People upset I didn't tell them about accidental overdose @5am by whenwillitend .....

accidental Med errors

Date:   6/21/2013 12:37:51 AM ( 8 y ago)

A particular brand of horse dewormer is particularly nasty and apparently the weight/dosage adjustor doesn't "hold" on the right weight amount ...and well I went to take the dose of ivermectin/prazi and get it over with quick..set the dose..stuck it as far back as I could and pushed the plunger...and dammit if I didn't give myself an 800lb horse dose! Did I tell anyone? Nope..not until just now, I didn't want to wake my husband up and worry him, so I was waiting for him to get up..then let him know, well he was gone when I woke up...and I am fine...I have been told they don't really want to hear about my condition I try not to say much (hence the blog) He said..if I did that would you want me to wake you up? Well my dear husband, I would be involved and you would have support you never would have made this what I told him, he didn't have much to say after that. You can't have it both ways...


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