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December 23, 2017 - Our Vital Relationship/s With Food and Land -

Inspired to write about "our vital relationship with food" I began with a search to see what may already be online with this line. I got a grand total of eight search results and only one of these appeared to be pertinent to my interests. I quote the following from that one article:

"When we lose connection with the land and further, with our own animal-ness, we forget how to do necessary and biologically sacred tasks such as nourishing ourselves well.[4] In many ways, our vital relationship with food and land are taken from us when systems that many of us have no idea are there, let alone know how to transcend, decide for us how and what to eat.[5] This taking place in the form of the store-bought foods via can, jar, box, and bag,[6] and with little to no regard for what season it is, where in the world we are, and what it takes to get said products into our kitchens."[3][7]

I am all grateful to have received the inspiration to begin searching into this specific subject matter and to have already experienced a deepening in my understanding regarding the source of the crisis in "our vital relationship with food and land" with more emphasis on the land!

“Farms are the places where we negotiate our relationship with nature,”[13]

"Our vital relationship/s with food and land" are most essentially our relationships with our farms, ranches, gardens, all the waterways that feed these as well as the farmers, the ranchers and the growers.

Also looking at the longer historical background that supported the development of conditions favorable for modern-day corporatism to exist; going back to the time-period between 1783 ("Treaty of Paris", signed on September 3, 1783, ending the American Revolutionary War) and September 17, 1787 (when the signers ordained and established "this Constitution for the United States of America"). Inspired to look into this with a certain wonderment as to what happened with/to the American people during these four years (plus fourteen days) that may have caused them to allow the Articles of Confederation to be "replaced" with "this Constitution" when there was never any Congressional act by the confederate Congress that authorized an actual replacement!

September 3rd gave the "Treaty of Paris" the Eight of Diamonds as the "Birth Card" as well as the King of Spades as the "Planetary Ruler Card". I find the influence of these cards very significant for a deeper understanding of the nature of the "Treaty of Paris". These card descriptions follow:

Eight of Diamonds -

"Qualities of the Birth Card are modified by astrological influences of planets associated with the Sun position ...

Eight of DiamondsIn old metaphysical studies, the number Eight is associated with Saturn - ...

Eight of Diamonds have the freedom of choice in the highest degree. They can choose any destiny they want and be as great as they want. Their birth card is probably the most successful cards of all. Eight of Diamonds are very independent, at times domineering and exacting. They are active and willing to work while being unremarkably conscious of their position of rulership. They are true leaders who usually find themselves in the position of authority in any chosen field.

Values naturally direct the Eight of Diamonds, and they know exactly what things and people worth. In all cases, their great power is used or misused. They can be philanthropic or misers, universal-minded or self-servers. They manifest the creative principle, closely associated with the resurrection and the certainty of rebirth. Theirs is the ability to conquer all enemies and to overcome all obstacles. They are usually aware of their high role and responsibility and willing to take it to the full extent. People naturally trust them, and for a reason - Eight of Diamonds are the best guardians and wise conserve of values. They serve honestly and faithfully, often at their own expense.

Children born the Eight of Diamonds should be raised carefully, given soft guidance and spiritual foundation. These kids are determined and will rebel against strict rules and unfair formalities. Developing spirituality and high principles are mandatory. Otherwise, they can become bullies, and grow into ruthless dictators. The main pitfall of the Eight Of Diamonds - love of power and love of money that enhances it. They may be thrown completely out of balance by worshiping the golden calf. This can bring them success, but separate them from friends and love, they so desperately need. Their place is already high, and they have the strength to keep up with it.

All opportunities in life are at their feet. Their achievements depend only on heights they impose on themselves. Many presidents and kings of all times are born under this card influence. They can be financial magnates, kings of industry, but this is not essential to fulfilling their destiny. They make great teachers, great parents, or good professional - anywhere they go, they will be recognized and respected. Right or wrong, they are usually leaders.

The Eight of Diamonds have a strong desire for knowledge and the realization that the knowledge itself is the power. They are passionate debaters and learn greatly from a good argument with powerful opponents. They want others viewpoints and love to draw them out.

Eight of Diamonds Quotes
I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. - Thomas Jefferson."[11]

King of Spades Card -

King of Spades is a Crown authority of Wisdom and Mastery. ... the top card in the deck. King of Spades represents the ultimate spiritual energy and wisdom. The recognition of this highest potential and directing their powers into constructive expression can be the toughest call. Natural leaders with no limits to what can be accomplished, most King of Spades stay in the shade of life.

Some of King of Spades people are big enough to meet their opportunities. Through suffering and the hard road to wisdom, they make it to the final: Rulership. They have a power because they have earned it. They usually don't talk much about it, remaining mystery to the rest of the world. Because they don't brag, they are often not recognized, and because they are preachers and teachers of the great truths of the resurrection, rebirth, and eternal life, they are called fanatics.

