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Flower Essences

Flower essences can be a very good way to help see behind the emotions of stuck patterns.

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Flower Essences...
and Their Healing Patterns

by Jane Smolnik

Flower Essences

As you begin to use flower essences, you will be
embarking on an exciting adventure of self-discovery and self-healing which
will enable you to understand yourself, why you think and act in certain
ways. As the remedies get to work - your Self-Awareness will continue
to grow, bringing with it a new freedom to do whatever you wish in

All of our essences are hand made here in New England,
from the most beautiful gardens, meadows, and woodlands. We blend
intuition and guidance from the Nature Spirits with scientific methodology to
prepare the essences and glean information about the healing properties
of each flower.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

When our electrical or "energy" system becomes overloaded
or short-circuits (due to stress, injury, illness, emotional problems,
etc), we become unbalanced and unhealthy, either physically,
emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, or in any combination.

Flower Essences can quickly restore our energy flow or
energy system so that balance and health can be restored and stabilized as
you continue to take them while you are healing. It may have taken many
years for negative patterns, deeply ingrained emotional states,

As you use Flower Essences it is natural for your connection
with your "higher self" to strengthen and make you more aware of what
your symptoms are telling you. Pay attention!

How Do You Use Them?

Two or three drops can be taken under the tongue, in a
beverage, on the skin, or in the bath several times a day or as often as

It is not possible to take an overdose, nor are there any
side effects or contra-indications. They can not be neutralized by other
substances and may be used to supplement any other treatments.

