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repairing a sugar overdose and the very beginning of my seven day water fast

Date:   11/1/2008 11:18:23 AM ( 14 y ago)

I am about two hours into day one of a water fast, and I've already found it an interesting experience.

I meant to write yesterday, because I spent most of the day trying to mentally prepare for this week, but it was also Halloween, and I went to bed much earlier than I intended, let me explain why. Though for a little while I have been mainly consuming an all liquid diet of broths, juices, unsweetened herbal teas, occasionally I would have some lean proteins and little bits of carbs. I know that the day before the fast I should have stuck to all liquids but the family went out to dinner. I was still very careful with my eating, I had grilled chicken and green peppers and ate only half the portion, I felt full and satisfied. But I have a four year old son, and so there were a couple Halloween parties and trick or treating to deal with. Interestingly enough I have lost my burning desire for chocolate over the last couple of weeks and I was pretty pleased with that. And I've weaned myself off my huge coffee addiction, slowly reducing my intake over a couple of weeks until it was down to no caffeine and no coffee at all, even the decaff kind. For some reason though, as soon as the orange neon frosted cupcakes came out I couldn't resist and I had one and then at the end of the night I had a tootsie pop from the kid's candy stash. Well this was the most sugar I've had at one time in weeks, maybe even a month or two. And for the rest of the night my body let me know how unhappy it was with it! I felt miserable - I had a headache, I felt sluggish, irritable, sleepy far earlier than I normally do, my teeth felt coated and achey. I have a huge sweet tooth so it was a mild shock to go through this sort of reaction to sugar, but I was also happy about it because it will definitely deter me from wanting to go on a sugar binge any time soon.

I know that it is highly recommended that you do not over indulge the day before you start a water fast, but I am starting anyway, and I am seriously hoping that one of the first thing my body decides to rid itself of is all that yucky sugar.

I woke up this morning and reminded myself that today was the start of the water fast, and I have so far been excited about it, but upon reminding myself I immediately felt a little bit of dread. And for the short time I've been awake I've realized that so much of what I am going to face this week, and in fact so much of what my over eating and all food issues are anyway is purely psychological. Already this morning I have spotted things in the kitchen that look quite appealing and part of my head has already started trying to convince me that it would be ok to have "something", this part of my head is very argumentative and at first it was saying that since it's the first morning maybe we should ease into it slowly and just eat a little something right now at the start of the day - no, then the argument was that maybe in the middle of the day, if I feel really weak and hungry I can have a little lunch - no, my son has a playdate at McDonald's later today and my head was trying to argue that we could possibly have a salad since it's mostly lettuce and lettuce is mostly water - no. Most times in life I let the rest of myself go along with this argumentative, persuasive side of my head and give in to whatever it comes up with, but this time I am determined to not give in, I want ALL the benefits of a full 7 day fast.

And for some reason, I am really craving eggs right now, and potatoes - which is the funny part because I don't even like potatoes so I really have no idea why that came up. So far I am acknowledging the cravings but I just let them go after that and it's not been too difficult but I have a long day ahead.

I am sure I will be writing tonight, hopefully with some positive and upbeat thoughts on completing one full day.


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