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Enlightening Our Communications

Cultivating clarity in the words we use.

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August 20, 2022 - Inclusion of the I Ching -

"The underlying philosophy of the I Ching is that of process and change. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao-tse teaches that rather than focus on individual things we are better served by considering the flow of change moving through each situation, the course of things, the continual primal beginning in each moment."[6]*

Comment: It's "the continual primal beginning in each moment" that this Blog-writer is now with increased awareness of with regards to: Cheeta/"Tao Chee".

August 19, 2022 - "Cheeta" is now the "Tao Chee"!

Through extensive re-contemplation on the "evolution" of Cheeta(i) with a focused emphasis on "present-time" realization (instead of a future "dream") this Blog-writer has reformed the Cheeta acronym (from the most recent: "Communication Healing Enlightens Expression ~ Transformative Arts") to: "Tao Chee": "Transformative Arts of Communication Healing Enlightens Expression"! ; ~ )
(i) as mentioned in the following "August 15," entry.

August 15, 2022 -

While re-reading "The Power of Now" book (a few days ago) this blog-writer noted on page 41 of this book: "Cheeta must be restated as a present-time evolution in the ever-evolving now!" Writing that note coincided with an inquiry to meet again with two individuals to reportedly discuss our "shared vision." Congruent with the note - the Cheeta vision in this instance became a matter of requesting clarity on what the "shared vision" might be. As it turned out - what got revealed as the actual attraction to meet was a future-based interest to live in community. Cheeta now is about a present-time dialogue and whether or not that evolves into people living in community is an unknown "future." However, the communication is/can be a present-time revelation!

June 11, 2022 -

"Communication" and "community" share the same root.[4]
The common ground here obviously must be that community requires communication.
What may not be obvious is that authentic community-building[5]* requires a certain quality of communication that has to be learned and developed. The ability to truly communicate with other unique individuals in ways that can build genuine community has to be acquired and practiced in real life. Acquiring this ability can be a path that leads one toward the enlightenment of self and other.

July 18, 2019 - Community-Building With The Most Complete, Most Dynamic New Configuration of Dyads!

According to this blog-writers understanding of BG5 - an ideal working group size has about five members in it (in a range of possibly three to seven or eight individuals). For the purpose of this introduction - imagine a group of five. Imagine that each of these individuals have a point on a five pointed star drawn as a regular pentagram.[3]

Number the the five points as follows:
"1" at the 12 o'clock position,
"2" at about 7 o'clock or so,
"3" at about 2:20,
"4" at about 9:40, and
"5" at just about 5 o'clock.

The individual in position "1" essentially initiates a dyad cycle with individual "2" where "2" gives the instruction to "1" in the form of a 3-part Relating Exercise(RE). (The form of this particular RE is explained elsewhere and a link to that description will be tagged here.) That particular form needs to allow a full hour for both individuals to have their complete communication cycles as they naturally unfold as of the first round - allowing for up to five full rounds of approximately ten minutes each. Then "2" goes to "3" and the whole set of dyads repeats. This continues until "5" goes to "1" and at the end of that set the total time may add up to about five hours. Then after a couple hours of time out (on the days when this is repeated two times) the whole cycle is repeated starting with "2" and continues in sequence for another five hours. This pattern continues until "5" initiates a sequence after which the grand total will be twenty five hours. The whole complete course would be done over about a two and a half day weekend. For instance a five-hour session on Friday late afternoon - evening; two five-hour sessions on Saturday and two five-hour sessions on Sunday. Keep in mind that each individual is active for a total of two hours per full penta-cycle of the five participants or a grand total of ten devoted fully-active RE hours over the whole weekend.

Also the individual positions would switch so that everyone will have dyads with each individual.

When an individual is not in an active dyad they can have their choice of being a silent witness to the active dyad, do an active or passive mediative exercise, have a contemplative meal or rest. In some ways this can be likened unto the "Enlightenment Intensive"(EI) being that it is pretty much a three day event that is devoted to contemplating the truth of self and other along with additional guidelines however not as severe as the EI. However it is distinguished form an EI in that the group is preformed or at least pre-intended whereas in an EI it is typically unrelated individuals who come as individuals and not necessarily as a group.

June 16, 2019 - More On Communication -

A primary axiom that this writer has lived by since about thirty years ago has been: "Communication Is Life"! Within the last couple years after numerous insights that gave him greater understanding of the invisible dynamics active in/through both the spoken and unspoken word he upgraded this axiom. Now when he thinks of "Communication Is Life" he thinks in terms of dialogue. "Dialogue is the new community" and "without dialogue the door to psychopathy is left open."

The Need For "Healing Dialogue" -

We are all here for healing. Some of the need for healing is more obvious because it appears physically. Some of the need for healing appears in non-physical dimensions (probably most prominently though the social sphere with its - psycho-emotional impacts plus the other spheres as well). Whatever the outer appearance may be - all physical symptoms can be traced back to a moment when the shock conflict occurred. In that moment of shock we are so suddenly surprised that we become speechless. It is a moment when the psyche is overwhelmed and isolated. The impact of that shock is then transferred into the body in highly intelligent ways through a flawless internal communication matrix designed for our physical survival.

The Need For Dyads -

However, if an individual were to have another individual with them (at the moment of the shock or immediately thereafter) who was able to connect, hear and acknowledge the experience of shock then the bodily response could and most probably would be different. The possibility of a healing dialogue would be the ideal way to handle shock conflicts - well before they fully activated a biological survival program in the body (and that the medical industry has a tome of terms to diagnose as a disease).

