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** Adam Healer **

Adam has an incredible gift which he has chosen to enhance. I have personally witnessed his gift and it is REAL!

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The Gift of Healing
By Adam
[Because Adam is a teenager, and to protect his identity, his full name is withheld here]

As a young boy, I could always see auras of people, animals, and even plants. When I realized that others couldn't see them, I knew I was different.

About two years ago, when I was fourteen years old, my mother experienced an unbearable pain in her head, called "trigeminal neuralgia." She had been diagnosed with MS, and so this pain was not unusual. That particular night my dad, my sister, and I were watching television, and Mom was upstairs in her bedroom smothering her screams in her pillow. I went up to her room to check on her.

"Close your eyes, Mom," I said, as I put my hands on her head. Why I did this, I really don't know. She complied, and I felt the pain leave her body and enter mine. It was horrible. I went to bed, and collapsed with a throbbing headache. My mother drifted off into a painless sleep.

Her illness was a turning point for me in understanding my gifts. It allowed me to start healing without fear, and only with the intention of helping. Seeing someone I love suffer inspired me to react without considering whether it was even possible that I could help. As if on autopilot, I reached out to my mother and made a self-discovery—I could heal!

But now I had another challenge: I had absorbed her pain, and taken it on as my own. My parents didn't want me healing if I was going to be ill as a result. Over the next two years, I healed hundreds of people with various ailments, and I have learned to keep their energy and consciousness separate from mine so that I do not take on their illnesses. I find it totally natural to access and activate a person's health "blueprint." While learning this, I became aware of my ability to heal at a distance anywhere in the world.

Edgar Mitchell, a former astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), has helped me understand the science behind this healing gift. We met at an IONS conference in Vancouver, "Quickening Global Consciousness," in 2002, and he has been my science mentor ever since. Naturally, I have had many questions about this phenomenon, and his patience in explaining the dynamics of quantum holography has been invaluable to me. Scientists are currently conducting research on distant healing, and although we don't have answers yet, it's inspiring to know that this capacity is being studied.

When healing, I believe I am tapping into the stream of universal energy. By looking at a photograph of a person I can connect to his or her "quantum hologram," which is a nonlocal effect. The hologram appears as real to me as anything else in the material world. Through a series of what I call "energy adjustments, " I then seem to be able to give information to the person's body through intentionality, which causes the body to change. The individual's new state of wellness is emitted in the quantum hologram. Together, my intent to heal and the person's desire to get better, have achieved positive results.

For example, in September 2002, I noticed an article in our local paper on rock legend Ronnie Hawkins. The report said he had been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Ronnie had previously undergone surgery to try to remove the tumor, and when they cut him open, the doctors realized it was much larger than anticipated. It was wrapped around an artery — so they couldn't remove it. The article mentioned that chemotherapy was not an option, either, and so his illness was considered terminal.

I had never heard of Ronnie Hawkins before (a founding member of The Band, which played with Bob Dylan), nor had I healed anyone of pancreatic cancer, but I wanted to try to help. When I first looked at Ronnie's "hologram", I could see a tumor about the size of a tennis ball. I spent the next few weeks treating his tumor on the "energetic level", helping Ronnie's body fight off the cancer. From the first treatment, he claimed he felt a quivering in his stomach area, and his overall health began to improve. He no longer felt or looked like a dying man.

In February 2003, Ronnie went for a CT scan, which showed no evidence of any remaining tumor. An MRI in April also indicated that he is cancer-free. Ronnie publicly acknowledges his healing experience: "Five of the best doctors in the world told me I was going to die. Adam told me it wasn't my time and he was right! Whatever it is that Adam does, whatever he did for me—I don't understand it, and I don't criticize what I don't understand. I know Adam can't help everyone on the planet, but I hope people will believe that there is more to our world than we can see and understand."

Since the release of my book Dreamhealer and the news of Ronnie's healing, I have been swamped with emails. Many people have contacted me with ideas and notes of encouragement. Hundreds of people have requested healing sessions. I find it frustrating that "energy healing" is usually the last resort rather than the primary treatment of choice. Because it is viewed this way, it is very difficult to find someone who has cancer that has not metastasized, and who has not undergone treatments such as chemotherapy.

One of my goals is to show people how to heal themselves and others so that everyone can benefit from our capacity to heal. This ability has been suppressed or ignored in our society. I would like to play a major role in helping people become more aware of our interconnectedness, and the healing powers we all possess. Self-empowerment is crucial.

Together we make a difference. Opening the doors of understanding will allow us to reach far beyond our current levels of knowing, and will ultimately benefit us all.

Adam can be contacted through his website at

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