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candida suffering no more

Date:   5/21/2008 11:37:23 AM ( 14 y ago)

Tuesday May 13 08 started taking 3 lac, live bacterias bacillus subtillis 500 mill cfu enterocooccus faecalis 500 miilcfu bacillus coagulans 500 mill cfu. this product is gluten free.
day1 no effect
day2 slight head ache pukish
day3 slight headache pukish
day4 tired headache pukish
day5 headache pukish
day6 head clearing more energy
day7 slight headache but ok.
day8 no headache more energy growing more tollerant to exercise.
day9 tired in the morning but coming around this afternoon. loose stools for 3 days they tell me this normal it is part of the die off the DEMON FROM HELL.

I have or had all the signs of a major candida overgrwoth.

Stopped all forms of sugar 44 days ago cold turkey.

This poduct allows you to have a normal diet. I chose not to eat the food that the DEMON FROM HEEL thrives on


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