The next best thing for the individual who suffers the shock conflict as an isolated experience is to seek out another individual whom they can relate their experience to in the spirit of true open dialogue. The experience of speechlessness needs to be relieved and the sooner the better. However that relief may very well be a rare occurrence (for more reasons then can be said here.

Cheeta! -

Early on this writer had made some conclusions regarding lifestyle in modern society (and later realized more completely the significant impact of all our conditioning). This inspired him decades ago to envision another way, most notably another environment where "isolation" is either non-existent or so well minimized that it is never a real problem for any individual to feel connected to others whom they can tell their radical truth to and thus be free of self-suppressive, self-rejecting thinking, and behavior. This is a dedicated healing environment. This environment is called Cheeta. Cheeta is a dialogue in progress!

The Art (and Science) of Cultivating Dialogue -

Cultivating dialogue (as "the new community") is now seen as the true foundation for "Cheeta" in all its possible forms of expression.

May 13, 2019 - Possible Guidelines For Creating Authentic Power Especially in Support of Your Conscious Communications - (Long version - skip down to "Comment" for the short version ; ~ )

Commitment – Making My Spiritual Growth My Highest Priority -

􏰁Focus on what I can learn about myself all the time, especially from my reactions (such as anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, and impatience), instead of judging or blaming others or myself.

􏰁Pay attention to my emotions by feeling the physical sensations in my energy centers (such as my chest, solar plexus, and throat areas).

􏰁Pay attention to my thoughts (such as judging, analyzing, comparing, daydreaming, planning my reply, etc., or thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, contentment, openness to Life, etc.).

􏰁Pay attention to my intention (such as blaming, judging, needing to be right, seeking admiration, escaping into thoughts (intellectualizing), trying to convince, etc., or cooperating, sharing, creating harmony, and revering Life).

Courage – Stretching Myself Beyond The Limited Perspectives Of The Frightened Parts Of My Personality -

􏰁Take responsibility for my feelings, experiences, and actions (no blaming).

􏰁Practice integrity at all times (often requires action, such as speaking when frightened parts of my personality don’t want to speak and not speaking when they feel compelled to speak).

􏰁Say or do what is most difficult (sharing what I notice, if appropriate, when someone speaks or acts from a frightened part of his or her personality; sharing about myself what I am frightened to say and know what I need to say).

Compassion – Seeing Myself And Others As Souls Who Sometimes Have Frightened Parts Of Their Personalities Active -

􏰁Change my perspective from fearful to loving (choose to see myself and others in a loving or appreciative way).

􏰁Release any distance I feel from anyone.

􏰁Be present while others are speaking (not preparing replies, judging, etc.).

Conscious Communications and Actions - Striving To Make All My Interactions Conscious And Loving -

􏰁Consult my intuition.

􏰁Choose my intention before I speak or act.

􏰁Act from the healthiest part of my personality that I can access (rather than caretaking, fixing, teaching, judging, blaming, gossiping, etc.).

􏰁Speak personally and specifically rather than generally and abstractly (use “I” statements rather than “we” or “you” statements).

􏰁Release attachment to the outcome (trust the Universe). If I find myself attached, begin again with Commitment, Courage, and Compassion.

And remember to enjoy yourself![2]

I see tremendous radical self-honesty presented in the above "Guidelines"! Having already adopted "The Four Agreements" I see this presentation by Gary as a wonderful deepening and expansion of the truths in: "Be Impeccable With Your Word," "Don't Take Anything Personal," "Don't Make Assumptions," and "Always Do Your Best."

February 16, 2019 -

If the purpose of your communications with others is to increase understanding then you'll want to permeate what you say as well as what you hear with clarity. I just gained some very significant understanding by asking for clarity in regards to a video I recently listened to and at a point where the sound quality was not clear enough. A copy of my inquiry follows:

Greetings, Friends!

Nice to see the new video, thank you!

I wasn't able to completely clearly hear the main message of what
the ultimate conflict is. I heard what sounded like: "not accepting the
part of realty" however I am not really certain whether that was what the
narrator actually said. Would it be possible to tell me what the
narrator said at that point? .........

On 02/15/2019 06:31, xxx wrote:


You got it right: "not accepting a part of reality"



So glad that you replied here because the little article: "a" adds great clarity for me!

I find a big difference between "the part of reality" and "a part of reality." For me "the part of reality" is all-inclusive - it refers to all reality. "A part of reality" is a specific. The more specific I can be in my communications that better chance others may have of understanding what I am saying. "A reality" is a certain something that can be either pointed to or in any number of ways referred to.

I also think of a couple other things that may be related to this. If you were to read the Constitution for The United States of America (some times referred to as the Constitution of September 17, 1787) you will find the following two phrases that may appear to be one and the same but in fact are two distinct things. "The Congress" and "a Congress".[1]

Two more things I think of that might be related to this is the distinction between "The Spirit" and "a spirit" as well as "The Word" and "a word". I hope this supports understanding as to how a single letter article such as "a" can make a humongous difference if it's not clearly communicated in certain contexts.


[1] Elaborated upon here: "Teaching 'The Organic Laws of The United States of America'.":


Also see: "pentagram clock" as a guide to freehand draw a pentagram as a visual aide.


[5] See "The Different Drum" by Scott Peck.


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