Water Fast Day 2- Woo Hoo! by l1724 .....

Water fast- Day 2 3/30/10

Date:   3/30/2010 10:21:14 PM ( 13 y ago)

Weight 152.4

Work day was pretty easy. I had the usual headache (not as bad as yesterday) and slight tummy rumbling- empty feeling not as bad as yesterday either.
I thought several times how this fast was going well then I had to go food shopping for the family. Not as easy as the day had been, for sure. Everything I smelled and saw made me hungry and was pretty terrible really. I stayed on track and just dealt with it. In a few days it won't matter to me at all.
Worked out at lunch and noticed my legs were tired but still got some activity in.
So far no real "cleansing" going on. I may have to drink some bentonite in a day or so to get things moving. In all, still a good start to my fast. Stay the course,
Good luck!


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