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trying to get positive about a long fast... help

Date:   1/16/2008 12:39:29 PM ( 15 y ago)

I am needing to make a connection through this blog or somehow.
I am stressed. I am tired. My skin is aged and that hurts emotionally. I am trying to keep up my commitment to fasting. I am moving to the West Coast. I arrive there this evening. I wish I could make a fasting-supportive connection with someone.

I have felt recently as though I have made progress but I don't really know if this is true. I am really scared. I have been fasting little 36-hour fasts but sometimes (though not always!) slamming the food in between, meaning, eating too much at once. It seems the shorter fast allows this slam behavior while longer fasts prevent it. I must fast longer.

I am jsut discouraged and not in control and not focused. I am saying I am starting a 3-day fast today but really do not feel committed.

Fasting is entirely a mental emotional problem for me -- never difficult physically.
It would most help me I guess if anyone wrote back describing a really positive long fast experience... maybe this would get me into the spirit of fasting instead of staying stuckin this little "safe" bad pattern of never fasting long enough for healing. Though the litle fasts are better than nothing, I so wish I felt "warm" or "suppported" enough to brave the "cold" experience of giving up this comfort. Please write YOUR EXPERIENCES FASTING LONG TIMES AND HOW YOU GOT THERE... I had little successes with prayers recently to put my fast in God's hands. ... I so want to achieve a long fast and so don't know how to do it. Am i scared? I know I am ready. I just need... what?


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