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Cataracts and Diabetes

Date:   5/23/2011 5:35:06 AM ( 12 y ago)

I just replied to a man with cataracts:

Doctors often cause more damage than good. They get paid to do operations and the operations will often do damage to a Diabetic's eyes because removing the Cataract often causes bleeding in the eyes that clouds one's vision. How often will they turn down doing surgery for someone with health insurance? Almost, never. It is like asking a septic tank company to come out and see if you need a new septic system. They will always want to give you a new one. Fixing the old one is nasty hard work and who wants to clean up someone else's shiat? Do the work yourself in fixing your own digestion and toxin release functions of your body and it will cost just pennies a day and you will never need another doctor peddling surgeries for things you could have fixed by fixing your way of thinking.

My daytime job is working to rehabilitate blind children, teens and adults. They go in believing cataract surgery or laser surgery will save their eyesight and sometimes it makes things worse. I would be very cautious about letting any eye doctor do any kind of surgery before I had explored other alternatives.

1LB Magnetic Pascalite Bentonite Clay hydrated wet mud* is a cheap alternative for slowly dissolving cataracts:<yp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&...

BUT cataracts are not your main issue: Diabetes is:

I have a blog called Diabetes Cure:

The problems with Diabetics is not the Diabetes... It is oneís diet and lifestyle that cause Diabetes related health issues. Most adults who lose their vision are doing nothing to control their Diabetes.

I can't tell you how many people have asked me to help them but they never follow through. Fixing your eyesight and Diabetes is not difficult but it does take the courage to take charge of your own health. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on television but I do know that:

Exercise: At Least walking every day is helpful. Increase your physical activity every day until you have a robust physical machine for a body.

Sunlight: Get 10 minutes of Sunlight every day. Sunlight is a great healer. Supplement with Vitamin D.

The Water Cure: Drinking 6 glasses of distilled water every day with a tiny pinch(not more)of unrefined sea salt will flush toxins from your body.

Laughter: Laughter is one of the greatest cures on earth. Make it a habit to laugh at least 10 minutes each day...

Meditation: I Hu often but whatever meditation you do must be done every day for at least ten minutes each day for four months and then regularly after that. Meditation, after four months rewires the brain.

A dash of Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix a little in a glass of water every day for good digestion: This can substitute for one of your glasses of water from the water cure. You should have this mixture ten minutes before your main meal of the day.

Magnesium Supplement: Take double the recommended amount until your Diabetes is under control.

Eat 2 cups of Spinach and other leafy green vegetables each day.

But honestly, I can not help you if you will not make these protocols a lifestyle change.

Do not ear fast food anymore. The preservatives in fast food fatten us up and make Diabetes unmanageable.

Portion Control: I generally eat small portions of food. My blood sugar level is generally in the 90's. If you are on a roller coaster then you likely have portion control issues. You already know this though.

Will you make these changes? I doubt it because you think insurance is the answer. Are my suggestions expensive or unreasonable? No. Am I charging you for my advice? No. And, because my advice is free, you will believe it is not going to really help you. Diabetics often think they can buy good health. This is the main obstacle to curing Diabetes. The answer is not outside of yourself but inside of you. Take charge of your own health and you will never regret it.

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