The Healing Patterns of Each Flower

Anemone - For when life is a struggle and you can't
experience pleasure. Renews your outlook. Helps rejuvenate damaged, scarred,
or burned tissue.
Arrowwood - Clarity of direction and purpose. Purity of
intent. Guiding one straight to the heart of the matter.
Barberry - Aids one in accepting and assimilating all
aspects of life, the bitter and the sweet. Seeing grace and beauty of all
life's aspects. The balance of positive and negative, the Yin and the
Beach Plum - Developing a finer tuning of the five senses,
as well as psychic abilities. Appreciating the finest essence of life.
Opening to the Angelic / Spiritual realm.
Black-eyed Susan - For stress and fear of looking deeply
within. Aids understanding of hidden emotions and repressed aspects of
self, traumas from the past. Enables you to acknowledge and achieve
penetrating insights.
Black Birch - Gracious confidence. Sharing one's essence
without any fear of rejection, getting hurt, etc. Inner radiance!
Bloodroot - Trusting one will be protected as one moves
forward in his/her evolution. Helps one find the courage and inner
resources to heal old wounds and move from despair and darkness to embracing
one's inner light!
Blue Indigo - Helps anchor our spiritually-inspired ideas
into daily life. Warms the heart, brings the light of clear vision and
inner sight.
Borage - For overcoming depression, sorrow, sadness,
discouragement. Brings courage, cheer, confidence, joy.
Broccoli - For the power balance that must be maintained
when one perceives him/her self to be under siege from others or outside
influences. Stabilizes the body /soul unit so the person won't close
down and detach.
Buttercup - Encourages relaxation and the feeling of being
grounded, childlike, patient, and appreciative of the earth's riches.
Grants us the safety to experience pleasure, joy, and abundance now, in
the present.
Chamomile - For those easily upset, moody, irritable,
tense. Insomnia. Releases tension, clears stress and unprocessed emotions
out of the solar plexus and nervous system, encouraging serenity,
emotional balance and a sunny disposition. Also good for stomach complaints,
which are often emotionally based.
Columbine - Enhances ability to think and act
independently, projecting a strong sense of self. Self-appreciation.
Comfrey - Repairs higher vibrational soul damage. Heals
nervous breakdown.
Crampbark - Strengthens our connection with the
subconscious and our psychic abilities. Excellent aid to channeling, meditating.
Fosters clear sight, aids ability to listen, helps relax nervous system.
Third eye Chakra.
Cucumber - Rebalancing during depression. Vital
reattachment to life.
Daisy - For distraction, confusion, over-sensitivity, being
overwhelmed or out of control. For clear and easy understanding,
organizational skills, uniting thoughts and ideas around a central focus.
Helps deep breathing.
Delphinium - For comfortably expressing your beliefs,
ideas, values, and spirituality with clarity, wisdom and compassion.
Dogwood - Finding the elegance in simplicity. Releasing
the need of ownership. To help break attachment to the need for material
possessions. Also for those who desire a more graceful way to move
through life.
Dwarf Ginseng - Seeing how our choices create our reality.
For realizing and understanding how and why the experiences of our
lives create a wholeness of self, family, and community.
Eastern Hemlock - Easing one through the process of change
and personal transformation. For guiding one through a shift in
awareness/consciousness. Support through the changes that are ahead -
personal and planetary.
Echinacea - For feeling shattered by trauma or abuse, loss
of dignity, alienation. Restores true identity, self-integrity and
dignity. Purifies thoughts, clarifies vision, refines judgment and
understanding. Enhances resistance to viral toxicity.
Elder - "Self-worth". For times of transformation and
change. Good for fretful children. Calms aggression, brings stability,
love, forgiveness. For protection from abuse or invasion. Strength to
confront fears and say No!
Foxglove - For those who feel confused in life, brings
needed stillness of mind, releases tension around heart.
Gaywings - Moving through doubts and fears to pursue one's
dreams. Putting oneself "out there" with a sense of freedom and
direction. Joyful purpose. "Going for it!"
Goldenrod - Feeling insecure, seeking negative attention
from others. Brings humility, love, eases emotional disharmony. For
owning one's power with others, being true to oneself. Letting go of
barriers and conflicts.
Goldthread - Appreciation of the small miracles of each
day, as one discovers life's treasures where one least expects it!
Restores a sense of delight and inner radiance.
Hawthorne - For protection of the heart. For those
situations one finds disorienting, uncomfortable or when dealing with those of
opposing mind, thought or action.
Heal-All - Self healing power of self-acceptance and
self-trust. Taking control, knowing what you need. Liberates our capacity
to heal ourselves and receive nourishment from life energy. Helps
assimilation of nutrients, good while fasting.
Hobblebush - To help one take time to relax, enjoy, let go.
When there seems to be too many things that need to be done. Reminds
one of healthy priorities and releasing the need to always be doing /
accomplishing something.
Hollyhock - For opening the heart, allowing yourself to
feel and express love. Breaking through barriers, walls of fear.
Indian Pipe - Balances the flow of energy between chakras,
so enhancing movement. For establishing a clear contact with higher
vibrations in channeling. Releases stress / strain in the back.
Iris - For feeling frustrated, lack of inspiration and
creativity, feeling weighed down. Encourages perception of beauty, making
everything seem alive and vibrant, and a deep soulfulness which is in
touch with the higher realms.
Lady's Mantle - For those who need protection and
inspiration of the Goddess. Helps with infertility.
Lavender - Inner peace and Harmony through self
appreciation and spiritual self knowledge. Calms, cleanses, soothes, creates space
and brings a clear overview. Good for meditating, balancing the
Lily - Releases anxiety and fears of not being in control
of your daily affairs and future destiny. Boosts immunity.
Mallow - For insecurity - an inability to trust others and
radiate warmth. Removes barriers and helps us trust our inner
feelings. Encourages open-hearted sharing and friendliness. Also eases
concerns of aging.
Marigold - For those with a rigid, materialistic approach
to life, who are not listening to what others say, not listening to
