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This is a very effective healing technique developed by Tapas Flemming. It clears blockages and works deeply on patterns within the conscious mind.

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- TAT®

What Is TAT?

TAT is a miraculous healing tool that combines lightly holding a few acupressure
points on your head (the TAT Pose) as you put your attention on a problem (the
Steps of TAT). With this technique, you can profoundly improve any aspect of
your life -- it’s been called a “portal of grace”.


TAT is a relatively new healing approach and the extent of its effectiveness,
as well as its risks and benefits, are not yet fully known. Please be advised
of the following:

  • Emotional and physical sensations or additional unresolved memories may

  • Previously vivid or traumatic memories may fade. This could adversely
    impact the ability to provide detailed legal testimony regarding a traumatic

Before reading and using the information in this document, I acknowledge
and agree to the following:

  • My choice to utilize TAT is of my own free will.

  • I assume full responsibility for my self-care in all aspects of my life.

  • My choice to use TAT is free from any outside pressure.

  • I will read this document in its entirety before using TAT.

  • TAT does not provide medical diagnoses nor does it offer cures; it does
    not replace therapy or health care from medical professionals. I will consult
    with my health care provider for medical problems.

How To Do The TAT Pose

With one hand, lightly touch the tip of
the thumb to the area 1/8-inch above the inner corner of your eye. With
the fourth finger (ring finger) of the same hand, lightly touch the tip
of the finger to the area 1/8-inch above the inner corner of the other
eye. Place the tip of the middle finger at the point midway between, and
about 1/2 inch above, eyebrow level.

Now place your other hand on the back
of your head, with the palm touching the head so that the thumb is resting
at the base of the skull just above the hairline. The palm cradles the
base of your skull. If you are holding your hands in the TAT pose on someone
else, the same area at the base of the skull is covered, but your little
finger will be just above the hairline. Both hands should be resting gently.
No pressure is necessary.

For children age 11 and under, an open
hand is used in front, the palm placed over the forehead covering the
top half of the eyes. For babies, very sick people or anyone who feels
uncomfortable with touch, the pose is done by holding the hands in the
same position as for children, only the hands are an inch or two away
from the person's head.

Click here
for a short descriptive flash video of the pose

Each step should last around a minute or until you feel done . Feeling "done"
can be indicated by a sigh, a sense of not being engaged with the problem anymore,
your attention wandering, an energy release, or simply a feeling of being done.
For children, this may happen in a few seconds.

Very rarely, your feelings may get stronger as you do TAT
and become the central focus of your attention. If this happens, stay in the
TAT pose and put your attention on following the intent of the Step. Don't
put your attention on getting more and more into those feelings. Following
these instructions, your feelings usually become peaceful in about a minute.
If you don't feel peace beginning to come after about a minute, ask for help
from a Certified TAT Professional or a licensed mental health practitioner.

You can rest your arms at any time you want, during a step or between steps.
Eyes can be open or closed, and either hand can be in front.

Keep your TAT work to a maximum of 20 minutes per day actually in the TAT
pose. Drink 6-8 glasses of water on the days you do TAT.

How To Combine The Pose And Steps Of
TAT To Heal
Several Types Of Problems


Decide on the trauma you would like to have healed. On a scale of 0-10, with
‘0’ indicating ‘no stress’ and ‘10’ indicating
‘the worst it could be’, rate your trauma at this moment. We’ll
refer to that trauma as “this” in the following Steps of TAT.

the intention that the healing you are about to do will also benefit of all
of your ancestors, your family, everyone involved, all parts of yourself and
all points of view you have ever held.

If you have never done TAT before, do the TAT pose and put your attention
on each of these three statements, for a few seconds to about a minute:

TAT is too easy to work or be of any value.

TAT is easy and could work and be of great value.

I deserve to live and I accept love, help and healing.

Do the TAT Pose and put your attention on each of the Steps of TAT for about
a minute or until you feel done.

Step One: This happened.

Step Two: This happened, it’s over, I’m OK and I can
relax now.

Step Three: All the places in my mind, body and life where this has
been stored are healing now.

And/Or: God (whatever name you use), thank you for healing all the
places in my mind, body and life where this has been stored.

Step Four: All the origins of this are healing now.

And/Or: God, thank you for healing all the origins of this.

Step Five: I apologize to everyone I hurt related to this and wish
them love, happiness and peace.

I forgive everyone who hurt me related to this and wish them love,
happiness and peace.

I forgive everyone I blamed for this, including God and myself.

Step Six: All the parts of me that got something from this are healing

Step Seven: Whatever else is left about this is healing

Step Eight: I choose (whatever positive outcome you
want related to this).

Step Nine: This healing is completely integrated now.

And/Or: God, (whatever name you use for God), thank You for completely
integrating this healing now.

Switch the position of your hands and put your attention
on: This healing is completely integrated now.

In Step Three, you do not need to know all the places where the trauma was
stored. In Step Four, do you not need to know what the origins are; just make
the intention that they are healed. In Step Five, you do not need to think
of each person involved; just make the intention with your heart.

Now that you have finished doing TAT, rate this trauma again. On a scale
of 0-10, with ‘0’ indicating ‘no stress’ and ‘10’ indicating ‘the
worst it could be’, rate your trauma now. Compare your before and after

Lastly, I recommend that you give thanks to whomever or whatever you feel
did the healing for you – God, Mother Nature, Holy Spirit, Divine Love,


Step One: Everything that led up to this happened.

For Step Two: Everything that led up to this happened, it’s
over, it’s no longer resulting in this, and I can relax now.

The rest of the Steps remain the same.


If you feel you have unfinished business with someone, dead or alive, hold
the TAT pose and have a conversation with them (silently or out loud) until
you feel done. If it's right for you in this relationship, offer apologies
and grant forgiveness.

* * * * * * * * *

The approaches given here are the core of the TAT process and will be incredibly
effective in most situations. However, many situations have dynamics requiring
more training. A person may have a complex emotional history, a multi-faceted
illness, or allergies complicated by emotional trauma. They may have a part
of themselves which stops healing from progressing. Bringing a happy life into
being may need the assistance of a Certified TAT Professional to help reveal
paths of self-discovery and fulfillment. Full healing in these situations often
requires many different applications of TAT. Some situations require that a
person get help from a licensed healthcare practitioner. Safely and effectively
caring for people in all situations is our way.

To learn how to use TAT completely and professionally in healing allergic
reactions, emotional roots of physical illness, limiting beliefs, and for creating
a happy life, visit for inspiring stories and information on
videos, DVDs and books. You’ll learn how to use this tool with children,
groups of people and even for your pets. To fully learn TAT, we offer workshops
given by Tapas Fleming and Certified TAT Trainers. Trainings are posted at You’re welcome to learn and practice TAT at any level
you’d like. We offer programs for becoming trained as a Certified TAT
Professional and also as a Certified TAT Trainer. New products are constantly
being developed to further your understanding and practical expertise. Many
of our workshops and online courses are approved for professional continuing
education credits. We are happy to offer our free downloadable book and free
eNewsletter – both are available at .
We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

PMB 7000-379
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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