Okay ...THAT was unexpected ...and I THOUGHT pretty over with...dang it by whenwillitend .....

daaamn nematodes again!

Date:   6/28/2013 1:07:36 PM ( 8 y ago)

Poo Patrol
After over a week of nothing of the nematodes showing up and thinking that part was pretty much dealt with...(you would think so after 6 weeks or so of antihelmintics) Either 2 6 inch or one 12 inch nematode got lost and finally found the exit ramp! Must have been a male! Wouldn't ask for directions :P.
I'm not sure on the 1 or 2 because of the fact it was...not intact...(trying to not be gross) meaning the heads and tails were pretty much gone due to the diatomaceous earth (miracle dirt) and they looked like gross skin straws with a little bit still inside ..and BELIEVE me when I say..I didn't nor would I eat ANYTHING even close. As a matter of fact all I've had is some cheese (I know, bad), coffee (bad too), chips (ditto) and a little o.j. with too much apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil right off the spoon...plus I bumped up my garlic intake. I'm taking a few days off from the horse paste...maybe they are getting resistant, not sure....not taking antibiotics as it feeds the fungi, but it's a thin line...using new towel per bath, cleaning my sponge thingy each time. They are major harborers of mold and mildew...and I'm a walking mushroom as it is, no more thanks.
Red rubbery floating pieces, think it's possibly a fungal thing in my gut...and yeah, mushrooms will float, so I'm not just whistling in the wind. It's probably the big "E" time..and yeah, that means enema...thinking of salt this time.
Cough is getting worse...I know there's some mold there just not sure what...maybe more than one.
I have never really hated bugs before ..but I find myself being freaked out if one is near me..I know it's the fungus, I sprayed with Off Deep Forest and felt like a hypocrite lol. Sometimes this feels hopeless, a freaking never ending battle ..but I freaking refuse to bow to hopelessness.
So everything in and on my body that's not supposed to be there,
you are on notice! Get out! :P


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