their own bodies messages or their intuition, often a total denial of
their psychic and spiritual dimensions.
Mountain Laurel - Support, guidance, protection in those
times of confusion and struggle. Helps one see a way through the
tangles. For balance and clarity when faced with difficult decisions.
Mullein - For feeling joyfully full of self, helps us
observe the dark side without threat. Encourages awareness of our "inner
voice". Emotionally self-nurturing, brings a sense of security, purpose
and protection.
Nasturtium - Restores physical vitality during times of too
much mental level focus. For those knowing they need to make changes in
their lives, but seem unable to make the first move. Good for vision on
all levels.
Painted Trillium - Making decisions from the Heart space,
while understanding the far-reaching effects of your choices.
Pansy - Balance immune system. Encourages strength,
resistance, and the will to overcome illness. Helps clear viral or bacterial
infection. Good for colds, herpes, kidneys and adrenals. Helps with
grief, eliminating toxins.
Peace Rose - Courage. Opens the individual to the inner
dynamic of courage that is aligned to universal courage.
Peppermint - For mental alertness, overcoming mental
sluggishness. Builds confidence. Also for craving stimulation and food only
to feel sluggish afterwards - an unbalanced metabolism. Imparts
Pink Yarrow - For being too easily influenced by the
emotions of others. Protects the heart and emotions.
Purple Clematis - For those who have experienced a deep
hurt. Assists one in reaching out, not shutting down and moving deeper
within. Trusting a slow and gentle healing process.
Quaking Aspen - Mother Courage, Strong Heart. Doing what
needs to be done. Breaking the path, the ice. Beginning. Fearlessness in
the face of the unknown. Understanding of and easy connection with
subtle planes.
Red Cedar - Courage. Strength. Wisdom. Ability to draw on
our deepest inner resources when we need to. Trusting the "wise one"
within. For accessing ancient memories, from present and past lives.
Red Clover - For panic, fear, shock. To stay calm, centered
and balanced in times of fear, panic, shock. Brings soothing trust in
the universe.
Sage - Reflection of the meaning of life. For the wisdom
of accepting that you do not understand everything and not taking
yourself too seriously, the essential secret of longevity. Relax and enjoy
life. Aids digestion.
Sassafras - Learning self-love. Appreciating one's
uniqueness and inner gifts, and offering them from a place of love.
Scots Pine - For guidance in searching for the right path
of direction in one's life. Helps find the strength to continue. A
supportive guide in seeking the inner mysteries of life.
Shasta Daisy - For over-analytical people. Gives insight
into the larger picture of mental and emotional experiences, bringing to
wholeness. Good for writing, research, teaching, and other
intellectual professions.
Spiderwort- Clears pollutants, especially environmental
toxins and radiation. Opening to Spiritual guidance.
St. Johnswort- For over-worried or frightened people.
Releases conscious and sub-conscious fears, brings trust in spiritual
protection and guidance. Helps with fearful dreams, nightmares. Seals the
aura and helps bring sound sleep. Trust that all is well and feel
protected by the light.
Star Flower - Assists one accepting and embracing one's
shadow self / dark side. For those who fear the dark. Offers protection
from negative thoughts and influences as it brings the light of hope into
one's life.
Tansy - For sluggishness, indecisiveness, laziness,
procrastinating. Being exposed to too much chaos, emotional instability, even
violence, responding by withdrawing and restricting energy.
Tomato - Strength, Courage, Victory! For fear, nightmares,
withdrawal, defensiveness, overcoming addictions, shyness. Allows us to
know there is no failure. Encourages belief in oneself, invincibility,
psychic protection.
Uva Ursi - Nurtures the feminine, the vessel of creativity,
the deep, dark void from which all life flows. Helps one access the
healing and creative powers of the deeper resources within. Physically-for
healing the ovaries.
Valerian - Relaxes stress, lifts your spirits. Rediscover
delight and happiness. Harmony in relationships, finding a peaceful
common ground. Good for insomnia, nervous irritation.
Violet - For those who are shy, reserved, or lonely.
They long to share themselves with others, but hold back for fear of being
overwhelmed. Allowing your "self" to expand and be comfortable around
White Pine - Offers the Foundation of Ancient Wisdom to
help us remember how to "put the pieces back together". A guiding light
to illuminate and support one's remembering. For Stability and balance.
Wild Azalea - Confidence and self-assurance when called
upon to share one's abilities and talents. Enhances perception of time,
knowing when to act and when to be still.
Wild Rose - For Appreciating and enjoying the simple
things in life, enjoying the moments with gratitude. For opening our
awareness to accepting the abundance that's all around us. How sweet life is!
Wild Lily of the Valley - For those who take life all too
seriously. Creates a healthy sense of priorities, remembering what's
really important. For bringing joy and exuberance. Helps one to lighten
Wisteria - For opening up to love, intimacy, sex, loving
feelings. Opens and softens the fears of the heart, to receive
unconditional love.
Witch Hazel - Uplifts the spirit. Holds the light of hope
and promise in times of doubt and anxiety. For those who experience
'winter depression'.
Yellow Yarrow - For emotional protection during vulnerable
times. Its support softens resistance and assists integration.
Protects with a shield of Light. Rebuilds vitality and solidity by repairing
the aura.
Yucca - For keeping sight of one's long-term goals with
faith, perseverance, and endurance. Staying Focused!
Veronica - For laziness, always looking to make personal
gains, needing attention and approval. Feeling isolated, like you go
unnoticed and mis-understood. Teaches you to relate to others differently,
not dwelling on the belief that you are misunderstood and separate.
Zinnia - For those feeling unloved, hurt and angry.
Reconnects one to the child within, restores joy, laughter, playfulness.
Releases bitterness, heavy metal toxicity, arthritic and rheumatic pains.
Cultivates generosity.
Zucchini - Helps restore physical strength after illness or
injury. For a harmonious pregnancy, helps balance emotions, eliminates
physical tensions. Increases creativity, especially when repressed by

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