When these Spades have reached the King stage, it matters not at all to them what they are called or how they are treated. The King Of Spades has no alternate; he is fixed and unmovable, free to move to any position in life to be more efficient, and never separated from his great wisdom or high crown.


Many King of Spades remain in the world and very much of it. They are ambitious, self-protective, capable of living and enjoying life to the fullest. ..."[12]

July 28, 2011 - We all need to enlarge our view over the "war on milk" and other real foods.

The formation and use of corporations has a history that, if examined, will reveal a metamorphosis that dramatically departs from the original and more benign nature of the corporate entity. This metamorphosis is most mysterious since it only appears to have been legally asserted in the late 1800s when a mere clerk of the Supreme Court attributed "personhood" to corporations.

What once was strictly a "legal fiction" [that required certain specific written grants of well-defined privileges in a state-issued charter that stated the corporation's specific purpose and often with a limited life-time for the entity's existence, (1)] had suddenly; without consideration by the states individually and/or by the American people, transformed itself into another kind of entity that began asserting "equal rights" (and possibly superior rights) to and above the Rights of Real People, both individually and collectively! In other words up till the time of that transformation it was well recognized that we the American people were the Sovereigns on the American soil ... but now corporations have claimed and are exercising an assumed form of corporate Sovereignty over the Real Sovereigns!

It is this transformation (plus the parallel transformation in the federal government) that forms a larger context, a paradigm of "corporate sovereignty", through which we can better see the war that is currently being waged against "real milk" and other real food. (A war that the soul-less corporate fictions can not win because there are now millions of real milk drinkers in America that have actually begun to stand up as the Sovereigns that thy are and are re-claiming what is Rightfully theirs.!)

The days of usurpation of American sovereignty by an elite class, who have been hiding behind the "corporate veil", (much like the wizard of Oz) are all numbered now! What is ours can not be taken away! We were only hoodwinked into believing there was a real legitimate basis for corporate sovereignty. The veils are now lifting! All will be revealed! The little man behind the curtain will be fully exposed! We will reclaim the full extent of our Sovereignty and consciously choose the extent of our grants of privilege to every fictitious entity that is serving the greater good rather than the private interests of the elite.

Search the history of this transformation for yourself as it is all available now! Know the truth of what's behind the current food wars. That truth will set you free from the fear of being charged with committing an "illegal" act for your non-commercial enjoyment of real milk and any other real food. The real legal-criminals that are behind the war curtain have no standing in the True Supreme Court of Eternal Law AKA "the Laws of Nature" and "Nature's God" (2).


[1] This granting of a legal status is somewhat similar to the nature of a constitution granting certain limited powers to a governmental body and there is a correlation between the metamorphosis of corporations and that of the federal government that also needs to be considered as parallel to the corporate transformation.

[2] The Declaration of Independence, the first of four "pillars" that constitute the Organic Law - featured in a blog at CureZone by "Son of Truth of Self":


A[4] Re: "nourishing ourselves well". This loss of a most "necessary and biologically sacred task..." is especially well-documented in the seminal work of Dr. Weston A. Price. Begin by seeing his "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". Also see the "Weston A. Price Foundation" and the "Price Pottenger Foundation". From this perspective the source of the "loss" appears to be most largely regarding our "connection with the land". For instance - at the time of our American Revolution "agriculture was the primary livelihood for 90% of the population".[8] "As of 2008, less than 2 percent of the population is directly employed in agriculture".[9] Also being "employed" in agriculture is a tremendously different relationship with the land than the land based "livelihood" of 1776. The contrast in nature of relationships with the land between those that existed in 1776 and the ones that exist today deserves a whole entire book to fully define.

[5] Re: "systems that many of us have no idea are there" is a rather "polite" way of saying there's been a "usurpation of American sovereignty by an elite class, who have been hiding behind the 'corporate veil'" (see 4th paragraph of July 28 , 2011 entry above). It is important to understand that American sovereignty is firmly founded on the land.

[6] Re" "store-bought foods" - Most all of these products underscore how big food corporations "decide for us how and what to eat". Price referred to these foods as "displacing foods of commerce".[10] They displace the real nourishing foods that come whole in an unprocessed form from sources either in nature or most harmonious with nature. The primary characteristic of these foods are that they are nutrient rich ("nutrient-dense") whereas the foods of commerce are (to variant degrees) essentially nutrient depleted.

[7] Re: "with little to no regard... " This underscores the disconnect with the land.



[10] Search this phrase online. Here is one of my favorite results:



[13] Tom Spaulding, Angelic Organics Learning Center’s co-founder...":


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