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Chef Jemichel begins his due diligence on the true status of salt in a healthy human diet.

Date:   1/10/2010 2:49:55 AM ( 11 y ago)

The Primal Diet does not include salt. Aajonus regards it as a poison.

The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends the use of Celtic Sea salt. This apparent conflict over salt has inspired me to search the scriptures, I mean the ("old testament") book of: "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration -
A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets
and Their Effects" By Weston A. Price

In Chapter 3 - Isolated and modernized Swiss
Price states:

"... Practically all the human requirements of the people in that valley, except a few items like sea salt, have been produced in the valley for centuries."

That tells me that these people with their most excellent health included salt in their diet. (But how much salt did they consume?)

On the other hand, there is no mention of salt at all in these chapters on the:

"Isolated and Modernized Eskimos, Primitive and Modernized North American Indians, Isolated and Modernized African Tribes, Isolated and Modernized Australian Aborigines, Isolated and Modernized New Zealand Maori, and the Isolated and Modernized Peruvian Indians.

Although there's no mention of salt that doesn't explicitly tell me that their diets were without salt. Therefore more research is required on this.

In the meanwhile consider getting your selves a copy of Price's book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" plus a copy of: "We Want To Live: The Primal Diet" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.[1]

In any case I do highly recommend eliminating all table salt and any products with refined salt. Both Price and Vonderplanitz would agree!

Happy Reading!

Chef Jemichel

December 31, 2015 - Oh my, it's been almost six years since I was here! That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of salt! I have thought of it a lot! I tested out the no salt idea and discovered it doesn't work for my body! I had increased leg cramps as a result. Then they went away after I resumed the salt!

This just in: "Salt Restriction Increases Heart Disease Deaths and Hospitalizations"[2]


[1] For this book go to:

Click on "Books By Many Authors"

[2] http://blog.drbrownstein.com/salt-restriction-results-in-increased-death-and-hospitalization/


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