Hanging by a Thread by rudenski .....

Hanging by a Thread

Date:   5/9/2011 6:49:33 PM ( 12 y ago)

When I was before the light... my life below hanging by a thread, I knew without a doubt that I was loved like that..
you know that...that just everything.. all my less than love forgotten. .. all that was left of me were those tiny moments when I was kind or I was shown the same by others.
. These were the essential me that remained. ..but even though my love was small...that light loved those small moments as if they were tall..
Iowa's loved but more.
I realized how loved we all are... all of our tiny acts of kindness...forgotten by the world are saved... and forever remain...
when that last day arrives... those loving little parts of us.. are added to and become our little part of g-d who is the sum of all love..
Each of us. ..in our own way..is loved so much...we are literally the shine in sunshine on a bright and sunny day... know you are loved... and know the person next to you is loved the same.... I am writing this as a text message so forgive me if I didn't say it clear.. each and every one of us are known individually for our love..so love..
Just love...and you will find that what is best down here remains the best thing there.


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