we are the ones embodying a solution to the problems facing the world, the Universes, and even our spiritual families back home. We are embodying the very consciousness that resolves the battle of light and dark, male and female, and all the rest of it.

That doesn’t mean that suddenly it all gets cleaned up, that our fellow humans are easier to live with. Quite the opposite.  But it does mean that we are creating the new template of peace, love and passion.  We become living examples of divine humans who are integrated, self-loving, self-sustaining and have a passion for life. Who are free to express their sensuality, and who are not afraid of what others think of them.  We become living examples of beings who are still very human, still get irritated, still lose patience, but the difference is that we are o.k with that and aren’t interested in self-analyzing all our ‘stuff’ anymore.   And that potential is available for those who are ready for real change.  And even if any of us feel we are not ‘there’ yet in our enlightenment, or have much more work to do, (which is an illusion) we still absolutely have paved the way for those who are beginning their own awakening.  In fact, if we don’t go a step further, we have already done what we came here to do.


There is so much lip service given to peace and love, to unity consciousness, but very few truly understand what that means.
The love we are embodying is the love for SELF.  For all of our aspects, for our so-called light and dark.  We are no longer disowning parts of ourself.  But in order to do this we need to disconnect from others and from this world.  Not to imply we need to forsake our family, our partners, or isolate ourselves on a mountaintop somewhere….but it does require an energetic letting go.  And that sometimes means letting go of friendships, or other relationships, sometimes only temporarily, sometimes indefinitely.  There is no way we could do this without the inner focus, which will appear selfish to others.

Our only responsibility toward the rest of the world is to set it free, detach from it.  It’s letting go of making ourselves responsible for how anyone else feels, and letting go of making anyone else responsible for our feelings or our joy.  It’s also letting go of making our human self responsible for our joy.  Or even responsible for our health, our wealth and our well-being. Many will see this as being irresponsible, and uncaring. But being the Master of one’s own consciousness and one’s own reality will not be understood by most of humanity for a long time to come.  They do not yet understand that peace will never be a reality on this planet until each person embraces self-love, self-acceptance and has a deep connection with their own soul.


But really, how many humans have ever spent time truly loving themselves?  It’s not a mental exercise of separating out qualities into so-called good and bad attributes and then saying, “ok, I select only the ‘good’ stuff and choose to love those about myself.”  Then reject the rest.

This is what mankind has been doing and, well, the results speak for themselves.

So this love embraces all of ourselves, accepts all of ourselves, no exceptions. It’s not done from the mind. The human mind doesn’t have the capacity for that kind of acceptance. It requires a partnership with the eternal self, human with divine, to pull it off.

So just as we let those in the rest of the world do battle with each other, in the name of love, religion, power or whatever games are being played, we are doing the same with our own aspects.  We are learning to let them do battle with each other, not running interference…much harder to do than detaching from the world outside of us.  But we are discovering that if we keep allowing these parts of ourselves from our past to pull us into their drama, we are right back in the old reality again.

What we are doing is profound.  We are beginning to trust that we are already enlightened.  That there exists the eternal part of us that is already a balanced masculine and feminine, that honor and trust each other.  And that enlightened part of us is simply coming home to us here in these bodies.  And in that process a new reality is born.


That statement has never been more true than in this ascension process.  Some of us are at the point where we are saying, “OK, I’m just gonna’ go for it!..I’m just gonna’ allow this process to unfold, with as little interference from my mind as possible….what else can I lose?  What’s the worst that can happen?  I’ll die?  Well, I’m gonna’ do that anyway, eventually….and if I die tomorrow or 40 years from now, whenever it happens I am still going to be in my I AM, and all is well, and I get to move on to other adventures….and best case scenario, I stick around, integrate my light body, and my divine I AM, enjoy life here as an enlightened Master before I croak!” So both lead to happy endings, really!

And we already know that being here without our eternal self is far, far worse than any fear of death![4]

Comment: "This love" if not agape must be inspired by agape.
My re-reading of the quote from one of Janis Joplin's songs here is serendipitous to having just listened to Leonard Cohen's tribute to her in a YouTube video.

June 20, 2018 - More New Realities - Is this the century of secession? - by Jon Rappoport -

Here is the political question of our time: Will it be one future for all, or many futures side by side? Read on.

—Any movement toward secession is a good thing, no matter how ill-conceived. It puts a different idea in minds: defect, decentralize, opt out, strive to become more self-sufficient. This idea can spawn many new strategies, over the long run.

For example, there is a lot of noise about California seceding from the Union.

One plan would split the state up into three parts. This is currently the strongest initiative, because those three parts wouldn’t actually secede; they would become new states.

However, Congress has to OK the formation of new states, and it will never do so.

All this interesting and fertile chaos obscures something else that is happening in California. The Mercury News reports (4/24/18):

“At least 14 Southern California cities and two counties have passed ordinances, and in some cases filed lawsuits, against the state’s controversial sanctuary laws that largely prohibit local and state authorities from cooperating with federal immigration officers [who want to deport illegal immigrants].”

