day 12 now, actually day 13 as of midnight by lauray .....

i need to figure out how to commit PERMANENTLY to my BGLO9 diet.

Date:   4/12/2013 2:51:35 AM ( 9 y ago)

it has just become day 13 of food sobriety
lots to say

biggest thing is making the move now to clean up my diet all the way

i am in search of a truly viable ice cream substitute that doesnt involve bananas since that is too heavy a food to be included in my permanent diet. and for gods sake most of allsome way to stop needing the ice cream experience

how will i ever figure out a substitute

and the biggest thing also is: just seriously committing to and not falling off of the truly sober diet

truly sober diet is nonstarchy nonfatty sprouts and then fruit/veg 9 cal per oz or less. and 1100 cal per day total, or less. all raw vegan.

current diet is raw food only, 1100 cal a day

again: seriously committing to the BGLO 9 PERMANENT DIET

i hate how scary it seems. that is just wrong. need to realize how safe and healthy it is.

starting abc diet after:

TODAY is thursday, april 11

friday - day to have coconut for the last time. in my own raw vegan i.c/ substitute. 1100 cal, tomat/veg <6 cal/oz dont count in calories for day

sat - day of last store-bought raw vegan ice cream. same cal counting policy.

sun - first day of BGLO25cacseaco2o. day 1 of 3. and tomatoes /veg except lettuces/leafy greens DO count now.

mon - day 2 of 3
tues - day 3 of 3

weds - day 1 of 3, of 800 cals, BGLO15

thurs - day 2 of 3, same cals
fri - day 3 of 3, same

lettuce still free food, also lemons free

sun - 500 cal

... here is where i start abc diet:

monday 4/22: 500 cals

tues 500
weds 300
thurs 400
fri 100
sat 200
sun 300

MONDAY APRIL 29 is first day of NO free food
and i start my day count in aa this day.

MONDAY MAY 6 I GO TO THE U C B THEATER all pretty, thin, and young-looking, maybe even healed enough to exercise.


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