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Courage to Transform

We all come into this world with a certain set of weaknesses to
overcome and a certain set of strengths to acquire. The circumstances of our lives are such to teach us about these qualities within ourselves."

Date:   4/4/2006 3:03:52 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 2245 times

The Courage to Transform

This last week-end my husband and I went hiking along the Appalachian
trail that partially runs through the Ozark Mountains, when we came to a
place where we began walking along the top of a cliff overlooking a
stream. It was beautiful! I wish I'd had my camera, but instead I took
some time to enjoy the view. It was then that I realized that I was
standing about 6" away from a drop-off of about 100' or so, and I have a
problem with heights!!

I've gotten a LOT better about facing my fear because I take every
opportunity to control my thoughts. I used to be so terrified that I
couldn't even look over the balcony of a 3 story building! Today, however,
I take the time to recognize my fear, breathe, and work through it.

Count the blessings, instead of the bummers.

I know that I feel my fear the greatest when there is nothing between
me and the drop-off because I can see all the way down with no
obstruction. So I would stop to look over the edge whenever there was something
nearby to hang on to. Finally my vertigo over took me, fear over
taking enjoyment, so I found a place to sit down, took some deep breaths and
sunk down into a light meditation. I remembered that (1) I was with
someone I love, (2) it was a beautiful day, (3) Spring-time was showing
me beautiful colors and life popping up all over the forest. and soon
that spinning, dizzy feeling of vertigo went away because I took my
attention off of it.

Getting back across that 6" ledge that went over the cliff was
challenging as well, and I finally had to put my hand up by my eyes so that I
would ONLY see the Path instead of the drop-off. I shielded myself from
what I didn't want to see, and forced myself to look only at what I
wanted to see. and I made it back easily.

Isn't that the same way it is with every thing? I come to a challenge,
work through it until I just can't go on, then sit in meditation
remembering my blessings and lightening my heart until it is again filled
with joy, and I can try it again. Shielding myself from that which I
Don't Want to see, helps me to focus on that which I DO want. If we draw
into our lives that which we dwell on, then deliberately looking for
what I WANT helps me to bring more of that into my life.

Everything happens for a reason - even tragedy.

We all come into this world with a certain set of weaknesses to
overcome and a certain set of strengths to acquire. The circumstances of our
lives are such to teach us about these qualities within ourselves.

The year 2000 was filled with great stress for this fixed sign. I'd
moved 2000 miles away from my friends, my children finally reached the
age where they were eager to move out and be on their own, and they
seemed to disappear from the nest all at once. This left me free to
recognize that my marriage of nearly 30-years was coming to an end, and my
Father began losing his mind and then passed on during my divorce. I had
hit nearly every top stressor there was on the list, and I found it
very easy to count my bummers over and over again.

However, when a person ONLY looks at life's bummers, transmitting the
mental signal that life is difficult, life is unfair, life is too hard.
then guess what. life gives me more of what I am transmitting, because
we are powerful attractive magnets. We attract into our lives whatever
we dwell on the most!

Therefore if I think that life is awful, then life gives me more
"awful". However, if I force myself to count my blessings, and deliberately
focus on what's beautiful to me, then life gives me more beauty. I get
whatever I think about the most, because my thinking is what gives me
the circumstances of my life.

I began thinking about what I enjoyed and pretty soon life again took
on meaning and my Path was again visible.

Change the way you look at things. and the things you look at change.

Before we come into this life experience we make certain agreements
with those in our spiritual family to help us live through certain events
- joys as well as tragedies - because working through these events will
help refine our character.

The death of a loved one is especially difficult because many times the
reason for it seems hard to recognize. Sometimes the pain of losing
those we love is such a great burden that we think we can't go on without
them. However, since we know that everything happens for a reason,
there must also be purpose in their departure, as well. In the grand
scheme of things there is a good reason for everything happens.

The trick to finding that good reason is to turn away from the sadness
and look at the joy of what you learned from their presence in your
life. Ask yourself what value you found because they were there. What
did you learn from them. What have you enjoyed the most about them?
What have you gotten out of their time with you?

I went to a very beautiful funeral service after the death of one of
the dearest friends I'll probably ever have. It was a luncheon gathering
where all those who knew the deceased could come up to the microphone
and tell a story about what this person meant to them, what joy he had
brought into their life. Even though many ended their stories in tears,
the joy that was gathered from what they said was meaningful about
their time together was immense! By the time the last speaker finished
their piece of the story, my heart was overflowing with joyful tears
gratitude at having been a part of this beautiful life that had touched
everyone who spoke with meaning.

Each life is precious and meaningful! The timing of their departure is
always perfect. It is for us to recognize and become aware of this.
To do this we must stop counting the bummers, and start counting the

The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn;
whatever we put out is what we get back; we reap what we sow; what goes
around comes back around. You've heard it said in many ways in different
cultures, but the message is always the same.

We are the creators of our experience.

Whatever we dwell on is what we draw into our lives. To change your
life, change your thoughts. If you want more joy and happiness in your
life, then you must deliberately dwell on those things which bring you
the feeling of that which you WANT more of in your life.

When you catch yourself counting your bummers. make yourself turn your
attention to something that will produce the feeling you'd rather have
more of in your life.

What do you dwell on the most? Do you have the courage to find the
goodness in events? Do you have the Will Power to turn away from
negative, depressing thoughts, and dwell on positive experiences that produce
positive feelings?

If we draw into our lives that which we think about the most, what kind
of a world are you creating for your tomorrow? Do you have the Courage
and Will Power to make it what you Want?

It's worth thinking about.

~ Misty-Eve*

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