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The All-Organic Kombucha by Chef Jem

Date:   7/16/2011 5:06:11 AM ( 10 y ago)

Have you tried kombucha? There are more varieties that are available in stores now than can easily be listed in this instant! If you like kombucha then have you thought of making your own? I can assure you that it is virtually as easy as making tea! It really is! I have been making kombucha for over thirteen years now. Mine is 100% organic and made with great mountain spring water! It's the best! And it's getting better all the time! I'm intending to make a 100% Biodynamic kombucha! BK. (The initials of my very first childhood infatuation!)

One of the great things about making your own kombucha is that it won't cost you the $4.00 (and more) a pint you might have to pay at retail (like at a "whole paycheck" store)! However if you want to use Biodynamic sugar in the fermentation process then you might need to go to that "whole paycheck" store (aka Whole Foods Market") to buy kilo bags of Biodynamic cane sugar. (Just get the sugar, not the kombucha.) It's really wonderful sugar! If you decide to do that and want to start your kombucha off in a really good way then I recommend getting one or more of my premium, all-organic kombucha starters that are often referred to as a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). I have great scobies that I've made from all organic ingredients like organic green tea, natural spring water and of course the Biodynamic sugar. Interested? Contact me at my Facebook location:

One of my favorite beverages is my own special blend of kombucha, real whey and spring water. For a pint I use about 2/3 cup of well fermented kombucha, about 6 ounces of whey and the rest spring water. You can add a pinch of Celtic sea salt as well! My very favorite drink includes a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice. You can use any other citrus as well! If I were in Hawaii I'd add pineapple juice!

Update may 6, 2012 -
I had wondered whether kombucha could be used to make herbal medicine tinctures and now doubt it if the tincture requires 80 proof alcohol content. There can be some alcoholic content to kombucha but I doubt that it can get higher than a couple percent. I may look into this further but for now when it comes to herbal tincture making I will use a biodynamic brandy:

or vodka:


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