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Law Of Intelligence

"When we're asking the divine, we need patience to wait for the answers. They may come in the form we expect, but often they come in an unexpected way or time. Some of the answers may not come until our next lifetime, but rest assured, they will come."

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The Law of Intelligence

For everyone that asketh receiveth...

- Matthew 7:8

The law of intelligence is about asking questions to enhance intelligence. When we ask questions, we learn. The more we ask, the more we learn and the more capable we are of getting what we want. We can ask questions of ourselves, of others, and of the divine. They can be asked silently or out loud.

Every question ever asked is answered, according to the law of intelligence. What is required to find the answers is patience, along with the ability to allow ourselves to be open and empty so we can listen and hear the answers when they do come. If the law of intelligence were expressed as a mathematical equation, it would be:

Question + Answer = Intelligence

This leads to another question and equation:

Question (n) = Answer

The n in this equation represents the unknown. I don't know how many times each new question needs to be asked before it's answered. One thousand times? One million? It could depend on how many people ask. I think it also depends on the belief and readiness of the recipient and the world. Remember the famous saying: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." There will always be an answer, even though it may not come for a very long time. The divine won't answer a question until both the recipient and the world are ready and open.

Being ready for the answer means that the recipient, the person who asked the question, is open and has gained enough knowledge to understand the answer. It also means that enough of the world is prepared to receive the consequences that the answer brings.

Once a question is asked enough times and the world is ready, the divine provides the answer in some way - sometimes to more than one person at the same time. I've heard that a man on the other side of the planet discovered the law of gravity at the same time as Sir Isaac Newton did. (But Newton made it to press first.)
Looking for Answers, Enhancing our Intelligence

Life is about learning. We can all use the law of intelligence to our benefit. When we ask questions, we gain insight and knowledge. Often the answers come from other people. Sometimes they come from books or TV. People like Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein received some of their answers through inspiration from the divine.

Another formula applicable to the law of intelligence develops inspiration:

Question + Answer = Question

Wendy Palmer put it best in her book The Intuitive Body by saying, "Hold the truth carefully and then

throw it away." That act promotes growth and rediscovery, which build intelligence. What I do is hold onto a belief until something that makes more sense comes along, and in my experience, something does when we keep asking questions.

History proves that how we think and feel about things will be significantly different in the next century. We will be more knowledgeable then than we are now and will have learned to use the law of intelligence and the law of attraction in healthier ways.

Questions and answers produce intelligence. According to the Bible, answers are always provided, so set in motion the law of intelligence, ask questions, and build your intelligence, even if you do it in silence.

When we're asking the divine, we need patience to wait for the answers. They may come in the form we expect, but often they come in an unexpected way or time. Some of the answers may not come until our next lifetime, but rest assured, they will come.

The law of intelligence governs every living creature. For example, once I watched a dog dive under water to fetch rocks. My sons or I would throw a rock into the lake. The dog would watch and wonder where the rock had gone. He would then stick his head under the water and come up with it. That dog had intelligence and he had used the law of intelligence to his benefit. Everything with spirit has intelligence and feelings.

I believe that every person has access to an equal amount of intelligence. We may not know how to access it equally, but that doesn't mean we're incapable of doing so. We all access intelligence and express it in different ways. Each of us has a different set of circumstances that our spirit will attract and a different learning process, one that is particularly suited to our spirit, to who we are and to what we need to learn.

For example, in my experience, I've found a lot of people don't like to read long books. The first thing many people do after picking up a book is flip to the back to see how many pages there are. I'm one of those people. I learn more through personal interaction and read only the books that relate precisely to what my focus is at the time.

Not having a burning desire to read is a disadvantage, so I've turned it into a benefit. I watch many people and ask many questions, even of strangers. I've enjoyed the gifts that come from having being able to travel to fourteen countries and four continents, from talking to homeless people, business people, spiritual people, political consulates, children, the critically ill, and the newlywed. Each time I interact with someone, I learn something about him or her, myself, or the world in general. The benefits received from learning this way include making many friends.

Some people don't know what questions to ask or how to ask them. They need guidance or help in some form. One day the many leaders of our society will recognize this in a bigger way, and provide more options for support, and have more compassion, for those who struggle to learn and grow. Thankfully, a few leaders are already there.

It's been said that the average person uses only ten percent of his or her brainpower. If that's true, none of us are using our intelligence to its full potential. We all learn in different ways. As we discover and adopt new learning techniques - ones suited to who we are as individuals - I believe we will discover how to access a greater percentage of our intelligence.

We have new ways to learn now: television, group workshops, the Internet, outdoor challenge adventures, and many others. Each one of us is brilliant in some way and evolving at our own pace. As we evolve individually throughout our lives, we can each discover our own brilliance.

None of us is better or more important than anyone else, just because at this moment we may be more intelligent in a particular aspect of life. Does the divine value a doctor or a lawyer more than a garbage man or a waitress? I don't think so, but some people do. Why? Is it healthy to value one human over the other? I search inside for a way to respect each and every individual for their thoughts and emotional process as much as I respect myself for my own process.
From Life to Life

Intelligence and feelings are part of our spirit, not of our body. They come alive when we ask questions and acknowledge our emotions. Everything we know and feel comes with us, with our spirit, from life to life.

Our body and brain together are a machine created to house a spirit - our feelings and intelligence. Our spirit uses our body like we use cars. When it's time, we get a new one.

We learn from the things that happen to us. Sometimes we face the same lesson, over and over, until we finally learn what it is we are meant to know, until we understand the point of that lesson. If we don't learn our lesson in this lifetime, we'll have another chance in the next one. Once we've learned what we need to know, we can move on. The divine has a way of teaching us through the law of attraction.

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