“While the anti-sanctuary wave is rolling across some of California’s most Republican strongholds [Orange and San Diego counties], they aren’t an aftershock from the 2016 election: Democrat Hillary Clinton trounced Trump in Orange County by 8 percentage points and San Diego County by 20 percentage points [if you believe the legitimacy of the vote count].”

According to the Mercury News, here are the local entities that have rebelled against California sanctuary-immigration policy:

Orange County Board of Supervisors
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
Beaumont — Riverside County
Dana Point — Orange County
Ripon — San Joaquin County
Los Alamitos — Orange County
Laguna Niguel — Orange County
San Juan Capistrano — Orange County
Aliso Viejo — Orange County
Mission Viejo — Orange County
Yorba Linda — Orange County
Newport Beach — Orange County
Westminster — Orange County
Huntington Beach — Orange County
Orange — Orange, County
Fountain Valley — Orange County
Escondido –San Diego County


Suppose a few communities in California decide they don’t like the state’s mandatory child-vaccine law, and they want to refuse its provisions?

One idea (even an unworkable one) gives birth to other ideas. A contagion begins. For example, people consider the original notion of limited government and a Constitutional Republic. Unconscionable government meddlers are seen as meddlers and criminals. A wave builds. People experience glimpses of freedom. They hunger for more. They feel something new stirring in their bones.

They contemplate the possibility that doom is not inevitable.

What would 1776 look like, and how might it play out, today, in a state (California) that once celebrated cutting-edge innovation, before an elite fungal infection rolled in?

The best estimate of the 13 colonies’ population in 1776 is 2.5 million. A federal Republic was designed for a small group, not 325 million people. Jefferson envisioned a ladder of independent Republics—from village to ward to county to state to federal—each emphasizing freedom of the individual, each hamstringing the power of government to the strictest degree possible.

He was not alone. The whole freedom movement of the time was conscious of the danger of unchecked government and corporate control.

It fell to state legislatures to limit corporations by chartering them to do business. If a corporation harmed the public good, the legislature could, without a trial, exile it from the state. This was in line with the prevailing concept (eventually overturned by corrupt judges and business monopolists) that a corporation was not a person, and did not have the rights of an individual.

Any effort in the direction of DECENTRALIZATION is a good thing. We are long overdue in that regard.

And as far Europe is concerned—the countries who birthed the idea of individual freedom after centuries of struggle—from whom the American Founders took their political innovations—the present European Union is a lurching monster—it is a direct contradiction to the profound concept of liberty. It should be repealed on every front and summarily dumped and left at the side of the road—a relic of fascism that once posed as a purveyor of the public good.

DECENTRALIZATION really becomes fascinating when you consider the formation of intentional communities based on political ideas of every stripe. The inhabitants themselves decide the principles that apply. Some version of share and care and equality for all? A Constitutional Republic? A monarchy? Experiments proliferate and stand and fall on their own. With the advance of technology, it’s possible to outfit a local community with its own power supply, its own digital platforms, etc., on behalf of increased self-sufficiency.

The octopoid reach of overweening central governments loses strength. New cultures evolve, side by side. Whatever shapes the political structures of communities take, the underlying effort is pro-independence.

That would be authentic secession.

The vector moves toward the individual and away from the collective.

On the education front, this is already happening, as parents, disgusted with the crime, drugs, social indoctrination, and political correctness in public brainwashing centers, are opting for home schooling.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the so-called Health Freedom movement has been expanding for many decades. It is based on the concept that every person has the right to manage his own health and seek out unconventional treatments. Despite government efforts to corral the population into Big Pharma medicine, citizens have broken out of that mold. In a big way.

Then there is “alternative news.” Untold numbers of decentralized outlets have bloomed across the world. Of course, they are labeled “fake news,” because the mainstream monopolists are terrified they are losing their grip on the minds of populations. In 2001, when I launched my site,, I was acutely aware of mainstream brainwashing in the arena of information. I defected from print journalism and went out on my own. Seventeen years later, I’m still here.

Decentralization on every front is occurring. It isn’t always pretty, and it isn’t always on target, but that’s what you get when you get freedom. Life pushes through worn ground and explores new possibilities.

It all comes back to the individual mind. Is that mind free and wide-ranging or is it programmed? When free minds cooperate, the choices are extensive, and success is possible in many directions.

DECENTRALIZATION IS ALL ABOUT IMAGINATION. That is the key. When individuals conceive the futures they want, by imagining and projecting them, doors and windows into the future open. Not one future for all—but many futures side by side. ...

November 27, 2018 - Anna presents her understanding of the cycles of the manifestation process. -

"...I draw your attention to the fact that you are part of a Cycle of Creation that moves from the unseen realm of energy and thought and feeling to a realm of symbols, and through the realm of symbols into the realm of objects -- three dimensional matter." [3]

Comment: It may not be "Rudolf Steiner" however Anna most certainly lives now and speaks to us in the now. (And occasionally she may even answers some questions! ; ~ )


[1] For a panoramic view of this see: Gene Keys: by Richard Rudd:


[3] "Chicken or Egg? Attaching Value to Things--- and People":

[4] copyright (c) 2016 Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain this article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link:. Maria Chambers at:


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