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A unique treatment approach for scoliosis

Date:   4/25/2008 8:21:04 AM ( 15 y ago)

In an earlier post I already wrote about scoliosis just look it up in the Blog or Forum
The great success I have in treating many cases of scoliosis is in fact very encouraging however without cooperation of the patient and people around the patient it is very limited what we can do.
Our therory: Scoliosis is (at least in most cases) not inherited but a reaction of the body to a certain stress in different levels (body-mind-spirit)and an unbalanced structural system with misalignments in different areas along the spine.
If this is not treated early then it may rapidly develop into a severe curvature with only one way out in the end: surgery
But even in quite severe cases of scoliosis (more than 50 degree cobb angle) improvement may still be possible without surgery although this may require more than one approach.
A good treatement should include: Re-alignment (Dorn Method is my choice here), bracing (best a flexible brace like spinecor), and other exercises (like the Schroth approach)and some counseling on the non physical level.
If the body adjusted towards an unbalanced spine curvature over time it will take some time to reverse that situation but if some improvement can be achieved by therapy easily and fast then this should be motivation to continue.
In the Dorn Method we encourage patients to take self-responsibility and do self therapy by doing special designed self therapy exercises that simulate the movements done during the therapy on a daily basis.
In this way we guide the body towards better alignement and usually it gradually adjusts to that new situation, which is in fact just natural.
To show what in some cases can be done within just one session of around one hour look at the picture of a 15 year old girl with severe scoliosis and see the difference after:

More free information about the Dorn Method including many self therapy exercises:



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