DAY 12 of raw only and lengthening fasts by lauray .....

getting gentle is the key to healing. Lengthening fasts, & raw food only, Day 12.

Date:   5/5/2008 8:15:14 PM ( 14 y ago)

Well,I succeeded at the 42-hour fast.

I have got to start getting a lot more rest and finding a way to deal with not getting enormous amounts of tasks done.

I need to change this about my life
Need to get gentle

Need to get support in my life, so as to continue in this day count of lengthening fasts

Next fast 45 hours. When exactly? A few days... I am so overwhelmed right now cause I am losing my livign situation ... but in good time.

I really want to do these fasts right and consistently and feel the difference and the healing.

I do require with these shorter fasts one fast per week.

I should require above all gentleness after the fast.
Changing the way I just conduct myself in the world. Becoming more gentle. Less driven. Being driven makes me "slam food."

I have so much to write but cannot now though I should just sit down and write I am expecte to attenda support group now sucks. I am in the middle of this plac eand using thier computers and OK maybe I will go into the group and write in a notebook

Getting gentle.
To the group, then hoem to bed.


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