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by Chef JeM

Cheeta Philio-Sophia

"Right thinking" (Philo-Sophia) as an alchemical process extracted from progressive insights regarding the whole of creation and most especially including the necessity for our own evolution!

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October 25 2020 - The Way You Live -

"...Everything depends on the way you live..."[11]*


The above quote expresses the quintessential "philosophy" of Cheeta. The "Healing Environments" (that start the Cheeta acronym) are all intended to support a new higher way of living. This new way of living will naturally find expressions to "Enlighten Thru Arts!"

September 7, 2020 - True Alchemy -

"We must be able to transform all the impurities we receive from our surroundings, from food, air and even from people’s thoughts and feelings. Even further still, we must transform all the criticism, hatred, and ingratitude we receive from others. Initiates have had many stones thrown at them from all sides – mountains of them! But they found a way to turn them into precious stones. They worked on the stones that were thrown at them, transforming them into treasures for us. This is true alchemy. If the earth can transform raw material into precious stones, so can we! The key is to think about doing so. Human beings possess every strength, every power – even the philosopher’s stone, which turns everything into gold, is present within them. Until humans accept this philosophy, they will feel unhappy, crushed, and the slightest criticism will floor them."[10]

August 25, 2020 - Make A Wish! -

"... Every desire, whether good or bad, produces results. The moment you make a wish, it immediately comes true in a world of subtle, invisible matter. It takes time for it to come about on the physical plane ... But if you are patient enough to concentrate on this one ideal, it will one day become a visible, tangible reality."[9]


Cheeta is the wish of this Blog-writer. Cheeta's "visible, tangible reality" begins with a Biodynamic-Permaculture Farm as the first stage toward developing a fully self-sustainable eco-village that's dedicated to birthing the new humanity.

August 21, 2020 - Working With Love -

"Nothing in heaven or on earth can forbid you to love. Love is life. But we must learn how to love, that is, how to spiritualize and sublimate our love. Why? So as to be capable of working with this love. ..."[8]

August 11, 2020 - "Simply explaining oneself is different from forcing one's knowing upon others."[7]*


This Blog-writer assesses the above quote worthy of being ranked as a cornerstone in the building-up of the "Cheeta Philo-Sophia"!

August 7, 2020 - A Hierarchy in the Universe - Also in Our Earthly Bodies -

"The notion of hierarchy present in our everyday lives was given to us by Cosmic Intelligence, which set up a hierarchy not only in the universe, but also in our earthly bodies. Human beings have a skeletal structure that corresponds to the mineral world and provides the body’s material support. Muscles are attached to our bones just as vegetation clings to the earth. Our circulatory system, with its blood vessels and capillaries, corresponds to rivers, streams and lakes, for water is the blood of the earth, which nourishes all vegetation. Our respiratory system corresponds to air, and finally, our nervous system corresponds to the sun on which everything depends. In fact it is not the bones which are the controlling factor, but the nervous system, which is the most finely developed, the most subtle and the most highly evolved. Why have we not drawn a philosophical conclusion from this observation? Why has science misled humanity in giving priority to matter instead of to the spirit?"[6]


Much can be said about the quintessence of the above quote that this Blog-writer could possibly elaborate upon some time. In the meanwhile he says:
This is another example of synchronicity recognized by this Blog-writer regarding the timing that the above "Thought" arrived in his Inbox. It is an amazing synchronicity to his thoughts about "Dem Bones" (just before coming to his computer):

July 28, 2020 - To build something solid and lasting with your partner -

"A love relationship only makes sense if you are able to build something solid and lasting with your partner. Look to see if there is harmony between you on three planes – physical, emotional and mental – or whether you are merely yielding to a passing infatuation and the lure of pleasure. If you have no affinity on the level of emotions, tastes and ideas, do not tell yourself that it does not matter, that things will eventually work out; they will not. On the contrary, as soon as the novelty of certain pleasures wears off, you will realize that psychic and intellectual affinities are actually extremely important, and if these affinities are lacking, then discord sets in."[5]*

July 22, 2020 -

June 26, 2020 - The Union of a Man and a Woman -

"... the union of a man and a woman should be made first of all on high, in the divine world, in the world of light. Only then should it be consummated on the physical plane ..."[4]

June 16, 2020 - "... power is based on unity, on harmony."[3]

Comment: There are a number of enlightened souls who have proclaimed: "Unite!".
The principal of unity and harmony is universal as well as its recognition.
The principal of unity and harmony can be applied and needs to be applied throughout all of the social sphere.

In contrast - the polarizing of this principal is the source of the politics that have displaced the right function of government.
Another polarization regarding spiritual teachings is the source of religion and religious wars.

Nevertheless we can unite with the spirit! And in the right spirit we can self-govern! Unite yourself!

June 5, 2020 -

"It is our trials that make us stronger. Moments of rapture spent in prayer, contemplation and union with the realm of light are not enough; these states must be made to last, and for that they must be put to the test of life. We speak about forging a character. Well, obstacles and difficulties do precisely that: forge character. Make no mistake, it is not because you have tasted some sublime moments of communion with heaven, moments in which you felt that you understood and were in control of everything, that you can expect to be safe from further tribulations. No, you will not be spared. On the contrary, thanks to these tribulations, the new forms created within you will become more solid."[2]*

April 21, 2020 - "It is written, ...

... ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’. All philosophy is contained in these two words: heaven and earth. What is heaven? Heaven is the spirit, light, the virtues. And earth is the material world, the physical body. Moses, who was a high Initiate, first mentioned heaven, then earth. Human beings, however, tend to put the earth first. Some go even further and behave as if only the earth had been created, and who knows by whom! And that is why nothing is right in the world anymore – because everybody gives priority to the earth. This imbalance has an impact on individual human beings as well. We must realize that all imbalance stems from a lack of understanding of the place the Creator has given to the spirit and to matter. Of course, we should not neglect matter, the physical body, but it is far more detrimental to humankind not to have understood once and for all that the spirit must always come first."[1]














It is written, In the beginning, God, creator, the heavens, earth’, philosophy, heaven and earth, What is heaven, the spirit, light, the virtues, material world, physical body, high Initiate, Human beings, earth first, the world, humankind, rapture, prayer, contemplation, union, realm of light, character, communion with heaven, tribulations


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