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by bootzey

Day 1

There is a whole lot of additional introductory information in here. I apologize for the length. I'm certain the rest won't be as long

Date:   9/14/2007 6:38:18 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1963 times

Today is Day 1. This moon snuck up on me. It seems to have come early but Iím not sure. See I normally keep track in my calendar. I donít normally wear undergarments and if I get caught out there it can beÖ. messy. I can no longer wear tampons. I had a brush with toxic shock. Damn. Last month I was late. I think thatís why its start date didnít get on the calendar.

I refer to my menses with terms including ďmoonĒ. There are 13 moon cycles in a year and I have 13 cycles per year. My cycles are usually 28 or 29 days. When I learned that bit of information about the moon in high school, immediately I started referring to my cycles like that. My mother had a hysterectomy at my birth. Since there were no other females in my home, I never saw how anyone else dealt with their moons. My mother must have been terrible when she was still sacrificing (another term I use for menses). She has such a negative attitude about moon-time.

Another reason I hadnít noticed was I didnít have a headache. I NEVER get headaches for any other reason other than the moon approaching. I usually get one for about 2 days in duration a week prior to my menses. But I have been sick for nearly 3 weeks. I had what I thought was the flu. It went away, but then it came back. Weird. I do get what I refer to as a ďphantom illnessĒ right before my moon-time. The reason I call it phantom is because itís never the same each month. Sometimes flu, sometimes body aches, sometimes a toothache, sometimes a stomachache, etc. The headache is always there, except this month. I really think Iím early. My moon comes when the Moon is usually at a waxing midpoint. Right now itís barely past new. Yeah Iím early. I hope the headache is bypassed for this cycle because they are very, very intense.

Another thing thatís off this month is the premenstrual diarrhea. I look forward to that. Not for any nasty reason, but because I like the idea that my body is cleansing itself without my interference.

I started like 3 days ago with the raspberry leaf tea. I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea since my surgery. I like to drink 2 cups every day, the week prior to my moon-time. The tea is supposed to tighten and tone my uterus. I donít know if itís working, I do know that my cramps have diminished considerably. Thatís worth the $4 per box.

My bleeding is usually overnight pad heavy on Day 1-2. Day 3 tapers off to a thin maxi. Day 4&5 are panty liner light. Iím usually really tired with CRAZY dreams that are mildly prophetic. I have been tired, but not the usual tired. My dreams have been crazy. I find that Iím very creative preceding my Moon-time.

I usually go into a cleaning frenzy prior to my moon-time; but not this month. I blame my cold/flu. My boobs have drama all their own. They shrink and get this crazy nippular priapism. Oooh they hurt. Increasing my water intake usually offsets the shrinkage, but the priapism is with me until it stops. Headlights On! By the way, I donít have any children yet.

The weight gain is insane. I can go up 2 dress sizes! But usually by the third day things start coming back to normal. By the end, if I havenít eaten like a Viking, it all goes away. Bloating sucks! This month I did notice that I looked swollen, but since I hadnít gotten on the scale, because Iím early, I donít know the exact weight gain.

My mental state is another thing all together. I started charting my moon because I used to scare my late husband with my mood swings. I almost killed him once, and twice called a divorce lawyer. He was a good man to put up with all that. He had a mother and 4 sisters. Itís all good because I have learned that mental clarity is at itís greatest on day 4 and for about 3 days after. I wait to make all major decisions then. Besides, PMS mood swings are never bad for the person having them. Itís just bad for the people around them.

I donít wash my hair because if I do it will be entirely too dry and I will lose a lot of it. My skin is so oily before, if I use moisturizer, I will get zits. I generally tend to have dry and itchy skin on my body before my moon. Thatís crazy. A foot up on my face the skin is oily but on my body its dry? I donít drink soda or eat candy, but I will allow myself a chocolate bar and a coke in the week preceding my cycle. I missed my window this month being so early. And the chipsÖ Oh the chipsÖ Iíve had the chips.

My lower back hurt like you canít believe. All week I sat in this weird contorted position. I could find no peace. I donít take meds unless absolutely necessary. The only otc meds I keep in the house is Midol. When Iím outside of a relationship, I get someone to stand on my lower back George Jefferson style. Since I have a partner, I have sex to relieve the congestion. What? It works. The pain goes away for 3 days.

Today I feel really blah. Not bad, not good. I have been depressed over family and financial matters lately. I didnít sleep excessively today; and I could have. I didnít have to work. I did catnap more than regular, dreaming each time. Crazy dreams. Iím not really hungry or craving anything. I ate only once today. I have brownie mix on the counter I havenít made yet. Funny thing is I donít even want them. Iím just really thirsty. My temperature is 97.5. Do I have to tell you what my discharge is? My scalp is itching like crazy. I donít think my mood is off, but thatís really not my judgment to make. My cat is all up under me today. He's not usually overtly affectionate, but today he won't let me out of his site. Laying all over me and purring.

Iím thinking this is going to be an abbreviated cycle because itís so early.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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