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Canadian Census

"We the people of Canada need to unite and stand together for our future and the future of this country. We do not have any legal obligation other than to provide the minimum information required."

Date:   8/28/2006 4:47:56 AM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 2780 times

Love is Blind - The Census Threat

Opinion Piece by Catherine Whelan Costen, President of Canadian Action Party

Our new conservative government has returned from their honeymoon with a new best friend. Canadian Action Party along with the people of Canada weren't invited to the wedding. Canada's new ambassador Michael Wilson is rekindling his love affair from the Mulroney years. As a key player in Mulroney's government when the Free Trade betrayals began, he is now playing the role of soothing the border concerns by offering up sweet talk on the National ID cards,perhaps as barter for resolutions on Softwood lumber. Whatever the new awestruck, members can offer up for a chance to be called, anew best friend will be placed upon a platter without a mandate from the people of Canada. It's not that Liberals weren't friends, they were just not so publicly swooning or willing to be called, best friends.

Many Canadians are becoming enlightened to the big picture. Many recognize that the gifts flowing back and forth in the name of friendly neighbours do not involve the individual people of Canada. The Smart Border, the Smart Regulations, the National Id cards and Anti-terrorism legislation are all part and parcel of the big gift. In fact it is the ultimate historically unattainable gift that is being offered up under the guise of a war on terror or a global cooperation. Canadians are losing their country! We are witnessing the beginning of the end. The gift has been purchased and all that remains is the wrapping paper and bow. Our natural resources (raw if you please) are not being taken, they are being sold for cheap. Our healthcare is on the line. Our youth have become part of the global war system under an umbrella or facade of fighting for democracy. The propaganda machines are running on high gear. Anyone who dares to state the facts, the truth as it has unfolded, is accused of fear mongering, while the actual fear mongering is in reality at a fever pitch. When Mr. Wilkins, the U.S. Ambassador to Canada says, the Canadian National ID cards might be identical to the U.S. ones, what is his meaning?

There is much talk about morality, ethics and democracy. All which are being sacrificed on the altar of greed and profit. What is morally or ethically correct about stripping people of their rights and freedoms, or elected officials rubber stamping unelected, unaccountable people's decisions? What is democratic about unelected people being given the power to make trade deals which sacrifice a country's ability to govern? What is ethically or morally correct about making trade deals that sacrifice the farmers of the nation, that corrupt the food supply and threaten a nation's water and natural resources, or following a country into a war based on lies, deception and fear? What is ethically or morally correct about creating a system that burdens a nation with $500 billion of unnecessary debt?

When the U.S. had its historic plan ( to invade Canada back in 1935, war broke outin Europe and the plan was back-burnered. Today the task is made that much easier. The stroke of a pen has determined our fate as a nation. (The big picture Free Trade also opened up another avenue for access to information which allowed a subsidiary of an arms manufacturer, Lockheed Martin Canada, to gain the contract for Canada's Census. This process puts our privacy under the U.S. Patriot Act. My best friend doesn't have access to all my private information, does yours?

Some Americans are starting to shed some light on the critical issues, their loss of civil rights, the new war atmosphere and what it will mean for them. The Center for an Informed America. NEWSLETTER #81 April 7, 2006 "It Can't Happen Here" Edition

Canadians who have been living with the fantasy of denial are about to be awakened, like it or not! Lovers infatuation, new best friends, or any other starstruck, awestruck emotions ought not interfere with the sovereignty or security of the people of this nation. May 16,2006 Census is telling us to provide our personal information to our government. It is a civic duty which comes with legal obligations to complete the census, under penalty of fines or jail time for not doing so. Where our duty ends our government's duty begins. It is our government's responsibility to ensure that the information we provide is kept within Canada, not sold, not used by private entities, not used by the tax department and so on. The question is, has our government taken all precautions to ensure that safety? Many Canadians believe they have not done their due diligence.

When the people of the United States are exclaiming their fear, their loss of liberty under the current administration (detailed example in link above) should the people of Canada feel any different about their information ending up in the hands of that foreign country's administration? Canadian patriots are left with only one option when the government of the day is so smitten with their new association that they are willing to risk the future of the country by offering up their census information along with submitting the people to a national ID card to please the new lover or best friend. Canadian Action Party supports the people of Canada who wish to protect this nation from becoming a colony of the U.S. under the plan for a North American Century, (aka Fortress America or the plan for 2010) by only submitting the information required by law under the Census Act. We fully support the efforts of and encourage Canadians to empower themselves and stand for this country in one of the few ways we have left.

Clearly the plan was set in motion by Mulroney's government with Free Trade. The Plan for 2010 (signed in March 2005)between Bush, Martin and Fox sealed the deals of the past governments to turn North America into a fortress under U.S. rule. The Canadian public has never been consulted and never had true accountability for the actions of these governments. The sponsorship scandal pales in comparison to the loss of our nation.

On May 16,2006 Lockheed Martin Census software/hardware is the nail in Canada's coffin. It is the vehicle to gain private information on every citizen and assist in control of every individual. Canadians may have turned a blind eye to previous love affairs, even rejoiced in the apparent joy of reunions, but no more! As Canadians wake up to the fact that we are not part of the love in and receive no benefit from it, we are not as happy to be the third party. Standing on the outside watching the rich and famous is not as pleasurable as it once was when we were given a scrap here or there. Today we are being forced to sacrifice more and more, while the scraps are less and less. The rich and well connected are getting richer at our expense! It is long past time for Canadians to acknowledge we love this country and we are willing to stand for it, free, sovereign and secure! Canadians are losing many rights and freedoms, but this is one avenue which we do not have to follow meekly along. We the people of Canada need to unite and stand together for our future and the future of this country. We do not have any legal obligation other than to provide the minimum information required. We certainly are not obligated to provide the nails which they drive into Canada's coffin! Love may be blind but those breaks ups can be disastrous!!

Contact info:
Canadian Action Party President & Communications Director
Catherine Whelan Costen
Phone: 403-660-0449

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