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counting down to the feel good days

Date:   11/6/2008 10:31:44 AM ( 14 y ago)

Still pushing forward, seems how I've decided to ignore the cracker incident of yesterday, I'm beginning day two.

I know I should be taking it day by day but I just want to be on day four already, and I'm afraid the cracker incident may have set my body back a day so I may have to hold out to day five before I experience the awesome fasting energy.

I never have felt more incredible in my life and can't wait to experience it again. The energy is hard to describe, it's like a six shots of expresso caffeine high with out the anxiety. Complete anxiety free energy that last for days with no crash and burn. Crazy what the body can do all on it's own with no outside stimulants!! Can't wait to be there again!!


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